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  1. I have followed this path since version 1 - more or less. Wise words indeed.
  2. I use Melodyne extensively and the new features will really help me, but I’m on Studio and $149 to upgrade would sure benefit from a 50% discount.
  3. I could listen to Eli recite the old Yellow Pages. Another one in that category is the great John Petrucci. This has zero to do with Groove 3, I’m sorry.
  4. Top quality videos. A better investment than a bunch of plugins I’ve bought in the past, that’s for sure. Until a year of so ago I was able to renew at about $70 a year, but I have to admit I cancelled when it went up.
  5. That’s me - I can play a bass but I’m not a bass player. However, it’s such a fun thing to do! I’ll no doubt cave in and buy this thing - maybe in a few months. Or later today 😂
  6. This does look and sound fantastic. I have thought for a month or so that I'd buy it straightaway, but I love playing real bass - I'm a guitarist who plays bass very much as a second instrument. This thing would outperform me in many situations, and I am sure it will give great results, but I am actually thinking it will be less fun than playing my real four -string. I mean I really am NOT a keyboard player and I've used EZKeys extensively over the years in my music - it was and remains a real game changer for me. But I can play a bass...I'm hesitating on this purchase right now!
  7. I have dozens of Waves plug-ins and because of what I've read on this forum I've not dared to update Waves Central or any of the plug-ins for a loooong time. I'd guess two years at least, maybe longer. Touch wood, everything works fine still. Seems like a classic case of "if it's not broken, don't fix it". Will this strategy go wrong at some point?
  8. I agree, I love creating my own bass guitar parts - one of the most fun parts of writing and creating music, even though I’m six string guy and singer by trade. I’m sure I’ll buy this and maybe even get some ideas for playing real bass parts myself. Also agree the use of the MIDI on other instruments would be great. I do this with EZ keys and Omnisphere, and EZ bass and Trillion would be natural bedfellows. Here’s hoping - wow that would be fun.
  9. When I first saw Melodyne many, many years ago I used the expression “jaw dropping”. I think this might be in the same category. It’ll be a game changer for many. The price is actually lower than I thought it might be, considering there is nothing like this.
  10. Any idea on pricing?
  11. I have downloaded Bandlab Assistant but when I double click the icon it causes my PC to hang and the only option I seem to have is to reboot. I’m running a fast Windows 10 machine. Any help much appreciated. Edit - solved by right click, run as administrator
  12. ‘Nuff said. I wasn’t tempted anyway, but I know some like these one-stop-shop “timesaver” plugins.
  13. Reduced from $90 to $29.90 Not sure is it’s any good - anyone tried it? Vocal Finalizer
  14. This is another one that’s sat still for years. Some great sounds, but the UI is so outdated, clunky and difficult basically. It was the first virtual drummer I ever used and I’m actually surprised I ever got my head around it!
  15. I agree with the sentiments here. AD2 has been my “go to” for a few years, but the world has moved on. Six months ago I asked here on this very forum, were there alternatives to S Gear, another one time leader in its field, and my go to amp sim for years. The answer was a resounding “yes”, and I hardly use S Gear anymore. You cannot sit still and expect to remain at the top.
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