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  1. nice little ditty that Singer seems like a good lad
  2. Searched day and night for that, didjya? Your work is done here.
  3. Extra reading on the guitar I ordered. Epiphone and the Gibson Custom Shop have teamed up for the very first time, launching an affordable ’59-spec LP model: the Epiphone ‘59 Les Paul Standard. Part of Epiphone’s Inspired By Gibson series, the limited-edition guitar takes after the coveted vintage classic, offering a number of period-accurate appointments such as 50s-era wiring and a hand-rolled rounded ‘C’ neck profile. The Epiphone ’59 Les Paul Standard features a mahogany body, with a maple top and an AAA figured maple veneer, and cream binding. There’s also a mahogany neck with an Indian laurel fingerboard and 22 medium jumbo frets. A pair of authentic Gibson USA BurstBuckers are wired to period-correct specs to preserve top end when rolling off the volume control. In the control section are two pairs of volume and tone knobs with CTS pots and Mallory capacitors. The guitar sports hardware by Epiphone, including a LockTone tailpiece and stop bar set, as well as Epiphone Deluxe tuning machines with vintage tulip keys. There’s also a commemorative metal medallion toggle switch plate on the back of the guitar. The Epiphone ’59 Les Paul Standard is priced at just $799 and comes in two finishes: Aged Dark Burst and Aged Dark Cherry Burst. It also ships with a vintage-style brown hard case.
  4. I would say under the skivvies but that would be puerile, ya?
  5. Nope too soon. Needs 4 more years (at least) to be on par with past ST releases.
  6. Nice teaser. When do we see the full video?
  7. What's next? Death Metal in the key of C?
  8. I voted with a very secure online ballot today
  9. Dave, I'm really pleased to hear you and your wife are in better health these days.
  10. Sounds like you guys are describing Guitar Hacker (Herb Hartley) to me.
  11. I think it is. Others may not. Thanks for the listen.
  12. It's the only place I WUP.
  13. Well since no one has asked, MODO guitar? I'll get me coat....
  14. It arrives Wed Oct 28 2020. Just in time for hollow weenie.
  15. Bapu

    Presonus Audiobox

    The audiobox is a great "spare" interface.
  16. Hmmmm. Anyone who hasV12 installed having a problem with Abbey Road Chambers on Mac Catalina? I'm told it cant find "Chamber Setup folder and/or files" and I need to reinstall the plugin. This is on Mac Catalina (up to date) only. Windows 10 is ok.
  17. More choices than those keyboards (which really are all just the same black and white keys). 🙂
  18. It's a frankentele. The body, bridge and controls were had off ebay (as a unit), I bought the Fender 50s neck, Fender tuners and Fender noiseless pups. My luthier friend did the build.
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