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Found 17 results

  1. CAPTAIN PLUGINS PILOT IN CAKEWALK I like to use Captain Plugins Pilot from Mixed in Key in Cakewalk. However, when the plugins are opened in a project they notoriously crash the project, just like the first releases of Captain Plugins did. Any success running Captain Plugins Pilot under Cakewalk anyone?
  2. (edit: if you want to skip reading the thread and go directly to info and download links go to > http://musictop69.wixsite.com/orchestools There will be a number of new instruments released next few months. Will use this thread to post them as they get published. The first bunch is set to be released on January 3rd. Starting with ORCHESTOOLS PIANO S | more than a piano rompler with tools to model your unique piano sounds and more. Free and Open Source
  3. I've used guitar rig since GR4 - currently have GRPro6 and it's been fine in the past but I just went to load it up and couldn't find it anywhere. So I've done an update via NI Access and notice it now supports vst3, confirmed that "Guitar Rig 6.vst3" is now in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3" and a re-scan in Cakewalk mentions it, but it still doesn't not appear in the FX list, or soft synths list. Any idea what I'm missing?
  4. Anyone else having issues? When I installed Addictive Drums 2 VST3 on my new Windows 11 PC and tried to load it in CbB, it threw an error asking me to Enable (risky) or Disable it. I chose Enable. It wound up in the PIM Excluded list. I contacted XLN who had me remove and reinstall the VST3. So far every attempt to reinstall it has failed. The XLN Installer says everything's up to date but the VST3 is nowhere to be seen. When I restored the original deleted VST3 to it's folder, CbB again throws an error when scanning it. I Enable it but it doesn't show up anywhere in the PIM list. XLN support is ongoing. SOLVED - see below.
  5. Hello I am sure this has been discussed. If so please do help me find the topic in the forum. I have installed some new plugin alliance plugins. The vst3 plugins are in the correct folder and when I first installed them cakewalk noticed them in the initial scan, but that was it. I did this with the online installer. I tried doing this with the offline installer as well since this is generally an offline daw. - Plugins still do not show up in cakewalk. I wonder if I need to clean the registry to force cakewalk to notice the vst3 files again? I did try installing these plugins on a different machine with cakewalk and it worked great. Thank you John
  6. Been working for a while now on porting the popular ORCHESTOOLS ONE library for sampletank3 to dedicated VST instruments. Thus the ORCHESTOOLS SECTIONS | FREE PUBLIC ORCHESTRA idea was born. It is comprised of 4 virtual instruments built on the same Versilian Studios VSCO 2 Community Edition sample library. The first three instruments - ORCHESTOOLS | STRINGS, ORCHESTOOLS | BRASS and ORCHESTOOLS | WINDS cover, as their name suggests, specific sections of the orchestra. Each has 4 layers in which different samplemaps can be loaded to create various sounds and textures and each layer can be independently edited with plenty of controls for amplitude, filtering, LFO and ENVELOPE modulation, dynamics and effects. All of them feature a preset library with over 100 factory presets and favorite and search funcionality. The fourth instrument - ORCHESTOOLS | PERC has all mentioned features but has 6 layers and a somewhat different UI. The first instrument in the row is ORCHESTOOLS | STRINGS , released recently - check https://musictop69.wixsite.com/orchestools/ for download links and news! Two short teaser videos bellow demonstrate the sounds, the looks and the capabilities of ORCHESTOOLS | STRINGS instrument of the series! Opensource and free, forever! Make Music & Love. -
  7. ~Beast-Series 2nd VST Plugin is here~ We introduce you The Beast-Dlay (VST3/AU) The game-changer delay VST plugin with unprecedented processing power. Click the link below and learn more! https://beastsamples.com/beast-dlay/ Beast-Dlay's journey starts with an Early Bird Offer valid for the first 500 licences Develop your own unique sound. Explore Beast-Dlay's High-End Audio & High-Precision Interface Get total control over your sound, boost your creativity & Join the new Era! Turn on your Beast-Mode & break the limits.
  8. Would like to request better support for .vstpreset VST3 Presets. Having to manually add them everytime I add a plugin is very time consuming Workaround could be to have a utility to read the .vstpreset file and then add the preset to the registry as is currently the case. Thanks for this great software and for making it better with every new update
  9. I've DL'ed Soundpaint and their new free AMSR sound/inst from SP and added it to the VST3 list for instruments but it does not show up when I try to select it as a soft synth. I have looked for the vst dll to add to the vst folder but no luck. I must be missing something but what??? any info would be great
