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  1. ouch nah jokes apart great purchase ....
  2. Do you own the comp 76 ?
  3. @Soundwise if you want that snappy 1176 stick under 3 db of GR for a drum kits when kiks kik in /.... lol The VU isn't that fast as others so you will not matched setting by looking at GR meter
  4. For that price you can't go wrong , i do find it's not a groovy one like Overloud .... alos cpu hit is on the higher note for a PA plugins but due to oversampling and quality I do think it shine on acoustic drums mastering the kicks andgiving that cymbals shine ..... and snap to snares ... Gonna try it aginst the overloud on electronic stuff ....
  5. Did ya got it at 25 $ ? It has a tendancy to exite the highs ..and attack lows pretty easy , exellent when need but just beware of that ... of course you can play with the sidechain for lows detections .... For me the key is that it sounds great from start , tweaking is fast .... the overloud being the one of that mojo and the Fet from softube still a beast ... Elysia Mpressor gets also underatted like crazy ... Testing testing for another video
  6. This purple is one of the best 1176 itb ....
  7. Not sure for this one , PA went strange since few sales ...
  8. I don t think you can cumulate both vauchers ...
  9. I have an engl 646 pluginfor sale by the way .... as well as elysia nvelope elysia museq millena tcl2 bx console E bx pan eq bx saturator x Voila just wanted to spam Larry s post lol
  10. it's a sign ...move on !!!
  11. I want to do a video on it Fleer but i know it s gonna last for ever lol
  12. I was talking about the waves ... i hope ik will not go convo on everything , the tapes are a pain because they sound great and can t be used that much until you prioritise or bounce .... can t afford to have amplitude and reverb doing the same , i skipped the brian may because of cpu hit , shame so it sounds great ...
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