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  1. Use code TSJAN10 to get an extra 10% off 20% off Hyperion Brass Micro
  2. KILOHEARTS - Save up to 50% on selected plug-ins | Distortion, Faturator, Nonlinear Filter & Phase Distortion OVERLOUD - Save 40% on new TH-U RockGuy Pack ZERO-G - Save 70% on Ethera EVI 1.5. Customers who buy EVI 1.5 can then use code EVI2UP to purchase Ethera EVI 2.0 for 40% less SONUSCORE - 50% off Lyrical Violin Phrases SOUNDIRON - Save 35% on new Verve | Vintage analog sounds of the quirky Jen Brio 61-CS Don't forget to use code TSJAN10 to see if you can save an extra 10% on your order. Valid until 31st January 2022 at 23:59pm GMT.
  3. https://www.timespace.com/collections/sonuscore/products/sonuscore-lyrical-violin-phrases
  4. Hi Zo, Toontrack don't sell that as an education variant, which means we don't either (mainly because it's already discounted for people who own an EZkeys instrument already). But, drop support@timespace.com an email and mention this conversation and we'll see what we can do for you
  5. Use code TSJAN10 to get an extra 10% off. Valid until 31st January at 23:59pm GMT. https://www.timespace.com/
  6. Exclusive 25% off Audiomodern Riffer 20% off new Sonuscore Ancient Duduk Phrases - Ends today Exclusive extra 40% off Bela D Media - Ends tomorrow 70% off Slate Digital Classic Tubes 3 Up to 50% off VSL January Bash sale
  7. 25% off Audiomodern Riffer - Ends 17th January
  8. Up to 66% off EastWest including ComposerCloud Plus and Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition Up to 40% off Vienna Symphonic Library MIR products 35% off Audionamix Xtrax Stems and IDC Instant Dialogue Cleaner
  9. A revival of the Jen Brio 61-CS. Lots of quirky presets ranging from strings to trumpets. https://www.timespace.com/collections/soundiron/products/soundiron-verve P.S. We hope you all had a great Festive break and wishing you all a happy and healthy 2022!
  10. https://www.timespace.com/products/slate-classic-tubes-3
  11. Soundiron - Save 40% on selected titles - Ends today GFORCE - Save up to 75% on vintage synth models - Ends today Overloud - Save up to 40% on 3 new TH-U Rig Libraries Sonuscore - Save 20% on new Ancient Duduk Phrases uJam - Pre-order the Usynth Bundle and save a total of 58%
  12. Save an extra 40% on Bela D Media titles Save up to 28% on Synthogy Pianos - Ends today Save up to 75% on Eventide - Ends today
  13. Our exclusive 60% off Lunacy Audio CUBE+AIR Bundle deal ends today Last Day to save 20% on new Zero-G Kitchenology: Domestic Percussion Machine
  14. Use code TSXMAS15 to save 15% on these brands until 23:59pm GMT today (24th December): https://www.timespace.com/pages/manufacturers Accusonus Acon Digital - NEW Audio Modeling - NEW Bela D Media Best Service Boom Library Cinematique Instruments Fabfilter Freshtone ISW Keepforest New Sonic Arts Output ProjectSAM Rob Papen - NEW Slate Digital Sonuscore Sound Dust Sound Radix u-He Umlaut Wavelet Audio Zynaptiq
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