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  1. This has always bothered me. Is there a way to change the font and font color? I’ve looked and have never been able to solve this, but always figured I’m missing something. Doesn't it seem like an easy situation for the bakers (are the BandLab guys still considered bakers?) to fix? If they can’t fix this, please spend some time with staff editing. Please. And if they can’t do that how about this, give us a hot key to repeat the last function, whatever that function is.
  2. Hello Ray, I am no genius in this area but I have been doing this for the past 3 years. I’m working with a instrumental songwriting partner that gives me a basic structure of a song with a bit of melody and chord changes. Unfortunately, the keyboard sounds are less than appealing. At first, I worked with his terrible drum sounds but I eventually had him just sent me a basic drum track so I could sync it more accurately. I do what you do. I lay out the basic intro, verse, chorus, and bridge sections. This is the basic housekeeping duties that really hasn’t changed except the I find Melodyne is much better at tracking tempo changes. At this point I start working with what I was given. I have a music composing and arranging background so I can’t resist slicing and dicing the bits and pieces and once this is accomplished I then add instruments. i don’t know if any of this helps you but your story is very similar to how my journey started with my songwriting partner. We have now completed over 40 songs. We live several hours apart and my partner does not use Cakewalk, nor any other daw. He uses something like a 20 year old Tascam Portastudio. We use Dropbox to up load tracks to one another. None of this is perfect but as you will find out it can be very rewarding.
  3. I made this year’s resolution to force myself to use and find the benefits of PRV. It’s a big help to see the length of notes and it is great to be able to easily select a specific note in a track. Still, too many years of reading music to give up staff view. I also feel a little smarter using the staff view. Ha.
  4. I want to know this, also. So far, I find using TTS1 the easiest way to play multitimbral midi files. I think there is a way to change the sounds but I don’t have the know how to do it.
  5. MSMCLEOD is correct. I gave up on Melodyne with version 4 after constant crashing. To make sure it just wasn’t taking a long time, I took a 10 second clip and gave it 30 minutes. Nothing. But now, every time I convert an audio clip to midi I load it as a Region FX and have never think about which algorithm it is. Maybe I’m just lucky, but no crashes.
  6. Any 2 people who get in a huff. We witnessed it in this thread, and many others. It wasn’t meant for you. I agree with your post. I don’t want to see this forum turn into a shouting match. Too many things I need to continually learn. M.
  7. It really is ridiculous how quickly replies and remarks are taken to the nth degree. It is difficult enough that the president behaves in this bully manner, but this is a forum where people help one another. Honestly, write your remark and then wait a few hours before sending it. Maybe, just maybe at that point you might see that it is a bit offensive. We don’t become better people, musicians, and nor do we become smarter by acting this way. We just look bitter.
  8. I tried these settings. They didn’t work. But, thank you. I have not changed these millisecond buffers in 10 years. Until recently (the last one or two updates) I’ve never experienced this issue.
  9. Happy new year. I have been having issues I never had before (and I started with the floppy disks). I am using the latest update, Most of them are midi related. I have a Roland XV-5050 connected and usually the first note does not play. I've changed the time when it appears (for example 01:01:010) and sometimes it plays the note, sometimes not. Even if I loop a few measures that note doesn't play. This is where things get confusing. If I get the note to play, other random notes don't sound. I even have this issue with DimPro. Another problem: say I have some tracks playing 12 measures. If I stop the playback and then start it anywhere in those 12 measures, many times several tracks (audio and midi) will not play at all. If I try to replicate that issue I have little success. Yet, it an hour's work it will happen anywhere between 1 and 10 times. Did something new come along in the last 2 updates? I am running an old Win 7 system with an Edirol FA-101 Firewire interface. Usually, it is rock solid and takes over 40 tracks, half of them vst synths, without a problem. But lately, strange things have been happening. If anybody has experienced these types of issues, please let me know. M.
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