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  1. Hello, As per requested ... This file is used to make Presets for the following Sonitus plug-ins selectable from the default Cakewalk plug-in container GUI Preset drop down menu. FxCompressorDX FxDelayDX FxEqualizerDX FxGateDX FxModulatorDX FxMultibandDX FxPhaseDX FxReverbDX FxSurroundCompressorDX FxSurroundDX FxWahwahDX Quick guide: 1. Open Cakewalk Plug-in Manager; 2. Select DirectX Audio Effects --> <any of the above>; 3. Click "Import..." and then select the *.spp file; 4. Repeat for each mentioned entry one by one (pointing to the SAME file); 5. Enjoy SonitusAll.spp
  2. Angel - Evocative Pad Design for Pigments 100 presets provided as a bank All 4 macros assigned for flexible customization of the presets Special ‘EVOLVE’ macro, present in each preset, to give an organic and evolutive feel to the sound 100 Pad & Atmospheric Loops, key and tempo mapped to suit your projects Thumbnail artwork to appear in the synth’s browser A more than 6-minutes Demo Mix which showcases the pack's potential PDF Guide of the pack. 100% Royalty-free sounds to use in your own productions Completely free via VSTAlarm (normally $19.99) https://vstalarm.com/product/a-n-g-e-l-evocative-pad-design-for-pigments-by-hydratek/ More information about this package of presets https://www.hydra-sound.com/product-page/a-n-g-e-l-evocative-pad-design-for-pigments
  3. Cool WAV gives us Colorful Vol. 1, a package of 25 presets for Pigments 4 + Analog Lab https://www.coolwav.com/l/colorfulvol1 A video about the presets included in the package can be found here
  4. Hi, I'm struggling to save my own presets in the Sonitus fx products, I think they are stored in Registry settings so not easy able find in file manager, for eg:- When using the Sonitus Compressor, I try and save using the 'Preset->Preset Manager-> Add-> (new preset name+bank)-> Save It is then listed in the Bank - but as soon as you delete the Compressor, then re-open it, the preset you have just 'saved' has gone. Anyone know why - please? Cheers
  5. Would like to request better support for .vstpreset VST3 Presets. Having to manually add them everytime I add a plugin is very time consuming Workaround could be to have a utility to read the .vstpreset file and then add the preset to the registry as is currently the case. Thanks for this great software and for making it better with every new update
  6. Anyone know how I could download/dump my user presets from my old (90's era) Peavey bassfex using midi and cakewalk. There are a couple of old posts in other forums which suggest it was possible using cakewalk. Thanks
  7. Hello. Presents full dream series bundle, spanning 3 soundsets and 493 presets in multigenres for NI massive vsti. The normal price for these products is $117, but this Bundle offers a 35%+ discount for a total of just $74. Discount with promocode DREAMWORLD Grab you're copy. Product link: https://www.alonso-sound.com/product/massive-dream-trilogy-bundle/ Demo: https://soundcloud.com/alonso-sound/as-massive-dreamcatcher https://soundcloud.com/alonso-sound/as-massive-dreamtechnology https://soundcloud.com/alonso-sound/alonso-massive-dreamworld-soundset
  8. Hi is there any chance that use could add plugin preset loading from within the browser window as well as 3rd party plugins presets loading into Cakewalk by BandLab. What i mean by this is when you mouse wheel click on a fxp preset or fxb bank in BandLab browser window it loads the preset or bank into the plugin you have open. Fl Studio and Studio One and some other DAWS have this integrated into their browser and they can also load midi files this way into the channels racks , while some 3rd party plugins have their own way of loading and sorting presets and their own presets format like u-he and native instruments others synths like Sylenth and Dune and from what i know most other instruments and effects also use fxp and with the added into the browser it would speed up the users workflow considerable. All the best 😃
  9. Hi by mistake I've deleted all Sonitus Fx plugins Presets. Reading another post it's easy to recover them by pasting the presets into the folder. I'm asking if someone has the Sonitus FX Presets, to send me that folder so I can paste it into my plugins folder. Thank you.
