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  1. The Cave (c) 2020 BJZ BJZ are: Vocals - Ken "Zargg" Nilsen Guitars - James "Jyemz aka jamesg1213" Griffiths Bass, Strings - Ed "Bapu" Kocol Special guests: Piano, Organ, Synth - Dave "Bitflipper" Townsend Drums - Hugo Ribeiro Verse 1: Black holes spread across the skies Silent bubbles, emit no cries Lost in whirlpools of empty dreams Built upon all the silent screams Chorus: I'm crawling out of my cave Looking for something To save me from the night I'm crawling out of my cave And walking toward the light and you Verse 2: Worlds so strange they are frightening With silent thunder, and invisible lightening We long to be there and start again Before we begin it may be the end (of us) Repeat Chorus Solos Repeat Chorus Bridge: Everyone has a cave A place to call their own What it cannot do is save The world by being alone Verse 3: The solice was once so welcome All the while defining my freedom The world may never be the same again Brought to bear by the ego of men Repeat Chorus Solo Repeat Chorus
  2. @Fleer It should WUP your mixes into shape tho.
  3. Bapu

    2020 Ballad

    Since this is not in my wheelhouse all I can say is the mix is clear.
  4. Very Harry Chapin sounding there Barry. Which is entirely a compliment.
  5. Bapu


    Nice co-writing Douglas. The mix was clear and concise.
  6. Bapu

    Samba Juice

    Agreed with this extremely detailed assessment. 😉
  7. The music would have stood extremely well on it's own, but the video was the icing on the Cake (see what I did there?)
  8. If that's a test mix I need to turn in my Junior Amateur Mix Engineer Card (I got in a box of Corn Flakes).
  9. Bapu


    I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that since you used a drum VST, I'll then say the song could really shine with a live drummer. The vocals are really good as are the guitars. Bass is foundational, which is all this kind of song requires. But I'd up the bass by at least 1 db.
  10. Bapu

    Raise The Roof

    ^ This ^ Overall it's a good mix.
  11. Bapu


    Some nice elements in this. I too, am not an EDM aficionado so I can't say if the mix is correct or not. I can say that I think I hear all the instruments pretty clearly (except the drums as Kevin says).
  12. Bapu

    Sleepy Time

    I like it. Very smooth listening. I needs some sleepy time.
  13. Nice song that Shot in the Back.
  14. Installed. £13.83 after points used.
  15. I went straight to release 3. It did not disappoint this non-Wookiee lifeform. EP'ish solo was really nice. Just the right amount of restraint and chaos.
  16. Bapu


    The mix is pretty clear on my Sennheiser HD-600s. The deep verb on the chorus fits the nature of the song. Harmonies are really nice.
  17. Bapu


    Late to the party but this mix is pretty darn good in my book. Nice song too.
  18. Bapu

    Going Down

    I like this just like all your other stuff. Personal taste observation: Just a bit too much verb on the drums.
  19. Bapu

    Just The Way It Is

    Very nice and relaxing.
  20. Bapu

    NPR Interlude

    No crack here. No ganga here. No horse here either, All I heard was the backing track to a Jesse Screed song. Lurvely
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