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  1. Why yes I Am. He's not taken any of my becan.
  2. Sometimes you eat the bear and sometime the bear eats your lunch or summat like that
  3. Thatz the werdz on the streetz boyz.
  4. It's installed and tucked away where it will most likely never be used.
  5. Naiz. This is my kit. Zildjian S series cymbals. Mapex Kit same barrel sizes as yours. I added a china under the splash. Mics are: OH (X/Y), Hats and Ride: Sennheiser e604 Toms: Sennheiser e614 Snare Top: SM57 & Earthworks DM20 Snare Bottom: SM57 Snare Side: 1980s AKG C414 (transformerless) Kick (left to right): 1970s refurbished D12, Audia-Technica Pro 25, Telefunken M82 (in) & Solomon Sub Mic
  6. Bapu

    In Her Eyes

    Very nice song. Has a Doobie Brothers vibe to me. My nit pick is that the snare sound is too bright and stands out nearly to the point of distraction. A woodier snare might fit better. And then there is the actual drum patterns. A little too busy for my tastes for such a simple emotive song. Then again, I've been known to be wrong before.
  7. Same here, took two cycles to get fully installed.
  8. So is this just a subset of the Mesa Boogie collection I already own?
  9. Cool beans. Now I have BASSROOM and LEVELS for free (well, about $10), but I wanted Xpand!2 anyway, so I'll call it free.
  10. And you still have 200 unusable JambPointz Gear Credits. Ain't that sweet?
  11. Got mine. Sadly I thought they were going to give me (another) room for more bass guitars. All I got was one free plugin.
  12. @michaelhanson Beagle and the gang: "been there, done that"
  13. Would have been even more Interesting, Unusual & Trippy if they played a Scorpions or Zep song.
  14. I have one. IIRC it's dodgy too. Although it takes up space, it's not taking up valuable space. I also have 2 of the MCA version of this same mic. They are not awful. I just had the tweak done to them. edit: OH, my bad. I have the Tascam LD-74, not the TM-80.
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