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  1. NUGEN Audio has announced the availability of Stereoizer, updated to version This maintenance release includes bug fixes. - Fixed an automation issue introduced in - Fixed an issue with long preset names being clipped This is a recommended free update for all existing users. For full product details head to the Stereoizer product page: https://nugenaudio.com/stereoizer
  2. Reduced unwanted resonances, artifacts, and reflections. Run Aquarius to update
  3. new version including- FOCAL ELEAR: very balanced headphones not too different from the Clear. Compared to the Clear Pro MG the low frequencies tend to distort a bit - FOCAL SPHEAR: these are in-ear monitors and we sampled them with two different sets of foam. They sounded very good but I had a hard time getting them to adhere perfectly to the ear canal. When they adhere perfectly the low frequencies are fantastic. - SHURE SE535: These are in-ear that required a very small adjustment, but it is very difficult to make them adhere to the ear canal. For this reason, it is difficult to perceive the low frequencies in the correct way. - AUDIOTECHNICA ATH 910 PRO: they tend to be very balanced, but can be really distorted in low frequencies - SENNHEISER HD518: headphones that tend to sound extremely correct but the low frequencies tend to distort very easily compared to other headphones of the same manufacturer - AIAIAI CAPITAL: have a slightly muffled and cheap sound, but are quite balanced - AUDIOTECHNICA M20: the correction curve is very good but they have little detail - ULTRASONE PRO550: sound a bit nasal, with strange bass and slightly high-pitched. In any case, the correction improves it a lot Run Aquarius
  4. May 16th: Minor improvements updated Fircomp 2 to version 2.0.7 (16th May build). In this version: - GUI drawing has been made slightly more efficient, especially if you are using a theme with a background image. - There is now a new "Coupled peak mode" option. This is quite similar to the standard peak mode that fircomp 2 uses by default. However, the attack and release stages are now "coupled" to each other, meaning that the release time does not have the attack time added to it. This means that for non-zero attack times, the release time may feel faster. When the attack time is zero, this mode is identical to the default mode. https://jonvaudio.com/fircomp2/
  5. CHANGES: 1. NEW GRAPHICAL ENGINE: improvement overall smoothness 2. NEW GRAPHICAL ENGINE: reduced CPU drain 3. Optimised loading times of GUI (MAC & PC 4. Changed factory preset's name from "Drum Kick Bus" to "Kick Drum Bus" 5. Added new factory preset: "Andi's Init Preset", BUG FIXES: 1. Minor bugs fixed. TO BE DONE: 1. Improving stability between VST3 version of the plugin and Ableton Live host application. 2. Improving loading times for AU version of the plugin in Digital Performer host application The newest version you find at your account (My plug-ins) section https://www.pspaudioware.net/UserArea/identify
  6. Pensado to Core 17 Sienna new HD800 phones Guru/ Reference Pro Snow MB fix Run Aquarius to update
  7. April 26, 2021 Improved option `Go to 'Neutral' if no pair within 30 seconds`: now works also for 'Before' instances that don't have an 'After' pair Improved: When inserting 'After' it now outputs the difference value only after collecting enough audio (RMS time, 3 seconds by default) Improved: the difference value is now grayed out when it cannot be properly calculated (no signal, etc) Fixed "Listen before"/"Delta" crossfades issues when using large buffer size (4096) Fixed "Before" could be stuck in delay detection mode (and output silence) when duplicating the track Updated the manual (Also the sale is still going on) https://letimix.com/products/gainmatch/update/history
  8. Many updates..Core 17/ DirectX should help with the Cubase hang/ freeze problems. Run Aquarius
  9. 30% OFF UNTIL 28 APRIL. / Reg. $199 The biggest update for Gullfoss so far introduces new features, an improved equalizer engine and a new plugin called Gullfoss LIVE. April 15, 2021 - Starting with version 1.9.0, Gullfoss now comes in two flavors. The established version of Gullfoss for mixing and mastering in the studio is accompanied by Gullfoss LIVE, which is optimized for low-latency situations like tracking and live mixing. At a latency of less than 2 milliseconds, compared to the approximately 20 milliseconds for the regular version, Gullfoss LIVE delivers pristine sound quality and all the same features. The sound gains a little more character as the low-latency algorithm treats transients differently. This difference also makes Gullfoss LIVE an alternative for mixing and mastering music styles with very pronounced transients. With the new release, Gullfoss gains support for sidechain processing to enable stem mastering, content-driven ducking and creative sound-design. The EQ display gain scale can now be changed so that even the most subtle movements can be observed. The new equalizer engine debuting with version 1.9.0 improves upon the renowned sound quality of Gullfoss. A new innovative algorithm delivers a smoother high-end and a warmer low-end that will satisfy the most critical listeners. At the same time the CPU performance is improved at very high sampling rates. Gullfoss 1.9.0 including Gullfoss LIVE is a free update for all existing users. 30% OFF UNTIL 28 APRIL / Reg. $199 A free 14 day trial can be downloaded from www.soundtheory.com/support https://www.soundtheory.com/home
