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  1. So they (Klingons) have taken over then?
  2. 1. They seem like stable geniuses to me 2. Typical day in the CH
  3. So I'm going to start saying pence then.
  4. I also have a 2nd (perpetual) copy I gifted to a friend which I have not transferred the license to yet. I upped him one more year.
  5. So for~$65 more than the current $199 price I got two extra years of support. Schweet.
  6. And you both abso-freakin-lutely sure you've not been converted to subscription?
  7. I'm 99.9999999998% certain this would be a subscription renewal. As @Dzilizzi says the list price for a perpetual annual upgrade is $199. Subscription annual is $99. For gits and shiggles I email jrr to absolutely confirm that .0000000012%.
  8. Loved the acoustic/electric guitar interplay. For a balllad the drums seem a little to dry for my (personal) taste. Vocals sound very present which they should be for this type of song. Overall, great job.
  9. Yup..... Post Count VST count Moobs Lack of originality etc. etc. etc.
  10. That looks like a LOT of extra material in the front to me.
  11. That's what she said. Swish-Bada-Boom.
  12. "Bugger off you twit!" ~Proust (paraphrased)
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