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  1. New release that I have out... It's a hip hop song by Vanity Blunts King all mix and mastered in Cakewalk Software the beat was produced in Cakewalk as well it's on all major platforms enjoy... https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/vanityblunts/quarter-to-a-dollar?fbclid=IwAR2LYw_XrAjM8TCs8PXV7JjxNtxj39GSxz9dqprzA0Aj6B3s5K1_Vurl_H0
  2. Yes I did... It's not bad for a mobile sampler... They made it easy to use definitely a nice upgrade for the Bandlab app.
  3. That can't be true due to the amount of request for a sampler and that hasn't been done ... Yet... Lol... I do a +1 for this as well.. even Reaper has a wave form for the samples played.
  4. No Problem.... I wanted to put this out to help people I haven't seen any visuals of how to set it up it's a great board so far...😀
  5. Komplete Kontrol Keyboard Setup in Cakewalk... I have seen different post from people trying to set this up so here are some visuals to go along with what you have read. I just got this keyboard let me know if there are other things that I am missing in the setup any info is appreciated. This video will show how to setup the Mackie control and the function that I know it can currently do. Hope this helps.
  6. We all would like to see a sampler in Cakewalk... They know we need a sampler in Cakewalk but it just hasn't happened yet ... They have a new sampler in the Bandlab app but not Cakewalk...🤔 It's very interesting that for year people have been asking and it seems to get looked over. I know there are other things that are priority but they should stop ignoring the intergated sampler in Cakewalk. Just my 2 cents. +1
  7. It's easy to write what it does but people like to see stuff on action...lol.. thanks for the comment
  8. New #youtube video up... Cakewalk 2021.06 Update what's new.. In this video I show most of the updates that have just been release hope this helps you guys get in tuned with the added features
  9. I have seen many posts about projects not opening so I made a video on How to open a project in Safe Mode hope this helps.
  10. When I don't do this when doing the replace the instrument does not make any sound.. I showed it in the video no sound even when I changed the midi out ... The only way that worked for me was the split instrument
  11. Thank you... For a minute I thought I was going crazy.. lol... I finally figured it out tho.. you have to split the instrument in order to get to the out settings and change that it will work with any vst I put so far.. but just making it work is so much better tho.. once again thank u..
  12. SI strings does not have the option to choose an out due to it is a single instrument it doesn't have multiple outs ... And even when I choose a multi out vst same thing even when I set the out no difference. So no one else has run into this issue? If it's suppose to replace the synth and only has a single out why did it not work?
  13. It seem that I am really at a loss on this update. I cannot get this replace synth to work. I create the instrument per track out .. Lets say I make 4 tracks all the tracks are sine player that can do 16 outs. I replace the 3rd track with this Replace synth on this track only I select SI strings to replace the 3rd track. The SI Strings instrument does not make any sound for the one that is replaced. I see the midi meter moving when I press a key or if I just hit play on midi that is already on the track it makes no sound at all. I check the midi settings and change that to SI Strings midi 1 still no sound from that track . I try to change the instrument back with this same Replace synth and still no sound out of the track this track no longer makes any sounds at all. I have tried with other synths like kontact.. sine player.. sampletank same issue this track no longer plays anything I put on it. Not sure what I am doing wrong?
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