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  1. I won't won't won't won't won't won't won't . . .
  2. Grr. My post just got booted. I'm back. SMH. I had a reply typed and it's gone now. So here I go again . . . Thanks for the info! I heard back from someone at Presonus and they confirmed all the Input's and Output's on the 1810c are Balanced. I'm only using true Balanced cables so I can rule them out. I need to hook up my monitors. Right now I'm only using headphones and in all the setup video's I've seen nobody is using headphones. It may be some internal routing issue when they send monitor outs to the headphone jack. There's no setting in the UC that allows you to route your outputs to the headphone jack. It's all automatic. The UC is a virtual mixer you use outside of your DAW to control all the inputs and outputs of Presonus audio interfaces. It's called Universal Control. It is also what you use to initially install all the drivers and it is updated regularly. Thanks!
  3. It might stay free until it's Cakewalk by *Insert buyers name here*. And please, don't take me wrong, I'm not putting them down, I'm just being realistic. Although Bandlab Technologies has extremely deep pockets so maybe it will stay free. I just know how things can change. I never would have made a statement like that, but I respect him for doing it and believe that's what he intends to happen. I often wondered why they don't make it sort of like Reaper where you can use it for free or buy a license if you want to support them. Maybe there's some kind of tax shelter thing to where they have to or want to keep it free. CbB is better now than it ever was and for that I'm very grateful. I'm glad it's still around and I hope it is after I'm gone. πŸ––
  4. I'm so jealous of everyone I see online taking less than 4 seconds to set this up and get it working. There's even a freakin' news feed on Studio One's startup screen that came out yesterday about it showing how awesome it is and how great it works. I'm such a loser. LOL!
  5. So that's where all our G.C. trade in's go.
  6. There is no way CbB will be free forever. Bookmark this post and mark my words. There is no way CbB is going to be free forever. I skipped Upgrading to Studio One 4 and 5. I'm still on 3. I just signed up for Sphere tonight for a month so in my eyes I just saved $285 plus whatever the cost is of everything else I just got access to. And when I'm done using my DAW in a couple months, I'll cancel and start it up again some time. If I get a wild hair in the meantime, I'll keep using Studio One 3. No matter what I'll still keep using CbB too. I really like it. More than Studio One in a lot of ways. If you're a professional in an actual working studio then I can see how you would want to buy software, get it stable, and not change a thing. The reality is, that cost gets passed on to others and it really doesn't cost you anything though. But the vast majority of people out there are like me and for us it makes sense. Or buy all the separate goodies outright if you're in the same situation as I am if you want. Or use free stuff. It's all ok. I use a combo of all options. I've never seen a Studio One upgrade price for less than $149 and if memory serves me they offer an upgrade every year. Sphere is $169 a year iirc? So if you look at it that way, you're paying $20 bucks a year for 70GB cloud storage, free tech support, free chat support by pro users, the Pro version of everything they offer, and an upgrade pathway for other 3rd party plugins like Melodyne. I'm no cclarry, but I do keep my eyes open for deals and I can't ever recall seeing the upgrade price less than $149. If it can be had cheaper at times then that's great!
  7. Trade ya. I read an article one time about all that clean air stuff. It said if the smog cleared up we'd actually go in to an ice age. It's the only thing keeping us from being 1.38 Miles below ice. I'm in a southern state. Record lows. It's 12Β°F here now. Snowy. Windy. Been that way for almost a week. Going to be in the single digits every night for the next 2 weeks. Low of -15Β°F this weekend, high of low teens. We're having record lows here. So please, get in the Baps Mobile and smog up the city will ya. This global warming/freezing sucks.
  8. I have the Reference Series non-digital version of that unit. It has blue backlit VU's and upgraded tubes from the factory. I don't like the VU color to be honest. It sticks out too much. It is a great unit though. Fantastic when you consider the reasonable price. I have it and the Pro VLA II compressor (See my sig). Just running a signal through them both chained together and setting all the compressor settings so they have no effect significantly improves guitar and mic tone, imo. To answer your question about smoothing out the vocals a bit first, the best way I've found to do this is use a plugin by Melda called MAutoVolume. Here's a video showing it being used. Skip ahead to 4:40 to see the results. You can use it on instruments too. But you would have to record the vocal part first then throw the MAutoVolume VST in the FX Bin. I prefer that rather than manipulate the signal too much before it's recorded. You have more options that way. Waves also has a Vocal Rider VST that does sort of the same thing but I refuse to have anything Waves related on my system.
