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  1. no problem , and thks for sharing , you're reminded me this great tools that i snobed since i got into roland stuff !
  2. Zo


    yep kinda old but superb indeed !!
  3. Zo


    Superb doc about Roland history ,
  4. Basically it uses what you done as bone for generating patterns , worth a try if you ask me
  5. Bapu , have you dragged your playing in it to take it as a start for search ?
  6. Reid , good to have another pair of ears for that (feel free to share and we will double check also on or side next time ) And you absolutly can use it on DAW like a regular vsti's and sound module by recording your sequence in daw . I cover some stuff here , can't recall if it was covered but you'll learn a thing or two i guess AT 31min 39 you can see i use it wit midi clips in studio one , be sur to stop the playback of sequencing withing Xo
  7. too late , it would have made me skip it lol
  8. Reid , you can play it with your daw (as a sound module) maybe you're talking about the ability ot use the built in sequencer ?
  9. I don't know if what i do video wise is something you're familiar with but , since few years i'm no more using my laptop but desktop for sounds AND vidoes , and it's the built in intel gpu , and it's more than enogth . My computer is an all passive one , i added an uad card in (and another outside) and i'm 100 % silent and happy ...zero noise in studio , from the RME to anything . If it's something you're considering : Mine is based on this case : https://streacom.com/products/fc5-fanless-atx-case/ All the fanless cases are here : https://streacom.com/products/?_product_category=case-fanless
  10. This might xplain why vertigo vsc 3 isnt vst 2 while vse 2 is ... is it on a per plugins basis or brand and all its release ?
  11. Zo

    SSL UF8

    it's automatic according to the daw you chose , if you chose cubase it will do it or studio one , and then you will choose mackie control in sonar , the thing is that then you will have random results , since sonar seems not in the supported list yet ...
  12. The true adavantages are deeper than that but very few compagnies actually uses vst 3 true power to its full potential ... The cpu hit throttling when no audio passing is actually a feature all been braging about while i hate it ... i prefer constant loads that dynamic stuff ....
  13. Zo

    SSL UF8

    D You have to put it if i recall well in mackie mode (the uf8) via the software (where you configurate your daw ) in sonar you selecte create a new devices in preferences control surfaces , choose mackie control and in input and ouput choose the uf8 , you might sometime need to relaucnh sonar and check ...not 100% sure but it s the way it s usually done ..
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