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  1. That's so true... So many attempts to copy things already copied hundreds times... And so similar designs . Almost no things unique to overpass real hardware limitations... There are infinite possibilities of sound but devels make us to be stuck still in the same flavors another tens years...
  2. Currently everywhere Just pick any rock up and bum... another one...
  3. Piotr

    Mogwai Multi Gate

    Looks interesting although I have some concerns...
  4. Piotr

    PA Amek 9099

    Please do We see clear visual difference between this one and the others. The question how about sound difference ?
  5. Piotr

    Slate Metatune

    Zo, you probably hate any subs but for sub owners it is good to have complete suite to work with and not to be forced to buy something more. Although saying that, of course collectors will buy anyway everything. We need 100 EQs and every single SSL emulation Doesnt need to work at all, we just need to have it, not use it
  6. For all in doubts thinking about price take into consideration support for updates... So far all upgrades are free so it is more and more good investments considering usability of this plugin. Something like Melda's approach or AA's... If you bought their plugin it could transform in something much more powerful in some months/years but you don't need to invest more ever... It is not only fixing bugs... I like it
  7. mama mia... why not 29$ ? r they aware about world standards ?
  8. Great to have you again here The place without you was like stripped from its soul
  9. duplicated, sorry
  10. Sorry, indeed I went through all presets, played with it and missed 'in action' . Used only standalone version so far. It is eating 7-8% of my cpu (which is i5 4460 @3,2GHz ).
  11. Wow... Seems their pages overloaded, happy I was fast enough to load demo... I am afraid after playing for several minutes ... I will not able not to buy this thing... It bites but it is not harsh as others and really great sounding... with sustain stretched like rubber. And lots ( I mean lots) of nice presets...
  12. although pretty price for just 1 amp but it is slo100 so if it is good emulation... the real thing sounds so amazing on records... I have nembrini slo, ik slo and STL slo emulations (&maybe others I forgot?). And I like definitely STL the most. Although none of them to my ears is really close to what I can hear from real slo 100 or even synergy module But as never was so lucky to be real thing user, can only use other guys work and kindness to hear how it sounds alone and unprocessed. Yeah, AT5 is great for a money but the same thing was true for AT4. To be honest I have no motivation for upgrade at all. AT5 and AT4 sound very different even when checking with AT5 CS but for some emulation actually I prefer AT4. And having AT4MAX price for upgrading to even AT5 is instant deal breaker for me atm. I think when there would be a deal available to go to AT5 I will still be keeping AT4 for some uses - not mentioning AT5 is still buggy and very slowly loading so to have a pleasure of play I prefer AT4 or STL things.
  13. But maybe this one will be the right one Zillya thing claims (in virustotal tool) installer has Backdoor.Bladabindi.Win32.17008. Hm, false positive or maybe they are mining bitcoins for cortex production 🤔
  14. edit: codes work. just my session expired, after relogin it is ok
  15. Investment in Melda's things has one crucial benefit. They don't require any additional payment with any version advancement. So if they are improving algorithms or functionality you are getting them free of charge. Owner of their plugins can feel appreciated for that reason similar like for Acustica Audio. And maybe they are not the prettiest but really powerful and useful. And they GUI as is written as shared by all plugins library has this advantage that with update is applied to all plugins at once. Unlike PA plugins which older and newer plugins are often like day and night difference about options for the same type of plugin.
  16. Piotr

    ChowDSP KLON Centaur

    This is funny video about hardware:
  17. Yep, I saw, but still embarrassing way of treating their more involved users... You cannot do this in any legit way, you need to use a trick and buy additional trash... This is not looking like appreciation for their user investing more... But it came with a price... I intentionally invested more to get threshold for $50 voucher then they changed their policy making it pretty useless trash and was regretting not having $25 one... But stopped to buy anything for months and now I have again $25 voucher (although they didn't give me as soon as my $50 v threshold expired but with a 'penalty' month). And what's more thanks to my break I don;t feel such desire to buy I can do it with pretty calm mind (GAS excluded for PA If they delivered deals for $50 voucher user I would probably spend a lot o money buying just because of temptations. And maybe evem spent more than having subscription 🤣 So in fact I can thank them I have bb v1 and like v2 but don't feel any temptation to buy it now, I can wait till BF or more. No problem. This is how company can help to treat GAS
  18. well, it depends.... if you have $50 voucher or $75 (meaning you invested more in PA things) you are bad... 😛
  19. and free bonus also applies: "GET A FREE SOUNDSENSE LIBRARY worth $43.99 WHEN YOU SPEND $24 OR MORE!"
  20. or for $9.99 at JRR: https://www.jrrshop.com/air-music-tech-drum-synth-500
  21. or you can start it in full DAW and no need to move it
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