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  1. Well I was definitely impressed; great funk on the guitar, bass and loving those horns - teriffic work. Andy
  2. Scratch that - went back into RTPMidi to check the settings - I think I may have forgotten to press 'connect' 🙄 I'll get my coat...
  3. I simply cannot get this to work - followed the tutorial to the letter but when I fire up the app - nada - just no connection whatsoever. If I click on TouchDaw to initialise control of DAW I get a message saying 'no response from DAW'. Very frustrating as I could really use this as it seems to echo the Studio One Remote Control app and that works really well for me - be great to have similar for CbB as well. Andy
  4. I've watched all these now, they really are very good indeed, I love the guitar layering, that's a great effect (note to self, learn how to do reverb sends) and overall I've learned a lot already. Highly recommended. Andy
  5. Cheers for doing these Mike - just watched Vid 1 - very good. Markers #WhoKnew 😂 I can't imagine what else I'm going to learn from these. Andy
  6. AndyB01


    One of my fave Beatles tracks and you did it proud Steve - I agree with you that you just can't mess with their stuff. Andy
  7. I love me some Floyd so this is right in my zone, I don't know what to say except that this is at least as good if not better than anything I have in my CD collection of this genre. Great stuff, I don't know how you manage to be so prolific and maintain the same high quality of output - just keep 'em coming. Andy
  8. AndyB01


    Great song and vocal - that hi-hat didn't bother me at all on studio cans. Slightly reminiscent of Mike & The Mechanics to my ears - loved the harmonies too btw. Great job. Andy
  9. AndyB01


    Very nice Wookie, very atmospheric - I like the changes and the bass - hope the furry paws are on the mend. 👍 Andy
  10. Nice work as always, am I allowed to say a little Ritchie Blackmore-esque in the guitar? Great track to rock out to. Andy
  11. AndyB01

    Warm Heart

    Good song, lovely harmony track, I just wanted a nice fiddle solo or blues harp to come in at some point - maybe one for a future version eh. Nice work though, thanks for sharing. Andy
  12. AndyB01

    Empty Rooms

    You had me at the opening riff - then a great vocal track and the guitar chops... - great stuff. Slight Dire Straits (and early 10cc) vibe for me. Great song - very nicely done. Andy
  13. Tom this is slightly bonkers - but in a thoroughly good way - I love your power to surprise, gets me every time. Please never stop writing - loved this. Andy
  14. Ouch Wookie that's a tough one - wishing you all the best in your recovery. Andy
  15. Wow - this is really something else - just blew me away. Anyone who has dabbled with orchestral strings, brass and percussion (as I have in the past) knows just how difficult it is to achieve any kind of result. This is truly astounding. Well done. Andy
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