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  1. ORCHESTOOLS | WINDS - the third instruments of the ORCHESTOOLS | SECTIONS - Free Public Orchestra Project is released. For download links go to orchestools website and scroll down to orchestools winds sections and download vst3plugin and samples archive. You can also download source files for HISE platform in case you like to compile the instrument yourself. Free and Opensource, for music and ❤️
  2. ORCHESTOOLS | BRASS released Get your download links at https://musictop69.wixsite.com/orchestools/orchestools-two #orchestools #vst3 #orchestral #plugin #musicproduction #opensource #vst
  3. ORCHESTOOLS | GENESYN 2 The second version of the additive synth is ready. Features a new and reworked UI, more modulators, better FX handling, a 32 step arpeggiator, more than 100 presets in the library and more. If you can't wait until the Genesyn 2 page and a quick user guide are finished you can download it from here and give it a try. download: rar archive file installation: just put the plugin on your VST3 plugins folder
  4. download links at : https://musictop69.wixsite.com/orchestools
  5. working together... Orchestools Strings and Orchestools Brass on Cakewalk Bandlab. more about these instruments at https://musictop69.wixsite.com/orchestools/orchestools-two
  6. Thank you. Glad you like my work and my pieces. Please send me link to your own works and if you make something with orchestools instruments. Regards!
  7. ORCHESTOOLS | STRINGS update 1.0.2 | fixes and new funcionalities - can utilize now articulation maps through MIDI channels check it out: https://musictop69.wixsite.com/orchestools/forum/_news/orchestools-strings-v1-0-2
  8. ORCHESTOOLS | STRINGS update v.1.0.1 ________________________ What is new in update version 1.0.1: fixed the missing tutti samples on the sample library. Now "tutti" samplemaps are audible and all the presets using them will sound correctly. ________________________ https://musictop69.wixsite.com/orchestools/forum/_news/orchestools-strings-update-v-1-0-1
  9. ORCHESTOOLS | STRINGS the first of four... All about strings. Four layers packed with controls, modulation and filters that can load any of the 78 samplemaps built on Versilian Studios VSCO 2 CE sample library. Violins, violas, cellos and basses and articulations like legato, pizzicato, spiccato. Two LFO's - one synced one free with standard, custom and pattern modes with editors. Convolution reverb and compression. A library with over 150 presets to help you get starting with your orchestral works and projects. VST3 windows plugin, for download links visit: https://musictop69.wixsite.com/orchestools/orchestools-two
  10. Piano and lead synth sounds on this video are from ORCHESTOOLS PIANO S and ORCHESTOOLS | GENESYN virtual instruments You can download them from http://musictop69.wixsites.com/orchestools
  11. ____________________________________ ORCHESTOOLS | KEYS All about keyboards... A 4 layer rompler module made with Versilian Studios VSCL sample library and packed with plenty of tools and funcionalities to enable you to create unique keyboard sounds. 69 samplemaps, release trigger mode for noises and clicks, 2 LFO's with routing sliders, 14 filter types. chorus, phaser, saturation FX sections with compressor and a 5 type band EQ. Save and load presets from the library browser which includes over 80 factory presets, for download links visit: https://musictop69.wixsite.com/orchestools
  12. :)... well, i kinda like to screw the rules. But noted, thanks!
  13. ORCHESTOOLS PIANO S is updated, now plugins are truly VST3 Tip: Main buttons on the interface Left and Right Panels (Compression, Settings, EQ, etc) are click+move (swipe) buttons. So click and move right while holding to enable them and click and move left to disable. http://musictop69.wixsite.com/orchestools
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