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  1. Wow, wow, wow... Devels are working harder than when our beloved DAW was paid... Excellent update seems to be coming to us
  2. I am using the same strategy with EZKeys. Only 1 sound pack on bigger sale bought. Only buying MIDI packs and using them as MIDI track to feed other piano VSTi which I already have... But.... In this case I am afraid it could be not such simple... Straight notes probably no problem... But articulation things I wouldn't expect other bass VSTi react exact in the same way and sound the same way...
  3. And also few others in the same price. Using UG15 code even lower (-15%). https://ugritone.com/collections/midipacks/products/progressive-death-metal-essentials-midi-pack https://ugritone.com/collections/midipacks/products/deathcore-essentials-midi-pack https://ugritone.com/collections/midipacks/products/hc-essentials-drum-midi-pack https://ugritone.com/collections/midipacks/products/skate-punk-essentials-midi-groove-pack
  4. Hm, I must say... I am very disappointed... I was excited about Fender amp RIG but after hearing demo I just don't want it... Not interesting sound and not fenderish... While I respect Choptones guys for great job they should concern better demo video preparation... Still the same guy with the same tricks but different amps and different guitars sometimes shine when used differently... Not so many guitar players are so versatile that are able to provide all possible sounds. I think a session player could show much more... I know such guys like Wayne Krantz are rather pricey (although sounding like million dollars:) but there are now available so many session player stacked at their home so I guess there would be a chance for cost effective deal. And because there is no demo for RIG so no way to give it the second chance... The other RIG is showed with much more skills but still boring and after looking other video demos of other RIGs I am little tired constant soloing with switching presets in between... Why not play simple and characteristic motives for a preset? Who cares about scales, zylion notes/per second if she/he would like to judge quickly if another RIG really gives anything more Hm, or maybe it is only me and the others think those videos are brilliant ? πŸ€”
  5. Yep, I am aware, but current situation in my country is still not quite predictable. Not sure if when I will be moving to my prev location. If in few months I will go for it (anyway interesting how fast Waves would react and permit for it) but if it will be June I will survive somehow with 'thousand' of other plugins... But of course for some reason when I have no access I would like to use some Waves plugins badly Stupid human nature
  6. It is kind of my habit to forget about something... Sometimes towel, sometimes shaver, sometimes ilok... Not proud of that, maybe packing last minute is not best approach...
  7. To be honest it will be solved totally only when I have 2 licenses πŸ™‚ Unless I have usb stick implanted under my skin πŸ˜›
  8. Don't be so cruel I didn't think of it and constantly moved licenses from comp to cloud and then in other location opposite direction... Now I feel sorry I didn't buy any dedicated usb stick for it. Anyway I could forget to grab it with me as well but after few times forgetting of iLok I pay more attention when packing things for move
  9. Well, maybe kind of "devil's" advocate job is tempting so I would like to express little different opinion... First of all, let's not forget they started 29$ revolution and without it many manufacturers would like still to sell with very high prices and having nothing to compare we would buy it... Another thing, yes, this deal is disappointing, after a short happy moment reading comments I realized what it really is... But... They just started... It doesn't matter too much it is bad deal as it will not hurt us, we will no buy and that's all. Nothing will change. What matter here imho is they started to consider providing 2 licenses for one plugin. First try probably will fail... from our point of view and also from theirs... But some time ago they started to consider completely different model of selling, different main target (not only profi but also homie and they gave us possibility to buy many great plugins for really affordable prices Believe me, I am really for getting more licenses as currently I cannot access my plugins as leaving my previous location 2 months ago I forgot to move them to cloud πŸ˜• So currently I have what they gave free lately... But I am looking optimistic. They will observe market reaction and I believe their next moves will be more interesting... Anyway they picked kind of aggressive model of selling so they need to provide constantly something new and tempting... Sooner or later they will come to us with much better offers about it
  10. I hate them! I would like it to try now, at once... No wait anymore... Probably I would prefer not to know about , as nothing new just adding stress not having it yet, grrr.... They could add at least little bit more info every day of waiting... Not just pain to waiting πŸ˜•
  11. Don't be sad There will be some nice deals for Kontakt. I got it as crossgrade deal to library which gave me such possibility. But there are also free ones which can give it Sooner or later you will grab it anyway as it not only provides platform for many great plugins but also come with some nice and usable samples
  12. The answer is the question... Are you sure you will use it ever after buy? If not it is not worth any price... If you have something similar to ProQ3, I truly doubt it... Yes it has additional tools but will you use EQ just to use them? And those tools are also available in other PA plugins...
  13. Piotr

