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  1. I also haven't tried it so I'm just guessing it might be like other VST 3 plugins, such as TDR Nova which is also a dynamic EQ. They dont receive sidechain signals. For TDR Nova (VST3), disabling 64 bit double precision engine on Cakewalk by bandlab, or using a vst wrapper such as Kush Element, are the ways to use the sidechain.
  2. I always wanted this plugin simply because I want to collect all the prochannel modules. $29 is the cheapest indeed. Often time, a Japanese seller offers cheaper prices for Softube plugins, so when it was $39 on Softube website, the price on the sellers website was around $32. Currently it doesn't offer any discounts... https://www.musicecosystems.jp/shop/4589473712567-tsar-1r-reverb-12876?category=165&order=list_price+asc#attr=
  3. I upgraded Studio One Pro from older version at Best Service. The price is $91 there and I added X-phase by SSL which is $9 and then it exceeds $100 so I used the coupon and ended up $81 in total.
  4. If X-Phase is an all pass filter, then can you do the same thing with an EQ plugin with all pass filter? ๐Ÿค” Kirchhoff EQ has all pass filter and I have never tried phase alignment with all pass filter so I'm wondering it's fundamentally the same thing. I want to have their comps but the cheapest price in the past was $14 apparently. Hmm..
  5. Yes, it's set to 100%. I don't have any other monitor connected right now. (My environment is laptop) I tried it on Sonar Platinum and the problem was there as well.
  6. Ohh I actually checked the setting when I checked the graphic. It was set to 100% so I thought it was okay. I checked it again now, it's indeed set to 100% ๐Ÿค”
  7. Thanks ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ It's been on Windows 10. It could be video driver related as my video driver has been actually suspicious but I'm not sure if there was any updates. I checked graphic settings (resolutions) and it seems okay. I wonder why font is different, is it not properly loading the set font? Some files are apparently automatically compressed by Windows but any files related to Cakewalk are uncompressed. If any files related to this might have been compressed and not loading the font?
  8. Thanks for the great tools. I have used these MIDI plugins in the past without problems. But now the GUI is broken for any of these MIDI plugins. (Original Cakewalk MIDI plugins are fine) Does anyone knows why this happens and how to fix it?
  9. I tried TDR Nova free again and the external sidechain doesn't work under 64 bit double precision on. The work around is to turn off 64 bit double precision. But here is another work around that worked as I tried without changing 64 bit DP setting. I simply used a VST wrapper plugin called Element by Kush view, which has been free. Some plugins that doesn't work well on cakewalk actually work when you use a wrapper like that.
  10. I tried but I couldn't register. So I couldn't download it. Also I don't speak Spanish.
  11. Their Chinese price is a bit cheaper. I purchased Kirchhoff EQ on their Taobao website back then without any problem.
  12. Because maybe I also wanna get infinistrip..! and to be honest our currency has gotten really cheap against USD so $29 means like $50 to me these days. But as you gave me that comment, you also think this one sounds really good right? I don't have UAD fet but I do have IK, PSP Fet, Purple 77, and sofube FET. I already have so many... I have posted something about FET comp before actually, PSP sounded most transparent so I won't be buying other fet. Oh wait but I actually might wanna buy another one with more character, okay imma buy Purple 77, it's the best one that has a strong character amongst inexpensive ones. And then for Softube Fet, I just thought I should buy it because it was cheap and I wanted to collect prochannel plugin. And now, Overloud comp 76. well this one is great. And usually Overloud products are expensive so I didn't usually pay attention to them but now it's cheaper and I liked it...making me feel I should buy this..
  13. $29 is a rare price for Overload and I'm demoing it... This one sounds really good. To my ears this one sounds more natural than others...? But I already have too many FET comps...
  14. I had something similar when I bounced tracks with some plugin FX. It happened when oversampling option was on in Cakewalk.
  15. Thanks, these randers didn't cancel out at all properly because there are modulation and also vst instruments in the project don't cancel out at all between any. Now, I tried blind tests multiple times with various combinations of 3 single core and 3 multi core renders. While there are differences as they don't cancel out and I sometimes preferred one over others on a certain section, while I pick different one on other sections. I wasn't always picking single core versions among 3 tracks. So, probably it was a wrong assumption that single core versions sound more natural. I liked a certain sections of a certain version which happened to be single core versions when I was initially comparing them yesterday.
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