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  1. There seems to be some question over the asterisk comments that were inadvertently blocked out. Here's the full unedited message -- exactly as Fleer probably imagined it: "Great helpful post. Great helpful points! As always, you're one heck of a smart helpful guy. Also, as we approach the holidays, let me be the first to wish you a merry blessed Christmas. " Forget it, this is now my new style going forward. Thanks for the helpful idea!"
  2. Wow, Fleer, I think you crossed a ******* line with that one. We were just having a little fun. You didn't need to take it there. (See, we can read whatever we like into posts with asterisks. )
  3. I think we should have a day where we just randomly insert asterisks for our posts. Imagine someone visiting for the first time seeing a post like this. "Great ****** post. Great ****** points! As always, you're one heck of a smart ******* guy. Also, as we approach the holidays, let me be the first to wish you a merry ******* Christmas. " Forget it, this is now my new style going forward. Thanks for the ******* idea!
  4. I haven't mentioned any soft synths, but for free soft synths, Vital is at the top of my list. I own a bunch of paid soft synths and I find Vital to be better than a lot of those and some of the free presets users share every month on there forum are really good. Put me down as a Vital fan.
  5. I'm pretty much at my spending limit (okay, I passed it), but I've never seen a negative post about Phase Plant, just people writing super positive things about it. Consequently, I may eventually pick this up -- maybe next Black Friday!
  6. I can't believe I (or anyone else) haven't listed this one yet! For anyone just getting started with sample libraries and plugins or anyone who is short of cash but has a decent enough computer running Windows or macOS, KOMPLETE START is an absolute must have. I am a huge fan of Native Instruments plugins and libraries. When they were struggling recently, prior to being sold, I was pretty concerned. KOMPLETE START has a lot of gems in it and it's amazing that it's free. Anyhow who doesn't have anything from NI, stop everything and download this gem. I use KONTAKT and libraries and plugins from KOMPLETE in nearly every musical project I do these days. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/bundles/komplete-start/
  7. Yeah, I've actually been coming here since the early days and owned one of the earliest versions of Cakewalk. I just changed my username from eDrummist to PavlovsCat because I like PavlovsCat better. Although this forum app is no fan of privacy, every so often it shares our real names (assuming we've registered with Bandlab with our real names). I wish the Bandlab folks would fix that, it doesn't reflect a company that cares about privacy to wake up one day and see your real full name used when you didn't want that.
  8. It's a cool library, but listen carefully to the samples -- hold a note for a little while, turn up the volume and you'll notice that they're extremely noisy. I downloaded this years ago and redownloaded it again because I forgot why I ended up deleting the library. Now I remember, the noise level. This is one of the downsides of some of the really nice Pianobook sample libraries too, a lot of times you'll get a piano or another instrument that has a great vibe to it, but the noise levels are ridiculously high. I've only recently been using Izotope's RX8 (I have yet to upgrade to RX9) and think with a tool like that, these samples could have been cleaned up nicely and enormously improved the quality of the library. I am surprised that a pro sample developer would release a library in that state -- even for free, the reality is, if a sample developer lets a library like that go out the door with their name on it, many users (including me) are not going to be confident that their paid libraries are going to NOT have the same problem. Again, hold a single note for a few seconds, then play a triad, then try a 7th then a 9th chord and it's unbelievably bad. That's why I deleted the library. But I suppose they're living up to the name Noiz. They certainly deliver on that.
  9. PavlovsCat

    IK Modo Bass

    I've had Modo for about a year, mainly using it for the Hofner bass. Modo does a very good job at capturing the Hofner's distinctive tone. It comes pretty close to sample libraries in terms of realism, but still isn't at the same level as a better sampled bass library. However, in the end, I almost always find myself replacing Modo with a sample library (Orange Tree Samples' Evolution, I forget which Bass library, has a James Jameson patch that sounds pretty close to a Hofner bass, so that's the one I end up using). But it takes up very little resources and it's definitely nice. If IK keeps improving the technology, I could imagine that the next generation or so of Modo could be really close to the realism of high quality, meticulously sampled KONTAKT library, but they're not quite there yet.
