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  1. Suite upgrade is availlable also , guyz it says ara 2 supported , doesnt it mean it support ara 2 3 rd partyy stuff or does soundforge is integrated for exelple in studio one like melodyne ...?
  2. ...That i always forgot to use ....it s in my amp folder ...that s why !!
  3. Needed an usb one but depending on your price this might be an additionnal consideration ....
  4. Zo

    IK Mixbox

    Woaw how did i missed this launch lol ...been super busy ...this one looks exellent .... i don t think it s redundant with what amplitube and tracks proposes , it s finally what i think should have been done , a way to get those two to interacte quikly ... It s really a product that answers a typical phase in production that i love .... this pahse when you want to build quick clothes to sounds and let thel printvtheir style in the mix later ... Congrats !! @Peter , do younthink we can expect amplitube to integrate this type of rack in the futur and tracks as well ? ( amp stuff in tracks and tracks stuff in amplitube )?
  5. the only other deal noticeable is 13 for 999 (basically 10+3 free)
  6. the 10 plugins pack is cool but the 10 +3 might be the same offer in fact when checking the "per plugin" price since it's 999 euros for 13 plugins ..
  7. Zo

    I miss Larry Shelby

    Word on the street is that he s running for president ....
  8. Nice choice Tony , i m mixing a projet and basiclaly all i need is ssl sometime , in my case console 1 version , but the PA one is as good imho ...
  9. Zo

    Not a Deal : De ploser plugin

    Yep i know but you know how lazy we are now lol .... shame on me since i edited a lot of that take in soundforge to clean things around i should have done it then ...
  10. Zo

    Not a Deal : De ploser plugin

    Thks guyz , not really into using editor ...i knew about the accusonis so gonna check the zynaptic , but scared to check the price ....
  11. Hi friends , just wanted to know if you guyz know an efficient de ploser plugin or processor I know Duende Vocalstrip has one and RX 8 but anything else working great ?
  12. Give it some time , studio was 990 euros at start , i bougth it 750 becaus ei knew distributor , and it went down finally ... i think we can expect a price lowering unless covid 20 comes lol ....
  13. Zo

    Overloud Voice

    i know that's why overloud gets my attention .
  14. Zo

    Overloud Voice

    Cpu hit .....
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