  9. I know there are some Studio One guys here. Hopefully you or anyone can help with this. I've been trying to route my external compressor through my audio interface using Studio One and the Pipeline Stereo plugin. Pipeline is a Studio One exclusive plugin used to loop hardware through your audio interface and capture it in Studio One. It has a feature to where you can compensate for latency so the timing isn't off. It's super simple to set up. 1. Hook your hardware up in a loop to the audio interface. 2. Open up Audio I/O Settings in the song you are working on in Studio One and select the I/O's. 3. Insert the Pipeline Stereo (or Mono) plugin on the track bus or the master bus and select the I/O's. I'm mastering a stereo wave file with stereo hardware so I used Pipeline Stereo. 4. Done. It takes like 20 seconds. Maybe 25 if you stop to check the forums for new posts. πŸ‘ New drivers came out today but they didn't help. The track meter I have the stereo wave file on in Studio One appears normal/stereo. The I/O meters in Pipeline appear normal/stereo. The VU meters on my hardware appear normal/stereo. All the meters for the Inputs and Outputs in the virtual mixer (Universal Control) show normal/stereo. Without a doubt I have everything routed properly with a stereo signal making it's way through from beginning to end. The only place I cannot get a normal stereo signal is when I monitor it. Right now I'm only using headphones but I would think that shouldn't matter? The audio coming through the headphones is either Mono (even though the meters throughout the signal chain show it to be Stereo) depending on if I mute certain inputs in the Universal Control virtual mixer and if I have the Pipeline plugin visible on the screen. Or, it's stereo but sounds like I've added delay even though the mix slider is set to full wet as if you were hearing the track doubled but not in sync and when this happens the hardware has no effect on the signal. It's as if the original stereo wave file is doubled and out of sync. Lastly I can get a hardware effected signal but it is accompanied by feedback as if my input signal in to the compressor is too hot and it's in mono even though all the meters are showing stereo. All these things change depending on which inputs and/or outputs I mute or solo in the UC mixer and whether or not the Pipeline plugin is visible on the screen. I've tried every possible combination and nothing works. I always end up with one of those three problems and it's maddening. 😠 The manual says the 1810c's Outputs are balanced but it just says 1/4" TRS for the Inputs. It doesn't clarify if they are balanced or if it means a single input jack can be stereo. For example if you want to use a 1/4" TRS to 1/4" TRS cable going from the headphone out on a keyboard to a single stereo input on the 1810c. It doesn't specify. I'm using my monitors balanced cables that are 1/4" TRS to XLR. Do you think the balanced cables going to the Input could be the problem causing some kind of feedback loop? Any help would be appreciated. Here's a very short video on how to set up any interface for routing external gear using Studio One. It's super simple. Thanks. πŸ₯Ί
  10. Oh, it was the first thing I noticed! I was feverishly working up a photoshopped pic but decided against it. Hah.
  11. Does it have anything to do with Louie Louie?
  12. Sorry to hear that Mark. It is rough when you have a connection like that with someone. There is a true love or hate relationship among musicians. My mother had me late in life and growing up I was always around older people and naturally gravitated toward them. I joined my first band when I was 13 with a group of older guys in the town I grew up. One of the guitar players in that band just turned 85. I'll be 50 in a couple months. I can't believe I just typed that. Uhg. ☹️ So far I've lost 5 guys I was in bands with. The worst was the drummer Ron from the first band I joined back in 84. We were together 7 or 8 years iirc?. I still can't believe he's gone and it's been 4 or 5 years now.
  13. I'd have to say the ones who influenced me the most were The Beatles. They motivated me to pick up a guitar and sing, particularly McCartney's harmony parts. The very first song I learned to play without the music in front of me was Misery. I learned to play guitar from The Pocket Beatles For Guitar and a huge book called The Beatles Complete or The Complete Beatles. Can't quite remember now. I can't find it anywhere online now. It had a red cover with stripes across it at the bottom iirc? If I had to pick a top 5 (In order of importance to me): Elvis & The Beatles The Everly Brothers Hank Williams Sr. Chuck Berry There are a lot of others that I learned from. There are too many to mention from the 50's and 60's on the country and oldies chart, but none had the same impact on me the way those 5 groups/people did.
  14. Shane_B.

    ya ba da ba do

    I thought this was going to be a George Jones song. Yaba Daba Doo the King is gone and so are you. (It's in my signature on the old forum ... [Under my former artist name])
  15. Great song, sounds great too. Can't hear a thing I would change. Thanks! πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘
  16. He must be compensating for something . . .
  17. How bold of you to admit that. 😜
  18. I didn't say I took it to make it better. I can take it or leave it but I will admit I heard things I didn't before. I certainly wasn't doing that when I was a little kid which is when that album came out, but I still loved the album then. As well as the Beatles. When you lose all the dynamics like in new these new 'remixes' and 'remasters' and compressed lossy formats it's not the same. It is funny what some people find boring and others think is great. My true love is 50 ~ 60's country music. Puts most people to sleep but it triggers my brain. Some of those old recordings back when they were micing a real band in a real room in 1 take through all that analog gear just sounds amazing, to me but puts most people to sleep.
  19. Use FedEx because they're cheaper.
  20. On a serious note about cell phones and such in emergency situations, I keep saying I'm going to build a supercapacitor hand crank generator one of these days. Probably should get on that. Great for camping, keeping in the car to jump start a dead battery, charge cell's, power lights, tools. No batteries ever.
  21. That's part of the problem. The format. I have the Mobile Fidelity 1/2 Speed Master recording of DSOTM as well as The Moody Blues Days Of Future Passed and Queen's A Night At The Opera. MFSL's version of Days Of Future Passed is the best recording I've ever heard. MFSL DSOTM comes in 2nd IMO. As for the Beatles and younger people, I think they'll come around to them like they did Johnny Cash. He was more popular with young people toward the end of his life than he ever was in the 50's and 60's. Funny how that can go. It's hard to argue with McCartney's $1.2 Billion Dollar catalog of music. He's the richest musician in history. Not a very good bass player though imo. Add in the proper ingredients whilst listening to any of those 3 albums I mentioned and well, you'll see. I don't partake anymore but I hear it's all pretty much accepted nowadays. That's how I discovered the slowed down then sped up harmony part on side B of Abbey Road. I never heard it then one night ... I was like, what the ____ is that?! Years later I read an article about how they slowed the tape down, McCartney sang along with it, and he sounded super high pitched when played back at normal speed. It's during the 'love you, love you, love you' bit toward the end. I also saw John Fogerty's head come out of my speakers one night, but that's another story for another time.
  22. That's what I was getting at in my Shmenge Brothers post in the other thread, but I don't think anyone picked up on it. They're from there, so was the OP ... N.M. LOL. 😁
  23. Whoa! That's cool! I always just click the smiley face thingymabob next to the quote mark up above in the reply screen.
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