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  1. so true at least i'm trying to not pay and get annoyed with mircosft account creation , face recognition and all that crap lol
  2. It's not a question of price windows 10 is like to be linked to nsa for real lol security and privacy is gone , i'm good with windows 8 and i ain't moving for studio one lol !!!! I will once i buy new laptop , i will also update the desktop
  3. sounds good ...it smells K13 will be dope
  4. They must be using some kb that are not present in win 7 but usually win 8 has the sale oackage as 10 ...anyway i ain t touching the system for now .
  5. So by doung that , do you lose the qbility to use v4 ?
  6. Windows 8.1 here , not supported but is it working ? If not , gas will selfdestruct lol .
  7. 149 $ for S1 4 pro users ? really ? studio one full can be that price when on BF sale ...they're just pushing sub or what ?
  8. I don't care about that to , when matrixdropped in sonar , also , BUT , the thing i've found exellent is to create a song structure in live style mode recoridng the perf ..it's so great , fast and leads you to diffrent vibes than the more rationnal way of doing it , the question is can we rexord the live perf in S1 , if not they mlissed it completly
  9. just watched the live stream ....a matrix like view (more advanced) and a lot of great features , for me the key is the lsiten bus (aka ARC , sonarworks monitoring solution to skip master ) a long time awaited feature.... they just also release sphere concept witch is great but subrciption
  10. This is the key imho , neural dsp and stl tones , have this approach of narrowing moves tone wise based on professional tastes (or like you would do) so in fact those are like starting presets already from start .... and this is where it shines , it sounds already the way i would try to make it .... i like dry (no cabinet resonance) in your face well balanced sounds to be able to easily mix post prod .... PA stuff are a pain in that aspect ...ik is exellent but i had to make my own presets for each amps as a starting point (cabinets , speakers, mics ) ect ...neural and stl tones are just Time saver and fun provider ...witch values the asking price .
  11. Zo

    My king, where art thou

    You re right , daw is the most important piece ....
  12. Zo

    My king, where art thou

    Hey Marc check last neural'dsp release
  13. Lol so the goal is to go viral ? I thought i was about emotion and interraction ....ooops ...
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