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  1. Best spoken line in The Last Waltz was by Richard Emanuel when he said he hoped "to break even".
  2. I did a few posts this weekend. I'm worn out too.
  3. ^^^^^^^^^ 🙄 "A modern spiritual" ~ L.W 1971
  4. By the way my HIPAA hurts this morning. I must have slept on it wrong last night.
  5. @bitflipper Same story here on the Epi Bass I ordered from MF. Started of by saying "Estimated Delivery July 19th". On July 19th it went to "Tracking will be provided once the parcel has arrived at the UPS facility". It remains in that status as of this morning. MF say they opened an investigation request and that it can take up to 10 days to get a resolution. Sheesh. Sadly it's a model that is on backorder for all four colors with every on line retailer. As Gregy57 said, "How will I ever lay down that bass track?"
  6. @Notes_Norton I had a similar experience with Tiger Direct back in the 90's. I ordered a computer and after 10 days of not receiving it (was supposed to be 3 day shipping) they offered to overnight me a replacement one. That same day I received the computer and I seriously thought "Wow that was faster than a day". The next day I received the 2nd one. They never asked for it back or charged me for that 2nd one.
  7. And maybe, just maybe, I had a random thought that was just so confusing that I dare not share it.
  8. We watched Once Were Brothers last night. Pretty good.
  9. That Epi bass that was supposed to be here this past Monday has not arrived and the UPS tracking ID says they are waiting on the arrival of the parcel, so no tracking info is available. MF says they sent in an investigation request to UPS but it could take up to 10 days to get the results (unless of course if it shows up before then). Sceeesh!!!! What a bunch of 🍆s.
  10. +1 Other than that, good song.
  11. Bapu

    Solitary Man/cover

    JMO but the backing vocal seem a tad too loud (about a db). That's all I got. Nice cover.
  12. We watched the whole McCartney 3,2,1 last weekend, I'll need to check out The Band one. I've seen The Last Waltz at least 6 times. I've always loves EC's smooth recovery when his strap comes undone. Oh, yeah, some good music in that one too. 🙂
  13. One man's ceiling is another man's floor.
  14. I would venture to say power supply too. But I've been wrong so many times about so many things....
  15. Bapu

    the kiss of god

    Lurking mostly, but not in a lewd way.
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