  10. Current release E012 - 07 Apr 2021 Engine update: Core 16 Available sample rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz Run Aquarius Also if you have an Adams product you can get a free copy. Available now in the MyADAM user area: https://bit.ly/31RRDNd
  11. FREE upgrade for current users. 1. Brand new module "ReactivEQ" 2. Brand new Preset System - added sorting presets by categories; added Undo/Redo functionality; improved A/B functionality; improved save/load preset experience; 3. Over 50 new presets designed by professional audio producers from around the globe. IMPROVEMENTS: 1. Improved Mini View Mode - added visual separation for unused slots to improve clarity; improved drag&drop experience in this mode; added missing G.R. meters for De-hummer & De-esser modules; last viewed module is now properly stored and re-stored in session; newly added module automatically takes focus to improve clarity and workflow; 2. Improved Drag&Drop experience in Full View Mode (re-calculated drag&drop areas for each module separately to reduce amount of accidental module replacement) 3. Improved Drag&Drop experience in Resizeable View Mode (re-calculated drag&drop areas for each module separately to reduce amount of accidental module replacement) 4. Improved time of loading sessions 5. Improved compatibility with latest versions of popular DAWs 6. Improved compatibility with latest Apple's OS - Big Sur 7. Manual updated. BUG FIXES: 1. Meter in Opto Pressor module (Compressors' section) didn't display properly on BigSur OS (MAC only) - fixed, 2. Meter in De-esser module was acting in a strange way on "analog silence" - fixed and improved De-esser's metering 3. Meter in De-hummer module was acting in a strange way on "analog silence" - fixed and improved De-hummer's metering 4. Typing values from keyboard was problematic on Windows' system, because font of editboxes was not visible while editing - fixed, 5. Minor bug fixed. https://www.pspaudioware.com/
  12. Owners check your email/ spam folder. CupReels AX102 for Nebula. This update lowers artifact levels. To install the update, simply download the .zips, and install the new program and vector files over the old ones. https://cupwise.com/shop/cupreels-1-ax102/?v=0a10a0b3e53b
  13. Up to 8 times more processing power with the new multicore engine that processes each parallel chain on a separate core. New DSP workload meter that displays the DSP activity and CPU load. Added MIDI control support (MIDI CC messages) for Next and Previous Preset commands, with MIDI learn. Reduced time to load PatchWork or any built-in plug-in. Multiple DSP performance improvements. Improved buffer management in standalone application on Mac, reducing both latency and CPU usage. Level meters are not updated anymore when the user interface is closed, reducing CPU usage. Reduced the number of threads used by the plug-in. Improved global and preset settings window loading time on Windows. Added ability to select the plug-in to load when a shell plug-in file is dragged and dropped onto a slot. Full unicode support. Preset files can now be dropped onto the preset LCD area to be loaded. Improved "Tone Maps" user interface (available for 9 built-in effects). Fixes: Fixed standalone app not always asking for Microphone access on most recent MacOS systems. Fixed host loop end value not properly passed to hosted plug-ins, for the VST2 version. Fixed several crashes upon load for multiple third party plug-ins (mostly VST3). Fixed display issues with Waves plug-ins V12 in Mac standalone application. Fixed MIDI control for hosted plug-ins not always working when fed with silence. Fixed VST3 (and sometimes VST) version freezing Ableton Live upon save on Windows. Fixed harmonizer and Pitch Shifter built-in plug-ins that did not always flush their buffer upon bypass (short sounds could be heard when getting out of bypass) https://www.bluecataudio.com/Main/Home/
  14. All DMGAudio plugins up on the site now: https://dmgaudio.com/download Quick highlights include new Apple Silicon (ARM) Mac installer, full Big Sur compatibility, dozens of small improvements and tweaks to functionality, a new HQ oversampling and clipping mode in Limitless, improved dynamic behavior in Multiplicity…
  15. Update for the Unisum Mastering Compressor. New in version 1.1.3: MAC: Native Apple Silicon support (so far AU/VST3 only) Improved CPU performance for all platforms Minor bug fixes Minor updates to factory presets The update is free for Unisum owners. Log into your account to download the update. https://www.toneprojects.com/
  16. Mostly fixes for Apple, Ableton, Cubase. Removed 32 bit target on Windows. I am not sure if that means it will remove existing 32 bit installations, so you may want to back up if you have any projects on old hosts. Run Native Access.
