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  1. That would make sense. It reminds me that I've previously had issues with Komplete Kontrol with Ableton Live too. I seem to remember I discovered some kind of bug whereby KK can mis-declare the size of the parameter block that gets saved, and that I found some workaround that involved toggling KK's FX chain window on/off and re-saving. Thanks, you've pointed me in the right direction, I think.
  2. A very common crash (almost once-per-session) on my system is this: I unfreeze (not quick-unfreeze) a virtual instrument that is loaded into NI Komplete Kontrol, and Cakewalk instantly exits. This can happen on any project, new or old. I can't attach a sample project, because on reloading such a project, the problem goes away. i.e. I can save a project immediately before the moment of the crash, and upon reloading and retesting that saved project, the crash does not happen at that same point (although it might do so later on during that session), and so it appears to be a state that isn't captured within the project file. One thing I've noticed is that I've not yet had a crash if I mute the track prior to unfreezing. That might of course just be coincidence. Happy to post this somewhere else, if this is not the right place.
  3. The trouble is that the audio of the effects overlaps, so that won't work (unless I record each one on a seperate track, but that's changing the workflow to a very slow one)
  4. I have a MIDI clip which triggers various spot sound effects at specific points in time. How can I make this clip be unaffected by tempo change? Those effects must be triggered at specific times in H:M:S:F not on specific beats. I've tried all the different time base settings etc for the clip, yet the individual events are always locked to the tempo.
  5. Thanks guys - yes, it's the Snap Offset. They show up unannounced when you create a linked clip and crop the start of it. The new start time of the copy is reflected in the original clip as a Snap Offset.
  6. From time to time I get a little marker line (with a small triangle on the bottom) within my tracks, as outlined in red here: What is that? - and how is it used? (I have no idea what I am doing to cause these to be created). Thanks in advance, Jeremy.
  7. Did John's Mix Recall trick not work for you? - if the tracks are as you describe, it sounds like the best approach.
  8. Not if you visit lingscars.com first.
  9. Yeah I think it could really do with being saved as part of workspaces. I'll not put a feature request in though, I'm sure the backlog has enough in it already, and it's not high priority 🙂
  10. Other than the mix, in what ways do the projects differ? (are they alternative edits of the same song?)
  11. No, both are on W10 with latest updates - it's still the best performer for me overall, and can normally cope under circumstances where nothing else copes. Ah well. Maybe one day they'll be back 🙂
  12. Thanks v. much for that; will investigate.
  13. Apologies, I didn't intend to come across so confrontational - it's just that OF COURSE if you set up a project file - in any software application - in a certain way, you can re-use it in future. That's like a Word user saying "I've set all my fonts to a particular style - how can I apply them to other documents?" and someone saying "Well, just base future documents off that one". As stated, the question is how would I load a bunch of meter settings into another project? - that's the nested right-click menu items for Peak Hold / Db range / Peak vs. RMS etc.? - These settings don't appear to be stored as part of the workspace (which surprised me), and they don't seem to be stored in screensets either. Each time I revisit another existing project, I don't want to have to go through what must have been around 30 mouse clicks to set up the meters how I like. It's not a major gripe, I just wondered if it's possible.
  14. ASIO4ALL still performs more reliably, provides better latency, and is more flexible than WASAPI on both my laptops. So why the "DO NOT" in capital letters?
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