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  1. I see a bunch of clearly labeled inputs....
  2. None. Also, unless you really need to be mobile, a desktop is a far superior choice.
  3. This is the equivalent of you claiming that your car is defective because the starter grinds if you turn the key while the engine is already running.
  4. You can edit the threads title and add the word "solved." But rest assured, two or three years from now someone will bring this thread back to life and say "I have the same problem. Anyone found a solution?"
  5. My God. Makes one wonder how we ever managed to beat the Nazis.
  6. Well, my wife sings, plays guitar, dabbles with keyboard, ukulele, doumbek and she's smoking hot. If that isn't incontrovertible proof right there, I don't know what is.
  7. Did you read the documentation? https://fael-downloads-prod.focusrite.com/customer/prod/downloads/Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen User Guide V2.pdf
  8. One thing you haven't mentioned trying is reading the manual....
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