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  1. No Spectrasoncs No Sampletekk No Rob Papen Very little Bias FX Just a little Spitfire Very little Ample Sound
  2. A lot more than you may think. 😉
  3. Sure, why not. Installed.
  4. Bapu

    UAD Question

    I really don't know, but I suspect you may get another one. But TBH I've never done that. But as I said I had one thank you and two promo vouchers at one time (but only once in the last 14 years).
  5. Bapu

    UAD Question

    You can stack vouchers. I've done as many as three before. Pretty hard to come by that many at a time though.
  6. My current target candidates are: EQ 200 and Warble not allowed in the current "any plugin $29.99" After these 5 I'm pretty well tapped out on wanting much from PA until something new comes along and of course on sale for $30, $40 or $50.
  7. Year round sale prices are the new retail.
  8. Back to the OP... these are not your fathers doorbuster BF sales.
  9. Mine too, but I think she was referring to me.
  10. When will the next MEGA sale be? And what are the usual prices then? I've got a $249 voucher burning a hole in my pocket.
  11. Those are my conservative undershreddies.
  12. Sweetwater software sales are final, but I'll try.
  13. Yerp I should have. Waste $70. Live and learn, it's rare to pull the wool over the eyes of Steinberg. 😞
  14. Wonderful, simply wonderful.
  15. Since I already have 11 I wonder if I bought this 10.5->11 upgrade would it make Steiny think I have a newly registered 11 in the grace period for 12?
  16. Underfunded+Underparticipated+Underrated=Underwater?
  17. Bapu

    Chivalry Is Still Alive

    Great job Rex. It's a beautiful song.
  18. Congrats to your son, and to you for raising a fine young man.
  19. Thanks for your insights. Dan delivered his vocal tracks as continuous wav files. I'll have to pay more attention if/when a remix is done.
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