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  1. From what I use, there may be more... Metaplugin (v3.4.7) NYCompressor (v2.2.6) Plugindoctor (v1.4.2) MagicDeathEye (v1.1.1) https://ddmf.eu/
  2. Aquarius 2.5.018 run Aquarius to update..
  3. Don't forget marketing. The 'free library' incitement is getting a usable lite demo (which is rare for orch. libraries so a smart move by them, similar to vsl's Big Bang freebie) By doing the survey they get your email plus possibly future sales.
  4. Just installed.. The best think I like about this is the player, logical & easy to set up (although it would be nice load instances a la Kontakt instead of individual.) Wish the room/ reverb could be adjusted lower. Some arts, esp horns & winds sounds unnatural. There's also vol. level inconsistencies between arts (maybe because this is the light version?) I also notice when the dyn. level is @ 100 % when selecting new presets w/o automation on the track. Should be 0 (unless there's an option somewhere in the player I'm mot finding) Loaded all instruments & briefly used it, seems light on resources which is always nice. ( basic presets & no mics of course) For a free light version / demo this could certainly be used for writing & in combination with other libraries. It has some nice sounds. Even $49.00 isn't a bad price for students or those looking for a first time orch. purchase library.
  5. updated..run Aquarius L001 - 04 May 2020 48kHz HMF phase issue fix, echo noise fix.
  6. updated..run Aquarius K010 - 21 May 2020 PINK4EQ Custom 9 Pre, PINK42412 Pre, PINK47236 Pre fixed.
  7. I prefer this mix with the vocals front & center. I can understand them easier now too. Again this is on laptop.
  8. A plug-in that sends audio from your host (DAW) to any Toontrack product that supports it. A friend of mine who has it said to try importing audio into EzBass, you can do some cool things with it.
  9. Looking forward to trying this out. I have a feeling their servers will be slammed!
  10. This looks useful. I do similar things using Melodyne but this might be easier?
  11. Taupe is good too (the eq is the real star on that plugin) but I prefer R2R / TB+( CDS in N4) followed by CDS's VTM-M2 vst in most cases. As a general rule N4 has the better quality ( but requires separate instances) while the Acqua models offer easier workflow. That's the trade off, both are excellent. I still like using ToneBoosters Reelbus for some things too.
  12. Great product if you're looking for this effect. I reach for it more even over Acustica's TB+ / R2R which is the top Tape plugin in the Acustica world.
  13. Good to know, I always like to demo VI's if possible. By that time any bugs should be ironed out too.
  14. Yeah, I think you're right..It's been a while
  15. The Flanger as well.
  16. Thanks, l Thanks for the review. I'll pass, you just saved me a few bucks.
  17. Thanks Wookiee, I used either SD or AD for the sketch drum track. Yes, lots of tracks & dense, need to re-track & trim the fat. Yesterday I removed all the plugins remixed from scratch trying out demos in one session. For now it's going back to the archives as I get back to my current projects. Thanks Douglas, I'd like to replace it with an actual drummer. Problem then is everything needs to re-done from scratch. I'm more interested in working on current projects but it was a nice diversion. We'll see, time is always the factor...
  18. PINK4 is a bundle consisting of 6 different plug-ins: • PINK4 215 - Preamp module with 8 different circuit distortion models • PINK4 780 - 10-band graphic EQ • PINK4 1650 - 4-band EQ module with 5 selectable per band models plus a new preamp section with 16 Line and 9 Custom emulations. • PINK4 2412 - Single band compressor • PINK4 7236 - Multiband compressor • PINK4 Channel Strip - Full channel strip with EQ, compressors and preamp options Price (MSRP): Introductory price - 69.00€ [Reg. 199.00€] - Save 65% OFF - For the first four weeks after release or until first official version is released. Plug-in Format(s): VST, AU, AAX System Requirements (Windows): Windows 10 System Requirements (OSX): OSX 10.14 http://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/pink
  19. Ah, I get what you were going for now. Again, nice tune.
  20. Enjoyed the tune. I love bassoon, a difficult instrument to master. I had a friend who became quite accomplished & remember her showing me how to make double reeds by hand. The sound always reminds me of her, glad you decided to use it. (Check out bass clarinets too, you may enjoy writing with that instrument as well!)
  21. Enjoyed it Wookiee . Nice feel, textures & Floydish to my ears.
  22. Again nice work Steve. I get the White album vibe.
  23. Good tune & songwriting Barry. I'm on laptop so can't really judge the mix but the vocals seem to be very wide & eq'd where they're not blending with the instruments. Hard to tell, maybe an effect you'e going for & it's not translating over these crappy speakers. Anyway I enjoyed the song, great job.
  24. Hidden Symmetry


    Revisited & did a quick remix of this older project today. I may re-do it with a human drummer one day. Made a quick video backdrop for it with footage I took while in Europe & U.S. plus jumpbacks & stock footage. Stay safe & Go well.
  25. Dirk posted on FB- "We announced earlier today that the new AMEK EQ200 would not be available separately upon its launch on May 19. We had lately indeed planned to make this high-end plugin available via our cost-effective rental bundles only. BUT... some users on facebook have made me aware of the fact that we had sent out promotional emails earlier this month already, with a $25 voucher, and the promise to let you buy the new May releases (incl. the AMEK) using your voucher. Now, we may be crazy sometimes, but we will always do our best to honor our promises to you, so I took the decision right now to launch the AMEK EQ200 on May 19 exactly the way you are used to with all our launches. The EQ200 will be available in our MIX & MASTER and the MEGA bundles, but you will be able to buy a perpetual license as well."
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