  10. Hello.The long anticipated follow up to the Massive DreamTechnology Soundset is here! Filled with 128 presetsfor NI Massive, each sound is filled with dazzling textures, inspiring timbres, and dreamworld atmospheres. In addition, each preset is programmed with 8 Macro assignments giving the Massive Dreamworld Soundset multiple performance shaping features and near-endless inspiration. https://www.alonso-sound.com/product/alonso-massive-dreamworld-soundset/?fbclid=IwAR0XhdHdhVYFzrwV9yxJIuwCofqO9BA_OomwSFP-qqdL6ko9Yyn0b1JiSpQ Demo: https://soundcloud.com/alonso-sound/alonso-massive-dreamworld-soundset https://youtu.be/hlSH7Lgh5-s
  11. I'm able to create drum map presets and save them, the file shows up in the designated folder after I've named and saved it. \ The problem comes in when I attempt to view/select it in the 'Presets' tab of the Drum Map Manager. None of the drum map files that were saved (nor the ones that come with Cakewalk by default) show up in the dropdown as selectable/clickable options, despite being in the designated folder and the manager being able to save presets without any problem to that folder. What could be the cause of this?
  12. OUR XMAS GIFT FOR YOU!!! We are glad to give you a huge present: FREE XMAS 2020 SAMPLE PACK! Free download on our site - https://incognetsamples.com/free-samples/incognet-free-xmas-2020-sample-pack.html ☑️600 Mb For making Slap/Tribal/Edm/Groove/Tech/Melodic/Bass Music ☑️Loops, One Shots, Presets, Construction Kits, Midis ⭐️Pack consist of: - 11 Construction Kits - 29 Presets (for Massive, Serum, Sylenth, Spire) - 30 Instrumental and Drum Loops -370 Files Size: 608 Mb All Samples are Royalty Free Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!
  13. Hi. Since upgrading to the newest release two days ago, I haven't been able to use any presets in the ProChannel. I noticed it first in the QuadCurve equalizer. Has anyone else experienced this issue and was it possible to resolve it? Thanks, Mike Harris
  14. Download Here: https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/hard-future-house-drop-2 The pack contains very extensive detailed content, with not only all the stems, loops and one shots but also every preset from Serum and Spire. This is the ultimate Future House samplepack! If certain layered leads or basses contain more than 1 preset, then these additional presets are also included in the pack, it has a total over 184 presets! Just layer the associated presets of a certain key element and get the most impressive tones ever created in a Future House samplepack. The construction kits include more than 250 dry & wet loops / stems, FX, One Shots, Presets and more. All Royalty Free! * 10 Construction Kits with 250 loops (dry & wet) * 8 Spire Presets * 176 Serum Presets * 10 Impacts * 8 FX * 16 Sweeps * 34 Synth Shots * 8 Snares * 5 Rides * 10 Kicks * 6 Perc * 16 Hats * 14 Claps * 2 Shakers * 21 Bass One Shots * Royalty Free! Download Here: https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/hard-future-house-drop-2
  15. Currently, Cakewalk by Bandlab does not natively read the presets provided by the very popular Plugin Alliance suite of plugins. You have to load them from a Windows menu. Can you please start reading Plugin Alliance presets natively?
  16. Anytime I insert an instrument track with my favorite VST synthesizer MSoundFactory it loads a weird preset that I don't want. How can I replace that default preset with a better one?
  17. LAST CHANCE TO BUY Humankind soundsets by TheUnfinished. Less than 24 hours left to grab one (or all) of the Humankind soundsets. Today is the last day they'll be on sale for a looooooong time. A huge, warm hug of thanks to everybody who has contributed so far. Amazingly, the total raised currently stands at just under £4,000! I am genuinely dumbfounded and grateful, it's remarkable. Thank you so much. That money will go to The Trussell Trust to help some desperate families - it makes such a difference to such vulnerable people.
  18. Is there a way to easily step through the presets on the TTS-1 in Cakewalk? I would like to be able to step through each sound and sample it without having to do the multiple clicks needed to change a preset for each sound. Thanks, David
  19. I've developed a user preset for the sonitus compresser before a recent crash. It occasionally appears in some projects. Where are the user preset effects stored? I want to get it back into the user presets for new projects. It doesn't appear at all within the preset options now.
  20. Black Octopus Sound! 15 packs for $25 - 24 hours only! https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/15-packs-for-25-black-octopus-holiday-bundle-2019/ Includes Over 8000 samples including loops & one shots Over 450 Serum presets 64 Sylenth Presets Normal Value: $450+ (Approximately 95% off) Packs Included ARTFX Vintage Synths Apex Tech House Prismatic Bass presets Wicked Trap Beats Arctic Chill Iconic Future Bass Protoculture Sylenth Essentials Forbidden Future House Ambient Guitars 2 by AK Limitless 1 by MDK Ultimate Bangers & Anthems Funk Master Tools Percussive Guitar Beats from the Bass Ship 2 Heart of Glass
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