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  1. I wonder what the actual usage of the Best service "Service Fee" is, which they charge fixed $1, $5, $10, $50, $100 🤔
  2. Two notes each DyniRs $7 (30% OFF) until February 13th! https://www.two-notes.com/en/february-madness-2023/?mc_cid=b6d0bf3f52
  3. https://audioplugin.deals/ add any plugin to the cart and apply promo code: APD-NWVBBYY9-5-OFF
  4. Link: https://www.waves.com/account/free-renaissance-reverb-loopcloud
  5. Rest in peace, Jeff Beck
  6. Hi @Jim Fogle that was very helpful summery! many thanks you taking the time to write. hoping PG Music will make everything a bit more intuitive simpler in the future
  7. Hi @Reid Rosefelt I appreciate you taking the time to write a detailed viewpoint. it was very helpful. :) It appears that the most reasonable addon for UltraPAK owners is the Xtra Styles PAK.
  8. if you already bought the band-in-a-box UltraPAK 2023 What do you think about the following add-ons? do any of them have a reasonable value to purchase in additional or its just unnecessary expenses * XPro Styles PAKs 1-4 * Xtra Styles PAKs 1-15 * 2023 Bonus 49PAK many thanks for response 🙂
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