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What We Dream.


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"What We Dream". A musical coaster ride through various mood grooves. The tune progresses for six and a half minutes to an all-out pedal-to-the metal rock crescendo. On those shaky grounds I'll say this is a Progressive Rock tune, and risk 3 to 4 mins under a dunce hat if I'm way off the genre mark. 

Ingredients :

1991 Jackson Dinky EX Pro electric guitar (my very old friend).

I ran poor old Jack through a GSP 2101 studio tube guitar signal processor. (another relic of the past)

There's a good helping of a second-hand Ibanez acoustic guitar that came home with me one day back in 2011 and never left. I ran the shabby home invader back and forth through a Z3TA + and a TH3 cab, then gave him a shave.

The bottom end of things I awarded to AD2 drums and SI bass, because, well, dare I say they both have very nice bottoms.

In the string and key section, you'll hear a mix of Z3ta-2 and SI strings dripping through the holes in my leaky roof.

The vocal department was donated by the other bum living in the house, who has toured and sang in many showers across the country, and was also nominated and awarded the coveted shower singer eviction notice award uncountable times by the prestigious academy of triggered landlords, yours truly, Dean (AKA FreeEarCandy).  

The lyrics and theme travel through a  philosophic psychological thought trap that places a heavy conscious on the scales and concludes it weighs less than dust.

The upside is I don't need a feather duster in my coocoo nest.

Have a nice listen on me    !!!@(~..~)@!!!


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Very much captured the prog feel - I could hear shades of early Genesis (as in Trespass kind of early).

Much to like in here - guitar playing was wild - a project to be proud of for sure. 👍👍


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I try not to listen to other Cakewalk people. I don't want to be influenced, but I had to hear this progressive rock song. Yeah, I like it and it does have some nice bottom end. I used AD2 for years and just couldn't make it work as well as you do. You are also witty and any lover of Peter Gabriel deserves a listen. Good job, I enjoyed your song. 

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@Michael Richards @Supa Reels @Kevin Walsh

Michael. There are some things I like and some things I don't when using AD2.  Its got a lot of nice features to tinker with, but what I don't like is the signal routing for the cymbals. They don't have their own mix/faders and all are sent to the room and overhead buses, where often the kick, snare, toms and hat are also sent.  Hence I can't make any fader adjustments to them without interfering with all the other items. I get around this by loading another instance of AD2 for just the cymbals. Of course that takes more CPU.  Glad you liked the tune!

Steve. Thanks so much for clicking on the track and leaving a comment. So glad you enjoyed it!

Kevin. Hey thanks for letting me know what this sounded like on phone speakers and the VSX Phones. I don't have monitor speakers or a phone that plays music. I mix with, I'm embarrassed to say, a pair of Skull Candy headphones I bought many years ago.  In fact, I had to re-glue the cushions back on them about a month ago. Yeah, I think I'm going to have to break the piggy bank and get new headphones. Very happy you liked my tune, Kevin.

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