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  1. So, I tried this out yesterday and was mildly amused. What I think is going on is similar to other tools from AVOX and Ircam where the vocal characteristics are altered but without all the fuss. What was cool was taking my mate @daryl1968 vocal track and either giving him a more R&B style. What was way out to lunch was giveing him a gritty metal like style. There was one 'old guy' style that almost made Daryl sound like me (but in tune). Creepy, huh?
  2. We are thrilled to announce that have built something new - the first AI voice transformer plugin for your DAW! SoundID VoiceAI aims to help you create cool vocal tracks with ease without ever leaving your DAW. To celebrate the launch, we’re offering you an exclusive early bird discount! Here’s to get started: Try out our 7-day free trial that includes 9,000 tokens, equivalent to approximately 15 minutes of audio processing; Use code ‘EARLYBIRD’ at checkout to get 25% off all our token packs. Learn more ️ Don't miss your chance to be one of the first to experience our SoundID VoiceAI plugin at a discounted price. Offer valid until April 22, 2024. Here is for new beginnings! Happy mixing & producing, Sonarworks Team P.S. See SoundID VoiceAI in action -> SoundID VoiceAI
  3. My VSTs will outlive y'all. Mwaahhhaaaaahaaaaa
  4. Finished it last night. As my friend @Fleer says. Pretty pretty good. I'm not sure I'll invest more time any other seasons if they become available as they will likely just be more of the same.
  5. We're up to episode 4 at the end of the night. More to follow tonight.
  6. The soundcloud version does have a better overall EQ feel to me. I have hearing aids too. I keep them in while listening on Sennheiser HD600s.
  7. Bapu

    They All Talking!

    Nice one Freddy. Harmonies are stellar.
  8. Bapu


    The fred title alone was worth the listen Wookiee 🙂
  9. Name all the non-classical songs/compositions with chimes in them. IOW after the 1900's. I got nuttin' but there must be some, roight?
  10. As @Fleer says "Pretty pretty good", if you like this sort of thing (one knob)
  11. So weak, not like Monday. It's like it never happened. Sheesh!
  12. Yet another vote to push those lead vocals by at least 1.5db. All else is killer.
  13. Especially on that gnarly gbass. 🙂 It's my Epiphone Jack Cassady through my Sans Amp Geddy Lee GED 2112.
  14. Dare I say it? Oh heck. Why not. Installed!
  15. The solo that to this day that still gives me chills is Badge by Cream. Simple yet pure perfection of a solo in a song. And the bass in this song ain't half bad either.
  16. In today's world, that allows you to be an expert without any data to back it up?
  17. Sure, why not. Installed!
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