  10. It's all subjective, of course. and our workflows are a major piece of this --- how important playability is to us. To those who love midi editing string and orchestral parts, they may love having the motherload of articulations the way 8Dio does them with libraries like Deep Solo Strings. Personally, playability is everything to me. I'm not going to go through and edit things as pros do, I'm creating music for my own enjoyment, but want it to sound good, so if it requires a ton of midi editing -- like 8Dio does (and that's relative to other libraries that have more intuitive scripting that make them very playable -- like Fluffy Audio's libraries that I recently picked up_, I'm out. In my case, for a number of reasons, including pretty bad tendinitis. But yeah, as I just wrote in my previous post, midi editing is unavoidable if you're looking for a very realistic performance. But I think it's pretty important to feel inspired when playing and when I recently picked up another library that was incredibly more playable that a friend who composes music for games recommended, the difference was incredible. I really don't want to go back to my 8Dio libraries. On another level, I clicked on the link in your sig file after reading your post and listened while writing my response and really liked what I heard. You're very talented! Kudos!
  11. It takes work to get a very realistic performance from string libraries. It's not as simple as just playing them like a piano if you're looking for a truly realistic performance. Pros who use these libraries for TV, games, trailers, movie scores, etc., do a good deal of editing after playing the parts on the keys, and of course, a composer's workflow is ultra important. The playability in this sense refers to how easily a library performs -- for example, does the library use a lot of scripting and do you find it intuitive for your needs or do you need to use a lot of keyswitching, all sorts of articulations and delve into intensive editing to get a realistic performance? In your case, where you're not playing them, there's still the reality that some libraries sound more realistic than others with your software. But sure, because you don't play them on a keyboard you may have VERY DIFFERENT standards than those who do. But playability is a major factor for the majority of users of KONTAKT sample library buyers, it's a major factor for MOST pros, aspiring pros and amateurs care and they care a great deal about it -- and I'm among that group. Getting a ultra realistic sounding performance from a string library requires a lot of work -- and if you're very serious, that means midi editing is a necessity --I have literally not seen any serious users of string libraries -- advanced amateur or pro assert that usability isn't important -- I've consulted to many developers of sample libraries, including string and orchestral libraries. But most start with playing the parts on a midi keyboard and desire a very playable library -- and that can be inspiring or having a library that isn't very playable can be the opposite. Even if you're using notation software, I'm sure that you'll find certain libraries are vastly easier to attain realistic sounding results than others and scripting and other factors are why. Pros that use string libraries in finished productions do a lot of editing no matter which libraries they use (and most use a combination of them), but ask any pro if s/he'd prefer a library that's easy and intuitive to play to get the initial parts down and you'll get a resounding yes. Anyhow. Of course, if someone feels that they can do everything by ear and you're only doing music for your own enjoyment it's all subject to your standards. But for those looking for realism, it takes work and playability is a major factor. So sure, Canopus, if you're a casual amateur user and you don't think there's any difference in how various string libraries play and that makes you happy that's fine. You don't need to argue with more advanced users though that care about usability. If you're satisfied with what you're doing, that's all that matters, but more advanced users do care a great deal about usability and playability, that is a very fundamental fact in the music biz and sample development market.
  12. I was almost going to share the first song I fully played and recorded 21 years after I stopped playing professionally due to a tendinitis injury that causes pain after even a few minutes of playing because I used some free libraries on it. Earlier this year I got a new PC mainly for music and video editing and I had downloaded PocketBlakus and I'm pretty sure I used a free Pianobook piano library and started playing and singing John Lennon's "Isolation" and started adding tracks. It seemed appropriate, as we were in quarantine where I live due to the pandemic. But I own a ton of paid piano libraries and string libraries, but I was just playing around with these free libraries and I thought the vibe was cool and started playing Isolation -- it's as easy as it gets to play even if you stopped playing 21 years ago! But I was kind of blown away at how good the libraries some musicians make and give away at no cost -- how generous and kind it is. And it was when I was loading my sons gaming PC with music software and wondered if I could use my libraries on his machine that I decided to just load his up with freebies that I was blown away what you can do with all free libraries and Cakewalk.
  13. Today's libraries are often pretty complex with lots of layers, scripting and hopefully a good user interface. Getting other's advice on libraries is invaluable, IMO. "Using your ears" tells you about how a library sounds, not how it is scripted or how it is to play, which is pretty important, especially for complex libraries like string libraries.
