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  1. Hey guys, We just released the Riddle Synths Loopkit on Producers' Day offer! Riddle Synths is a collection of 34 analogue synthesizer loops with spooky feels and song-starter melodies . Every synth melody included in the pack is meticulously constructed to serve every music genre and add originality to your compositions Click below to learn more about it & find out what the deal includes.. https://beastsamples.com/producerday/ *The offer is on for the next 72hours. Keep creating, Beastsamples Team
  2. Hello everyone, Here is the Demo of our latest VSTi plugin release: The Psychedelic Guitars Click below & get it for free to try this out https://beastsamples.com/product/psychedelic-guitars-vsti-demo/ The Early-Bird (-60%) Offer of the Psychedelic Guitars ends in 6 days! Enjoy, Beastsamples Team
  3. Hello everyone, After a long period of waiting, SALES TIME is back! You can get every sample pack, bundle or plugin with up to 70% discount! Click below to discover more.. https://beastsamples.com/sample-packs/ The deal will be on for the next 2 weeks! Keep creating, Beastsamples Team
  4. Hey guys, We intoduce you the Psychedelic Guitars, our first and top guitar sample pack is now on huge deal with 60% off. Every sample is made to stand out and deliver the psychedelic feel to your production through 70’s vibe sound, trippy melodies and grooves. Click below & discover for yourself! https://beastsamples.com/product/psychedelic-guitar/ Keep creating, Beastsamples Team
  5. Hey everyone, We present to you our new release: The Neat Guitars Including 37 key-labelled loops made from scratch with attention to detail and originality, suitable for all vibes and genres & to ready fulfill your need for inspiration. Click below to learn more https://beastsamples.com/product/neat-guitars/ As this is the first day of the release, the Neat Guitars is on Opening Offer for few days more! Cheers, Beastsamples Team
  6. Hey guys, We intoduce you the Dark Vibes Guitar, one of our best selling guitar sample pack is now on huge deal with 70% off. A hand- crafted collection of 41 distinguished guitar song-starters with our signature psychedelic feel ! Click below & enjoy Dark Vibes Guitars The offer is on for the next 48 hours along with the Producers' Day Chapter X deal. Keeo creating, Beastsamples Team
  7. Hey guys, We just released the Psy Synths Loopkit on Producers' Day offer! Psy Synths is a collection of 41 of analog synthesizer loops with the psychedelic and trippy feel of our melodies . Get heavy synth basses & unique melodies and start producing your next song. Click below to learn more about it & find out what the deal includes.. https://beastsamples.com/producerday/ *The offer is on for the next 4 days Keep creating, Beastsamples Team
  8. 5 DAYS left to get the Guitar Tools on Opening Offer! https://beastsamples.com/guitar-tools/
  9. Hey everyone, We are extremely happy to share with you our new release: The Guitar Tools Including 164 sounds of Chords, Stabs, Arpeggios & Grooves, Guitar Tools is created to add real feel of guitar sound! All of the sounds are processed with analog effects & gear such as Reverb, Wah, Delay & Phaser. Click below to learn more https://beastsamples.com/guitar-tools/ Keep creating, Beastsamples Team
  10. Hey guys, We just released the Rogue Basslines Pack on Producers' Day offer! Rogue Basslines is a collection of 25 deep rolling basslines and full-phat electric bass samples. Isolated in stems, key-and BPM-marked, suitable for most genres & ready to use them. You can get it with 60% off for the next 48hours! https://beastsamples.com/producerday/ Keep creating, Beastsamples Team
  11. ~5 Days Left for the MADPACK Offer ~Click below to learn more https://beastsamples.com/madpack/
  12. Hey guys, We just released our Gem for the year: The MADPACK The MADPACK is the ultimate drum collection. Consisting of synthetic & recorded drums plus various sounds, the MADPACK delivers the true analogue signal made with equipment such as POCKET OPERATOR 133/ROLAND VS-840/TASCAM DR-40X/KORG MS-20/MPC-2500 and more.. Click below and learn more about what's inside! https://beastsamples.com/madpack/ On Opening Offer for 2weeks only, you can get all of the above in extreme price! Keep creating, Beastsamples Team
  13. Hey guys, We just released one more real guitar sample pack: The Clean Guitars and we are sharing this with our audience for free so everyone can get a taste of our sound & vibe. Click below & instant download.. Clean Guitars Pack We are positive that you will love it and we hope that these loops will inspire your next project. Keep creating, Beastsamples Team
  14. Hey guys, We are more than happy to share with you our 6th Guitar Pack: The Radiant Guitars. Your enthusiasm for our guitar samples has been remarkable and we work hard to keep up to your expectations. Based on your demands, the Radiant Guitars loops are key labelled and on 78% off Producers Day offer (valid for 48hours)! Click below to enjoy the sound and learn all the details! https://beastsamples.com/producerday/ Enjoy & Create, Beastsamples Team
  15. Hello everyone, Producers' Day has arrived and a brand new DrumKit is here available in an extreme price for the next 72hours. The Primal Drums, our fullest drum collection for unlimited combinations including 172 files such as: One shots drum elements: kick-snares-shakers-percussions-fx/Drum loops/Key labelled Electric Bass one shots/Key labelled Upright Bass one shots Click the link to own it now! https://beastsamples.com/producerday/ Stay tuned and keep creating, 🎉 Beastsamples Team
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