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  1. I updated , happy for the ir browsing and mic position , super unhappry for no more being able to chose cabs in the main pages , just fast as a starting pojnt , having to go to second page and select cab 1 cab 2 witch says nothing to me by the way lol if i don t have the gui lol ...i think i might revert back for now ... guyz be sure to have old installers around before doing so ...
  2. I can t handle the check people thing right now , on the go here untio wedn , just tell me numbers of gtr in my post when we reach a magic number we could consider jumping , i have to check py uad purchase road map also ...so time and energy consuming ( i don t even talk about other bf deals )
  3. TRied magenta , versus a real vari mu , still wondering if they do not spend more time on gui lol ... ok kinda hard , it sound nice for a plugin but nothing like the HW ... same for everything i tried versus the real deal ... Anything else to check ? Skipped sand and the 32c harrison thing ...
  4. Zo

    UAD Offer Today ONLY!

    Thks , you re input , not only is valuable (prefering this to other analytic guyz that are usualy more biased) , but you confirm what s on my souvenir , we have uad at school but i use thel very few ... but since you see my selelction, the 224 actually surprised me , but not enougth to justify 2000 $ between card and pack ....same for other time based fx , i really struglle to get compressor to really act like hardware , they wayb they lastercthe dynamic but making thing more punchy , not squasshed , transient exiting and banging without being clicky ... I can get close with solthing like kazrog before .... So my questionning is more if i can really be closer to HW and gain some cpu , of i will as close as native , in thise case , i will simply go HW or computer upgrading and stayb there ...
  5. Just reading your previuous , what do you mean ? you think better prices will be availlable next sales ?
  6. Email Sent , wait to see the answer ... Personnaly i think we should go FULL BUNDLE , get 23 licences witch is : 50 $ for one licence !!
  7. Ok first we need to be sure to reach 13 before i ask ... to tell the truth i don't know all the models so i will have to check those , but man time is flying between BF offers , projects and kis lol
  8. Why not asking them a custom bundle , we pay 13 and we choose , instead of having x, y , z ect .....we can choose x,x,x y,y ,z,z,z ect ....
  9. I can pay but we need to make sure we get serials not links to my account and who wants what , i need one acoustic and one bass ...
  10. Zo

    UAD Offer Today ONLY!

    "better than last releases" I mean last native stuff : Vertigo VSC 3 , Kush AR1 , MJUC , Pulsar MU , MDE , Softube Chandlers / Weiss , Arousor , Unissum , sunset reverbs , ect ... SSL channel strip , you have the duende , BX , waves ect .... would be cool you mix with another and check , you might be just confortable with any ... upsampling is also a thing , if you compare do it in on a 96k project ... I hear you about being fast , to tell the truth time was speed up via C1 here , but cpu is giving stress !! other option i just check is that it will cost ùe 1000 euros to get an i7 10700 (+ MBand Ram) and double my power lol
  11. Zo

    UAD Offer Today ONLY!

    Grem , let me ask you a question (pretty sure not the first time) , i really struggle to find some serious content or A/B 's about it , i've found myself really close to jump on UAD because all the last plugins i bougth are making my cpu kinda ouch .... option being using light ones and heavy ones with caution .... now that said , came UAD in the equation as well as HW !! i was thinking of going HW and do it the old school way , mainly for serious work (aka for people ) versus stuff for my own projects where i like to work on the go .. So my question is quite simple : do UAD plugins are better than last releases ? closer to HW ? Do mixes you done with uad versus native reflect this diffrence (quality and decisions / workflow) With experience i know how to work with any tools , but if one makes things sit togther faster : bingo , HW does this for me ... specially compressors With time would you jump UAD again ? seems i missed this sales , i have a trap album to mix and gonna be like usual C1 , but damn those channels strips heavy when you have 50 tracks ... gives few rooms for reverb /delay ect ... If you need specific , i'm really intersted to know your feeling about those :
  12. Group buy ? Can we get a bundle and get each one of us a serial of one of the titles ?
  13. Larry i swear i was writting and crying at the same time , and i don't drink lol (or smoke ) just laugth at my stupid joke .... Ok i know you will not like what 's next , but damn that plugin (vocal) sounds sweet !!
  14. Try delete open delete open delete open open delete delete , or open open open open delete delete delete open delete delete , or open delete open open delete open delete delete and report Thks
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