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  1. Citizen Regen


    Another song by Citizen Regen Ken "Zargg" Nilsen - Vocals, Guitar Dave "bitflipper" Townsend - Keys Kai Steines - Guitars Ed "Bapu" Kocol - Bass Hugo Ribeiro - Drums Verse 1: The walking dead roam the earth free Alone in my head is all I can be Pre Chorus: Everything is out of control Nothing feels whole Chorus: The feeling is chronic Everyone is catatonic Disruption in the human harmonic With this dread of being catatonic Verse 2: Will I ever run or jump again Or is this darkness the beginning of the end Bridge: My eyes are closed can't see a thing My legs won't move to this bed they cling My arms are heavy and dead to me It's as if I've ceased to be Verse 3: Everyone says "you need to be strong" I've not been that for so very long
  2. Citizen Regen

    Death Spiral

    Before Kai Steines joined the band we asked Ryan Pearce to help us out on a song. Lyrics and credits are below. Ken Nilsen - Vocals Dave Townsend - Keys Ed Kocol - Bass Ryan Pearce - Guitars Hugo Ribeiro - Drums Death Spiral © 2022 Citizen Regen Verse 1: Trash in the streets was our first crime That formed a long line, of our behavior Pre Chorus 1: Now we're running out of time To diffuse this global land mine Chorus 2: Our planet is on a death spiral Our abuses went totally viral What will it take to become sterile And back away from our death spiral Verse 2: Never forget the pain of the past Small victories may be the last of our lifetime Repeat Pre Chorus Repeat Chorus Bridge: Never turn away, never give up the day Whatever comes our way, we'll make light from the grey Verse 3: Old guard leaders haven't a clue They don't know what to do about the future Repeat Pre Chorus Repeat Chorus Verse 4: Time will tell if we survive If we will be alive, to see all our tomorrows Repeat Pre Chorus Repeat Chorus Repeat Chorus
  3. We welcome Kai Steines permanently to the fold taking over the guitar duties. As always Hugo Ribeiro joins us on drums. Storm The Gates © 2022 Citizen Regen Ken Nilsen - Vocals Kai Steines - Guitars Dave Townsend - Keyboards Ed Kocol - Bass Hugo Ribeiro - Drums Verse 1 Let the enemy think we're sleeping All the while in the night we're creeping in on them PreChorus Take them by surprise And see the fear in their eyes Chorus Storm the gates of hell And we'll be free again Storm the gates, go and tell Our Brothers and Sisters this is the end of tyranny Verse 2 Our numbers are growing every day We will take our fight all the way to the very end PreChorus 2 Chorus 2 Solo 1 Verse 3 Tomorrow will be a new beginning We will have much more than just winning the battle PreChorus 3 Chorus 3 Chorus 4 Solo 2 Chorus 5 Outtro
  4. Shameless plugs are now allowed outdoors without masks. New music by the band formerly known as BJZ.
  5. Citizen Regen (formerly BJZ) core members are now: Ken Nilsen (Zargg) , Dave Townsend (bitflipper)and Ed Kocol (bapu) Ken Nilsen - Vocals, Guitars Dave Townsend - Keys Ed Kocol - Bass Special Guests: Hugo Ribiero - Drums Tom Deering - Lead Guitar Babylon Is Rising (c) 2021 Citizen Regen Verse 1: One world one people was always the goal Chasing the dream straight down the rabbit hole PreChorus: It won't take long For things to go wrong Chorus: Babylon is rising it's clear to me Critical thinking has been cancelled today It doesn't matter what we think or see There's a crowd that will spin it their way Babylon is rising I'm here to say Verse 2: False idols and theories on the fringe Are the recipes to become unhinged Repeat PreChorus: Repeat Chorus: Bridge: We need to find common ground Before we utter another sound of dissent We need to find common ground Before we utter another sound of dissent Before we utter another sound of dissent Solo Synth Solo Guitar Short PreChorus: It won't take long Repeat Choruses: Outro Guitar Solo
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