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  1. Hi Jan, Thanks for this, I'd been remapping functions with the MC User mode and gotten great results, but this is another level. I've modified and changed it to suit my workflow, but I wasn't able to figure out the things you mention in your azslow post either (first time installing AZ Control). If anyone has any ideas for how to switch the focus to the buses so we could control them with the X-Touch One that would also be amazing I'll keep trying in the meantime
  2. I've inquired about this too in an email exchange about a different bug, those guys said to raise it on the forums here (In the feedback loop) so they can gauge how much people want it. So we should probably do that (I haven't gotten around to it yet)
  3. I started getting this a week or so back too, though I don't know if it's related as I didn't get the Komplete update till yesterday, and it happens when I use any midi controller and a non NI synth, looks more like a CbB bug
  4. Yup got all that, thanks, worked like a charm
  5. Yup, but that only alters the current project, I have to do that every time
  6. Thanks guys, I haven't seen a way to do it in preferences, but overwriting the Normal template is a nice way to do it. I'll have a stab when I get home Cheers
  7. James Cartwright

    Recording Mode

    Howdy guys, When I make a new project I want my recording mode to always be sound-on-sound by default rather than comping, is there a way to make CbB do this without setting up a project template (and separately would a template remember the recording mode?) Cheers
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