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  1. Yes, they have sales. I bought Intensity last month for roughly one third of its normal price through Best Service.It’s the only plugin of theirs I have any experience of.
  2. No tuner on Nembrini amp sims
  3. The Ampeg is a nice freebie but it coincided with me demoing the Nembrini Blackice over the past few days. The latter is the best bass amp I’ve ever played through, not that I’m claiming to be an authority. It’s also very versatile and the possibilities endless. At the current sale price of $39 it’s obviously not free, but it’s worth every cent in my opinion.
  4. Vera much third party. If you work with harmonies it's a godsend. Top quality
  5. Anyone tell me what the one new feature is? I..e “Updated ARA integration for VocAlign” I use this combination all the time, seems to work pretty well as it is
  6. Trying out the demo and I like it. At present I use an FX chain for bass guitar: CA-2A compressor Waves PuigTec EQP1A Softube Saturation Knob Kush Reddi Tube Direct Box OwnHammer bass IR Have to say the Nembrini sounds tighter, fuller and also a little better in the mix compared to my Heath Robinson hotch potch. That may not be saying much, but have to say that chain has worked well for me. Anyone else have opinions on the new Nembrini offering?
  7. Dumb question time - do these only work in Reason?
  8. The Voxbrini is coming! Nembrini AC30 Instabuy territory for me 😀
  9. It’s funny how you can become nostalgic about software. I opened up CbB today and there were several “ah, I remember that” moments! Simplest of things like a single click opens a plugin in the FX bin. Nice! Who needs a double click PreSonus? 😂. Also love still the Pro Channel...
  10. There is a settings option in Version 4 called “chase long notes” which will do what you want in your last paragraph. Don’t know if it’s there in version 3.
  11. You can optionally have Stop rewind to where play started, or stop and not rewind. You can also create a macro which creates a button so you have both options in the transport bar. Create pause button I have to say I prefer the plugin management and layout options in CbB.
  12. Interesting re Reaper and Mixbus...having invested in PreSonus hardware, it precludes doing serious work in DAWs that don’t make integration with the FP16 a breeze. Thanks!
  13. So, like many here I “left” Sonar Platinum three years ago and have used Studio One Pro ever since. When I started using SO, within a week I preferred it to Sonar, even though I’d used the latter for years. For those of you who know both these days, how would you rank CbB now vs. Studio One Pro? Are there features that you prefer in CbB? I’m sure there have been many improvements since the Sonar days. Above all, is it rock solid from a stability viewpoint? Like many here, I have stacks of external plugins so I’m not bothered about an extensive list of onboard FX and instruments. Two of the things I love about Studio One - Melodyne ARA integration, and using it with my FaderPort 16. Also love being able to chop up audio and drag the gain up or down on individual clips.
  14. I’m also after the Melodyne Studio upgrade but holding out for Celemony to come in with a New Year offer. They’ve taken a lot of criticism over on the FB Melodyne users forum for their pricing policy for us Studio owners so hoping they might listen!
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