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  1. More than you think lol i guess i'm pretty sure Noel can relate some great story with roland or gibson lol
  2. Man wha some souvenir , personnaly i think kenitic was just so aghead of its time ....
  3. Still didn't tried it ... stuff to handle on comp, can't download anything now ... so what's the verdict guyz !!?
  4. Congrats .... those are no joke , no gimmicks , REAL PRO
  5. by the way did ya guy tested their juno 106 emu versus others (softube , roland ect )
  6. At least people could try against arousor for a start ...
  7. Presets and fun , fx section and arpegg brings it to another level of fun , if uounwant true purist analog sound with no gimmick go softube
  8. Zo

    FabFilter incoming

    AHah his faces are priceless ...
  9. Isn't there a ratio for the amount of jampoints usable , like something 30 % or so
  10. Just watched it , i really love the way the made it efficient interface wise , sidechain , harmonics , even the opto mode is brillantly done !!
  11. Usually i can try to get those prior to release for a video covering , but Ryan must have forgot me Probleme being when i record a video , i must be off internet to get it work great , but not an option with IK way to do demo since i have to be online ....
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