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  1. Hi Nigel - awful news about the guy who produced the video - this is a great testament to his talent. Loved all of it, I can hear a Duran Duran vibe too - no bad thing in my book. Andy
  2. AndyB01

    A Reason for Love

    Stellar vocal Rex (love the Hammond btw). I'm not a huge fan of the drums (especially the crash cymbal). It's a very simple arrangement - but no worse for that - very nicely done. I'm not sure about the stereo effect on the solo guitar - may work better on monitors but it's a little disconcerting on cans. As for this... All your songs have many different qualities - yes you have a signature style but so have countless other hugely successful singer/ songwriters so I don't see the issue. I certainly enjoy listening to your stuff. All the best Andy
  3. Impressive fret work and killer tones - enjoyed the listen. Great back story too. 🙂 Andy
  4. Saw this and I have downloaded it (not had chance to tackle any of the pieces yet). Looks like a decent primer if you want to try your hand at some classical guitar. https://www.classicalguitarcorner.com/easy/ Andy
  5. I love the harmonised lead and this kind of heavy sustain - I'm a Steve Hackett fan so this is right in my wheelhouse and is a great close to a fine body of work. Fabulous playing. Take a bow. Andy
  6. Hello Andy, thank you for commenting on my expression

    I very much appreciated that you read it as a poem first

    anything else I could say would just be effusive

  7. I read the lyrics - almost as a poem - before I listened to the track; you tell such great stories. I imagined what musical interpretation you'd put on it - and of course I was miles off as usual. 😂 Such a unique style - great stuff. 👍👍 Andy
  8. I really like this - it has the feeling of an old English or Scottish lament - emphasised further by the solo strings (viola or violin 🤷). Your vocal control is immaculate and the performance is top notch. Minor crit, I might have varied the guitar arpeggio a little, but this is just taste and fancy. Great work Andy
  9. Great song - definite 70s vibe and a bit of an Eagles/ James Taylor feel (now that would have been an interesting collab). Great vocal tracks and some very good lyrics in there too. Andy
  10. That sounded very nice considering it was 'thrown together' - I can't wait to see what you can produce once you really get stuck into it. 🙂 Welcome to the EzKeys club - I've used it on a lot of my songs (sometimes building a song from the midi packs and more recently using the replace midi feature where you use the midi packs to play 'in the style of'). There's a lot under the hood of EZK 2 I still haven't got my head around - if I only had more time but there's precious chance of that at present as still in the thick of a house renovation project. Andy
  11. Oooh now covering this could be considered as extremely brave - even sacrilegious in some circles - but I think you did an amazing job with it. Nothing to change here. Loved it Andy
  12. +1 to that - house has to be empty for me to record vocals. Nice cover that Steve - you did a great job on such a tough vocal. How do you fancy tackling America - that's one of my favourite S&G songs. 🙂 Andy
  13. Comments and a like on YT - who can fathom YT rules, the world's gone mad! Who cares what YT thinks, I thought it was great. Andy
  14. Did the upgrade registry hack a few months back on my 'unsupported' i7700 laptop. Seems more stable than 10 in use - zero issues to report. Andy
  15. Nothing to add to what's already been said - just a great tune and performance. 👍 Andy
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