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  1. Zo

    UAD HOT 50 Sale

    Ah ok , i had a vaucher that was displaying on my card , it s gone now of course lol once the 50 % started lol So any idea when they give some time to time ? The 32 c is the last plugin i need / want and maybe the alignement tool that i missed on sale last time ...
  2. Zo

    UAD HOT 50 Sale

    Any coupon availlable ?
  3. Zo

    Waves WUP Sale - 25% Off

    Wup is only usefull if you aboslutly need for os , or can have new plugins , if not those scenarios , just move on ...
  4. Zo

    Waves WUP Sale - 25% Off

    If i wup i wouldn t be able to use last addition to mercury since i m still windows 8 here .... anybody can comment on cpu hit for echosphere and kaleidoscope ?
  5. Zo

    Waves WUP Sale - 25% Off

    No it's when you have a component that has a lot of dayz reamining , witch is the case of last cla stuff , unselecting this dropped me to 180 , and 159 from Koby
  6. Zo

    Waves WUP Sale - 25% Off

    problem being if i include a recent one the wup jump from 180 to 300 euros
  7. in fact it's not much a delay in the sens of echo but more like a doubler / chorus / flanger / phaser ....(everything under 30 ms of delay ) That said roland dimension , roland boss brigade chorus ect can make that
  8. Bapu do you have the delay , pretty unik also
  9. cpu hit , if it's like weiss i'm out , by the way if anybody want to buy weiss / summit / holla at me
  10. If you guyz knows the name , just call the cops nope ?
  11. yeah that suprised me as well , wondering if green owner have one for red ?
  12. yeah i never paid attention to the green one un til i test the uad !! loved it , tried the native : 100 % same , now i need it as plan B on the go !
  13. Already have it , i think i paid 49 back then or some , still too much ... waiting for the green one ....
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