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  1. Organization in Cakewalk is a must, you ever wonder how to hide and organize instrument and plugins that you don't use? I made a video showing how to use the plugin manager to achieve this in Cakewalk. Let me know if you have questions..😀🙏🏾
  2. I'm going to have to use this... It makes so much sense to put the date and time... Thanks for sharing..😀
  3. Going over the export feature and other updates of the lastest release let me know if you have questions..😀
  4. Ok.. 134 Build issue... I was doing an arranger export and I cannot. No error message or anything just does not work and the spinning circle does not stop the progress bar stops as well and goes back to the time on the track Video include
  5. +1 I was asking for this as well... https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/25056-feature-request-to-add-vst-from-the-piano-roll/
  6. Sorry about that forgot about that... Lol.. https://www.orchestraltools.com/store/get-sine
  7. Sine Player New FREE Instruments.. Church Organ and Guitars. Comment below if you have used these and what you think about them. I really like that they keep adding more instruments to this I remember when it was just the Layers. Now they have Piano.. Brass . Strings... Percussion... Church Organ and Guitars very nice.
  8. Thanks for the update so soon... It's working now .. with all the options Arranger .. track ..entire mix... Good job Bakers
  9. If I hit export and not have any task it will work. It just doesnt work with Tracks Through Entire Mix when I hit add Task to Queue and run Task thats when it fails with no error message any project I bring up it does that error if I run task for Track Through Entire Mix.. If I just do Tracks in what to export section that will work and not give the error message. Is the Track Through Entire Mix for something else that Im missing or should it still work?
  10. Ok.. I like this export feature it works out nice. I do get an error when I try to do Track Through Entire Mix. i am only using to tracks that are 8 bars each when I do the regular Tracks It works fine and exports correctly but when I put it on Tracks Through Entire Mix I get an error not sure what Im missing.. the tracks/Buses in Project side has the tracks selected and none of the other options have an option for check marks. I add to queue then run task and get an error every time. Not sure what Im missing to get that export to work. I have a gif that I made to show what im doing I think its just me but who knows. Please let me know thanks Bakers
  11. One question are you using the inspector in Cakewalk?
  12. So no one wants to have a zero point for Panning... So I'm the only one... Lol .. so everyone want to use Cal scripts that might be going away to do panning ..WHY..🤔 Please just put a +1 if you think it would be a good idea. Since we are trying to add feature that will help everyone work faster.
  13. It's not in a particular order it's just a list.... Lol..
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