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  1. Btw, PluginDiscounts’ offer is at $84.55 https://plugindiscounts.com/product/universal-audio-manley-voxbox-channel-strip/
  2. Just give it a couple of months and it will be a freebie with some 14-day subscription trial
  3. AudioDeluxe is having a sale on three Sonnox plugins now: Sonnox Oxford EQ Native $65 Sonnox Oxford Envolution $55 Sonnox Oxford Drum Gate $55 Sale ends on Aug 21.
  4. I can confirm that gas prices for end customers in Germany are dropping now. A kWh generated from natural gas used to cost back in November 2021 about 0.12 cent, then in the summer of 2022 it surged to more than 0.26 cent just to drop back to 0.09 cent right now. One kWh of electric power used to cost 0.42 cent in my contract for 2022. Now my new contractual price for kWh is 0.32 cent. And the electricity in Germany is one of the most expensive in Europe. I see that in France EDF is charging about half of that for a kWh thanks to the nuclear power. While the electricity prices are pretty high because of moving from coal and nuclear to renewable power, the gas prices are very stable at the moment and the effect of Russian war in Ukraine on gas deliveries is nonexistent. On the other side fuel prices and increased demand for services and good after the lockdowns are over was what was driving the prices up. While we have almost no control on fuel prices, because Europe has insignificant sources of this commodity, the ECB has some means of regulating the demand of services and goods. And that’s the interest rates. So basically they’re reversing the inflation trend by increasing the key interest rates which makes it hard for people to spend money on services and goods like there’s no tomorrow, but that makes it also difficult for businesses to get a lifeline loans. Therefore businesses are trying to fill the gaps by increasing prices or decreasing the quality (as seen massively in grocery stores in Germany and maybe everywhere else too), because they know that while today it might be still possible to extract as much as possible from their customers, tomorrow it will be hardly the case. As a part of business ecosystem plugin and audio software developers know that and are profiting. The virtual goods are obviously unlimited in quantity, so developers loose really nothing from their deep “no-brainer” discounts, instead they’re getting more profits during times of recession. Without these profits right now they’re toast. And the price for the recession is once again paid by us - the customers and it’s up to us to stop spending money for what we don’t need. And back to PreSonus, what new do they have to offer for 5 more bucks a month?
  5. Businesses struggling to stay alive during recession. They seem to have learned their lesson since the last financial crisis in 2008, but sadly they learned the wrong one. They want our money NOW, ASAP, as much money as possible. But the only thing that they get is customers leaving a sinking ship and less earnings. And on top of that the interests on loans are increasing. Good luck greedy entrepreneurs.
  6. Thanks for explaining. I probably misunderstood something and I’m blaming it on my English. What I got from the Essence manual file was that “signals below the Threshold will still receive some gain-reduction, and gain reduction will increase gently as the level of signal increases” in other words. that gain-reduction will be applied even for sounds below the given threshold, warranting even sibilance reduction in every case within reach of the soft knee. I have to test it this weekend to see if that’s really the case. I’m mostly using deesser in audio restoration, so I guess variable threshold might be more useful outside audio post.
  7. Thank you for digging into it. So basically SSL’s DeEss relative threshold is likely comparable to Essence’s Knee.
  8. I have Essence, Limitless & TrackComp 2 and I’m also happy with DMG’s plugins quality and tweakability.
  9. This looks similar to the DMG Essence’s knee function: ”The Knee parameter allows you to configure a soft-knee around the Threshold, which effectively widens the threshold, so signals below the Threshold will still receive some gain-reduction, and gain reduction will increase gently as the level of signal increases.”
  10. PluginDiscounts has currently the lowest price for Elevate Mastering Bundle down to $79.69 https://plugindiscounts.com/product/eventide-elevate-bundle/ Followed by EveryPlugin - $83.11. Then it’s Audiodeluxe including the DeluxeBucks.
  11. If only i could know Btw do you have any idea is DeEss’s Brighten function of any good use? I have Essence and I’ll be basically skipping this sale, because of feature overlap between both deessers, but still I see that SSL’s deesser has Brighten which sounds interesting…
  12. Having read this a few days ago I hope that @Bapu will really love this one. Audiodeluxe is offering a SSL DeEss sale for $29.99. More details here: https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plugins/solid-state-logic-ssl-deess
  13. Obviously the so called transient eqs are becoming the new “game changer” and the next best thing since sliced bread With Eventide, Hofa and Crave looking for new horizons in the already over saturated audio fx market… Meanwhile the price is really not that bad, having in mind that developers such as Crave DSP will never have sales.
  14. Latest SpectraLayers Pro 10 is using Demucs and has user friendly activation process which doesn’t need to call home to keep software activated unlike Hit’n’Mix products. I gave my RipX DeepRemix activation code to a friend about two weeks ago, because it was useless on my audio post computer that has no Internet access.
  15. Do they still need to call home at least once a month or else the license gets deactivated on the machine? Like a little brother of Corel or Hit’n’Mix.
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