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  1. He looks like a speedrunner. [WR] Mephisto Waltz any% (no glitches)
  2. Thanks! I was testing a script. With this macro, it automatically sets selected tracks out puts to a new aux track. It's slow and not so reliable...but it works! http://g.recordit.co/S2jszdPsS7.gif
  3. I am just saying this because I was thinking about making a program for my personal use, I am lazy so I could not finish making it for Cakewalk but I have thought about how I could automate things in a DAW. My idea is not probably so efficient in terms the logic behind it because I am not a "real" programmer but with Python, I can make a small GUI program like a macro bar that has buttons that can run other scripts or any functions I code. And then I can trigger these buttons by assigning shortcut keys. by combining autohotkey, I can, with just a single key stroke, first activate the Macro Bar program so the program is focused can receive the shortcut and the press the button and that runs a python script which can do many kinds of things. You can automatically send key input, you can move mouse ,click on a certain X Y position on the screen or you can also do image search/color search on the screen and then click the image etc.. Well I have to think about how exactly I can achieve certain things like selecting certain tracks or move faders, but in theory, many things are technically possible. I have made a macro bar for bitwig studio, which only can trigger a shortcut key of bitwig so it's not doing anything crazy but in theory, I can assign certain mouse movement or something. http://g.recordit.co/ue0ad1co25.gif
  4. Woah, incredible guitar super cool. The sound is cool too. I like this kind of music but do not know much. I used to have jam session over the internet and I played drums and this song reminds me of that time. Ever time I hear other players do cool stuff, I got so excited and felt I should try something cool. as well. I don't know how this was recorded but hearing the guitar part would have been exciting for that drummer as well! The drum sound is also cool
  5. I want to share some things I discovered recently. I have installed Linux on my SSD USB stick. So I use linux as well, only sometimes though. So Bitwig announced CLAP last year and CLAP can be used on Linux as well. I was checking what tools are there available. And I found a DAW that nobody really knows but looks good. It can be used on Linux, Mac, and Win. https://www.zrythm.org/en/index.html There are also some developers who makes plugins for Linux, such as Overtone DSP, they seem like they are not making any new plugins for windows anymore but their plugins are CPU friendly. I have some of theirs for windows. I believe as there will be more CLAP plugins for the future, there should be more things available on Linux. CLAP related tools and information can be found here https://clapdb.tech/
  6. Is it so even when you play heavy metal or anything aggressive? Someone on the internet said like when you play drums, you are cool or attractive until you start to play double bass...
  7. I created a new project and load the vst instrument which is this one https://ronanfed.rf.gd/RF-Drums.html and then loaded the patter file that I saved from the original project. and then I could instantly get the bug. So, for whatever reasons it got buggy and the patter file also contains the information of the bug which can be investigated? BREAK1.ssp
  8. Thanks for the comment! I checked that setting of that project and it wasn't enabled. I saved the instrument as a track template and the pattern of the step sequencer and loaded them in a new project and I could get the same bug. Ill try to record it and maybe I can send the project file or the pattern file.
  9. Let me add one more band here. Again it's not a new nor pop rock and it's a punk rock from 90s but this band had been so influencial that every high school band was playing their songs. Maybe that was a bit of exaggeration, but without a doubt, they are one of the most recognized indie bands by Japanese music fans in my generation and older. (I don't know about younger people) The band is called Hi-Standard. Their music styles are quite similar to NOFX, MxPx, and other punk bands. So some of you guys could recognize it. Hi-Standard was active under their own label called Pizza of Death Records, which apparently was a record label inside Fat Wreck Chords, which was started by the singer of NOFX, which I didn't know until now. Enough talk, here is their song. Hope you guys enjoy these.
  10. The bands I'm gonna talk about are not Pop Rock and relatively minor bands in Japan but amongst relatively new bands, Coldrain, Survive Said the Prophet, and SiM are somewhat recognized outside of Japan maybe? I think these bands are somewhat similar to ONE OK ROCK. I actually don't listen to them but Coldrain would be my pick if I needed to pick one from those. I liked Pay Money To My Pain, which isn't active anymore but they had heavy sound. The vocalist of OOR joined their album after the demise of the original vocalist of the band... You know on Spotify they show you similar bands, and those bands often show up together. One of my favorite songs by Pay Money To My Pain. For the last few years, I did't really listen to any newly released songs by Japanese bands until that pop punk band released new songs. This year I listened to a band called 175R this year, which no body really talks about apparently. when I was a teenager I had a lot of favorites Japanese bands, 175R was also on my play list back then, but they have a best album with newly recorded their old song and quality was just satisfactory. So, I do not know much about trendy bands and stuff, but I loved early 2000s bands. Have you guys heard of The Mad Capsule Markets? They were recognized outside of Japan due to their unique musical style, I think. The band also is no longer active. But they deserve to be shared, I believe. Ugh, I could talk endlessly... 😅
  11. I am from Japan and have a lot of weeb friends and One Ok Rock is quite well known amongst them I thought. I am not a fan of ONE OK ROCK nor like their songs but they resurrected my favorite Japanese band which had been on long haiatus. Also their favorite bands are my favorite bands too (mostly American bands though) If I remember correctly, one of their albums was mixed by a very famous American (I think) mixing engineer who usually mix ITB and had mixed for top artists, such as Katy Perry. They must have had the greatest production imaginable. No wonder the sound quality was quite good and modern unlike other Japanese bands back then. My favorite Japanese punk band which they made reunited, had their latest album recorded at Sunset Sound in California. I am just sharing this because I am their fan...
  12. I captured a video (gif) http://g.recordit.co/KoKaBtdrmQ.gif I don't know when this exactly happen but when I try to draw NRPN, the position of the value shifts. If I restart the program, it works fine again (but again this occurs if I do something) I tried to reproduce this but I couldn't so far. I don't know why this happens.
  13. Quick Math

    Nectar 3 Plus

    This is crazily cheap but I have nectar 3 already. Not nectar 3 plus. I am not sure if I should get this. Maybe in the future, they will be releasing nectar 4, ozone 12, neutron 8 or whatever and selling them as a bundle and I will be eventually buying it....
  14. That is so weird now. I am also not in the US either (East Aisa) And even though I could buy the comp and eq for $0 and received the serial numbers, I couldn't activate the plugin with these serials... 🙃
  15. I checked this page where all the plugins are listed https://www.bozdigitallabs.com/plugins/ and found EQ and Comp were listed as $0 while the bundle was $10 like the screen shot below. Maybe the website thinks I have only one EQ, and only Comp and not the bundle, hence the upgrade to Comp is free and upgrade to EQ is also free but for the bundle, it works as if I only have one plugin hence $10 from EQ "or" Comp
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