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  1. 35% off at Orange Tree: https://www.orangetreesamples.com/news/orange-friday-2021
  2. Thanks. I am a guitar player first and foremost but I have used NI's Electric Sunburst Deluxe a lot over the past year. Been looking at adding one of their acoustic libraries. I'm definitely in the pop / rock genre. I spent yesterday researching the OTS options and am thinking Steel String would be the one to go for. I love the NI line, but OTS seems to offer a bit more flexibility and I'm very tempted I must say.
  3. Do any of the third party retailers carry OTS, or are they only available direct? Just looking to pick up my first guitar library from these guys. Could be an expensive journey 😂
  4. I love Spectrasonics - please don’t go sub. But if you have to, don’t treat your existing customers who’ve bought your products like second class citizens.
  5. The Black Distortion plugin modeled on RAT2* distortion pedal will be your go-to distortion plugin for every recording, whether it’s rock, blues, punk, or jazz. It is very responsive and versatile, available for FREE. Black Distortion
  6. INSANE OFFER 🔥 CloudBounce Lifetime Plan for only $99 [WAS $1999.90] - Automated mastering just got 10x better. Get the CloudBounce desktop app for a lifetime, and master all of your music files in no time. Join over 200,000 musicians and start mastering with the CloudBounce CloudBounce Never heard of this before - anyone have any experience?
  7. Like you @Brian Walton I have a similar arsenal of paid for sims. I don’t think this one will add anything for me personally. In fact, I honestly don’t need any more amp sims. Ever. Honest!
  8. I know I've nothing to lose by trying it myself, but just wondered whether some have already done so? What do you think?
  9. Yeah, I finally bought the full Kontakt at a great price a week or so ago - early days but so far, very glad I jumped!
  10. This gets so much love and development it’s hard to keep up. I find if I’ve not used it for a while, I need to invest some time and go back to basics, then learn the new stuff. The support via video tutorials is also second to none. Really excellent plugin.
  11. Oh no, gas kicking in, just watched a video of that Realivoxblue singing hallelujah…insanely good!
  12. Would Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals be good for rock/pop/ballad stuff? I’m looking for something in that arena rather than classical.
  13. I get this - it can be a bit overwhelming. One of my motivations for buying was purely for having fun. I mean my THING is songwriting, playing and recording my own songs then releasing them in an album format. I don’t really think owning Omnisphere for years but not owning Kontakt has stopped me from producing the best I am capable of, but it’s sure going to be fun diving in and finding out!
  14. Come on Larry, give us a clue where to start!!
  15. Just picked up the full version of Kontakt on a crossgrade deal for €124 and am aware that one of the benefits is the availability of relatively cheap third party libraries. Are there certain developers you'd recommend for such goodies?
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