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  1. MOre seriously , if they release a 32c channel strip at 199 they will kill it but they won t to keep selling their daw itch is understandable .... 1500 ? console 1 uad twin fader one = fun ...
  2. Just when you thougth we ve seen it all with the PA thing ... gift from the sky ....
  3. Congrats , started to watch the preset tour and really like the grit , distortion , almost organic guitar like stufff ... lol will check it tomorow more deeply ...
  4. Zo

    Waves Top 20 Sale

    i have put the diode 250 before and engaged it when needed
  5. Zo

    Waves Top 20 Sale

    And doesn't it looks super nice ? Grem check this preset also and tell me
  6. Zo

    Waves Top 20 Sale

    Thks grem , i'm testing them as i type , and the V9 and Dallas are great for my taste , kinda boxy and mid heavy but i graviated around their IR only , yep i noticed the Bias and playing with it , there some sonic jump when i tweak those ..lol Plini has the tone i like , and i managed to get pretty the same vibe with TH3 bad boy , one of my fav ...
  7. Zo

    Waves Top 20 Sale

    yep stange the omnichannel isn't in the top 20 lol Anyway i don't see a lot of talking about teh waves PRS , anything to consider on those or skip .?
  8. Zo

    Cubase 10 Pro for free

    Good to know , do you think if you would have waited until 10.5 it would have worked ? by the way bapu if younfind a way to have overlapping audio clip to play both clips at the same time , i m open ...
  9. Zo

    Cubase 10 Pro for free

    lol Bapu is in another league lol i might try that too lol still got one licence kept /... but i doubt we can jump from one version to another , only half step ?!!! 0.5 nope ?
  10. Lol is it a free plugin or a limited demo ? Free plugin i might understand , a demo , they can kiss my .. hate that type of stuff ...
  11. Zo

    Cubase 10 Pro for free

    Weren t you keeping the 10 to get the 10.5 ?
  12. trying it as i type , it ask me to create an account ..and in this account the ask a lot of stuff including cel phone ect ...wtf *%?, just for a demo !!
  13. why , is there an update already since 1 week ?
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