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  1. You should only scan locations where VSTs are installed and you should never scan anything else.
  2. Not a bug. Almost certainly user error. Probably a sample rate mismatch Even if it was a bug, no way are the developers going to bother with 13 year old obsolete, discontinued software.
  3. Um.... Take a deep breath and relax some. Two Factor Authentication is there to increase security and help protect privacy.
  4. I learned a long time ago that "new" stands for "never ever worked."
  5. There's most of the problem. 1) Do you really need 10 guitar tracks? 2) If so, you need to start freezing tracks b/c things like Guitar Rig are hungry suckers. 3) To reiterate what John said, you should think more about what processing you can eliminate rather than what you can add. Your mix will thank you.
  6. Too bad you can't track them down and cut them MFs
  7. The only logical explanation for that sort of thing is demons.
  8. When I use BIAB, it is as an idea generator and then only for stuff that is outside what I usually do. By the time it gets to "tape," it has been heavily edited and hardly resembles what I was given.
  9. Use some kind of host like Cantabile that is designed for the purpose.
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