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  1. Press the letter "B" on your keyboard to open the Browser pane and locate the instrument TAP (the little piano button) all your instruments will be under that TAB in with in the browser pane. You could also navigate to your sample libraries from there by going to the your computer drives and folders it has been saves too.
  2. To some degree i guess. Personally for me its what punch the mic can take. All 3 mics I have mentioned above can take a punch with a choir. I also own the M-Audio Nova which is great for backing vocals and leads on RnB and Pop. The At2035 is a perfect mic on acoustic music. My approach on mics: I buy mics according to where it fits the best. I can take anyone of them and record my own voice and will sound great, but like I've said above, the NT1 is an all rounder!
  3. Nothing wrong with the old faithful that broke all doors with home studios - Samson CO1 or the CO3. I still have both and do use them often, but the RodeNT1 is my favorite.
  4. So far it is only NEXT thats in BETA mode that i know of. I'm scanning the forum and Cakewalk.com far and low for the Sonar release everyday almost. Nothing so far. Really hope it would be a BLACK FRIDAY release, but nara. Its saturday already. Anyway, anyday now . . .
  5. If it sounds right - it probably is. Certain leads need two takes stacked on top one another. Never overthink your work. If your vocals sounds right with the drums alone - take a wild guess what could be your problem . . . Compare you vocals against each instrument. If you bring a riff in that throws your lead out, that riff dont belong there. Same goes for every other track. Best practice would be to find the instrument in the project that compliment your vocals. Sometimes you just need to replace the kick, snare, synth or keys with another of the same. Most times its the balance of the song too. So if it doesnt fit on track, but fits while you sing to it check these points.
  6. All i needed to check for was how to insert effects. So, it took me 5 minutes to learn Next. As a song writer in EDM and HipHop i wouldnt use it as a main DAW - although its aimed towards EDM and Hiphop producers.
  7. Its already Monday my side. 😭 08:20 Coffee is not helping the lazy.
  8. Just be on the lookout for a DeLorean and someone with weird clothes.
  9. Yes, obviously your analyzer should go on your Master Bus when you balance your Backing tracks for gigs or for Digital/Analog CD.
  10. Just match your RMS levels with the rest. Use the quietest track and match the rest with that one. Route them all through the master bus, insert your analyzer such as Span, Youlean or Meter5
  11. Again . . . Whether or not its a one track or a multiple track project its never a good idea to save the project as is. Trust me, I have walked that path before.
  12. Its never a good idea to save a project when theres no audio. It will save as is. Trust me, I have walked that path before.
  13. My Antivirus blocks the site. It sounds great for HipHop and EDM, but mainly HipHop.
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