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  1. Use triggers or a higher end electronic kit & your drum sample library of choice.
  2. I try to hate GC too, so I can hang out at the same lunch table with the popular kids. But damn it, I keep getting good customer service from them every time I go in. Bastards!
  3. SampleTank has such. East West has some stuff too. I like the Symphonic Choir.
  4. I once lost the better part of a day trying to troubleshoot distortion on some tracks I was trying to record. Finally discovered that I had somehow accidentally clicked on "remove DC offset during recording" and that was the cause. So, to the OP: uncheck that.
  5. Because no delivery format is 96k.
  6. Since you are apparently using a real interface with a real driver, you probably ought to uninstall that ASIO4ALL crap because it is usually nothing but trouble anyway.
  7. Exactly. Weather is not the same as climate.
  8. Yep. The polar ice caps on Mars are melting, too. But there are only two SUVs on the whole planet, and they're both solar powered.
  9. The iRig Acoustic gizmo pretty much takes the room out of the picture but doesn't sound sterile or brittle like a pickup can.
  10. A lot of the best music in the world is found in churches.
  11. The climate on this planet has been changing for +/- 4.5 billion years.
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