  14. Some of My Favorite FREE String and Orchestral Libraries BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover Comes with a free sample player plugin. https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/bbc-symphony-orchestra-discover Project Sam: The Free Orchestra Works with the free KONTAKT Player. https://projectsam.com/libraries/the-free-orchestra/ Orchestra Tools Layers Comes with a free sample player plugin. https://www.orchestraltools.com/store/collections/45 Free Pianobook String and Orchestral Libraries CP Strings and Winds String Textures (it's hard to believe this is free) by Angus Roberts-Carey -- download everything by this talented man!!! https://www.pianobook.co.uk/packs/string-textures/ NFO Orchestra Swells, NFT by Dan Keen - download everything by him!!! Once more, it's hard to believe he makes his libraries free. Gorgeous string libraries. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/profile/dan-keen/ The Ghanbari Sessions PocketBlakus Cello A great little free cello library, but it requires the full version of KONTAKT. This is a must if you have KONTAKT. https://vstbuzz.com/freebies/pocketblakus-cello/
  15. I don't think it's a fair comparison. Waves plugins are actually very sophisticated, clever, generally have good usability and are well coded. 8Dio string libraries are commonly giant collections of articulations with little concern for good scripting and usability. I have Intimate Strings and Deep Solo Cello and Viola and, except for the size and depth of samples, when it comes to playability, they remind me of string sample libraries from twenty years ago that were just these huge collections of articulations that required you to do more editing than playing. I want highly playable libraries with clever scripting and that's definitely not in 8Dio's wheelhouse. I know it's just not me because the more I have talked about it, the more I have heard from others who have the same thoughts. a friend who composes for games, another friend who is a KONTAKT scripting expert who tells me that's why he doesn't bother buying 8Dio, because the scripting is less than an afterthought. Troel's is great at promotion -- a very good hype man -- but the string libraries never deliver on expectations and aren't at the level of what even the smallest string KONTAKT sample developers are putting out. I picked up a Fluffy Audio Viola library for $29USD last week and it makes me never want to bother with using my 8Dio libraries again. While I do like the tone of some of the 8Dio libraries, they're just not libraries you can play without a ton of editing like Fluffy's are. In the end, that's a deal breaker for me. At least my Waves libraries are very usable -- they deliver on promises. 8Dio just seems more focused on cranking out huge deep sampled libraries with minimal effort put into scripting, which in this day and age is simply below a lot of user expectations, including mine.
  16. Yeah, it's a pretty darn smart strategy when you look at it. And it's a strategy I really like because it also benefits those who can't afford to purchase the full library and realistically won't be able to in the near future.
  17. That's right, there's a guy on this forum who runs a subreddit with music deals that probably could add a lot to this list. Of course, Larry also probably knows every great freebie that exists!
  18. Yep. He's a very talented and generous musician and sample developer.
  19. Thanks, Joe. There's a reason I love this forum and spend the majority of my time on forums here, the people. This has always been the friendliest, most helpful DAW/music making forum I know of. I just thought, there are some people here who may not have money to take advantage of the deals, some who spent all of their money on deals, and just people who love freebies. There is a ton of very good to great freebie sample libraries out there, but sifting through the poor ones and mediocre ones can take a lot of work. I put together the above list pretty quickly, looking over my sample library files and I'm sure I'll think of more later that I missed, but I wanted to get it started and thought there's a lot of people here who could make my list better.
  20. But note, they were missing a box that protected them against your lawsuit for getting carpal tunnel syndrome from the repetitive stress injury you had from clicking all of those legal boxes!
