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  1. I got the bundle. It’s nice to have Painter updated to 2022. I used to have Painter 2021 purchased from Corel’s website during their sales, 2022 has some functionality enhancements that I needed like moving layers in groups and grayscale in navigator. Thank you for sharing the information about the bundle!
  2. 30% discount on Soundtheory Gullfoss using PE30 as coupon code. Coupon code is valid until Sep 30.
  3. With industry struggling to switch to 32 bit float (24 bit precision), 64 bit float (53 bit precision) looks like nothing else but an overkill. Look, there’s an article in Wired posted just a few months ago encouraging 32 float usage https://www.wired.com/story/32-bit-float-audio-explained/amp EQuilibrium has 64 bit float for ages. MAAT thEQorange Has 80 bit FP since 2021, so Kirchhoff EQ is hardly the first 64 bit float equalizer. As of yet I haven’t heard any sample which could demonstrate that 64 bit float EQs bring better results with less audible noise compared to 32 bit float EQs outside the placebo zone
  4. CorelDRAW is still available as a lifetime license, though it’s no longer possible to upgrade your old version and the one time purchase price is high. Adobe Illustrator is subscription only. Affinity designer is great peace of vector software, still a little bit limited compared to DRAW or Illustrator.
  5. Thankfully I was only experimenting with S1 since last spring (have to admit that I was pretty impressed by the simplicity of the DAW). After all I’m not a professional. Else I would have been anxious enough after reading Fender’s CEO interview. This guy has so little respect for the S1 users. And one of the good things in Studio One IMHO is that it’s not bloated at all, compared to some other DAWs. Sadly Mooney doesn’t realize that. I’m afraid that Fender’s decisions might prevail and S1 team will be overwhelmed having to work on two different projects at the same time and eventually S1 development will slow down to some extent. In each case time will show.
  6. Of course the release happened right after the sale had ended guess why... I don't know why, but it reminds me of the cosmetic updates that were happening to Adobe CC products after Creative Suite support was dropped.
  7. From the NewBlueFX newsletter: https://newbluefx.com/products/elements/
  8. I just got this newsletter from NewBlueFX:
  9. Down to $69 after applying the promo code to my existing loyalty price. I already had Glow with Vegas Pro 17. I've seen their newsletter after reading your post here. Thank you for sharing!
  10. I can't see one there. The successful SAS story of Adobe is the appearance of Serif's Affinity Photo as a good alternative of PS/LR, Illustrator still has a good alternative in Corel Draw and Acrobat Pro has one time purchase option, because there are literally tens of other PDF editors and OCR software around. The innovation around PS ended with the introduction of their SAS model. Office 365 is not that of a success story (Microsoft Windows is the success story of Microsoft, Office has many viable alternatives therefor it still has one time purchase option) and iZotope is too niche to dream of becoming the next SAS giant. The successful subs stories I think are mostly linked to NY Times, WaPo and Netflix. Of course there still are enough people jumping on the subscription train, giving lifeline to parasitic corporations. Everyone's free to spend their hard earned money how they like.
  11. iZotope switching to software as service stimulated me to get the Mastering Bundle of FF + Pro-G, Saturn 2 and Timeless 3 as Ozone, Neutron and Nectar replacement. Valhalla Room, VintageVerb, Plate as a Neoverb replacement and last but not least SpectraLayers Pro as a semi-RX7 Standard replacement. My iZotope software is on sale. I already have Melodyne Studio, so their offer of Elements is of no interest to me. iZotope opting for software as a service and abandoning the perpetual versions is not a nice move IMO.
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