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  1. I like this matrix type of options ... heavyocity has a certain esthetic that i m quite happy with ... possible to demo?
  2. Seems that it s over , wanted to grab one free plugin but i have the invalid thing ... why they rush stuff like that ... some people do have jobs and life lol ..
  3. SInce i never use synths standalone (need monitor calibration via plugins) n Ot crazy but it s cool to have the option ... so it safe to expect it for trillian and omni....
  4. I do think xln lib is already deep , don t see what could be added at this point ´ talking xo the preheated pck looks interesting....
  5. If someon3 doesnt have the elysia nveloppe , this one is the one to grab at that price ...
  6. Yep you point out solething important : how great built in plugin became .... from live to cubase , solid stuff around ... back then we could mix with sonar built in stuff and get pro results (sonitus , prochannel ect ...)
  7. Zo

    Ozone 10 Has Arrived

    Paulo , very few people , including people calling themselves pro , knows that a lot of processing in pre mastering ( witch is where we process signal in opposition with mastering witch is the format process) are here to compensate a loss or the impact of format change ( from digi to vinyl or mp 3 ect ...) ... and one process that is super impacting is the lost of dynamic range ( due to heavy limiting / compressing) : the impact is extremily big on spacial perception , hence the presence of stereo imager , expander and REVERB in the processes chains .... Bob kats uad stereo /ambiance recovery is a perfect exemple of what s needed and was an instant buy for me ....and it emphases the fact that when you ask true mastering legends , those concepts are evident ....
  8. Zo

    Ozone 10 Has Arrived

    Is this the green one ? I remember it being good indeed ...
  9. Zo

    Ozone 10 Has Arrived

    Translation : we re tired of messing around with os and plugin compatibility ...we will let daw s handle this , we will stick with vst aax ect as it consume less ressources ... shame i was really interested in this one .... does it kill ozone 9 or both can co exist ..?
  10. Exact guyz , thread could be loked for promoting tolerance , love , respect and condamning blind hate , discrimination and illegal behaviour . If brands done that each time a certain country invaded illegaly a country , i think most of people around here couldn't buy any plugin since 30 years .... Back to Ot , crisis makes people think twice and it's a good thing , before buying anything "non necessary" , i feel those non stop agressive prices are a sign of staganation of sales if not decrease ... Seems like some brands don't understand it's not a question of price but of puting something new and impactfull on the table .... some brands really delivers in that aspect ...
  11. They will not see my money until they apologise ... for their clown world move ... witch i dont think it will happen anytime ...
  12. Zo

    Absynth is Over?

    Kore 2 was great ... had the audio sound card version , sync issues but the plugin control was dope
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