  17. February 11, 2021 v 1.192 (beta) Improved meters performance You can now choose Auto adjustment speed: Classic (Slow), Normal, Fast You can now save default group RMS time and filter type (right-click on them) Fixed error with UTF chars in userdir https://letimix.com/products/gainmatch/next
  18. updated + new black skin option Run Aquarius
  19. Added new preset pack with 200 patches, plus MAC updates and bug fixes. As always run Native Access.
  20. Run the installer to autoupdate
  21. http://reaper.fm/download.php REAPER 6.21: I dreamed I was an innkeeper in this crazy little town in Vermont. Changelog items below may include • links to more information. 6.21 macOS: fix video issues on Catalina/Big Sur and retina displays • macOS: fix ReWire-related crash on Catalina macOS: revert to older macOS SDK for Catalina build (matching 6.19) Media explorer: fix possible memory leak when importing or previewing media with embedded transient information Media explorer: fix waveform display when zoomed in to sample level • Media explorer: reverse inserted media if preview playback is reversed Render: fix potentially rendering one sample too short • Render: fix preset loading of 2nd pass render • Track/mixer panels: improve mouse hit testing for empty FX slots • VST: don't show scan window when only built-in plugins are being scanned VST: fix scanning of certain plug-ins on Windows (6.16 regression) • Media explorer action to open arrange view media in media explorer respects autoplay preference add action to calculate peak volume for media files add action to preview random file add action to re-read metadata from media files add action to reverse preview playback add options to normalize preview volume and/or normalize volume when inserting media add track number column (not displayed by default) after deleting files, select the next file apply volume, pitch, rate adjustments properly when inserting multiple files at once clean up shortcut view after reordering shortcuts clear search cache when renaming files or when new files are added display arrow cursor over preview scrollbars on Windows display length, sample rate, audio channels for video media don't re-initialize column order when the a new REAPER release changes the number of defined columns don't search bit depth/bitrate/length metadata (you can sort those columns though) remove actions to delete folders without recycling or confirming fix action to play previously played media (A/B test) fix context menu action to browse to folder for search results or database entry fix customized column order on macos fix displayed length/bit depth for some non-standard .wav files fix possible crash when removing a track/project that is being used for preview if option enabled, don't auto-play when initiating drag of unselected file • improve accessibility of context menus via application-key improve column sorting for length and bits columns improve context menu organization and consistency map reverse/forward preview playback to shift+leftarrow/shift+rightarrow by default more accurate sample drawing when highly zoomed in preserve custom column order when docking/undocking media explorer prevent writing multiple ID3 tags to .wav files respect preferences to apply preview volume/pitch/rate when inserting into reaper via drag or action restore selection after renaming file • optionally select enclosing folder in shortcut list when browsing show filenames that will be removed when prompting to confirm deletion tempo adjust (approximately) visual preview length of media when dragging from media explorer improve behavior of various media format previews going to multichannel tracks • IDE autosuggest text (function names, variable names) while typing add Ctrl+R for replace (after find), Ctrl+Return to insert line after current, Ctrl+J to jump to line number support searching backwards via Ctrl+Shift+G or Shift+F3 double-clicking a user function name jumps to the function definition improve search function, up/down changes search modes (substring, word, token) reduce flicker in watch lists show viewable line range in status line add preference for watch window update interval remember watch-enabled state Video do not show intermediate frames when seeking playback long distances do not show intermediate frames when stopped and repositioning cursor, unless rapidly repositioning cursor fix playing early frames when looping fix possible parameter automation display flicker while stopped fix timing glitch at playback start • improve playback behavior immediately following small backwards seek add optional project settings to have video affected by solo of other tracks, mute of parent tracks add project setting to control where in the frame automation is evaluated • spectrogram synthesis preset bugfixes Actions add actions to render stems on 2nd pass add action to set horizontal zoom to default project setting fix action to select take under mouse when empty take lanes