  10. For only $9.99 (normally $80), get Proclethya Synth Bundle by Dymai Sound! This bundle also includes the Wavestorm and Technoport Soundbanks Get great sounds fast with an easy to use synth that gets your creative juices flowing in no time. The bundle comes packed with more than 200 presets that will get you inspired, lift your tracks and get them groovy and ready for the club. You will lose yourself in the outer dimension of instant ear-grabbing arpeggios, basses, sequences, leads and plucks. This bundle will push your creativity into a vast space of possibilities. Synth works as plugin with most major DAWS both Windows & Mac. Originally valued at $80, this versatile synth bundle is now available for just $9.99 for a limited time, hurry and save! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/proclethya-synth-bundle-by-dymai-sound/ Deal ends on February 16th, 2022 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES Two main oscillators (with doubling oscillators) Instant warm analog sound via inherent oscillator & filter drift Effective usability – get cool sounds quickly without routing modules and parameters Multiple analog filters FM shaper module per oscillator 10 voice unison and spread per oscillator Additional noise & sub-oscillator HP & LP filters per oscillator to enable creative layering Dual mix mode (crossfade & mixer mode) Two assignable LFO modulators One pitch envelope Filter and volume envelope Filter drive Saturation with optional gain compensation Powerful arpeggiator & sequencer with multiple automatable parameters Delay effect (ping-pong, stereo) with ducking built-in and a widener Reverb effect with ducking built-in Chorus & phaser effects Built-in 3-band eq for sound shaping Toneshaper types I & II for adding depth and width No dongle required – simple serial number protection Works in most major DAWs (except Protools – no AAX!)
  11. Hi Guys, I need help, I've mistakenly deleted my VST3 folder ( C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3) and lost all the .vst3 files. it's can't be recovered since I'm using Geek Uninstaller and it was happened when I was uninstalled one new free plugin (Excite Snare Drum). What I need is the original Cakewalk file in that VST3 folder since just by added the all that file, it will be fixing what I've lost. I'm not sure what Cakewalk's .vst3 file in my VST3 folder but I've installed the add-on (Studio Instrument Suite, Drum Replacer and Melodyne) so I guess only needed those 3 files if there're available in vst3. Thanks in advance. Fad
  12. For only $19.90 (instead of $97.22), get SUBDIVINE, a playable library of bass samples with the interface of a synth by Diginoiz! Also included are 2 expansions: More About that Bass 1 & 2! SUBDIVINE is an indispensable instrument in the bass-heavy music production process designed especially for those music producers and beatmakers who need solid 808 – type basses in their tunes! Perfect for Trap, Hip-Hop, R&B and Future R&B, Soul and Neosoul, Pop and any genre that bases on… bass! SUBDIVINE was created by experienced sound designers and music producers to provide efficient workflow and usability combined with the best possible sound with a lot of low-end and that stylish 808 flavor. This is a limited time offer you should not miss, hurry and save! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/subdivine-by-diginoiz/ Deal ends on July 12th, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES Ideal for all kind of deep basses/808s Great sounding Perfect for Trap, Hip Hop, R&B, Future R&B, Soul, Neo-soul, Pop and any genre that bases on bass 100 presets (Analog & Digital) 7 types of Drive that will distort your basses and get them to the highest level VST3 & AU format More About That Bass (Subdivine Expansion) – 50 great sounding presets for Subdivine More About That Bass 2 (Subdivine Expansion) – 50 great sounding presets for Subdivine
  13. I have had problems with various plugins in their VST3 version, which work fine in VST2. More or less the same happens with all of them, they can be loaded but in a short time when playing Cakewalk a crash occurs. the plugins are Oxford inflator, Api 560 by waves, HoRNetLUMeterMK2 and HoRNetLUMeterMK4. attached dmp file from one of the crash Thank you very much 1 Barro tal vez 02 05-05-2021_05052021_223653.rar UPDATE: Api 560 by waves, HoRNetLUMeterMK2 and HoRNetLUMeterMK4, SOLVED. one of the updates seems to have fixed the problem. Not with the Oxford inflator VST3, but I use the VST2
  14. Godsson51

    Side-chaining issues

    I’ve been trying to use the sidechaining with mixed results. Using Hornet plug-ins, it seems that the VST2’s work with side-chaining but not the VST3’s (and that’s with Autogain Pro, AGP Mk2, and Hornet VU meter 3). I just recently purchased izotope Neutron 3 and I’m not able to get the VST2’s or VST3’s to recognize the sidechain input even though they clearly have the function. Has anyone had success using sidechaining within the Neutron? Are there any known sidechain issue and fixes for the last version of CbB?
  15. In the list of VST instruments, my instruments are listed in orange and have an orange icon next to them. However some are listed in light gray and one is listed in green. Is there a reference somewhere for what these different colored instrument listings mean?
  16. Since I started my channel on Youtube doing Cakewalk Videos this has been my number one question?....🤔 How did you install that VST?.. So I made a video... Hope this helps people out....😄
  17. Wave in introducing the V12 plugins, Resize Your Plugins with Waves V12 See Here
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