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  1. Very on point that Nigel - superbly performed and illustrated in video - as always. You just keep knocking 'em out of the park - well done. Andy
  2. Lovely textures Mark - great song - I really enjoyed this. Great work 👍 Andy
  3. Dark stuff indeed Jesse - sounds like some AI doll from Hell has got a hold of the nukes and is calling to us from some post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland. Great stuff - I feel suitably weirded out for a Monday. 😊 Andy
  4. Having been schooled in the dark art of classical guitar (so many years ago I can barely remember), I still struggle to play anything without a footstool. 😂 For anyone in any doubt, this is neither a 'cool' nor a 'down with the kids' look.
  5. This is a great song - hooked me right from the off - terrific stuff (oh, and the voice sounds like it's holding up pretty well to me). 🙂 Andy
  6. AndyB01

    El Guerrero

    Nice tone on the lead nylon acoustic - cuts through nicely - sax brings a slightly different feel, really nice groove Well played Andy
  7. Great rock chops - I can hear the bass but seems a little lost in the mix - not much I can add to what others have said above. All the makings of a great track but - if I'd done this - I'd be pretty pleased with where it's already at. Great job and enjoyed the listen. Andy
  8. Loving this - great start to my day - bass is a great groove - everything is just soooooo tight. Awesome - congrats all round Andy
  9. Sounds great and well-earned. Hope you have a wonderful time. Andy
  10. Will have a listen to the previews before I commit but sounds like it's in my zone 😀 Thanks @cclarry I may have missed this otherwise. Andy
  11. AndyB01

    9 Dreams

    I like how the piano follows the drums in places - weirdly hypnotic. I don't know why but I kept expecting a guard's whistle despatching a train at some point - perhaps this is your 'Supper's Ready' Jesse 😀👏 Only another ten minutes to go... 😉 A truly remarkable piece of instrumentation. Andy
  12. At least you have the option to refuse, those of us stuck on perfectly good i7700 processors are deemed unworthy by the Microsoft CPU Police. Not that I mind staying on W10 for now, I just object to being forced into an upgrade earlier than I might have because those CPUs don't happen to be fitted to Surface Pros - funny coincidence that...
  13. I should have added, in EzKeys, make sure you use the split tool to break the song down into its constituent parts such as intro, verse, chorus, bridge etc, so you can apply different variations from midi packs to each. Don't be afraid to experiment either, for example sometimes using a bridge or pre-chorus variation on a second or third verse can add some an extra dimension you might have otherwise missed. Andy
  14. Bumping this old thread to reply to the comment by @Jesse Screed above So I am re-working an old song of mine that I posted on here a couple of years back - as I think it can be improved - and I have used it to demo the technique described above. First off, here is a base chord track of the song - hand coded entirely in Scaler 2 and played from the grid using one-finger chords and key switches - recorded to an aux midi track in CbB in real time: Pretty dull and uninteresting I am sure you would agree (I hope you didn't listen all the way through) And this is the same track, routed through a bus, with three additional piano tracks. These have all been built by importing the base chord tracks into EzKeys and editing them in each case using different MIDI packs and the 'use browser midi' function to replace the basic track: Now, I have deliberately gone over the top for effect here by adding three tracks and you could argue less is more in this game - but it all depends on the effect you're after. Note this is still pretty raw with no mixing or FX, save for some panning left and right to add some width. Obviously you have to browse and audition a few EzKeys MIDI packs to find a few candidate matches, before deciding which to choose and how long that takes depends how many MIDI packs you own (if you own as many as @Bapu it might take a lifetime). Then you just do any PRV corrections you feel necessary (there are invariably a few bum notes) and then blend them into a bus and - hey presto - your very own virtual session pianist. Hope this illustrates the workflow a little. Andy
  15. The auto-censored word had three letters and rhymed with rex - really? Agree with the sentiment though, picking up a guitar and playing or sitting at a piano (even busking) and you're in with a chance. Write a (good) song for someone and you're made. A
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