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  1. I'll take a shot at this. I think he wants to hear the audio on one PC in his studio from his office PC. I recorded a vocalist on 2 songs 100 miles away from me. You have to use WASAPI Shared to hear the audio. Controlling the other computer is something I do by using Anydesk. Would that work for you? Michael
  2. is it higher or lower? I can’t see why any professional would go lower. I could be wrong.
  3. I spend a good deal of my day in the staff view, but for note durations it is much easier to view and edit in the piano roll. You can edit the lengths of each note very easily this way.
  4. That is something else, I have never heard of baking recording tape.
  5. Marco and Treesha. Thank you both for listening. I appreciate your comments.
  6. Thank you, Nigel. I appreciate you listening.
  7. Thank Gary, this song didn't get much love. Ha.
  8. garybrun: What a BEAUTIFUL voice. I must have been absent when they handed out great voices. Also, nice recording. Very full. Michael
  9. Marco, I enjoy your music, especially your harmonies. You are right, it is a great time to be alive and producing music. Just wish this all would have happened 40 years ago.
  10. Back in the early 1980s when I was a working musician my band had 2 Teac 3340s decks. We used one to bounce to the other. We were never good enough to bounce again, so we only really used 6 tracks. I have one of the 3340s and let it sit for 4 years. It no longer works and it seems it will cost a fortune to fix it. I look at it quite a bit and feel very bad I let it get in that condition. I then had a Tascam (?) 8 track cassette. It always sounded thin. Then I had a Sony DAT. It still works fine, but I no longer use it. Don't feel so bad about that. My band recorded in a New York recording studio with a Studer A827 24 track beast. We thought we were big time. The recordings were not very good. I learned a lesson early on that the person doing the recording is probably going to determine the quality of the recording more than the equipment used. I think that is one of the reasons I have stuck with Cakewalk for 30 years. I feel like I need to explore more than what we have and hope the new Sonar will eventually have some fancy bells and whistles. Yet, I realize I can get better with what I have.
  11. I agree. I think it is very debatable. There might be some pixie dust that gives tape a warmer sound, which is very pleasing to some people. Though, you can't deny the clarity in something like Blu-ray audio that was recorded in a digital studio, that probably still used analog outboard gear. I think of it like gasoline vs. electric automobiles. You know which one is the future but you still have a passion for all the cool things a powerful gasoline engine gives you, like the sound of a Ferrari or a Porsche. I recently drove a Mustang Mach-E GT. I forgot about the sound after I became obsessed with pinning my head against the headrest. Wow, what a thrill. I don't know this for a fact except for my own home studio experience but I feel like every little mistake or note that is not played to perfection is duly noted in Cakewalk. My memory says that my recordings on tape seemed to hide slight imperfections. I know tape and digital are different and totally feel digital is better but I love the passion that people have for tape. Not a bad thing to debate about.
  12. I add measures all the time. This week, for the first time that I can remember, I had problems. Strange problems. I needed to add 24 measures. Couldn’t do it. Couldn’t do 20, 18, all the way down to 12. That worked. So I added 12 more measure. That didn’t work. Only 2 measures would work. After that nothing worked. I gave up. Michael
  13. Hello group Here is the latest from the Curtin Richards Project, Night of the Living Dolls. The melody was written 7 years ago by Hugh Curtin and I orchestrated and finished the song last week. Hope you enjoy it. Michael Richards https://viamichael.com/2023/09/15/night-of-the-living-dolls/
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