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  1. Now how many of you guys only own virtual (sampled) cowbells but no physical cowbells? Okay, since I'm faux bragging about cowbells, here's an almost brag. I not only have multiple physical cowbells, back in the day, one of my bands actually had a gig opening for Blue Oyster Cult. Sadly, the club was temporarily closed for serving minors a week before the show and it never came to pass. #CowbellPride
  2. I actually learned of it from a post someone made here after it was first released, but it doesn't hurt to share it again. I really like that library and I love Pianobook. It's is a great community and I'm completely addicted to it and visit there just about every day.
  3. On a related note. I really like this dev -- he seems like a really nice guy. But candidly, I wish so many small devs didn't decide to create their own VSTs and instead just made their sample libraries for existing samplers like KONTAKT, Sforzando and Decent Sampler. Why? A small dev creating their own VST means one more VST -- and often a poorly tested or even poorly coded VST -- that may have all sorts of conflicts and issues now or in the near future. It also means an additional learning curve. Whereas if these devs used a popular sample format like KONTAKT or SFZ, many users have already made an investment in money, time and support/maintenance of these samplers. I totally understand the reasons why small devs make their own VSTs, but it's truly not a user-centric decision and I am sorry to say that it is a big enough factor that causes me to not complete a purchase.
  4. PavlovsCat

    BFD Summer Sale

    I have had so many bad experiences with InMusic software brands they bought in fire sales. Their AIR installer had problems they acknowledged knowing causing serious problems for Windows and Mac user for nearly a year that went unaddressed. I had to roll back Windows after trying to install it. I realize there's always people who say they had no problems who think that is an acceptable way for a company to operate, I strongly disagree. I would not invest $50 USD in software InMusic owns until they have at least a year without these kinds of problems. Hey, to those who think $50 is worth the price -- that's your choice. But I pity all of the folks who shell out the money only to find the software has major issues, as even $50 is too much to pay for software that doesn't work properly. Let the buyer beware. I realize that some folks -- okay Larry -- has issues with XLN having Addictive Drums on version 2 for so many years, but at least that software runs great for most users, same with Toontrack software or Stephen Slate's software. I own BFD Eco and a bunch of BFD formatted libraries I purchased from Sonic Reality years ago, but until I see signs of InMusic getting their act together on the software side, I'm not biting. There's a reason their software is dirt cheap, knowledgeable users aren't willing to pay Superior Drummer 3.0 kind of money for out of date products and software that constantly has problems.
  5. I just want to make sure that the credit goes to cclarry, not me. I was only confirming the deal was as good as it appeared to be with the 50% off code. Larry is the deal master.
  6. That is really killer, cclarry. Thanks for sharing that. You are the deal master. It seems too good to be true. I have to check out those drums. Like me, you're a rocker. Did you like the kit for rock or plan on using it for another genre? I was pretty impressed with that Pink Floyd cover you shared with me recently. Some really nice playing.
  7. I hear what you're saying, but I mean literally, mathematically, the OP stated a 50% discount but what you showed was a 90% discount, I have the 50% off discount code. If I try it on those same products are you saying that it will discount by 90% instead of 50%?
  8. That's 90% off. How is that possible?
  9. PavlovsCat

    Should I?

    Yeah, to be fair, this isn't really the group you turn to for advice and help when you have a plugin and sample addiction. Sorry. I think we're a pretty well meaning bunch, but we all suffer from the same addiction and cclarry is clearly the ringleader.
  10. PavlovsCat

    Should I?

    It really should read "Cakewalk Deals powered by CC LARRY." He is our guy. When he left us for a while, not to exaggerate, but it was terrible, horrifying and pretty much, all hope was lost until he returned. That said, I saved a lot of money.
  11. PavlovsCat

    Should I?

    If you're spending time at this forum, the choice you've made is already evident.
  12. Yeah, I actually use Cakewalk, which makes me feel like I'm in the minority!
  13. This is one of the things I love about this community. I can make a stupid off-topic remark and instead of someone ripping on me for going off-topic, somebody starts a new thread where we all go off-topic! Still my favorite music making related forum.
  14. Darn. I was hoping that Voice Changer could change my crap singing voice into Chris Cornell's great singing voice.
  15. At first, I misread this as "Ground Coffee" and I was pretty excited to click on that. I thought, okay, well sometimes people post about video games, now their adding coffee to the mix. And I clicked. I suppose that tells you a little about me.
  16. I use Izotope software and was interested in SmartEQ 3. I would be very interested if a knowledgeable user comparable with both could compare the two. I'm very much not very knowledgeable when it comes to eq/mixing/mastering and Izotope is pretty useful for me. With that in mind, how does SmartEQ3 compare? (And yes, I'm going to check out the video shared earlier in the thread).
  17. Owned by the same folks who bought BFD. This is why I'm hesitant to upgrade my BFD Eco to BFD 3.4. My experiences with inMusic Brands software with Air Music Technology VSTs (I also own a Sonivox -- another old brand they own -- soft synth I'm hesitant to install after my experience with an AIR VST and reading other users horror stories) -- and I know they have a long history of issues with other brands of software they bought from declining brands in fire sales -- makes me extremely hesitant to purchase any software from any brand they own. I spent hours and had to do a Windows rollback after trying to install one of the AIR VSTs on one of my PCs. And when I went to KVR to find out if there was a fix for the issue, I found they acknowledged that they have long known about the problems -- for at least 6 months they stopped responding and did nothing about it. Not exactly a company I would put much faith in when they buy out a software developer. They really need to be held to a higher standard. Yes, they're selling their VSTs for dirt cheap, but if it causes problems big enough where multiple users have reported having to go as far as to re-install their OS, even free is too high of a price.
  18. I don't know if it's a false positive, but Malwarebytes is reporting there's malware on the eSoundz site. Knowing how common these hackings are lately, I'm inclined to go with their assessment. If anyone is in touch with the eSoundz folks, let them know. I am connected to Dave Kerzner but I don't think he's running the operations these days.
  19. Wow. The forum just censored the phrase "bl*w me aw*y." Strange.
  20. Why is their so much hate for the dev? I take it that there's some history I'm not aware of? The library sounded okay in the two minutes I checked it out. It didn't ***** away, but it didn't sound bad.
  21. I downloaded it and played it a few minutes. It isn't bad.
  22. Okay, I actually did look at the new M-Tron library, but it didn't appeal to me. However, my 12 year old daughter was amused by hearing the kazoo samples.
  23. No, I didn't. But I will go check it out. I wasn't sure if what to make of the promo. I'm not into loops/preplayed parts so I expect that's what this is.
  24. I'm a sucker for Tron collections. I own the first Sampletron, M-Tron Pro, all of Puremagnetik's Tron libraries, Tronsonic's Tron libraries, Sonic Reality's Infinite Player Tron libraries and several others and yet I still want this. I'm a Tron addict.
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