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  1. Zo

    TC Electronic Finalizer

    No plugin version , beware ....
  2. Zo

    TC Electronic Finalizer

    Too bad the analyser is online ....
  3. Zo

    PA Flash Sale and another $25 Voucher

    Strange how those are low priced still ... no wonder i can t sell mine lol
  4. Zo

    McDSP updated to 6.6

    Anybody using their echo collection , still wondering if i go for it or not , delay is the only area i don t have that much ( echoboy , h delay , gem echoson)
  5. Zo

    PA Flash Sale and another $25 Voucher

    i may unsubscribe from the Laming list
  6. Zo

    PA Flash Sale and another $25 Voucher

    The only way is to make group buyz , i made the math , for the MC 77 it's 76 $ and for shadow , it's 96 $
  7. Zo

    PA Flash Sale and another $25 Voucher

    The good news is the more brands go sub , the less we gonna buy lol good for us ... at least for me , this PA is like a fuking reminder for me .... i'm in a solid process of simplification and reduction .... of my set up ....back to the basics
  8. Zo

    Native Instruments Flame Orange MASCHINE Mk3

    This is the case in fact .
  9. Well this is exactly what i used to think guyz , until you reach a point where during an inpiration rush you need this and that sound you want to do this with ect ...and then you figure out that this synth can have those osc , but don t have an arppeg that can control pitch or be routed to osc freq , this and that ect ... i will keep using my gotos (omnisphere , diva, arturias , falcon (witch is the most powerfull) but i can see using more and more those modular with i m actually doing starting point templates as the most common things i struggle to have fast in others ... building its own synths is exiting and inspiring imho !!!
  10. working great in sonar .....strange , tiket created ....
  11. Ok problem back ...same b....s... Are supposed to be online each time we launch this ?
  12. Exact , no so confident ....that's why i consider this freebee as a demo ...taking the occasion to compare to Reaktor (meh) Zebra and now falcon to try to see ... The thing is that it's fast , inspiring and it sound just great !!! there's an inherent quality on the sound .. strange because a SAW is a Saw
  13. Did a re intsall here and de authorised the computer , i then autorise the stand alone first and sinatlled also the vst ....to be sure ... seems ok now ...
  14. 1.3.15 here , first thing i checked VST 3 here gonna try to load the VST