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  1. Sounds OK here this is just my own furry perspective the string piano balance is not quite right tin places. Neither are prominent enough and tend to tread on each others feet.
  2. @PavlovsCat I have heard a lot worse covers of this. Sound OK here the main mix advice would be look at soundstage positioning. It all sound on top of everything look to get better positioning of individual voices.
  3. Mix seems reasonably balanced here on my Adam A7x's, for me the kit is a tad to wide, but that could well just be me. Nice job, look forward to hearing some more from you.
  4. That flangy thing is Arturia"s Jun-6 with their Phaser, thanks for the ears and comments.
  5. Welcome to the songs forum. Obviously cannot understand the lyrics, but they seem to be double tracked which adds to the confusion. The Organ could do with some EQ taming on those higher frequencies that are resonating. As Nigel suggest perhaps revisit the mix.
  6. Wookiee

    Use Me

    Sounds good here and nice sync with the video too.
  7. Wookiee

    No Worries

    Very nice @bjornpdx very nice
  8. Wookiee

    Troubled Times

    Furry head nodding, with furry paws by bar 4 is always a great start. Novel twins playing guitar one a lefty and one a righty 😎 Lovely mix here on the Adam's Nigel.
  9. Which considering there is nothing normal about this Wookiee ain't bad. Thanks Nigel.
  10. Wookiee

    More Like Me

    Sweet as ever @bjornpdx, nice guitar is it you or something else.
  11. Sound's OK here is obviously sung with some feeling, yeah there is a little bit of Melodyne artifacting, Just claim Cher did that bit for you
  12. I am confused as K to mute was dissociated two or three releases ago when I check in the 06.0.032 EA release for June is still was. But after starting CbB this morning which informed me of 06.0.041 update notice, checking Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts it appears to re enabled in release 41. Weird I wonder if this is intentional there is no mention in the behavioural changes section of the release notes.
  13. @murat k. this is correct because MIDI isn't part of a track template. What you can do however is drag the MIDI clip to the MIDI folder in the Browser. Simples. At the risk I suggest you invest some time reading the reference guide for Cakewalk by Bandlab, there is a link under Help.
  14. Thank you sir, normality is currently being resumed.
  15. Being a furry alien from a galaxy far far far away l suspect normal is something I will always struggle to be. Thanks for the ears and kind words.
  16. @Vernon Blake Have you check your disk errors like this can sometimes be indicative of disk failure being imminent
  17. @batsbrew Some who will rename nameless said I should write a normal tune with an intro, a verse, a pre chorus, a chorus and even a middle 8 so here it is. Some key thing's SD3 and EZbass https://www.bandlab.com/the_wookiee/just-a-simple-tune-0cf1fcdd?revId=7a634f7d-dbd4-eb11-a7ad-0050f28013e2
  18. Wookiee

    Polite reminder.

    Please Don't Post your songs in other peoples threads, if you have a song or tune to post post it in your own thread.
  19. Wookiee

    Warp 9

    Spot on, Arturia's Stage 73 version 2. Nice to know you enjoyed this piece, thanks for taking the time to have a listen & leaving a comment.
  20. @Douglas Kirby glad you enjoyed the trip, thanks for listening. @Hidden Symmetry thanks for stopping by and having listen & commenting .
  21. Nice little bounce groove to this @RexRed.
  22. Sorry did not remind me of the one particular sunset beach with sweet roiling waves that I like. Mix is OK though.
  23. That was enjoyable David.
  24. Wookiee

    black wall street

    Mix works Ok here jack.
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