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  1. So glad you stopped by too. Thanks.
  2. Besides I'm really not sure why you want to capture the sound of me brushing my teeth.
  3. On general principals I'll use the 'another' one. 😞
  4. Sold it. So many moons ago. Replaced it (more or less) with the FP16/Console1 combo.
  5. I use that on my non-DAW machine as well as my Mac-DAW. It's a nice bit of kit.
  6. RME UFX/Presonus FaderPort 16 user here. Oh yeah, I have a Softube Console 1 too.
  7. I think the one in front is telling the udder ones to mooooooooove it along.
  8. Bapu

    Plugin Alliance Big Al

    Welcome to my world.
  9. My Lovely Lady calls me "her Special Ed".
  10. Wears the raw fried BECAN???!!???
  11. Every guy who lives there is named that.
  12. ~$67USD if you purchase from the US in GBP. Less if you have some loyalty points. Of course based on payment method, there may be a surcharge/conversion fee.
  13. Got my second pair today. Worst case scenario, if I end up hating my first pair I should be able to get my $34 back on my second still sealed in the box pair.
  14. Do they go to 11?
  15. Exactly what The Forum Monkeys are called.
  16. His (Geddy) bass collection is quite enormous https://www.amazon.com/Geddy-Lees-Beautiful-Book-Bass/dp/0062747835/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&hvadid=78340339487262&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvqmt=e&keywords=geddy+lee's+big+book+of+bass&qid=1612120023&sr=8-1&tag=mh0b-20 I have that book with a misprint. It's missing 6 pages but has a repeat of 6 pages in it's place. I contacted the publisher for a corrected replacement but never heard back (it's not Geddy's fault so I won't blame him).
  17. I saw the in theater movie that came out in 2019 (or was it really early 2020, who knows any more), pretty amazing. The thing that struck me about Geddy was no matter what bass he used they all pretty much sounded alike. Which had no complaint from me, just a curiosity.
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