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  1. Larry, you’ve helped me make better music over many years going way back on the old Sonar forum. Happy Thanksgiving to you, from sunny Spain 😎 Bill
  2. Also occurs to me I should learn to do my own gated reverb effect.
  3. Are there any BF deals for drum samples? In particular, looking for 1980s gated reverb type hits to use in BFD3. Also other single shot electronic drums (stuff I don’t usually use, but experimenting outside my normal genres 😀). Or even good free ones?
  4. https://www.scuffhamamps.com/dark-nights-sale S-GEAR v2.9 release plans S-Gear v2.9 is currently in beta testing. In preparation for release, we've created a web page to answer upgrade questions. S-GEAR v2.9 Upgrade pricing: Customers who purchased S-GEAR v2.7 from 1st January 2018 - Free of charge Customers who purchased S-GEAR before 1st January 2018 - USD $29 S-GEAR v2.9 brings: Support for HiDPI Displays Scalable GUI Improved Preset management system Redwirez ‘Remastered’ Cabinet options New license system allowing up to 3 machine activations VST3 plug-in format on Windows and Mac A fully updated code base for future development
  5. Auto mapping parameters of third party plugins to the FaderPort - wow😀
  6. Ah, that’s what it means! Awesome news, I’ll update tonight
  7. The other element, which makes these come together, tightens everything up and makes it sound "real" to my ears is the OwnHammer Ampeg SVT
  8. It's a great compressor - and it's VST now. The other thing is the EQ - I had almost forgotten I owned PuigTec - haven't used it for years, but at the back of my mind I remembered something about the way it tightens up bass in particular. When I was experimenting the chain described above, I had a stock EQ in there first, then replaced it with the PuigTec, and wow, what a positive difference that made. Your ears can be fooled by the PuigTec as it can add a dB or 2 so be careful to level match to get the true picture. Not trying to encourage folks to spend money, but it's on sale at Everyplugin for $26.98 right now.
  9. Actually, I am not sure now - the Celestions are featured half way down this page which is specifically about Bias FX 2
  10. Ah, I think you are correct! But there is an IR loader and I suspect that if I really "need" Celestion cabs, OwnHammer have them for about $10 The big question for me is whether I go for this as my Go To multi-amp sim solution. I have used S Gear almost exclusively for many years. It's still great, but this PG Bias FX thing seems to take things to a completely new level. "Guitar Match" in itself - wow. S Gear might get an upgrade one day, but meantime it looks as if things have moved on. I was pleased toT pick up the Nembrini MRH810 at 80% off recently. That gave me a Marshall sound that was not obtainable for me in S Gear, and I've just recorded a song with it, so I'm happy with that as a single amp purchase.
  11. Thanks - so if I don’t want to swap out valves and so on, or tweak the amps themselves, FX is an all in one package and the one I should go for? Also, I like the sound of using Celestion IRs, so I’m thinking I need the FX 2 Professional or Elite for that?
  12. I’m confused - do you need Bias FX 2 AND Bias Amp 2? What’s the difference?
  13. Hi Dan - There's a lot of choice - but a really nice OwnHammer IR I'm trying right now is based on an Ampeg SVT-410HLF cabinet with a MojaveAudio MA200 tube condenser mic apparently!
  14. I have been experimenting with creating a bass guitar FX chain. My Ibanez bass guitar plugs directly into my audio interface and then I have this set up : 1. CA –2A compressor – set as needed 2. Softube saturation knob – dial in as required 3. Waves PuigTec EQP1A (“Rock Bass” preset) 4. Kush Audio Reddi tube direct box 5. Ownhammer Ampeg SVT-410HLF4 x 10 cabinet Bass Impulse Response It’s sounding awesome to my ears and way above what I have achieved with a packaged bass amp sim. That said, I’m yet to try this out in a full mix, although I’d like to think that by tweaking parameters in the various elements above, I could get it to work. Also, I’m not sure I’ve got the effects in the best order, and this is my first attempt at using stand alone IRs. How do others set up an FX chain for bass guitar?
  15. It's the layout. The main screen with the amp face on it has a lot of "dead space" which I thought could be used for the cabs/IRs etc with less clicking between screens. No big deal.
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