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  1. Zo

    Gone Again!

    Pirate life , your offcial new name (you have that bandana style , period !!) Roronoa LArry !!
  2. Phase 6 ? Hmmm i saw phase 1 but then ... zzz
  3. I told you Larry , that doesn t smell goood lol ....
  4. Man i start to question myself with UA and if they re well lol They re so agressive in prices that i feel they must be in trouble or on the verge of sale of the companyb.....
  5. Funny thing is that some prices were lower prior to black firday lol pure softube style
  6. to be honest , i m hesitating because pretty the majority of new stuff are new version : prophet , jupiter8, cs 80 ... great sound , but old version were good enougth and lighter on cpu ... also notice like a lot around i have uhe ´s , roland , and gforce ... so the oberheim’is covered ect ... They did include some new exiting stuff like the ensoniq , but i;swear each time intry and make a patche ( the interface isnmooth) the cpu hit is crazy ( i like release lol)
  7. Yep , kept v5 for that A ot(er question , if iugrade to v9 , can i re sale v7 ? This will solve the issue and a happy new owner ata stupid price ...
  8. V7 here ..... lol you know me , 2 versions at least ..
  9. Thks guyz ..... @TheSteven lol yep i called it crap , because i know the OG , and it's not that imho ...but to be honest even the OG never trhilled me .... for basses , including acid style , the SH was the go to and way more
  10. Hi guyz , i was wondering the best time to upgrade its v collection , price now is great (99 $) but i was wondering if V colection 10 is around the corner and when the drop it , is it 99 upgrade also ? (if so i will wait) I think last time they offered V 9 + minifreak (witch i so wich i grabbed , i thougth they would do it again but then they offered the acid crap )
  11. Hi guyz , i'm considering getting rid of everything i don't need / use .... Protools being one of those things , i have a perpetual licence of PT 12.5.x .. and wanted to sell it : Is it like a regular ILOk based plugin transfert or de we have to transfert the ownership ect ... iv'e read the article about that but they say A and B Pro Tools Software (version 9 and higher), Pro Tools M-Powered, Pro Tools Express, Plug-ins & other audio related software Avid will transfer ownership of Pro Tools software, and Pro Tools Upgrade Plans (any licenses that are part of a Plan or Bundle will be included). This will change the registered owner, move iLok licenses to the buyer’s iLok account, and provide related software downloads in the buyer’s Avid account. In order to be eligible for Pro Tools transfer of ownership the seller must be a registered owner of Pro Tools. If eligibility is met, then follow the below steps: 1. Purchase an “Avid Support Code: Pro Tools software” for $39.95 at shop.avid.com/ccrz__ProductDetails?sku=AR-AV-ASCPTL-00 - if transferring an active Upgrade Plan you can use its System ID instead (limit of 5 licenses per form and ASC/SID) 2. Complete this transfer of ownership form and submit via case at avid.force.com/ASC (for ASCs) or my.avid.com/sso/Salesforce (for System IDs) 3. As the seller, you MUST deactivate all licenses from an iLok key so that they are in the account only 4. Avid will send a confirmation e-mail to both the seller and the buyer when the transaction is completed Additional Info: • Some licenses can be transferred directly by the seller using iLok License Manager. If you do not wish to have Avid document a change in ownership, you may simply use the iLok License Manager application to transfer these iLok licenses to another account. Go to ilok.com to see the current license transfer fees. • Pro Tools Subscriptions cannot be transferred.
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