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  1. Luna available free for windows as open beta valid for 30days? They are testing and plan to support the latest Windows 10 and Windows 11. First, you'll need a compatible Windows computer, running the latest build of Windows 10 or Windows 11. Then, run UA Connect and let it update to version 1.4.14. You will then be able to download and install the LUNA Windows Open Beta visible in the LUNA tab. https://www.uaudio.com/
  2. Which version of Sonar do you have?
  3. Unlike every other top DAW company, we have a very-very small team trying their best to give us a top performance DAW. Let's all give a hand in gratitude for what has been done since the new team took over. I'm sure there are plenty of features yet to come, but it requires some patience to see this new world to arrive. Let's all keep the team's spirit high.
  4. What is the BPM of the project?
  5. There is. There are plenty out there. Waves got one. You can use Serum too. Though, if you can dive a little deeper in your "Sound Design" knowledge you wont need to use fancy plugins. You can even just use saturation, upward compression, parallel compression or the use of a multiband compressor to achieve that sub frequency. Theres literally thousand of techniques that you can use. You can even use just a distortion in the lower frequency region to bring out the thump. It all depend on the sound you're after. You can use two instances of XSampler (achievable with the Loop Construction too) to transpose one Kick to a lower register within the key and the other one to a higher register and blend the two together. Throw some distortion on it and EQ to taste.
  6. I use it a lot to change a key of an 808 or sometimes used it on vocals to fine tune to key. It is extremely limited, but it serve me daily with certain small edits. Sometimes you dont need melodyne.
  7. You have to set the loops key accordingly as well. I work daily with it but for some reason cant picture tge layout infront of me right now. 🤔 Oh- yeah! Click on the clip TAB within the LC view and enable it. Then, tweak the clip without any issues. I'm away from home and dont have a windows laptop with me.
  8. What version of Cakewalk do you have? CbB or the Sonar BSP? If it is SONAR BSP what subscription package do you have - the monthly of yearly? When you want to record, you have to select and arm the track (ALT+R) first and then press R only to record.
  9. Bingo! This is a known issue with CbB too. My every attempt trying to use Autosave in CbB has ended in a guaranteed crash - haven't trying it with Sonar. Think I should try it out. FWIW: Session drummer run smooth on myside in Sonar. I can't tell you why Vegas is crashing, I use Premiere.
  10. Your Input Echo is on. In Sonar Backstage Pass its the little headphone botton. In CbB its the one next to the record button on the right side.
  11. Read the post here to understand what is happening with CbB. When done, click the link in that post to get the web install called Cakewalk Product Center -- it should be the 051 version. Click here Link to Installer
  12. Always trust your Monitors -- Always! Headphones "might"(using it loosely) work on certain drums and instruments, but it will never work for vocals.
  13. Try the these two. Vahalla Freq Echo (Its free.) and the Vahalla Supper Massive (Its also free.) These are two great delay plugins made by Vahalla.
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