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  1. Been there, Larry. Keep us updated. Hopefully you'll get it worked out soon.
  2. I used to mainly use Sampletank for their synth patches and Tron libraries from Dave Kerzner's company. I did read about importing ST2 libraries into ST3 first in order to use them in ST4, but what a convoluted and non-user friendly hassle. I suppose I'll do it for the old SR libraries I have, but I doubt I'm going to buy more decade old libraries to go through that process.
  3. Wait, you're no longer cclarry. You're Larry. I'll note that for future sarcastic posts.
  4. It is probably a wise idea for sample developers to have a cclarry marketing strategy. And while you know I appreciate you, financially I may be better off blocking you! Although lately my strategy has been to only grab freebies and ultra low price stuff, temptation is never far away. It's like we're all kids and we hear the music playing that signifies cclarry's ice cream truck is passing by [and yes, it's not lost on me that the only people that analogy means anything to are Gen X and Boomers, but I liked it better than using a drug dealer and junkie analogy!] . We love you cclarry, but ironically, while saving us a lot of money, you're also making our credit card balances larger.
  5. I haven't tried importing any of the old SampleTank 2 libraries -- like SR is selling -- into SampleTank 4. Is it an easy process?
  6. Thanks for the advice @mibby and @bluzdog. It's appreciated.
  7. I have a bunch of Waves plugins from three years or more ago that I've never installed. I use Windows 10. Do experienced Waves users think it makes sense for me to get them upgraded or are they still likely to work well (I'm still waiting on my next DAW PC to be finished being built so I can't test the plugins out now)?
  8. I'm extremely sorry to read this, Terry. My thoughts and heart are with you and your family.
  9. Actually Plugin Boutique carries both the free and paid KLANG libraries. Granted there is a slightly better selection at the Cinematique Instruments site, but the point here that you're missing is that someone asked what inexpensive purchase they could make at Plugin Boutique in order to qualify for the free Carbon offer. Free libraries do not qualify for Carbon Electra.
  10. Larry linked to Organetta from AudioThing for $5 in another thread. I bought that. Seems nice, but requires the full version of KONTAKT. There's also the KLANG libraries for a little more money. Again, they require the full version of KONTAKT.
  11. I'm guessing Larry buys these by the dozen!
  12. I installed one I picked up for like 5 or 10 bucks -- I forgot which one, I own a bunch and I've never installed any of them until last weekend -- on my son's PC I think it was Xpand!2 -- and it crashed Windows 10 and I had to do a rollback to get the computer working again. AIR had a thread about it at KVR, a rep said it's a known problem in a thread from the middle of last year and that you should just choose the option to not install PACE and just install PACE later (he claimed that the company would soon release a fix, which hasn't happened in the half a year that has since passed). Except that wasn't an option. Consequently, I own around 7 licenses for their plugins -- never installed any of them -- and I'm now extremely hesitant to install any of them after that experience. And if you do searches, you can find AT LEAST hundreds of posts in the various forums of people with identical problems with AIR and Sonivox plugins (owned by the same parent company and they have mostly been coded a decade or more ago and not had regular updates).
  13. See, I think that it's pretty much we've all become addicts. If there's any therapists in this group, I'm certain we're all pretty easy to diagnose. But I'm at least keeping this time down to 5 bucks and AudioThing is a really good developer and those Carbon Electra presets sounded pretty good to me in the YouTube video I shared in another thread. Man, we're soooo easy for these developers and retailers to sell stuff too.
  14. I'm only guessing that you can relate to this, but I immediately searched my emails to see if I've ever purchased this library already before I place an order for it now!
  15. I was listening to the below video of Carbon Electra's presets last night and I liked what I heard. It's not like it's hard to find stuff I want to buy from Plugin Boutique. That's certainly not a problem for me and I'm guessing I'm not alone in that in this group!
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