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  1. @Jim Fogle, I've installed fresh Cakewalk onto friend's laptop and check the VST3 folder file but nothing is important, so I just reinstalled all the vst3 plugin again.. much safer less work than fresh install the Cakewalk to the same machine. Thanks.
  2. It's now fixed.. no longer needed the cakewalk .vst3 file on that VST3 file.. Thanks.
  3. Hi Scook, Thanks for replying and the idea but I prefer just to add the files to VST3 folder rather than reinstall since I'm pretty sure nothing else missing but the VST3 folder. Thanks again.
  4. Hi Guys, I need help, I've mistakenly deleted my VST3 folder ( C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3) and lost all the .vst3 files. it's can't be recovered since I'm using Geek Uninstaller and it was happened when I was uninstalled one new free plugin (Excite Snare Drum). What I need is the original Cakewalk file in that VST3 folder since just by added the all that file, it will be fixing what I've lost. I'm not sure what Cakewalk's .vst3 file in my VST3 folder but I've installed the add-on (Studio Instrument Suite, Drum Replacer and Melodyne) so I guess only needed those 3 files if there're available in vst3. Thanks in advance. Fad
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