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  1. Very cool, nicely gritty tone! 😎👍
  2. Hey Wookie, thanks for dropping in and the kind comment, from all of us! Means a lot man!
  3. Thanks, Darryl, appreciate the listen and kind comment
  4. Wow Gary, thanks so much from all of us for listening and for the kind encouragement
  5. Really great collaboration, fabulous job by all @daryl1968 @Lynn Wilson @Bapu and Hugo!!
  6. Ross Smithe


    Cool tune Wookie, nicely performed and produced. Bit of a Floydian feel to it.
  7. Ross Smithe

    Midnight Show

    Great work here, nice composition, performance, and production
  8. Congrats Nigel, well-deserved accomplishment!!!
  9. Hey Gary, lots of good vibes triggered here! Haven't heard this song in a long time, really great job on it! Nice performance and production
  10. Hey Nigel, thanks so much for dropping in on this and for the kind comments. Means a lot!
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