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  1. So far so good..👍 . a little learning curve but I kinda figured it out..🤔 I like the triads that you guys added nice... Now I can just go make chords and move them around and add to them later... Easy way to get the foundation down... So far I tried BBC Orchesta switched like a charm even in the middle of change it still works when you move the play head around it plays correctly..😄🙏
  2. In this video I show how to use OMF Files to move files from one DAW to another keeping the timing and files intact. You can use this to transfer and receive files from DAWS like ProTools.. Cubase... Nuendo.. Digital Performer.. And of course Sonar and Cakewalk. I believe Reaper has a work around to use the file in there as well. Hope this helps..😄👍
  3. I agree that would be nice to be able to change the names in the piano roll.. +1
  4. This is for all the people asking how to slide 808s in Cakewalk... Hope this helps..😄👍
  5. Mpc Beats is now working with the new update. In this video I show how to set it up in Cakewalk and show you that you can now load MPC programs and plugins. Hope this helps..😄
  6. I use OBS to screen capture... And @User 905133 glad you got something out of the video..😄👍
  7. In this video I show you how to pull up and use FL Studio inside of Cakewalk. Let me know If you have any questions.
  8. @Starship Krupa that sounds good to me... I use so many different samplers now I get confused as which one to use.. Serato Sample has the best flow for me to chop samples.. Sitala has the best options for drums but you cant change octaves with it in the piano roll... Komplete Kontrol has nice wave forms can change octaves in the piano roll and cut and glide features easy to use but can only load one sample at a time... Tx16w is a really good and complete sampler but.. Very complex and has a huge learning curve... Grace sampler is ideal and does pretty much what you want for a sampler but feels like its missing something everytime I use it... Mpc Beats has all the feature you would want in the sampler but a little bit of a learning curve to get started something integrated thats not to complex and can hold multiple samples and be able to change octaves in the piano roll would be the ideal sampler... But not getting my hopes up that this can or will be done at all... Dont let us down Bandlab we believe you can do it....
  9. @User 905133 we are defiantly talking about A... Fully fledge Sampler.... And @Keith Lane i feel ya 200%... The foundation is there they just need to put it all together... I believe bandlab can do it.. Just hoping it comes to pass...
  10. The work around has been done over and over there is a reason this request keeps coming up over and over its because this is what people want. We see all these other daws adding new samplers and beat machines so we want that too some daws have multiple samplers and you know why they are the most popular because they listen to request for the people using there products. This is called feature request for a reason. This is to let the developers know that we would like to have this added. Everyones time is precious and there are other things that will come first but that doesnt mean when the important things are done you cant look at what people are asking, like I stated earlier in this thread not everyone likes to download third party due to bad links and viruses that can come with some sites so something integrated eliminates that issue for users new and old. I believe this will bring more people to cakewalk as well.. 😄 this is why others and I have requested a sampler. I truly believe that it something that is needed in Cakewalk.
  11. Yes we know there are 3rd party samplers... As I stated in my post... But you do understand that Bandlab app itself has a sampler... Which mean they know the importance of it in there software. People dont like to go outside of what they have downloading third party that might not work.. This is a deterrent for some so they leave cakewalk all together.. I do hip hop and rnb tracks and it uses more samples and virtual instruments to make those type of beats. I do use more than one daw to make beats and all of them have samplers... Ableton... FL Studio... Maschine... Reason.... Even Reaper has a sampler build in... So there should be no reason that we cant request a sampler inside of Cakewalk.
  12. Alot of great bug fixes in this one good job..😄🙏 Even the MPC Beats seem to be working.
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