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  1. Thks Larry , plan B if we don't have a better deal on the full strip ..
  2. Zo

    UAD Custom Shop 50% off

    yep Craig , for real sunset is for me the best release this past months , unlike a lot of fx , its impacts is direct and inspiring , already used it on the last 2 tracks i'm working on : pure pleasure ....
  3. Zo

    SSL 9000

    yep they will then propose like usual uprades witch will incitate people to get it ....but so far if i didn't had the xl 9000 from softuibe and the duende witch is close , that would be a smart move : 4000 + 9000 ...
  4. Zo

    SSL 9000

    i don't know , nothing new exept it sound better than a 4000 , but same features ..
  5. Zo

    SSL 9000

    Beenbeta testing this , now i can say it's beautyfull
  6. Zo

    UAD Custom Shop 50% off

    Jesse i have those at school and don't reach for them because they sound better , it's not that , most are on pair with what we can have native and i 'll get some native other them quite several time ....the key is the respect of audio source , UAD plugins are all pretty heavily oversampled internally , so you'll get a constant quality and dsp off your omputer cpu (noticed that i does take some native cpu as well) . So for me UAD is a waranty of 1) Processing no matter how crappy is your computer power 2) Quality of processing . The plugins that impressed me were the ocean way (witch ik sunset answered the need of getting it) and the UA 176 /175
  7. Zo

    UAD Custom Shop 50% off

    True , but the sad truth is that we easily soend this a year on 29 euros plugins and other updates , upgrades ect ...
  8. Zo

    UAD Custom Shop 50% off

    personnaly i was thinking uad since it will make me skip upgrading desktop and laptop so at the end it's money saved and the goal was one octo and that 999 bundle witch is basically 2 k witch is not even the price of a new laptop ... That said i'm good with my native stuff , still some stuff i can use due to cpu , neural dsp being one of those ...really aimed for guitar players that plugin guitar and wanna play , as an fx in sessions it's too heavy ...
  9. Zo

    UAD Custom Shop 50% off

    Still i think the 10 bundle at 999 is the way to go ...
  10. Zo

    Softube Harmonics

    Lol yeah so let make a rule 50 % minimum or nothing !!
  11. Zo

    Softube Harmonics

    it was a 47 $ not long time ago , useless sale imho
  12. Zo

    Waves Berzerk Free

    Lol did it told you i have elysia nveloppe and muse eq for sale ? Lol
  13. Zo

    Waves Berzerk Free

    I doubt , migt wanna ask but would be surprised ...
  14. Zo

    PA $25 Voucher for All!

    CBD is working great as always , i just can't stand the lack of eshtetic and workflow moves for plugin manager
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