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  1. @mibby I have a simple Y cable that comes out of my iPad and the two stereo outputs go into my audio interface, and from there I get stereo audio into my DAW. I have not tried getting MPE into a DAW, but I’d like to if this were possible.
  2. Yeah, but have you heard the new “real” SWAM instruments? Tenor sax, violin, oboe, clarinet, cello and flute? Wow!
  3. The two unlocked John Entwistle vids is veritable historic footage ! Worth a quick look!
  4. So, I got a nagging email from Celemony this morning extolling the virtues of version 5 - I’ve wanted to upgrade from Melodyne Studio V4 since V5 was released, there’s a bunch of stuff I know I’d find useful. Anyone know when upgrades are likely to go on sale? BF maybe?
  5. Interesting. I’ll try the plexi too, but as you say, depends what you want.
  6. What do folks think of their Marshall sims? They offer a 20 day free trial and I’ve been auditioning the Bluesbreaker for a couple of days. Although I’ve not played a real one, it does strike me as authentic- it really reminds me of an ancient Vox AC30 I owned, ahem, 40 years ago! Goes really well with my old SG. It’s great to get those tones in software, but it’s not a sound that I would realistically use in my songs these days so I am not tempted at this stage.
  7. It also bugs me that there are no standalone versions. And I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s another paid for option when it comes.
  8. I have the Nembrini MRH810, the SoundMaster and version 1 of the BST100. I use the MRH all the time, the SoundMaster quite a bit, but find I reach for the BST hardly at all. To me, it is a ubiquitous overdriven tone that I can get almost anywhere with not a lot of effort. I know I am in the minority and there are loads of folk who love it, but it does nothing for me.
  9. Marshall

    Where’s Lars

    How come you didn’t send us a discount code for that free deal?!
  10. For S Gear users, I would recommend this update for the new dedicated delay and modulation presets- some great sounds in there!
  11. Thanks, superb timing as I was about to spend $25 on a course I will likely only view once. Cheers @jesse g
  12. I don't think sound wise, there's anything noticeably better then version 1 to be honest. For me, one of the biggest additions I would like is a standalone version of these amp sims. It's something they're working on but no release date yet.
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