  21. I wanted to make a special thread with great freebies to encourage those without cash, but who love making music, that there's lots of good stuff out there for them to enjoy. I was inspired by the Pianobook Advent Calendar thread and thought it would be great to have a thread where we just shared links to freebies we love and can recommend, as there's a lot of free libraries out there, but it's a lot of work to figure out which are worth downloading and which are not worth downloading. I'll start with some of my favorite Pianobook libraries, most of which happen are in KONTAKT, but a number of them are also available for the FREE DECENT SAMPLER sampler and some are in other formats like sforzando and SoundPaint that are free. I'm starting with pianos, but I'm going to update this in the future with other free libraries I find worth recommending and I urge others to post their favorite free libraries. PIANOS First of all, pick up anything by Christian Henson, one of the founders of Spitfire. He's shared a lot of nice character pianos, especially felt pianos -- and I really love felt pianos. There are a lot of free pianos on Pianobook with issues -- especially noise in the samples. There was one piano I loved the character of, then I held a whole note and heard a bird singing. In a sense, it's lovely, but in another sense, you don't always want a bird singing when you hold a note. Here are some of my favs: Pianobook The Summer Piano Autumn Piano Spring Piano Quarantine Piano Isolation Piano Schimmel Piano UNIK Midnight Upright (layered piano and synth) Living Room Upright Piano Kawai UST7 Upright Piano Nordiska Piano Deluxe (upright) and too many others to think of off hand. https://www.pianobook.co.uk/ Sonic Atoms This is one of my favorite free pianos. There are a few patches and the dev did some wonderful things with those patches. It uses the free version of HALion SE and this was so good, I bought some of the developer's paid libraries just out of gratitude. https://sonicatoms.com/novel-piano/ Sound Paint Totally free piano and player. A must download in my opinion. An old Steinway grand piano with a lot of nice patches. https://soundpaint.com/ Production Voices This developer makes superb sample piano libraries and his free piano libraries are also superb. I particularly love his Death Piano. To quote Elton John, it's weird and wonderful. Some of his freebies -- now donationware -- are for KONTAKT and others for the free Sforzando player. https://www.productionvoices.com/death-piano-le/ Spitfire Labs They have a lot more than free felt pianos and it's all free and really nice. Also be sure to download their free orchestral library, BBC Discovery, https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/#type=&search=&new=true Westwood Upright Felt This felt piano requires KONTAKT, but it's a nice little freebie. https://westwoodinstruments.com/instruments/upright-felt-piano/ Sonixema Their free Piano Textures (KONTAKT) is beautiful, a must have, IMO. https://www.sonixinema.com/collections/free Again, I encourage my fellow forum members to add to this and post their favorite free libraries. I started with pianos, and you can add your favorite pianos, but I think it'd be great to just share links to any free sample libraries that we love and want to tell others about. Peace, Peter
  22. Pianobook is a great community. It can be hit or miss to find a truly good library there, but wow, when you do. There's some really sweet little libraries and all of them are free (and some work with a free sample player). I think I'll check back later and post the names of some of my favorites for those who have yet to delve deeply into Pianobook.
  23. I love The Beatles. I finished up the third part of the documentary on Sunday and caught the above video, I think, this morning, with breakfast. I'm a big Beatles fan and really enjoyed the documentary and seeing the Fab Four being friends and appreciating each other a lot more than we saw in "Let It Be." I think it went on way too long for non Beatles fans, but for us hardcore folks, I'd be happy to watch three more parts. What'd you think, @cclarry?
  24. Dude, you're our official ring leader. No one even needs for you to confess you're a plug-aholic, all you have to say is "Hi, it's Larry." Everyone knows the rest!
  25. I could never get the lite version installed properly with their update, so I really haven't got to enjoy the lite library. I don't know why they don't simply offer customers a single download for the entire library since they made the patch a long time ago. But what really has caught my attention is YouTuber Corey Pelizarri's review. BTW, Embertone gives you a discount equivalent to whatever price you paid for lite when you upgrade to the full version. But like anything, these instruments are incredibly subjective. But it is Corey's review and hearing the piano as he played and went through features that really made me love the sound of this piano -- and 50 bucks is a great deal for the quality. Simple Sam's Grand did sound nice, but preferred this one and it has una corda samples and different mics too. Note, Corey stands in stark contrast to your typical YouTube sample reviewers after freebies and kickbacks from developers and tending to shill and not be honestly critical. Corey can be brutally critical and constantly has insights that any quality dev can learn from. He isn't a affiliate marketer (really, an online salesperson for the libraries) like most YouTubers reviewing sample libraries and plugins which is great, because he's not selling the products he's reviewing. He is my absolute favorite YouTuber who reviews sample libraries and plugins. UPDATE: I was confusing the Simple Sam library with another dev's piano library. I never heard that Simple Sam piano library before and love it. Thanks alot, @Craig Fowler! I went from convincing myself to get the Embertone piano to being completely split. Wow, I love both of these pianos.
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