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  1. Well now, this is embarrassing. I always select All on Display on the bottom left, but my brain failed to compute the All on the top of the page.
  2. Somebody help me. I don't have the cluster of 4 output and input gain and pan sliders, the stereo button, or the output 1+ button on my Master dialog box. Also, my mixes are painfully low, but are peaking out in Cakewalk. What am I doing wrong. Thank you, Michael
  3. I was a 5 night a week musician for years. I used to run a stereo guitar rig that included a Fender Dual Showman Reverb amp with a 2x15 cabinet. My back is shot and I need multiple epidurals every year and still can't walk around a NYC block. Two years ago I had 3 disks in my neck replaced. A god awful surgery. Don't have it unless it is life or death, as it was in my case. I still need another one, my left hand can't get around a guitar neck. What a mess. Yet, I write and record much more. Good at the music writing, still bad at the mixing and mastering. I once played for a week with pneumonia. I was young and stupid, but the music was good. Michael
  4. I understand the task scheduling, but I ignorantly never looked up what MMCSS does. I'm going to spend some time with it unchecked to see if it interferes with ASIO and my RME interface with is quite nice for USB2. Just goes to show the value of good programming. Michael
  5. I've become a minor dpc latency internet legend. I have been hit hard by this annoyance. Every couple of weeks I make a change or 2 and have not had any stutters this new year. I've had a motherboard change and have used every NVIDIA graphics driver that was made for the 3060ti card. I've settled on the scenario that LatencyMon may detect a dpc latency but it does not seem to cause a stutter in recording and playback. That is great progress. I don't need Cakewalk running to experience my problems. The most recent discovery was to go into Device Manager and go to USB controllers and then into Properties and Power Management. Uncheck Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power. I did this for all the USB items listed. It was a small help, but it did help. I wish there was a universal check box to completely turn off all power management and throttling. I'm still dealing with an issue concerning nvlddmkm.sys, thanks to the NVIDIA card problem. Sad to say I have contacted NVIDIA support several times and they never answered. Michael
  6. Scook, thank you. I thought I knew a lot about take lanes. I am happy there is a solution to my problem. Michael
  7. Is there a way to delete empty take lanes? I seem to collect them like the bad habit they are.
  8. This is interesting. I use Melodyne everyday. How do I know if I’m in ARA mode? I thought it was automatically in ARA mode in Cakewalk.
  9. Thank you, Will. I’m on my iPad right now. I will look over the plugins I am using. It might be several of the Neural DSP guitar plugins I am using. I am using an RME UCX II, which has been very stable. I also disabled my anti-virus with no luck. It is a cat and mouse situation.
  10. I have a relatively fast computer, 12th gen i7 chip, 32gb ram and several SSDs, yet after 30 seconds or 3 minutes (the times are not specific) I run into issues that usually occur when you try to run the latency very low. For many months I was running something like 4.4 ms, round trip. For some reason, the last month has been the computer has the hiccups. I have upped the round trip to 22 ms without any change, I have disabled the wireless adapter, and I have utilized that throttle app to make sure the CPUs run at full speed. latency monitor keeps reporting issues, and for the most part they keep changing. Sometimes it has to do with the video card. I updated the video driver with no change. does anybody have an idea what is going on?
  11. Have you disabled your Wi-Fi adapter in Device Manager. It may not help in your situation but it definitely helps in reducing and even eliminating glitches and skips. I have what I believe a robust and fast computer, but when I use the Wi-Fi my computer is brought to its knees and I cannot go more than 20 seconds without the sound cutting out. I worked hard to fix issues that Latency Monitor said was causing my issues. Have you used Latency Monitor? That said my problem was not identified with that program. I noticed you have Melodyne open. That can slow down your project. One issue I found was that you can accidentally leave Melodyne clips open and you may not know about it. Make sure you render or remove the Melodyne clip when you are finished with it.
  12. I'm about to give up. I get everything working. I put the computer to sleep. Nothing works. Then I get the Spitfire app to work, but Kontakt does nothing. I turn the computer off and nothing works. I then disconnect the nanoKontrol2, connect with cycle and set Marker pressed for 10 or so seconds and absolutely nothing works. When I open the Korg Kontrol Editor, the icon for the nanoKontrol2 appears and I connect with it. Still, nothing works Just so you know the nanoKontrol's light is on and the Kontrol Editor recognizes it. When it was working, I was able to configure it to do almost everything I wanted it to do with multiple programs. Put the computer to sleep or turn it off and now nothing. Am I missing something very basic. Even though I am able to control external synthesizers midi is a black hole for me. Any help is appreciated.
  13. So, with all your help I have things running. Actually, for the first time I can remember, a Windows update didn’t cause issue but solved some of mine. I kept restarting the computer without successful results and then a Win 11 update gave me control of the nanoKontrol. something that bothers me in Kontakt is that when I stop the engine and it returns to my starting position the dynamics volume is set to 0. When I hit play the volume returns. Is there a way to stop this?
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