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  1. or you can start it in full DAW and no need to move it
  2. I wouldn't be surprised. Red is a little more expensive and newer in release so they probably assume people targeting red already have green...
  3. The same story about me. It is a lame red one owners don't have any discount for green one...
  4. Still some time to March. I guess no reason to rush things? I am from different country so cannot help with searching for address of the family but there are different ways to try. I generally - as already mentioned - not a follower of changing purpose of impulse from heart, especially from something what requires urgent help to something what could wait - whatever beautiful it seems to be or is named...
  5. Piotr

    PSP oldTimerMB

    Guys, it is not PSP oldTimer but PSP oldTimerMB. Pretty different beast
  6. I believe many reason of such terrible approach to customer raises from lack of proper and strong feedback. They are not many companies over whole world that have built-in self improvement in their gens. And trying to do state of with art everything they do. Usually they are focusing on what they are trying to deliver, underestimating the rest. It is in fact hardly seen in big companies at all as they have many departments, people, procedures, passive approach to feedback (waiting for complains, counting them and reacting to counters in they development). Of course it looks like logical approach at first glance, complex product, big company lots of work,so you must chose what do do first... But they often miss what should be really important as user experience is more than just putting something to input and getting great output. I have some plugins that I am using more not because they are the best from my collection but providing the best experience... They can hear several guys like us complaining but they read enthusiastic reviews how good it is, where more likely nobody bold things like terrible installers blindly and stupidly trashing disk with all possible versions everywhere (like McDSP and many others), like providing poor support for download (IK requires payment for libs after some time, but JST is permanently cutting off download after year, you bought so bye), like reasonable upgrade paths for customers who invested already lots of money, or those who are promising fake loyalty coupons (which are worthless as not working during deals where any person gets the same price and lower than catalog price - voucher) etc... What I am trying to say here is if we would have a way to convince them such things are more important, if for instance review authors also could take such things into accounts when giving a rating, it would be game changer. We are not strong enough to change it just with some random complains.... For instance, reviewer probably think, install you are using once and done so not so important to mention about it. But it only means lack of understanding whole process, like wasting time to clean manually, lack of control over our own environment and repeating with every next update. Also upgrade paths... How many reviews did you read where there were compared cost of products and also upgrade paths?
  7. Piotr

    Pulsar Audio 1178

    Yup, I am also appreciating such things like changing layout to current needs not keeping not usable in given context buttons, knobs or so... Real hardware cannot make its knobs to disappear but why trying to keep every stupid limitation of real hw and move it to virtual world where there are no limitations so everything should be adjusted to provide at first look things working in given context. Not to mess picture with things which are not working. While I like vintage things and appreciate saving the good about it I completely do not understand why forcing to keep also its limitations?
  8. So we need to collect little more interested guys and ask T guys about group buy?
  9. I use it from time to time. It is great thing which is influencing groove, not just volume. To be honest whatever I got from Kush never regret . Although the best approach as always if possible is to get demo and check by yourself as different people have something different taste so the best is to believe your own ears
  10. Good stuff... My only complains is lack of option to resize. Sometimes too hard to see for my poor eyes. EDIT: For people who hate iLok, they require it although no dongle needed.
  11. Piotr

    SSL Essentials Bundle

    I believe they think the same and that's why they have entered Waves prices zone
  12. yup, demo is pretty terrible, very discouraging. No point to waste time and money if even creators are not able to do anything useful.
  13. Piotr

    SSL UF8

    Seems like they lost opportunity... They are SSL... They could (and should ) introduce for such price something with more knobs and looking as SSL console and also with soft for emulation of their circuits... Something similar to Console 1 + Console 1 Fader concept together but with look of SSL real console + DAW utility controls.
  14. True, this is one of things I like in THU as well. I wish they improved search RIGs though. It looks like another thing not completed. They introduced nice categorizing with color dot (clean to high gain) but not way to use it as filter in search. One needs it do by own eyes... Something I am thinking that not lack of time for developing but lack of imagination is the real reason of all those shortcomings...
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