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  1. From what I use, there may be more... Metaplugin (v3.4.7) NYCompressor (v2.2.6) Plugindoctor (v1.4.2) MagicDeathEye (v1.1.1) https://ddmf.eu/
  2. Aquarius 2.5.018 run Aquarius to update..
  3. Don't forget marketing. The 'free library' incitement is getting a usable lite demo (which is rare for orch. libraries so a smart move by them, similar to vsl's Big Bang freebie) By doing the survey they get your email plus possibly future sales.
  4. Just installed.. The best think I like about this is the player, logical & easy to set up (although it would be nice load instances a la Kontakt instead of individual.) Wish the room/ reverb could be adjusted lower. Some arts, esp horns & winds sounds unnatural. There's also vol. level inconsistencies between arts (maybe because this is the light version?) I also notice when the dyn. level is @ 100 % when selecting new presets w/o automation on the track. Should be 0 (unless there's an option somewhere in the player I'm mot finding) Loaded all instruments & briefly used it, seems light on resources which is always nice. ( basic presets & no mics of course) For a free light version / demo this could certainly be used for writing & in combination with other libraries. It has some nice sounds. Even $49.00 isn't a bad price for students or those looking for a first time orch. purchase library.
  5. updated..run Aquarius L001 - 04 May 2020 48kHz HMF phase issue fix, echo noise fix.
  6. updated..run Aquarius K010 - 21 May 2020 PINK4EQ Custom 9 Pre, PINK42412 Pre, PINK47236 Pre fixed.
  7. I prefer this mix with the vocals front & center. I can understand them easier now too. Again this is on laptop.
  8. A plug-in that sends audio from your host (DAW) to any Toontrack product that supports it. A friend of mine who has it said to try importing audio into EzBass, you can do some cool things with it.
  9. Looking forward to trying this out. I have a feeling their servers will be slammed!
  10. This looks useful. I do similar things using Melodyne but this might be easier?
  11. Taupe is good too (the eq is the real star on that plugin) but I prefer R2R / TB+( CDS in N4) followed by CDS's VTM-M2 vst in most cases. As a general rule N4 has the better quality ( but requires separate instances) while the Acqua models offer easier workflow. That's the trade off, both are excellent. I still like using ToneBoosters Reelbus for some things too.
  12. Great product if you're looking for this effect. I reach for it more even over Acustica's TB+ / R2R which is the top Tape plugin in the Acustica world.
  13. Good to know, I always like to demo VI's if possible. By that time any bugs should be ironed out too.
  14. Yeah, I think you're right..It's been a while
  15. The Flanger as well.
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