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  1. It's the layout. The main screen with the amp face on it has a lot of "dead space" which I thought could be used for the cabs/IRs etc with less clicking between screens. No big deal.
  2. Yep, I’m loving the Nembrini Marshall, but the GUI is not good use of screen real estate. Good point!
  3. Marshall

    Zynatiq Intensity

    I tried this out before when it was on offer, but didn't buy in the end. I was really keen to demo it, because I had read great reviews, notably from Paul White at Sound on Sound. I found I could get better results from Ozone 8 Advanced, which I already owned, without much more effort. Granted, I have invested time learning Ozone, although I am a long way from being any kind of expert. I would say that Zynaptic will give you good results, and it's very easy to use but if you have tools such as Ozone already, then it won't give you anything you don't already have at your disposal.
  4. Absolutely, when the track's finished! In the meantime, S Gear was the only amp sim that I used on my album Golden Years, link below 😉
  5. This afternoon I have been recording material for my next album, and have been recording some rhythm guitar using the bridge pickup on my Gibson SG through the Nembrini Marshall which I purchased a couple of days ago at a knock down price. I used the default setting on the amp, just tweaked a little - not touched mic positions, cabs, IRs. I made it a stereo track and widened it a little using the brainworx bx stereomaker. I have recorded a guide vocal, bass guitar, and a basic drum track just to keep the beat. It'll take weeks for me to finish the track probably, but I just want to say, the rhythm guitar sounds amazing. I have used S Gear for years, and it'll still have many uses (the Nembrini is only one amp after all), but I could not have made this track before - the guitar sounds that good to my ears.
  6. Not during my testing! Often, (but not always) I found the Nembrini sat perfectly in the mix, but it’ll depend what kind of music you’re making and what the guitar is competing with.
  7. I spent hours using the demo in fully mixed songs, substituting in the Nembrini...doesn’t always work, but when it does it’s sweet. So I think it gives me something extra, but tone is such a personal thing.
  8. It’s you I have to thank Christian, for putting me onto it. I love my S Gear, but try as I might I CANNOT dial in that clarity across all frequencies and crunch combined that I get from the Nembrini.
  9. Well I think I’ll have to jump on the MRH810 at $27...Only one amp, but it is a really good “next gen” Marshall.
  10. Totally agree Larry - for my little set up, I’m just saying I could easily go back to the stems, sort the issue there, and render a new stereo wav file for mastering. The new feature is a time saver for sure.
  11. The ability to isolate and change vocals, bass and drums gain at the mastering stage is very clever, but that should have been addressed when mixing 😀
  12. Looks great. I’ve no doubt I’ll be upgrading from Ozone Advanced 8, as it’s my mastering weapon of choice. The first half of the video illustrates some great new features.
  13. Ditto! Not needed for my rock orientated music either.
  14. Sid, you were the one that put me onto VB3 years ago on the old Sonar forum, and I’ve used it in many, many projects since. I see there is now a Version 2 - have you upgraded and is it worth it?
  15. There's also Neural DSP Plini , which I am also demoing. Struck by the versatility and how easy it is to get decent tone - cleans, and breakups especially good. That said, I need to try to the acid test, which to me is using it in the context of a full mix on one of my own songs. Interested in your views.
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