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  1. Sounds like Waves Audio advocacy based on wishful thinking more than a realistic prediction. I hope that the CFO of the company is wiser than this, but looking at the “success” story behind WUP it looks very doubtful.
  2. For those with Macs it’s inevitable for the plugins to become useless sooner rather than later. Selling their plugins in protest might have been the best choice if only they knew that Waves is about to jump the sub train.
  3. Adobe Photoshop was the de-facto standard for raster editing back then. Illustrator still is the preferred vector graphic software (yet some studios around the world are using CorelDRAW). Adobe Premiere is currently losing ground to DaVinci Resolve Studio (lifetime 2-slot license that gives free updates to future versions). Waves was never the audio production/mastering de-facto standard to begin with. They also weren’t the Avid of audii plugins. Of course they have the right to try ruin their own business. With no doubt many other developers will profit from Wave’s losses of customers. One could easily find one of the many online lists of Waves plugins alternatives - from pro-grade to cheap alternatives to free ones. I believe it must have been a difficult decision to destroy a semi-successful audio software company. I’m afraid that what they used to earn with their endless sales they will never see again with their subs model.
  4. Looks like BRA is actively reading the audio forums If I were a (former) Waves Audio customer, I would get this bundle
  5. I feel for every single Waves customer at this very moment In the same time I feel lucky that I never purchased a single plugin from Waves. I preferred plugins and audio software that could be activated with a simple key or static key file (FF, DMG, Valhalla, u-He, Xfer, TDR, Acon, SIR, Tone Projects, Kazrog, Wavesfactory) instead and now I can see what could have happened if I had loads of this $29 per plugin crap. In future I will be even more careful to only get new plugins that offer offline key activation and nothing else. Waves are probably adapting to the new economic really and it’s already obvious that WUP didn’t work well for them. Instead of throwing WUP under the bus they doubled down. A stupid move IMO. Don’t jump the Waves sub train, Waves looks to be an unreliable developer!
  6. When there is working competition, perpetual licensing is still available. Adobe Acrobat Pro, Microsoft Office are first examples that come to my mind. And IMHO audio software business has too much competitive businesses in the game and not that many customers on the other side, which creates hostile environment for sub models. But it looks like some developers are testing the water just to find that their dreams of subscription heaven are unrealistic.
  7. Challenge/Response for offline activation according to their user manual https://pluginguru.net/unify/manual/doku.php That’s not good & makes me skip, skip, skip, skip.
  8. Here comes the first bug report. My DMG Audio plugins don’t show in VST3 plugins list. Not even a trace of Essence, Limitless and TrackComp 2. However it’s long awaited improvement that is welcome.
  9. Thank you all for letting me know, URL fixed.
  10. Get a $100 voucher by taking the NUGEN Audio survey at: https://nugenaudio.com/annual-survey-2023/ Vouchers expire on March 4th 2023. Survey starts 18th January 2023 and ends 17th February 2023.
  11. Thank you for sharing your experience with Rosetta emulated plugins. I was really curious, having read many times about low performance under Rosetta, but I wasn’t aware about the number of loaded plugins limit under Rosetta, being a Windows laptop user myself.
  12. Feeling sad for his fan base :’-( even sadder for those who donated.
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