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  1. Apologies if I've misunderstood the question but this might help. If by 'clips' you mean tracks, the simplest way to 'group' these is to use a bus. Your tracks will - by default - all route on output to a master bus. Find this setting and create a new stereo bus and give this a name - create as many buses as you need and select the output bus for each track. This way you can add effects on the bus to affect all tracks on the bus, rather than each single track. You can also colour the bus and it will colour all the tracks the same to help you navigate lots of tracks more easily. If this is what you meant, I strongly recommend you look at Mike Enjo's videos on YouTube (his channel goes under the name of Creative Sauce). Especially look for the ones on using buses and sends - he explains it far better than I can. Andy P.s. Welcome to Bandlab and the forum - a little hint when posting - a few paragraphs go a long way to helping us digest longer posts.
  2. Agreed, I'd love one. Hope you're enjoying it. 🙂
  3. I did eventually manage to convince mine that nylon and steel strung guitars are fundamentally different instruments - so I bought a Yamaha SLG-200N - but she remains stubbornly unconvinced of the difference between electric and acoustic guitars (less still Les Pauls, Teles and Strats). Hence my recent acquisition of a Taylor hybrid - which she approves of, as it has a smaller case and takes up less space. 😂 As for a 12-string - don't even go there... 😳 Andy
  4. This actually drops on my birthday (present idea right there) - and it's the big 60 - I love it when a plan comes together 😂 Andy
  5. 'Jetlag' was the name of my band - cos after listening to our set you felt like you had it. 😂 I was also in an impromptu duo (formed en route to a particularly tough gig where I was only supposed to be carrying the gear). Called 'Pave Lane' after the road we were on when we decided to play it as a duo.
  6. Great job - I think I only heard the fixed version - very much in my zone and I very much enjoyed the listen. Only crit - too short 🙂 Andy
  7. I must admit, I thought it was some kind of magic trick when I first heard of it - software that apparently scans in sheet music and creates a working, editable score in Notion, Sibelius, Finale or just plain old XML. It has a complementary scanning app available for smartphones (Android and iOS), which you pair via a QR code then do your scans and upload. It comes in three flavours and at $9 for a one-year renewable licence (for simple one-staff scores) so it seemed like a reasonable punt (four staff scores is $39 and multi-staff complex scores is $79 - all renewable annually (ouch)). I found the app easy to use (it gives an out of focus image until you press the shutter then it captures a sharp image) but the upload is painfully slow - for three sides of sheet music we are talking ten minutes and then I got a 'no image found on server' error when I tried to retrieve them - not a good start. 😞 So I gave up with the app and tried the PDF scan option instead (top tip: it helps if you scan the music in the right way up). This loaded into the program OK but I have to say it made a pretty poor fist of the translation. By default, it seems to create everything as a piano voicing and when I changed to the intended instrument (nylon guitar), it changed all the notes and voicings (changing the track beyond recognition), so I had to regress that to piano. In a number of bars, it disagreed with the original composer (Ant Phillips) about the number of notes permitted in a given a bar and so simply dropped a few off and would not allow me to re-insert them; it also misinterpreted rests and phrasing on playback - to the extent that the piece was barely recognisable in places. You can use the built-in transport features and embedded instruments to preview the song and it helpfully shows the original scanned score alongside the newly synthesised one so you can track the errors as it plays through. On the basis of this use case, I would rate it as a pretty spectacular failure and 'score' it a generous 2/5. It might work for very simple pieces but for anything with a modicum of complexity I think I'd save my dollars. There is a trial version available via the vendor website, if you're tempted to see if you have more luck with it than I did, but I guess my only option remains to TAB this piece the hard way - i.e. note by note. Oh well, it was worth a punt - oh and if you do buy it - you need to create an account in order to access the download. Andy
  8. AndyB01


    Quite big in Russia apparently, especially with GRU Agents (allegedly). 😉 I don't really get the whole queuing to pay your respects to someone you've never met either. I suspect people get emotional because they project their own experience of loss onto the environment they're in and the whole thing becomes overwhelming. I'm not disrespectful of Her Majesty - her dedication and service is legendary and will surely never be surpassed, but do I want to spend ten days in mourning - not really. Each to their own I guess. Andy
  9. I have GP7 - use it mainly for bringing tabs to life. I probably don't use it or exploit it as fully as I should but don't regret buying it. Andy
  10. Particularly if you happen to have a 'Larry' at the other end of the sticks 😃 Sounding great as ever Peter - enjoyed the listen. Andy
  11. AndyB01

    RX 10 is here

    Upgraded from 8 standard to 10 standard - what do folks do with the old version, uninstall it or keep both? Andy
  12. AndyB01


    Excellent job all round - enjoyed the listen Andy
  13. AndyB01


    It was well worth blowin' 20 years of dust off this - sounds pretty fresh to me. Enjoyed the listen - cool guitar chops Andy
  14. Raise a support ticket with Focusrite - their tech support is top drawer. Be patient, they will respond and they may suggest stuff that seems trivial or that you've already tried. Stick with it, they're just narrowing the options. I had endless problems with BSODs with my old Gen1 2i4 on Windows 10. It would crash on a whim, but by uninstalling the software as instructed and installing the updated driver file they provided, they managed to fix it. Hope you get it sorted, well worth giving their support guys a shot in my experience. Andy
  15. Not good, I have twin EVOs in my main DAW. If they go pop, you don't want to be without a solid and up to date backup strategy. Hope you're back up and running soon Andy
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