are not visible • fix capitalization of ReaScript, ReaEQ, etc in action descriptions FX faster preset listing/saving/loading with large preset counts/sizes fix JSFX/AU pin map loading when FX pin count is larger than track channel count FX chains can be set to compensate delay per-FX (REAPER 6.19 or earlier), per-chain, or not at all master FX chain can be set to compensate delay at the hardware-send level for improved performance MIDI editor add undo state when editing MIDI event properties fix display of linear tempo changes • fix event list delete button • support inserting and editing port messages, though REAPER doesn't do anything with those messages ReaScript EnumerateFiles()/EnumerateSubDirectories() allow manual cache invalidation • fix EnumerateFiles()/EnumerateSubDirectories() cache bug • GetFocusedFX()/GetFocusedFX2() support monitoring FX Lua gmem_attach() returns previous global memory segment name • VST improve plug-in scanning status messages add option to not scan for new/updated plug-ins on startup preferences window lists skipped plug-ins and allows manual re-scan reduce display update frequency when scanning filesystem fix IContextMenu compatibility issue Envelope panels fix redraw glitch when TCP is wider than arrange view fix lag in display of value text JSFX add bit meter change IDE behavior to use Ctrl+Shift+R to open an import line (vs Ctrl+R which is now used for search/replace) macOS improve listview appearance on Big Sur Catalina/Big Sur builds are now built with the latest Apple toolchain update table column alignment properly for multi-tab list controls (project bay, etc) Media items don't reset manual fades when editing item contents with auto-crossfade enabled • fix actions to move items up/down one lane • fix potential crash when replacing media source for multiple items with empty items in the project • Metadata add preset support fix decoding very large BWF start offset values • MIDI fix pre-FX fader-scaled volume envelopes transforming MIDI incorrectly preserve MIDI port messages when importing MIDI to multiple tracks support RIFF-based MIDI files • MIDI recording don't extend existing MIDI items past the start of a following MIDI item • fix behavior where existing MIDI item will not be extended if recording begins, but nothing is actually recorded, before the item start position in overdub/replace mode, don't extend existing MIDI items until MIDI has actually been recorded on the track Project bay fix FX developer display when using multi-out VSTs fix undo point when dragging from FX tab to project Render add support for 2nd pass render adjust 2nd pass render for resampler latency • Timecode format as HH:MM:SS:FF rather than H:MM:SS:FF everywhere (timeline, transport, wildcards, etc) when timeline is in H:M:S:F format, interpret user-entered H.M.S.F as H:M:S:F Undo add undo point including filename when using save-as to save to a new project file display the undo point corresponding with the last save in undo history WAV fix importing embedded transients as transient markers • import embedded cues properly for certain files • list embedded cues in media source properties dialog Wildcards add $marker(name) and $region(name) wildcards, for example $marker(ISRC) will resolve to "1234" if there is a project marker named "ISRC=1234" within the rendered time range format timecode as HH.MM.SS.FF rather than H-MM-SS-FF (saved settings in existing projects are not affected) make help text more consistent for start/end/length wildcards (sorry, localizers) Windows allow longer search strings in Media Explorer • installed executables are now signed Automation items fix potential crash when splitting automation item under mouse cursor • Batch converter add option to preserve original file metadata when possible Freeze disable track playback offset when freezing, re-enable when unfreezing • FX browser improve selection behavior when renaming FX MIDI export improve exporting linear tempo changes • Mouse modifiers add modifier to move item loop section contents respecting snap MP3 encode chapter tags in timeline order • ReaDelay display formatted parameter value in REAPER envelope edit dialog Ruler when displaying time, always show X:XX.XXX even if the last X is zero Scrub add actions to temporarily enable looped-segment scrubbing Super8 fix recording bug when in project/playback sync mode and gate was left enabled Track panel show bypassed indication for embedded FX, shift+click header to toggle bypass
  22. Mostly KSP additions and bug fixes.
  23. We are pleased to announce the release of our third update (build 434) for VEGAS Pro 18, focusing primarily on bug fixes and performance improvements. Read the patch notes, here: https://www.vegascreativesoftware.info/us/forum/vegas-pro-18-update-3-build-434--126816/
  24. 2021/01/25: v1.5.8 when loading a plugin from the file browser, it now gets added to the plugin list https://ddmf.eu/
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