    PA Amek EQ 200 Info

    I fully agree Even if there is any clear difference often there are doubts for pricey plugins if that difference is worth such money... Or sometimes in blind test not beeing under marketing spells which one actually sounds better Or another point do I need every color possible to use to do what I want?
  14. Nope, only Kontakt without a player Player needs to buy license for Kontakt first
  15. Go, go, Zo o I was little discouraged by their reaction to my report few years ago about problem with presets in VST3. In fact lack of nay reaction. Many many month later issue still existed... So if they didin't listen to I just stopped to wait and started to ignore their VST3 and use only VST2 version. But lost my believe they really care about constant improvement... Seemed to me like thinking is way: they can sell anyway so why additional effort to do everything already released better? Notice how long we are waiting for bigger windows to be able actually see any numbers/letters on smaller screens... People are using laptops on their road ... I know, I know we should use ears... But it is only half of true... Using also eyes make process much faster and less painful. And more reliable because it is easy to fatigue hearing... And to be honest my eyes are not very sharp so I need bigger things to feel comfortable Yup, understood... But you probably know how it feels when somebody is saying to you I have great news, you will be very exited but... well... I cannot say you anything πŸ˜› I believe such kind of messengers in Ancient Greek were treated in the first place as legends are saying
  16. Grrr... Zo, you are always doing this πŸ˜› Giving some a rumor but no even small details what is making people so curious... Anyway PA could learn from Melda for sure one thing, some sharing libraries for GUIs... If they are fixing something it relates to all their plugins at once... Clever and convenient... In PA plugs there is terrible mess... Some newest amps have switch to turn off included IRs (instead worst idea ever to click over long list), rest not. Some has possibility to resizes, others not Even inside the same brand... I hope you mean something like this.... Resize for all ! Turn off IR switch for all, Advanced features for all plugins of the same type... External side chain for all dynamic plugins And free voucher for all
  17. Ha, interesting trick... They started adding to their RIGs new virtual gears... In Soldano RIG there is also Micropitch Pedal added which is not included in full TH-U And in Brit Silver Jub and Mad-in-Italy MK50 there is added SL Guitar EQ...
  18. Piotr

    2 New Amps from PA

    Yup! Everybody has her/his own needs and taste so we have plenty of choices and more variety on the market which results in more deals But anyway please let us know if you still like it after tests
  19. Piotr

    2 New Amps from PA

    Hm, are they blind somehow? Even on those demos one can see easily how stupid and painful is linear long list of cabs to change one to another... They hired antiworkflow officer or what? Anyway from my perspective nothing to be exited but still ancient design mistakes... I am pretty happy not feeling any need to buy another amp sim Maybe after crossing threshold 1.3 zylion sims GAS is decreasing?
  20. The ribbon thing letting blend between 2 settings of different knobs positions, can be also MIDI controlled. Quite interesting approach And sounds great not only on guitars but also on pianos or even vocal. Edit: Forgot mention I like it on strings as well
  21. Piotr

    Intro to EZBass Video

    Totally agree I remember I asked XLN few years ago to provide functionality for AD2 to read audio and generate matched groove for accents. This is direction I am always after Be able to avoid hard and tedious work with preparation tracks for instruments I cannot play at decent quality and get it generated by program Another instruments would be very, very welcome So in 2040 all musicians replaced by AI and in 2050 all audience replaced by AI
  22. Peter, Peter, will be Mic Room extended by more models and further improved, please? This plugin has such great potential
  23. This 'issue' is overdemonized... Solution is very simple and used by pros for years... If project is done just print your tracks with effects into stems and that's all. If you wanted to remix the project after some years you would most likely use your favorites plugins at that time - not those used years ago (otherwise you would have still using them, right? To keep all old plugs working you would also to freeze your OS or pay for updates (not every brand has Melda's policy) but what if you would like to buy new super speed machine to run zylion plugins... Etc... Fear about subs will be not possible in some years si similar to fear about your plugin you won stop work after some updates, manufacture will consider it obsolete without support or maybe new version of plugin working on updated for some reason (new device drivers not working) is not setting compatible and remixing is necessary, brand can disappear in a few years and kept version not working anymore as license server is not working etc... Zylion things can happen in future... I know, subs haters could feel need to crash me for what I have written, but please have mercy I belong to both sides I have Slate sub (and very happy of that) and own zylion of PA, Waves, etc plugins (unfortunately many of them are not used by me so it was huge waste of money - could buy easily hw gear instead of it). We can continue the discussion in some years later to see what fears actually are right... Not trying to convince anybody who is not-convince-able about it. I am not payed by any subs devil Anyway I like to own plugins because I am heavily infected by GAS and collectors syndrome but the more I am thinking and calculating about money spent, well... And more new great plugins are coming... Everyone has her/his own preferred model and money to spend so we are picking the choice we like and believe the more... Just it is efficient and wise to be aware of all sides of the thing... Especially for not very experienced guys it is good to consider all possibilities in their situation not just follow 'the only good way' because everybody on forum hates subs... Kind of similar to discusses about top-down mixing Some people believe it is most efficient way and the others quite opposite Music is goal, plugins are only tools... It is important to ensure business continuity after years and if anybody feels it is for her/him the only way to own everything what used for any project and can afford it so its her/his choice. Subs are making possibility for people like like hobbyists and small home studios to get for small money all plugs from manufactures at once without heavy investment... And without big risks... Don't need to worry about selling or paying for updates...
  24. Hm, I personally cannot see any problem with subs especially low priced as it can be just canceled after month or anytime with just 1 month pay risk. So it could be very interesting... But... But this specific sub has two big disadvantages for me... 1. They are fixed collection and pre-selected by PA guys what not necessary refers to my personal taste (some of those collection tested and completely not impressed). So telling 40 or whatever number is just marketing... The real number is related to plugins you would use... As always... Not all of PA plugins are at the same quality unfortunately... 2. I have a lot of PA stuff already so from whole that collection only 2 plugins are interesting for me so $10/month to use 2 plugins I like... Well, definitely it is not intended for those of us who are heavily armed with PA plugs... It would be another story if - PA, are you watching to our forum? - it would be any 40 plugs picked by subscriber... Of course it would be even more welcome if possibility to change picked plugs at least once per month granted
  25. But... but.. Larry... I checked on Presonus pages and it seems Jim Odom and Brian Smith are owners of Presonus (at least they founded it) so is this a giveaway intended only for those nice two guys?
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