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  1. AndyB01

    A WORD

    Nice work - the vocal really shines. I'm in two minds about drums and further instrumentation, I think I've ruined many a half-decent ballad over the years by adding a drum track but then again maybe it would add something - all you can do is try some and see which you prefer. On balance, I like this as it is - very well written and performed - I enjoyed the listen. Andy
  2. That's no easy riff to solo over - very impressive chops on guitar and generally all round (love the driving bass track and the sax too). Ending was top drawer! Andy
  3. Been using ATI for years, earlier versions could be flaky but recently it's been very reliable and fast. I use it with a removable drive alongside an always-on cloud backup solution from a different provider (as a cloud sync backup won't save you from ransomware). There are lots of good workable back up strategies, the important thing is that they work and you prove it with regular test restores. You just can't put a price on the value of your data, it never ceases to amaze me how careless some people are. Andy
  4. AndyB01

    EzDrummer 2.2.1

    I'd agree with you and to be honest, EzKeys would be my prime candidate for a UI upgrade. I find the small window is a real pain to use.
  5. AndyB01

    EzDrummer 2.2.1

    Only a point update but even so, I had some hopes when I saw there was an update in Product Manager - perhaps we were finally going to get a scalable full-screen UI like EzBass? Sadly not - just a few bug fixes. 🙄 https://www.toontrack.com/release-notes/ezdrummer-2/ Ah well, maybe next time... Andy
  6. I know how many great songwriters we have on here so I thought I'd spotlight a fabulous (in my view) recent album by Tim Minchin. Musicality and eclectic mix of styles aside, the lyrical craft alone is simply phenomenal. Warning, the odd couple of songs have the odd expletive - just in case that matters to you. Check out "Apart Together" (I found it on Amazon Music but it's probably on most of the popular streaming services). Highly recommended Andy
  7. AndyB01

    And Rest

    What a lovely, understated track; you've certainly mastered the art of less is more here. A fitting finale (if it is the finale) to Wookiee's Private Parts & Pieces. I'm currently working on an instrumental track, built entirely from Scaler. If I can get anywhere near this standard, I'll be very happy. Andy
  8. I hear the bottom end that Wooks is hearing but I actually quite like it, as it gives something of a baritone guitar vibe - so I wouldn't overcook any correction. Nice fingerstyle guitar chops too btw - very well done. Andy
  9. AndyB01

    Work It Out

    Feeling very 'Purple' after listening to that - fabulous! Andy
  10. Most Scaler users probably know this already but as a new user I'm still on the learning curve. For me, the eight chord limit per pattern was a cause of frustration, I could see how to add more patterns but not how to easily switch between them when using midi capture. Turns out, if you display the patterns in grid view and lasso them all with mouse (click and drag) you get a set of key switches starting at C1. Who knew? 🤷‍♂️ Anyway, if you were (like me) wondering how to do this, now you know. Certainly makes midi capture a damn site easier. 🤦😂 If anyone else has any tips and tricks for Scaler, please share. I need all the help I can get (as you can probably tell). Andy
  11. I don't know about Zappa but I do know I really enjoyed this track - surprises around every corner and great guitar work. Well done. Andy
  12. AndyB01

    Perpetual Motion

    Great vibe on this Allan, really enjoyed the listen. Very well crafted as always. Andy
  13. I thought this had a chamber feel to it - could definitely use some development and definitely worth pursuing. Andy
  14. In a word: perfect. I loved it. Brilliant! Andy
  15. Ripples by Genesis - specifically the version on Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited II album with lead vocals by Amanda Lehmann. A truly incredible and completely perfect blend of menace and vulnerability and a massive improvement on the Phill Collins original. Gives me spine tingles every time. Andy
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