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  1. hsm

    The Gas Giants 3

    Enjoyed listening to this, envision elements in the atmos swirling & rising..will check out 1-2.
  2. hsm

    mix setup #1

    thanks jack.
  3. Another reason I probably won't get this, even at this price.
  4. Anyone know if they've updated this since its release? worked on the horns quality or added legato strings to BBCO Core?
  5. hsm

    mix setup #1

    Thanks all., tweaking in the meantime.
  6. hsm

    mix setup #1

    Thanks Kurt, this is more of a faders 0 mix.. I more interested in the freq balance at this point, not so much the level balance. Crispness, piercing high end, woolly low end, mud, mid range etc.
  7. hsm

    mix setup #1

    I'm back at my winter place using my 'closet studio' & thinking of writing /releasing a new album. I'm using this demo to form the sonic mixing template. I'm setting up my 2 bus, reverb, fx, panning, eq's to be used, here some of the settings are close to extreme. To mix I used a mono cube & cans rather than my inexpensive BX5A monitors in this tiny closet. It's mastered to my normal -14 LUFS using a tape sim & b/w limiter. This demo version needs to be totally re-worked including a real bassist & replaced tracks but gives an idea of the material in general. I'm getting my ears acclimated to this closet set-up, wondering how it's translating on different systems before I start writing & tracking. -thnx
  8. hsm

    ToonTracks New EZBX!!

    Hey Zo, Whatever you get have them professionally set up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGu7BcUrEkM
  9. You can get the free taster here- https://redroomaudio.com/product/palette-primary-colors/ I tried it a few years ago & for whatever reason I uninstalled it.
  10. Iconic 60s vintage sound for your mix. Desert includes: DESERT EQ: Two switchable Equalizers (a 2-band passive EQ derived from an iconic tracking/mixing console from the early 60s and a 2-band passive germanium transistor-based EQ with HP-LP filters originally part of a 60s mastering console) plus eight germanium transistor-based preamps from the eight channels of a unique tracking/mixing console. DESERT COMP: An Opto Compressor / Limiter made in the 60s; featuring 3 different switchable dynamic processor emulations (the original model called COMP 1, a 'Frankenstein mode by Acustica called COMP2 and finally the limiter) with a preamp emulation. DESERT PRE: Eight Line-In preamplifiers plus eight Line-Out preamplifiers that can be used individually or in combination to recreate the same sound as the original console, starting from a clear, powerful and colorful sound that can evolve into a range of distortions whose musicality is unmatched. DESERT CHANNEL STRIP: Two switchable Passive Equalizers, an Opto Compressor/limiter with 3 different switchable modes, a complete preamp section with a Drive control. Price (MSRP): Introductory price €103 [€159] - Save 35% OFF* - For the first four weeks after release or until the first official version is released. Plug-in Format(s): VST, AU, AAX System Requirements (Windows): Windows 10 System Requirements (OSX): OSX 10.14 Desert web-page: http://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/desert Desert User's manual: https://app.box.com/shared/static/ft...obbpe38bgu.pdf * The introductory period implies the product may receive improvements, changes, or fixes available through Aquarius Desktop updates during the first four weeks of its release. https://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/desert
  11. Bernard is also one of my fav drummers along with Chuck Rainey for bassists. Both play so in the pocket.
  12. There's several good ones out there. My pick would be Ample Bass Upright. https://www.amplesound.net/en/pro-pd.asp?id=21
  13. One of my fav tracks from Scam that featured Carlton's classic solo, Jon Herington on this version. https://youtu.be/Q6PJyu33hPA
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