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  1. Very cool Uke! Like the distortion.
  2. Good song and production!
  3. KSband


    Cool tune, very different.
  4. Pleasant chill vibe going on, nice.
  5. Cool song. I think the lead parts could be a touch louder.
  6. Nicely done. I like the stereo field you get with your acoustics.
  7. Another good one, sounds great!
  8. That's a pretty wild track, great playing! I think it's interesting enough as an instrumental.
  9. Great stuff, fun song. A lot of changes in there, very cool.
  10. KSband

    -track 3

    Another great one! Dig the horns and arrangement. Very nice bluesy guitar too, like the sound you're getting there.
  11. Great stuff, nice arrangement, liked all the details in there.
  12. KSband

    Man Alive

    Good song, I enjoyed the listen.
  13. Good sounding song as is.
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