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  1. Do you own the extra or owning neve and api stuff will unlok those features in Luna
  2. Exact , but cocnerning some daws , crucial feautures i'm waiting and are instant upgrade : In bitwig : 1) Ability to map more that 8 parameters and once one a controller !!! (ability to control one parmateer on one page and the other on another page ) !!!!!!! 2) Retrosepct recording (all daws have it now !!!) 3) Shortcut to hide all last openeed windows and unhide those (actually it s possible only on selected device ... so one by one !!! fuk) 4) FX on monitoring section !!! 5) Ability to hide some Sends possible fx routing (if i create a template with 10 fx busses but only use 3 , i wanna see only 3 on channels !! 6) Input quantize setting : per tracks !!! Just a few that arleady got on my nerves ...lol and the more i will go on serious work the more i know i'm gonna start being pissed off lol
  3. Is 50 % on upgrade comes often or once every anniversary ?
  4. Answer from bitwig : Hi, You can indeed buy an Upgrade Plan for later, just select "purchase as a gift". Best regards,
  5. Guyz is the a way to map for exemple my minilogue xd to parametters to diva ... and use more than 8 knobs !! Without hav8ng to change device pages ... this is something that is killing me , i robbed bitwig for pure production stage , and want to realise my next album on it ... mixing will be on S1 probably but this is a workflow killer ( and the lack of’ mouse scroll on paramter , my mouse moves is concstrainte bewteen a keyboards and my syntakt lol
  6. Gui wise i still think S1 is the king .... refined ....Bitwig reminds me sonar back then lol some great stuff and some stuff unbelievable , like not track templates ? or audio track gain (have to use the tool lol ) For track templates if you have fx , you can save as fx prest the track , but not ALL TYPE ? I WANTED TO SAVE A FOLDER OF TRACKS ? So i create a project tempalte with tracks i use usually and drag and drop form there to the current project , it works lol
  7. Watching this as i type , this is brilliant ...i have live suite don't know if it's in it (surely) but never gelled with live GUI !!
  8. To be honest guyz it s already a crazy price for what y’a got .,, really I really should do a video on this thing
  9. I made he jump on studio as well ... @bapu if I buy a code for upgrade and register like in 2 years , basically when I feel it s worth to upgrade , does it work ? ( Komplete And wup style move )
  10. Do you own Falcon ? if not , don't buy , if yes , this is the best value for money when it comes to drums around , i skipped the DMX from Gforce and the CR 78 because of this !!! To make it short there's some processing by default that you have to get rid of , i explained this on GS , after that you have all drums machine RAW witch is what you def want to appreciate each color and vibe , but UVI had the brilliant idea to stack tones of processinga dna one of dem , even not used color the sound !!! you need to switch off or get rid of it in the arborescence o(structure) of patch , resave and have fun !! By the way , surpised that not one so called pro reveiwer noticed that , but i'm a long time producer , this might explain this (no ego , but i did a beat or two lol )
  11. To be honest , new gui lack contrast imho .... must have been developped on super glossy Mac screen imho .... instead of a calibrted Mat display like all pros usually do ....might be wrong , but seen this problem on a lot of dev offices
  12. tested it right away : 1) new presets : not incredible 2) Buggy 3) ,BEWARE cpu hit is crazy on some patches , Unison and voices handling can help but still ... Will stick for now with old one Pros : wavetable table / edit page : exellent !! I loved this synths for its lush sounds / pads , gonna use *Discovery Pro and the Access Virus EMU for that now
  13. Best part was when Brian gave a shoot out to jean Paul Jarre lol
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