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  1. There goes the monthly becan budget Bill.
  2. After all the expense of trying to 'soundproof' your place, why not just buy the place below you and you'd be the landlord. Might be cheaper (and more effective) in the long run. 🙂
  3. "Post count matters not to bapu" ~bapu, 2010
  4. Macca gets -1 for Yellow Submarine. Gawwwwwwwd eyes doan liek that snog. (typos on purpose)
  5. I don't recall having to update drivers specifically to move from Win 7 to Win 10. Occasionally I check to see if there are updated drivers, but never for a problem. This unit has been rock solid for me. It (and the Octa Mic II units) along with my latest I9 build are the cornerstone of my modern recording environment. Intel I9 10900K processor O.C. 5.0GHz, Asus Prime Z490-A mobo, Gigabyte HD 5450 Fanless Video, 128Gb DDR3200 RAM 1TB - SSD Boot Drive, 8TB - Sample Drive, 2TB - Project Drive 2 x UAD USB Octo Satellites
  6. I have the RME UFX (original version) bought it almost 9 years ago to the day (1/21/2012). I later added two RME OctaMic II lightpipe modules giving me a total 20 high end mic preamps and 8 line inputs. I use 16 mic preamps for my live drum set and 2 mic preamps for my bass rig (which I've not recorded ye, but soon....)
  7. You could've had an RME and been done with it (probably for the rest of your life 🙂 )
  8. For that pro triallel processing? 🙂
  9. I've heard, from Daryl1968, that hamster grooming can get quite expensive too.
  10. Well, the list was "wrote with (aka for) The Beatles". That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  11. If Rev #9 is discounted, it's still 71 to 70.
  12. If that we're the price I'd buy you a dozen.
  13. The Lovely Lady and I have separate finances. That way we can't really object to any purchases the other makes. The only thing The Lovely Lady (jokingly) objects to is my getting another bass or guitar (she seriously thinks 13 is more than enough even though she bought 4 of them for me).
  14. I feels for ya Bill. Been there done that.
  15. And no more quotes in quotes without manually doing it yourself. Tinker Toy forum, but after 2 years of really using it you get used to it. BTW, thanks for the like on The Cave. 😉
  16. Oh my, I am so glad you're still with us.
  17. Oh yeah, the biggest no no on this forum is pictures of women in bikinis. Weird, huh?
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