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  1. Like that Wookie - especially 2:10 onwards - am I wrong to want it to be in 9/8? Andy
  2. Well yes I can see the argument for that but I do have a few old plugins I would be sorry to let go for which there are no 64 bit alternatives and I've not noticed too many issues as a result of using them. Perhaps when my current laptop gives up the ghost or is no longer fit for the job, I'll go for a clean set up but hopefully there's a few more years in this old laptop yet.
  3. Thanks for the additional info. My main problem was a bunch of 32-bit plugins that were either missing or not supported. However I have since discovered and installed JBridge, which does the conversion and has also consolidated everything in a single folder. So a double win in that everything is now in one place and it all now works in 64 bit hosts.
  4. Top advice thanks Scook - using symbolic links is a superb idea and will help me see everything in one place - which is what I want really. Will give that a whirl. Andy
  5. Hi All, hoping you can help or advise on this one. After my recent VST problem in CbB (now fixed) I did a little research into where my VST files are located and the answer - in the words of the Beatles - is here, here and everywhere. Now, there is always an argument for 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' but reality is that these VSTs are a mess and nightmare to trace and troubleshoot when things go wrong. So I'd quite like to consolidate them into a couple of folders - one for 64 bit and for 32 bit. I realise that as soon as I move them, the mapped instruments in my DAW hosts are going to break (however a clear down and re-scan of plugins should fix this). Question is, has anyone done this (successfully or otherwise), what drives/ folder structure would you recommend and are there any pitfalls I should be aware of? I am assuming a fast system SSD would be a better location than the conventional spinner HDD I use for data. Thanks in advance Andy
  6. I see some great work on here - especially around music set to video in the songs forum. Where do you all source your stock footage or are you all out there shooting your own stuff (in which case I am doubly impressed and slightly envious of all the fabulous locations you have been to). I wouldn't mine setting some of my stuff to video - I know my way around Premiere Elements but obviously I need the source material. 🙂 All suggestions welcome but keep 'em clean 😉 Cheers Andy
  7. Thanks all for those replies, I was keeping CbB updated. In the end I uninstalled and reinstalled CbB in advanced mode and it's done a full repair job. All the ghost and dud plugins are gone, all my original SPlat content is back and working. Happy days. Andy
  8. Hi All I had SPlat before the whole CbB rescue so have carried on using the full features with CbB - today I installed the latest update and some new plugins (spitfire audio bbcso) but something has gone a bit awry and I'd say 90% of my plugins and VSTs are now missing (including the new ones). I've tried running the plugin manager and I get some error linked to Waves and the scan crashes out. I'm rapidly concluding that the best way to fix this is a full uninstall and re-install of CbB but is there a way to do this that preserves access to my SPlat premium content or is that going to be lost (I still have the old Sonar installation files). Any advice on this one would be much appreciated. Thanks, Andy.
  9. Nice work that Wookie - quite a prog feel in places - I rather liked that. Andy
  10. Wow what a rich tapestry of sound, agree that parts of the mix could use more punch but there are some lovely tones on there. Very good work. Andy
  11. Toontrack have just released one as part of their Hybrid Harp Instrument set - might not hit the spot for you though. Andy
  12. I am a huge Genesis fan so I can't wait to hear the whole thing, that teaser sounds pretty good to me. I simply cannot imagine where you'd even start coding the drums on this and as for Mr Hackett's guitar work on this track - incredible. Good luck with it. Andy
  13. Oh Lord yeah, that ham-fisted and amateurish slide guitar - how did I miss how awful that was? Who are you kidding, you have a Midas touch on that thing and you need to know just how good this sounds. Sounds even better on a second listen.
  14. Beautifully done, absolutely stunning. Just closed my eyes and was transported to a different place. Loved it. Andy
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