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  1. After all these years being stuck at native 120Hz I'm starting to think there must be some kind of hardware/technical limitation as to why it's not better. When I hook my 4K player up to my old 1080P LCD TV and play a 4K disc it is smoother than my 4K player to my newer 4K TV. And it looks great. Both TVs set to native refresh (120). I'm assuming the smoother playback is due to the downscaling. That's why I'm guessing going from an 8K source to a 4K or 1080 TV would yield the same benefits with even better resolution. Good point about the size of 8K. Makes we wonder if it would be a streaming thing only or if they have advanced lossless compression. Youtube has some 8K videos now. I can stream them as well as 4K but they don't play properly on my older hardware.
  2. The benefit is more to do with motion rates I think. They still have a hard time with motion blur. 4K is smoother downscaled to 1080p so I would assume 8K downscaled to 4K or 1080p would be even better but I don't really know?? I pre-ordered the brand new 4K scan and restoration of Dawn Of The Dead. Should be here by the end of the week. I cannot wait.
  3. I hear ya brother. I hate it when I get them home and find out too late they're actually a ram.
  4. So it must be ok to post bikini pics in the proper forum then. Good to know ... BRB ...
  5. I normally don't even touch my DAW/PC from spring till fall. But the prices on this stuff just keep going up. I figure if I'm ever going to buy something I should probably do it now. I've been waiting all winter for gpus to go down but they've been consistently going up. They recently remastered Crysis ... in 8K. Allegedly it will run on PS4 Pro with ray tracing.
  6. The Pro Channel would shut up randomly all by itself. That's why I stopped using it originally.
  7. It really is an incredible game. That is a video from the original release I think. It can look a lot better. I'm waiting now for a quote for a gaming system that can play this, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4 modded with high res textures. Can't wait to get it. It takes a lot to run these hi res even though they are older. It can take years to play these games. Especially modded on a PC. That's why they are all still so popular and people are still making advanced mods for all of them. That link to the LPs says it's out of stock but they just re-released it on their site in a different section. The new listing didn't have the track list so I posted the old one. 👍
  8. Just post a picture of a storage box with a clown face on it and call it Clown Storage. They'll rip the m.f. right off the forum.
  9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Ultimate Edition Vinyl Box Set 4xLP How can they call this the "Ultimate Edition" when they don't even include Ragnar The Red?
  10. I hear he has a bass guitar too but I'm not sure. And big feetses.
  11. That was mean Craig. Shame on you. Ed, it's not the size of the squirrel that matters, it's how deep he buries his walnuts in the yard that sets him apart from other squirrels.
  12. CbB's don't really apply to modern standards. I use them as basic input level rough guides but I use 3rd party stuff for mixing and mastering in my tiny little home studio world. Studio One is set up great for mixing and mastering and to be honest that's what I use 99.9% of the time now. Because of online streaming service compression and the way most of us share music now it's more important than ever to get levels in a happy place.
  13. Meh. Who knows. It's happened before. *shrugs shoulders* There's plenty of other daws out there so I wouldn't worry. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  14. Careful now. You're getting dangerously close to being OT. (On Topic) My fist entry into midi was ... I can't remember.
  15. @craigb Tank 7 Best beer I've ever had. Be warned though. They should require a prescription to buy this. It knocks you through a loop. I can only handle 2 maybe 3 tops and I am completely non functional. Normally I'm good for at least a 6 pack or more. I don't drink anymore but when I did I couldn't drink anything else once I tried their beers. Even when I was young and could gag down half a can of Bud it would give me a horrible headache. We used to call it Zombie Pee (with s's).
  16. I had kinda major surgery yesterday and I'm on copious amounts of Hydrocodone. Everything I say for the next 2 weeks are suspect. Not that they weren't before. 😁 I have become, uncomfortably numb.
  17. I think his point was this forum does host our files and doesn't rely on us to do it. Therefor the contributions would be managed better here and not dependent on our 3rd party file hosting sites that could go away or links changed.
  18. Sorry to hear that Bill. I hope you can get it out ASAP! Don't forget my Frampton cover idea. 😜 Or Jim Reeves. Jim's steel player was one of the first to record with it. I recently bought this on vinyl at a thrift store. Sounds incredible to me.
  19. I have Willie Nelson, Ferlin Husky, Brutus Beefcake, Classy Fred Blassie, and Captain Lou Albano's autograph. The wrestlers are on a McDonald's napkin from where they were all eating at in Port Jervis NY and Willie and Ferlin's are on show tickets.
  20. Just got the Essentials FX Bundle which had the two plug-in's I was mainly interested in. It went from $297 to the sale price of $119 to $19 when the system discovered I already had the auto dynamic EQ then to $7 when I signed up for the newsletter. That's more than fair. I almost kind of feel bad to be honest. Almost ...
  21. Don't worry. I think you're ok. It doesn't apply to everyone.
  22. I wonder if they keep track of how much you paid? I think I paid full price for it a very long time ago but can't remember for sure. Maybe you got yours on sale and they aren't as willing to give as much back?
  23. Darn. I was hoping to catch another deal like this and cancel my Sphere membership. They just charged me for another month last night. Now I might as well stick with it because if I bought it now with this deal and cancelled Sphere I'd still be at $130. I like Sphere and recommend it but it's not for me because I just don't spend the time at my DAW that I used to to make use of all the samples and loops and storage.
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