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  1. Zo

    Arturia Pigments 2

    The ability top switch from a sample to another is a good option
  2. Zo

    Arturia Pigments 2

    Support seems to have gave up on me and my issue ... so i m ok to buy vc 7 and use versions but what to do with pigments new release
  3. I think the subject is not specially what stars uses but more what makes sens bizness and marketing wise for Ik and for us ...personnaly i don't know those guyz , i just need diffrents quality gears ....this was my remark ...for those looking for a specific artist tone it's exellent as i gravitated to those presets in AT and they'rev indeed prod ready and ope most of the time ... The question was more intended to Ik approch : Stars Tone versus Gear (missing ) modeling ..... the second is what i'm looking for but this dos'nt take off anything from option 1 , i was just asking .....
  4. Zo

    Arturia Pigments 2

    Same here for the demo ...servers in France are fuked up i think , NI dowloading here same , onehour for 2.4gb !!! something going on... must be due to civil war here lol
  5. Zo

    Arturia Pigments 2

    Damm i still have the issue weher all my presets get erased as soon as i laucnh last versions of their stuff !!!! And dammm i wanted thta granular thing !!
  6. Peter Tell em to model at one time more boutique stuff like Two Rock ect ....
  7. Zo

    Arturia Pigments 2

    Mat 49 from VC 7 ?
  8. By the way guyz i noticed some space moving from hardrive , and when i opened the Temp folder in windows , each time i open studio one iu have those files created : Plenty of them , if i save and close most of them are deleted but if i close like that they stay , and there's a lot !!! anyone can double check ?
  9. OK guyz 4.6 running smoother and all good ..i knew that 4.5.4 was blah .....and 4.5.5 was all about faderport stuff .... Might be only the re install thingy or some but happy now ....ouf .... Will report if i see strange stuff ...
  10. i did the same test in cubase : smooth like butter Same in sonar : smile on my face like (i remember why i stayed with this during 30 years !!) Gonna dowleoad 4.6 and see if it's doing this ..i'm slowy going to cubase and back to sonar .... shame cause during production it's the best of all
  11. Zo

    Audiothing Blindfold EQ

    Blind is he first name
  12. Peter. Some of those options are already in AT roland 120 being one (dumebag if i recall well) , why would it be a third version ?
  13. Exact but the modulation is deeper imho ´ i thought exactly the same , but pretty sure 2 samples , modulation and all controls are more than enougth .... i love padshop but to often you can lose yourself ... in solething sounding cool but not playable at all ... on e i love is what heavyocity done for their engines ...
  14. Hi guyz , Sales at sounddust going on .... Don't under estimate his offering , Pendel makes some crazy stuff .. Modular chaos for rythm lovers is a must and i'm just checking this bad boy , exellent granular stuff !!! http://dulcitone1884.virb.com/rekombinator-ii @ £20.00 !!! (our standard guyz lol)
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