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  1. Ying yang brothers ....
  2. He can t. Word on the street says that the older one is around reading the forum lol .... Larry got its personnal familial NSA
  3. @cclarry you know that we're worst than kids around here in the forum lol .....
  4. Here we go i know what it is , i'm handling 3 (mine) since wife back to work , no small ones but 10 /13/15 i'm exhausted as well ....
  5. One thing i can say ...it s gonna be expensive lol no hw , no rythm , no ect.... subscription !!!!
  6. Look really cool , really diging it , same here waiting , you reminded me to sell some solos before upgrade (straylight ect ...)
  7. EQ wise , you know the quality of Sonnox stuff , pro thing , Pro Q has dynamic , but the big selling point of claro is workflow , this is where it shines and all the work have been made .... Claro is imho 80 % of pro q and wayyyy more ....i wish i done a video on it , it was planned but with the zillion videos already out i think it has been already covered , unless people think it wasn't done as deeply as it should ....
  8. Seems like SSL wanna hurt Sonnox new release that is imho way more superior to x eq
  9. Damn i wish i could get the same prices here in EU !!!! will get one for sure , no 4tb nvme yet ? This one is for bapu for sure !!
  10. Zo

    ToonTracks New EZBX!!

    Actually thinking (as so many times already) really getting myself a real bass , and start learning and playing , at least for simple basslines pretty sure i can handle it (lol what a confidence ahahah) , anyone in EU tried the Harley benton stuff they're cheap and have great reviews , or should i go yamaha or miller or cort ect /.... as a beginner
  11. Zo

    ToonTracks New EZBX!!

    Bapu to the rescue .... this should be a saying !!
  12. Yep people don't usually know that losing too much weight in short time is very very dangerous !!! Anyway you look great now !! Now the question is how the playing goes lol ?
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