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  1. Ouch! • When automating one channel in the Sonitus Delay manually - automation introduce clicks and pops. • When automating one channel in the Valhalla delay it starts in stereo on replay. • Same clicks and pops with the Manny delay when automating one channel. So basically when you're creating a mono out to stereo | or | a longer time delay in on channel - theres bugs. Yikes! It even exports with these sounds too.
  2. I can give you a lot of reasons. So i will start by saying - it affects the FX bin. In the world of creativity - you only want have a little bit of drive on the Compressor or only the EQ because you want your compressor clean or an uncolored EQ sound. This is where using a compressor with a built-in drive or an EQ with a built-in drive comes handy as this only affects the compressor an not the entire chain. It is most commonly used in HIPHOP, EDM, Heavy Metal and certain Rock styles especially where the use of "Autotune" on vocals and heavy hitting 808's are prominent.
  3. What? Dude, you're missing out big time on your 808's and vocals with this feature. Download buy the W2395c EQ by Fuse Audio Labs. Theres the Scheps 73 EQ and SonEQ by Sonimus as well. Just to mention a few of my head. Theres great free once too. You get compressors with a built-in drive knob as well.
  4. What? Dude, you're missing out big time on you 808's and vocals with this feature. Download buy the W2395c EQ by Fuse Audio Labs. You get compressors with a drive as well.
  5. Sure. Vote or your topic on a weekly basis, so people can see it.
  6. Aw man! Do you need a box of kleenex? Crying over spil milk when you do not understand hour zoom levels! Best that you educate yourself on how resolutions work! Seeing that you think i was "RUDE." Go do an eye test. We cant repeat the same thing over and over to you. This is by design to tell you that there is information on the clip. These dots does not "disappear" with a higher resolution monitor at "low zoom." "Hey dude . . ." Go and read everyones answers again. I've explained this now so that even a grade 1 kid would understand it. It was said and i will quote is for you This is not a BUG. It works just right here.
  7. @IgoRr You not gona bump this up to keep it alive? ☺
  8. I believe this was possible in X1 LE and X1 Producer. It got removed when x2 dropped at our doors. I think theres still a video on Youtube about this. It was called "Split track" or so . . . It was mainly to create a drum matrix as one clip, but you could create a stereo track too. I think the lane section took its place. Let me dig a little. Maybe the feature has been tucked away and forgotten about. EDIT: I remember now . . . There was a merge feature for both the track and clips.
  9. What you are looking is called a "De-esser" plugin. It tames the harshness of these plosive sounds - all eight of them in the english language. The best free De-esser in my opinion is from Analog Obsession - called: Analog Obsession Loades. DOWNLOAD LINK: They also have a ton of free plugins to choose from. https://www.patreon.com/analogobsession My second option for beat free pluvin bundles that includes a De-esser, is the melda fx bundles. https://www.meldaproduction.com/effects/free "DE-ESSERS" makes life so easier.
  10. The things that has been on repeat in this forum. Its only the melody that changes - the lyrics are same.
  11. Those dots are there to tell you that theres information on that track. Its a helpful visual feature.
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