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  1. I wonder if it's technically possible to make windows 98 look morden by customizing icons and all. For me, I was playing computer games with win98 back then. There were a lot of Japanese games. And I remember the music of these games were different depending on the computer. I still don't know exactly how and why. I was always enjoying these sounds.
  2. I saw that video many years ago and thought it was a fantastic feature I should use and then I opened the DAW and tried it to see how it works. Amazing. Since then, I never actually used that and even forgot the shortcut. There are many other features that I thought cool but forgot.
  3. It looks like the one with Kirchhoff EQ in as there is no value except the set frequency. The difference was clear for me on my test. Some people simply can't hear the subtitle quality differences but I tested it on master buss so the audio signal is way more complicated than a pure sine wave. Then then I put a limiter plugin after that because it was already inserted there in the project. In this case, cakewalk LP EQ has more noise fed to the limiter, and the noise was also amplified with non linear process which essentially produces more distortion. So, in such situation, you also could here or feel the difference.
  4. I actually have never thought about using Cakewalk LP EQ so I was curious abut that. So I just tested it against Kirchhoff EQ now. It was very clear that Kirchhoff sounded much cleaner and more transparent. As it was a quick test so I don't mean that Kirchhoff sounds "better" but it was simply very different in the sounds of two. I did a further test using sine wave generated by a plugin called Sine by Blue Lab Audio, which I found very pure.. As you can see below, there is something added with Cakewalk LP EQ, while with kirchhoff there is nothing like noise nor any artifacts within measurable scale. As there is no added noise in high frequency range with Cakewalk LP EQ when boosting lower area, the noise is maybe not a truncation noise, and I don't know what this is. So, Cakewalk LP EQ and Kirchhoff EQ aren't similar in terms of the sound quality.
  5. You could lower all the track faders to maybe -10db as a starting point before starting the mixing. One reason of doing gain staging is that, usually plugins sound best at RMS -18db level. If it's louder, the plugin may have more noise, distortion or other artifacts. Some analog emulation can emulate the analog behavior so if you crank up the input, the sound could have nice saturation even if that could exceed 0dbfs peak level. But most of plugins would sound horrible if the input level is too high. RMS level is average level of certain amount of time while peak level is just the highest value of the waveform. RMS is more like perceived loudness. I usually put VU meter plugin before any plugins and set the level to 0VU by using gain plugin or whatever that can control the level. 0VU usually mean -18 RMS. For not percussive Instruments, I set it to 0VU and for percussive Instruments such as snare, I set peak level at -10db because if I aim at 0VM it could actually go above 0dbfs. So it'd be like either -18db RMS or -10db(peak) before any plugins
  6. EQ > Reverb > Comp > Comp > EQ > Reverb (Send) and for that aux track Reverb(Send)> EQ > Comp > Comp (Sidechain Ducking) I guess
  7. I already have Kirchhoff EQ. I bought it on their Chinese webshop with my friend's help as it had better deal than English website + intro deal. I thought I was smart. But if you guys can get it for $30, you guys are clearly the winners. As it's PA, we don't know what would happen in the future though. Perhaps it can get even cheaper than $30...who knows.
  8. Kirchhoff EQ is going to be a part of PA mega bundle apparently. I don't have any other sources but perhaps you could buy it a lot cheaper as it's PA... https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/blog/blogpost/items/kirchhoff-eq-beta-available-to-mega-xxl.html
  9. I know nothing about this particular plugin but Coffee The PUn by Acustica Audio is said to be a portion of the Chandler Limited Germanium Tone Control. And it's a freebie and it's an EQ but maybe perhaps it has similar color or mojo. I tried it recently and it was great.
  10. This Voxengo EQ has only 3 nobs. If you are looking for simple EQ like this, check BasiQ. It's also free. https://www.kuassa.com/products/basiq/ I use this often and the sound is very clean and it's actually versatile as it's baxandall EQ. I haven't tested this Voxengo one but I think this one can be an great alternative for BasiQ for quick EQ.
  11. The coupon can be used for other plugins as well, as long as you put the EQ and plugins you want.
  12. One day I was thinking about getting 1176 emulator or FET compressor. So I was checking YouTube comparison videos and I found PSP FET compressor sounded great and thought it's fairly clean and probably one of the best. Then after demoing it, I felt it's actually indeed a good compressor so I bought that. But after a while, I felt maybe real hardware has more color, rather than being clean, so I thought I should get another 1176 emu. And I thought the purple comp from PA was probably one of the best so I got that. Now, this forum is saying softube FET comp is having a deal and it comes with pro channel version. I usually don't use pro channels but pro channel is cool. Now I want this one... Maybe I will be using pro channel and making actual music. Yeah definitely I will.
  13. Yeah, drop clutch, 2nd hihat, foot pedal that triggers snare or other sound, or 2 drummers, or the Dualist pedal. 😂 Dang, I like Djent. First time I listened to Periphery's first album, I felt it's like a machine and it's programmed by non drummer, and then recorded by a drummer. From second album, the drum part became much more natural. I liked both styles, but I liked that digital, machine-precision drum, too. Before knowing Djent, I would have said that that level of complicated bass drum pattern is unrealistic and not playable. But now, I would say anything is possible. Guitar is more difficult to guess for me like is this chord playable? Is switching chords from this to that possible? Or is this arpeggio possible? (Okay let's try to think they use special tuning 😂) The exact song I was taking about is this, it's a game sound track and I think game music used to have a lot of humanly impossible to play kind of parts. This one is more realistic and the drum part is most probably playable than any old game music.
  14. As a drummer, I have no problem making realistic drum parts. But in reality, I have heard of songs where the drum part is a bit unrealistic when it's supposed to be realistic, like they have closed hihat while playing djent metal style double pedal. Listening to those actually make me think how I can possibly, or creatively play it rather than complaining and crying like "No it's not realistic!" although I sometimes feel like we drummers don't usually do this, we can't do this...how can we do this...or perhaps can we, actually...? For that example, I try to think that It's actually playable if you set 2 hihats with one always closed or something. Also, nowadays, if a drummer used some sort of sampler or e-drum set up, more things can be technically playable. There are drummers who can play very complex drum'n'bass patterns which originally weren't meant for playing it on an actual drum set. I actually think, some drum patterns by non drummers are actually creative and inspiring sometimes especially when it's complicated. When it comes just a normal rock drum, non drummers probably don't know how "lazy" drummers can be. What I mean is, let's say there is a normal 8 beat pattern, and you hit a crash cymbal at the beginning of the bar. Let's say you use your right hand to hit the cymbal and then subsequently hit hihats to continue the 8 beat pattern. This totally depends on how you play it or the tempo, but sometimes we don't hit the hihat until next snare hit. This is because the accent is basically on snare and when you hit snare with your left hand and hit hihat with your right hand simultaneously, it's easier than busily hitting all the 8 beats hihat. This is one example but I really do something like this when my right hand gets busy. There are times when hihat or ride cymbal parts are omitted. And naturally, drummers are not robots so we tend to make phrases easy to play, like imagine a drum and bass pattern snare with random accent on 16th notes while having busy hihats vs average simple rock drum patterns. That's said when I actually write Midi with my mouse, I often forget these or write something that is not so natural nor easy to play but technically playable if I try hard. Maybe I can't play it but someone better can.
  15. I also think having an ability to split signal like studio one would be great. Mid/Side, L/R splitter, Multiple band splitters would be nice to have. Dry/Wet Knob is also nice which I occasionally use in Bitwig Studio as they have it within their FX chain. Moreover, Instrument Chain that can load multiple Instruments within a same track like studio one, would be also great.
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