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  1. OP again... Waves - my biggest investment. I bought a lot of their plugins five years ago, and so far have avoided spending one cent on WUP. I guess this is because I have not changed my PC in that time, or I have been lucky. If I do get stung, I will be really hacked off, but I use a lot of their stuff. I promise myself I will look for alternatives one day, but at least they are not on the subscription trail yet. Izotope - don't like the sound of the sub emphasis Presonus - ditto. I am invested in Studio One Pro but currently feel like a second class citizen because I'm not in their monthly club. Celemony - generally positive, but I don't like the way they treat owners of Melodyne Studio, i.e. zero discounts whilst offering deals to those with the more basic versions. Spectrasonics - excellent all round IK - no investment so I don't know Native - so far so good, but I have an issue at present which is taking an age for their support to resolve. Toontrack - I am fine with them - I rely on their stuff, and have no issues. As I approach retirement my fear is that the subscription model will become the norm. I recognize that from time to time upgrades will be necessary, but I simply cannot afford to add a lot of extra monthly direct debits just to maintain my music making. There were some names mentioned above like Fab Filter and Melda where I own nothing. I guess when I do eventually have to buy a new computer, that will be the time to really assess which companies I am best using in the future. At present, the indispensable ones for me are Presonus, Waves, Toontrack and Celemony.
  2. Which of the big software developers treat their customers well? Which ones provide excellent service? Have a fair upgrade policy? And, whilst appreciating that a subscription service suits some people, which providers give equal importance to those customers who prefer to buy outright? I will refrain from repeating the complaints about some of the big players here - who, in your opinion are STILL great companies to deal with?
  3. Marshall

    LetiMix GainMatch

    I have used the MeterPlugs / Ian Shepherd Perception plugin for years to do this job. It’s great but a lot more expensive than this one. If you don’t have something like this in your arsenal, you really should!
  4. Marshall

    Nembrini Voice DC30

    Hmm...there must be some additional processing on that video. There is some kind of reverb going on at the start, yet its set to zero. I don't think it's the room mic. I appreciate that that is the iOS version, but with similar settings on the VST demo, I can't get mine sounding anything like that. Maybe it's me! I have tried both a Strat and an SG.
  5. Marshall

    Nembrini Voice DC30

    Hmm, I’ve not jumped on the Revalver ship yet, will be interested to hear your views @Bapu Downloaded the Nembrini demo version...on the fence at the moment I have to say, it hasn’t blown me away.
  6. Marshall

    Nembrini Voice DC30

    Well before I jump on the Nembrini, I’ll have to try the Revalver, which is a new name on me. The Vox AC30 holds a special place in my heart from pub gigs back in the very early 80s. Bought one secondhand for maybe 100 quid and the next day got a red letter from the bank saying they were suspending my cheque guarantee card! But that amp served me well 😂
  7. My first standalone drums VST was BFD3, which I purchased about 7 years ago. I found learning it difficult, and although I got there in the end, I still to this day think the design is far from intuitive and user-friendly it is not. Can sound fantastic though. Then I got AD2 and that was my go to for a good few years. Much easier to use and sounds great. Then just six months or so ago I bought EZDrummer2 and it’s been a complete revelation. So great to use, and the way you can customise grooves with complete ease is a game changer for me. The net result is that my drum tracks are way, way better, more realistic and more interesting than before. I struggled with “composing” good drum tracks and EZD 2 has effectively solved that problem for me. For me, I think I would get more value from EZD expansion packs, rather than going for SD3, although I don’t doubt it is awesome!
  8. Marshall

    Nembrini Voice DC30

    This one really is "take my money"...
  9. The one feature I want is automation in the Project page. It’s such a brilliant concept let down by the strangest omission.
  10. That’s exactly how I feel. The way they are pushing subscription is a turn off to me, but so long as they never force it on people who prefer to buy, I will try to tune out the endless noise pushing subs I don’t need or want.
  11. Such a useful plugin. I found the free version did what I needed it to do to help me optimise my tracks for upload to the streaming services, but the paid version has a ton of useful stuff, and is tempting.
  12. Just bought it and been plying for an hour - wow, great plugin. Wish I had had it a few weeks ago before I started mixing my new album (out soon 😂)
  13. Does any one have Trackspacer ? Does it go on sale***? Sounds like it would be a useful plugin to me. Thanks! ***It is on sale right now - see post below 🙂
  14. Brilliant Max, thank you that works.
  15. Hi I am trying to open an old (January 2017) project I guess this would have been in Sonar Platinum originally. The project install loads a few plugins then gets stuck with the message "opening project - loadng Amplitube 4..." If I click anywhere after that I get the "not responding" message. I'm running the latest version of Cakewalk. Amplitube 4 is still loaded on my PC Any help much appreciated. .
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