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  1. Marshall

    Ozone 8 Advanced

    $65 for Ozone 8 Advanced is an amazing deal - that’s what I have and there is no need to upgrade to 9 IMHO !
  2. As an aside, the Analogue Rack FX Bundle, and the individual constituents are now available as AUv3 for iOS as is the free Crunck V2 amp sim. The MRH810 and BST100 are due to launch in the same format shortly.
  3. Marshall

    iOS deals

    Thanks - after I posted this morning I tried the headphone jack from the iRig and indeed I think it is slightly better - still mono of course! I think I'll leave the Focusrite set up with Windows - the iRig sounds great with the iPad and it's so portable. I'll float these issues over at AudioBus too. Cheers.
  4. Marshall

    iOS deals

    @ZincT @Reid Rosefelt @sarine @tom ...and everyone else....If I plug a guitar cable into the headphone jack of my iPad, and the other end into my audio interface (it's a Focusrite) then I am able to play the output from my iPad and record it into my desktop DAW. This is pretty amazing as I can use the GarageBand Drummer for example, the GeoShred app, and the standalone Tonebridge amp sim which is iOS only. The only thing is that the signal comes through as mono - not the end of the world - but is it possible to get a stereo signal from iPad to desktop? Obviously I can export stereo wav files, but I am talking about playing something "live".
  5. Marshall

    iOS deals

    Guys - have any of you stumbled across an EZ Drummer equivalent? A drum player with a ton of midi drum loops? I know GB has loads of good inbuilt options, but I feel Cubasis is lacking in this regard.
  6. Marshall

    iOS deals

    What fantastic information - thanks so much to all. @ZincT “GeoShred is also a brilliant guitar come synth app conceived by the great Jordan Rudess.” I couldn’t agree more! There is an issue using it in Cubasis 3 which I’ve raised with GeoShred’s tech - fantastic service (it’s a Steinberg issue). I’m also due to meet Jordan at a Dream Theater meet and greet in Madrid on Friday and I’ll mention it to him!!
  7. Marshall

    iOS deals

    Any iOS aficionados here? I’ve recently bought an iRig Pro I/o so I can plug in my guitars use my mics in my iPad. Trying out Cubasis and GarageBand. Cubasis is pretty intuitive if you’ve desktop DAWs for any length of time. GarageBand is my first ever experience of using an Apple product for music making and takes slightly more getting used to. But I’ve managed to record a song in both - mainly audio, but a few midi bits too. Great fun, but of course I’m already wishing I could reach for some of the FX I have access to in the desktop world. I’ve signed up to the AudioBus forum and it’s a decent resource, but I wondered whether you guys know of a central place for iOS “deals” or, actually where I can find quality plugins. It seems that many are available (you really want the AUv3 format), but reviews and demos seem almost non existent. Just because a particular plugin is much cheaper than a VST version, it seems you are expected to take a blind punt, and hope it’s OK. In all fairness, I think it’ll be a long time and possibly never that I complete album standard pieces on an iPad, it may always remain a place for sketching out quality demos and ideas, so the “need” for third party plugins is questionable, but why not have a bit of fun?! I especially miss my Waves Scheps 73, Melodyne and VocAlign, but in terms of amp sims Tonebridge is astounding and it’s free!
  8. I refuse to believe that there is one member on this forum that needs another reverb. Appreciate “need” isn’t really the point in GAS land, but another reverb? In 2020? For HOW much?
  9. I bought the Nembrini MRH810 because it was waaay better at THAT sound than anything in that category that I have dialled up on S Gear. Different league, and I’m glad to own it. I know you’re no fan of suites, but I still use S Gear a lot...for most other sounds.
  10. My amp sim of choice for years, but right now I’m not sure I need this update, even at $29. In my mind, it is in need of a major overhaul to catch up with more recent contenders (Nembrini for example). Not excited by this.
  11. Marshall

    SAD NEWS!!!

    One of the musicians of my life. First saw him with Rush in 1979 in London. A lifetime of memories
  12. Ampire and all the pedal fx look impressive...looking forward to getting stuck in!
  13. Larry, you’ve helped me make better music over many years going way back on the old Sonar forum. Happy Thanksgiving to you, from sunny Spain 😎 Bill
  14. Also occurs to me I should learn to do my own gated reverb effect.
  15. Are there any BF deals for drum samples? In particular, looking for 1980s gated reverb type hits to use in BFD3. Also other single shot electronic drums (stuff I don’t usually use, but experimenting outside my normal genres 😀). Or even good free ones?
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