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  1. I would definitely use it more if that was the case but now I don't really mess with Bandlab like that sometimes I want to change what I made on the go in cakewalk and to not have the instruments just slows down the process because I have to find a new sound to replace the one from Bandlab
  2. @murat k.so is this a +1 or no?🤔
  3. I don't know if this is possible Bakers ... But it would be nice to use the Bandlab instruments in Cakewalk. So when people are moving stuff from Bandlab they can have the instrument in Cakewalk as well. Without converting the midi to audio... Or completely replacing the instrument for the midi. That way you can change midi if needed in CakeWalk. Give a +1 to this thread if you agree.
  4. Kontakt Player Libraries that you can use for free.. I know people have been looking for more libraries for Kontakt Player these should help you out...😀
  5. The only time I have seen that happen is when one session has a VST2 and the other has a vst3 loaded... You try to check that and see if that resolves the issue.
  6. I just wish we had the option to have more than one EQ in the pro channel so I can have a subtractive and an adding EQ...😞
  7. I have had this issue before and like you it didn't happen in other DAWs.. are you using vst3 for the BBC? I have complete stopped using vst3 in Cakewalk and have been using the vst2 unless the plug only uses vst3's and I haven't had any issues since I made this change... Hope this helps
  8. I use it to pitch samples mostly... They need to update it so that we can cut an slicer samples in it and make it into a sampler this is the building blocks for a integrated sampler that can be built upon but it's just hopes and dreams at this time.
  9. Yes we are still waiting with no end in site..😞
  10. Who wants to win a Captain Epic Bundle? Make sure you go to this video I use Captain Beat in Cakewalk and show a couple of ways you can use it to enter raffle make sure you Like, Subscribe and Comment EPIC in that video for chance to enter.
  11. It seems like no one just want to put a +1 and wonder why the bakers don't really listen when we ask for things... 😞
  12. Best Free Pianos and More... These are my go to pianos that come with other sounds and banks for free. Let me know which ones you use already or ones that you didn't know about and will try..🤔
  13. This is a feature request for the Loop Construction. I made a video on what I would like to see added. Updated needed Ability to change the ruler to different settings like the time line Be able to see the pitch when the pan is on as well Be able to drag pieces of the Sample from the Loop Construction into time line or a sampler Please add a +1 to this request if this is something you guys would like to see so that the Bakers can see this request Thank You loop construction small.mp4
  14. I know it's not much of a sampler but it could be useful and should be easy to bundle with the Cakewalk by Bandlab download. If you guys don't have the rights to it I understand but if you do please throw it in the next update. It's a DXi plugin that only Cakewalk and Reaper can use I think. So why not let us get this with the Cakewalk by Bandlab bundle since the sampler is taking some time to create or is further down the bakers list. If you guys want this please put a +1 comment on this thread so that the Bakers can see this. Thank you
  15. Hey guys have you tried this vst... Iota Mini.. it was made for Trap style beats but has some nice sounds and has 10 drum kits included. Let me know on the video or in the comments if you have use Iota Mini..😀
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