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  1. OK - I’m sure that you’ll admit that it’s a bit confusing when in you say emphatically in one post that Cakewalk does not support surround sound, and then in a following post, say that it does. But yes, I do get the fact that multichannel VST plug-ins are not supported within the architecture of one channel/buss etc. - I was looking to see if anyone knew of any routing workarounds (such as other Bridge software, patch-points etc.) Any ideas anyone?
  2. OK but can you then explain howcome preferences allows you to completely customise and configure the surround sound configuration for your project, then add surround sound mix busses into it, and then have Cakewalk automatically add fully-functional 3D surround panners to every channel routed to such busses?
  3. Does anyone know how it's possible to configure Waves Abbey Road Studio surround to work in Cakewalk? Or is there no way to feed a multichannel VST in Cakewalk? When I insert it in a surround bus, it just creates multiple instances of the plugin - which is no use at all: It also doesn't even seem possible to route to any of its inputs other than "Left Input" and "Right Input": Which is weird, because Cakewalk clearly understands how many inputs it has: Anyone - especially Cakewalk Staff - have any ideas/workarounds? Thanks in advance, JMW.
  4. OK - I've managed it. It looks a little crazy, but it works well. (channel 1 is just the control fader - no audio goes through that channel) The pan-pots are doing the crossfading between the two stereo channels, and the main faders are applying just the right amount of volume correction for the overall level to remain consistent (the synth channels themselves are not routed anywhere, they rely on their output being fed to the "Selector" aux channels for the cross-fading). A much simpler solution would be to find a plugin that had a volume control where 50% of travel meant 50% of the volume, and apply it to each of two channels (with one in reverse). That is, after all, the only thing that I am trying to do here - a simple "constant volume" crossfade between two channels...
  5. Not possible unfortunately, because offset/normal faders are always wired to the same control groups (which is odd, and I'm not sure why Cakewalk doesn't treat the "offset faders" to their own set of control group routings.)
  6. This is for sound-design/composing purposes, and as such needs to be under real-time control. I suspect that I may have to do something wild involving stereo splitting, mis-combining and the abuse of panpots... 🙂
  7. Using Ableton Live's Instrument Rack (as a reference point), I get 30% using both "Dune 3" and "Wavestate Native" synths at the same time, however in Patchwork, it goes up to 50% (and starts glitching) so that's a significant increase.
  8. Does anyone have any bright ideas on how to use a MIDI controller to properly cross-fade between two channels with (e.g.) a 3db drop when balanced 50:50 ? I've tried putting a couple of faders with "opposing travel" into a Control Group - but of course in the centre-position of the MIDI control, the faders have too much of a level drop, because 50% of physical travel is quite low volume-wise (and I wouldn't want to change the fader law). Any suggestions gratefully received. Rgds, Jeremy.
  9. Yeah, I just discovered this a few minutes before you posted it, and I have been doing a bunch of experiments with it. - it's amazing! - I never knew that CW track templates could be multi-channel and even include nested folders! It's the perfect solution to my needs! 🙂
  10. Hi all, I'm about to start on a big multi-song project and I need the equivalent of Ableton's "Instrument Rack" functionality - i.e. to be able to Save&Load a set of parallel synths & effects as a single preset. Does anyone know how to achieve this please? I've investigated 3rd-party solutions without much success - "Carla" won't load as a VST on my system (some seemingly unsolvable QtGui error), Bluecat "Patchworks" uses too much CPU for no good reason, and other multi-plugin hosts don't seem to be loadable as plugins themselves. Would be good to know of others. What do other people do to in order to Load&Save a multi-synth setup for exchange between songs? Is there an alternative way of approaching the problem? I will still need to be able to remote control the synth and effects parameters from a MIDI controller. Thanks in advance, Jeremy.
  11. @Noel Borthwick - any update on this? Have you been able to reproduce it? Thanks, Jeremy.
  12. Another option is to deselect "Left Click Sets Now" and get into the habit of only clicking on the ruler when you want to set the NOW time:
  13. Yeah, that's a bit much to do every time I press Stop - which may be several times a minute. I'm (mentally) committed now to relying on "Reset All Controllers" and finding quick ways to remap bad NI Komplete presets as I come across them. i.e. curing the real error 😉
  14. [Monty Python voice:] "Amiga? Luxury! When I were a lad, we'd record our sequences into a UMI Sequencer on a BBC Micro, it'd crash terribly if you deleted any of the fake patterns created by software bugs, losing of all your work! - and we thought we were lucky! But tell that to the kids today? - Will they believe you? No..."
  15. You’re assuming that the controller positions are recorded in the timeline. That’s only true if they are moved during a recorded performance or are hand-drawn in. When used for sound editing however there is no record of their original positions after they are reset. Fortunately it seems like only pitch and mod wheel are reset by Cakewalk, with the rest dependent on what the synth chooses to do with “Reset All Controllers”. The synth is free to ignore it if it so chooses.
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