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  1. Telford, Shropshire, UK. The kind of place you drive through on the way to some place more interesting... 😉
  2. 10/10 - another 👍 for the 'passive break' 😉 Amazing chops - I love it when the guitars harmonise - such a signature sound for your stuff. Andy
  3. You know I'm a huge fan Peter, this was just great and I very much enjoyed seeing you guys rocking out and absolutely killing it - as always. Absolutely top drawer. Andy
  4. Acoustic guitar masterclass - the sound really dances out of my headphones - I'm reminded of some of Ant Phillips' finest solo work. All round excellent. Andy
  5. AndyB01


    Absolutely nailed the theme you were going for - all sounds pretty good to my ears and the guitar definitely works. Andy
  6. Guitars are panned pretty hard (especially the rhythm track) - it's matter of taste but I'd centre those a little more. Very nice vocal - agree that some keys or even a blues harp would definitely fill the space here and there and add some variety. Put me in mind of some of Chris Rea's excellent blues work so a really nice job. 👍👍 from me. Andy
  7. Here's one you may not have heard of: Amanda Lehmann Memory Lane. This is from her recent (and first) solo album (Innocence and Illusion). The sadness and tragedy that touches someone to write something this good is a painful thing to witness, but I guess that's what makes songs like this so personal and special. Who is Amanda Lehmann I hear you ask? Steve Hackett's sister-in-law, she also appears in his band and on several of his albums; featuring on guitar, occasional lead vocal and BGVs. Andy
  8. Eva Cassidy - her version of Fields of Gold - completely blew me away when I heard it. Still gives me chills. What a voice.
  9. Try this - you might find Windows thinks it's a hard disk or USB storage device. Access the system tray, click on the usb connected devices and select the Novation mini key and eject it. My son had this problem with his. We haven't yet worked out how to stop Windows from thinking it's a hard disk so he just does the eject thing every time and it works fine. Hope it helps Andy
  10. Great guitar tone and - of course - another killer vocal. Well done Andy
  11. AndyB01

    Love Light

    Very nice - you have a great touch with a ballad and those falsettos are not easy to nail - especially when crossing in and out of your normal vocal range. Great BGVs too. This song has beauty in its simplicity - complexity would ruin it. Terrific stuff. Andy
  12. Tom - completely and totally sublime. I mean that is one incredible piece of content you created there - of which you should be rightfully proud. Brilliant is the only adjective that comes to mind. Andy
  13. Wow, how'd I miss this one. I'm getting a strong Eagles vibe - that was seriously good and I loved it. Just the usual crit - too short! 😂😂 Andy
  14. I'm using a laptop (4 years old) with an i7 7700 CPU and was a little surprised to fail the compatibility checker for that reason alone. Win 10 is in support till 2025 so I see zero reason to upgrade to Win 11 so it can break my ageing audio interface and probably half my apps. I'm not sure being an early adopter of new Windows versions is a good place to be - it's called the bleeding edge for a reason... Good luck to those going over the top first Andy
  15. I wish I'd had access to resources I have now when I was younger. I still feel creative - even at the ripe old age of 59! I guess it feels harder to be original the older you get, I put down a riff and then think I've definitely heard that before - turns out I have. Lyrics wise, I think I am a much better lyricist now than in my youth - more to draw on I guess - life experience gives you that at least. Great question though. Andy
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