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  1. Thank you, Will. I’m on my iPad right now. I will look over the plugins I am using. It might be several of the Neural DSP guitar plugins I am using. I am using an RME UCX II, which has been very stable. I also disabled my anti-virus with no luck. It is a cat and mouse situation.
  2. I have a relatively fast computer, 12th gen i7 chip, 32gb ram and several SSDs, yet after 30 seconds or 3 minutes (the times are not specific) I run into issues that usually occur when you try to run the latency very low. For many months I was running something like 4.4 ms, round trip. For some reason, the last month has been the computer has the hiccups. I have upped the round trip to 22 ms without any change, I have disabled the wireless adapter, and I have utilized that throttle app to make sure the CPUs run at full speed. latency monitor keeps reporting issues, and for the most part they keep changing. Sometimes it has to do with the video card. I updated the video driver with no change. does anybody have an idea what is going on?
  3. Have you disabled your Wi-Fi adapter in Device Manager. It may not help in your situation but it definitely helps in reducing and even eliminating glitches and skips. I have what I believe a robust and fast computer, but when I use the Wi-Fi my computer is brought to its knees and I cannot go more than 20 seconds without the sound cutting out. I worked hard to fix issues that Latency Monitor said was causing my issues. Have you used Latency Monitor? That said my problem was not identified with that program. I noticed you have Melodyne open. That can slow down your project. One issue I found was that you can accidentally leave Melodyne clips open and you may not know about it. Make sure you render or remove the Melodyne clip when you are finished with it.
  4. I'm about to give up. I get everything working. I put the computer to sleep. Nothing works. Then I get the Spitfire app to work, but Kontakt does nothing. I turn the computer off and nothing works. I then disconnect the nanoKontrol2, connect with cycle and set Marker pressed for 10 or so seconds and absolutely nothing works. When I open the Korg Kontrol Editor, the icon for the nanoKontrol2 appears and I connect with it. Still, nothing works Just so you know the nanoKontrol's light is on and the Kontrol Editor recognizes it. When it was working, I was able to configure it to do almost everything I wanted it to do with multiple programs. Put the computer to sleep or turn it off and now nothing. Am I missing something very basic. Even though I am able to control external synthesizers midi is a black hole for me. Any help is appreciated.
  5. So, with all your help I have things running. Actually, for the first time I can remember, a Windows update didn’t cause issue but solved some of mine. I kept restarting the computer without successful results and then a Win 11 update gave me control of the nanoKontrol. something that bothers me in Kontakt is that when I stop the engine and it returns to my starting position the dynamics volume is set to 0. When I hit play the volume returns. Is there a way to stop this?
  6. I deleted the Korg nanoKontrol in Device Manager. That helped. Now I move the sliders and things work. What I still can’t figure out is Slider 2. It has a mind of its own. When I’m in Kontakt/Spitfire Solo Strings I want the second slider to control the vibrato. It is controlled by the 3rd slider. Slider 2 controls close and far mics. Shouldn’t I be to control that?
  7. Thank you, msmcleod. Still not working, but there is slight progress. I finally see the nanoKontrol in the ACT Midi controller. I have been holding down the Cycle Set buttons for 10 seconds. This time I did it for 20 seconds and it worked. In the Utilities do I select default or Korg MicroKontrol, since there isn't a nanoKontrol? I can't get any of the faders or rotary knobs to work in any midi programs. I followed your directions many times and still nothing is working. I tried midi learn and I tried without midi learn without success.
  8. Reg, I read this page and it confused me. I only want to use it as a midi CC controller.
  9. When it comes to midi I either understand it right away or can never seem to figure it out. I just might be a MIDIdiot. I have tried every possible method I can find in forums and in videos. Nothing is working. I don't even know if I'm in CC Mode. I need help right from the beginning. I've tried Mackie Control, MMcL Mackie Control #1, ACT, Generic surface. My goal is to control volume, expression and vibrato in various Spitfire programs. Some use Kontakt and other use Spitfire's own interface. That is probably not as important as just understanding the very basic step by step procedures. If some people can help me, I would very much appreciate it.
  10. Let me add one more issue. I use 2 monitors. The second one is for the staff, piano roll, or when melodyne opens. Well, that screen never changes to the new program. Michael
  11. I have a new computer running Win 11 for the last 6 or so weeks. I like to sometimes open a previous project while I am working on a new one. There are no issues opening them, but most of the time I see one project while the other is playing. In Win 7 it struggled to open 2 projects, but it always correctly displayed the playing project. I am using an RME UCX II at 4 ms roundtrip. If I reduce it to 12 ms things are a little better and I can changesto the correct project, but the cursor doesn't move. Are any other people experiencing this issue and does it have something to do with latency? My hope was to be able to open multiple projects since I have 32 gb of ram with a 12th generation Intel i7 cpu. Michael
  12. Hi John, went to your Soundclick page to hear your song. I’m on your 6th or 7th song as I’m writing this with a smile. Congratulations to you. Good songs and very clean recording. Very nice job. I spent years of my life in Texas, deep in the heart of country music. Yours is very reminiscent of what used to be good storytelling music. I was trying to figure out your accent, since you don’t sound like you are from the south. I thought maybe somewhere around Montana. Then I read about you. You are from the south, about as south as you can get in British Columbia. Beautiful country. michael
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