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  1. Zo

    EastWest 60% off

    By the way , welcome back oncle L how the fam and ya are good ...!!
  2. Zo

    EastWest 60% off

    I m not really pleased with goshtwriter , a lot of preset are a joke like prest A prest A with reverb preset A wit amp ect .... so at the end a lot of clutter search for very few diversity imho ... the guitars are ok but since i got amplesound , i ain t even touching those ... Darkside is the same kind of stuff , gtr amps all around , just get your sound into amplitube and do your thing imho ...
  3. Zo

    EastWest 60% off

    Larry is no joke , i ll call it "no joke L"
  4. Missed the sale , mind on too many stuff nowdayz , if anybody have an extra licence i'll buy , upgrade from pro 10.5 to 11 that was in promo actually back 99 $
  5. Zo

    EastWest 60% off

    Don t really need those but getting the new engine might be interesting , just gotta check if the thing is winodws 8 compatible.
  6. Crazy is that i don't really feel dissonances , more like its own dynamic tuning , brilliant !!
  7. Going back to basics here ..... click next for next songs .... and see how everything after got inspired some way from this guy
  8. so pleased there's really some superb one, the lofi comp is a must have !!
  9. exact the SL88 surprised me as well , but it really shines one libraries well done like this one , i also love how the managed the round robin , in kontakt even the random sounds algo if you know what i mean , here not only the samples are great but the round robin algo is not vulgarous !!
  10. Sounds superb , and YES !! the playability , this is what i hear , finally something usable ..... from what i hear .. Problem with blocks layout that i also love is that it is purely for keyboard players , if you have a pad controller , you're in for some serious mamping and pre prod selection ....
  11. By the way triton extreme is yours if you own trition !! Installed on windows 8 , working .... seems authorised since my triton is *.... not gonna play with others ....
  12. no go windows 10 only , problem is center launch and ask me to update but installing the update for the center doesn't update it !! i guess i'll stick to V2 , my concern is the center now asking for update instead of allowing at least to use it !
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