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  1. I got my ATH-M50X cans on Groupon, of all places. $99 w/free shipping.
  2. Marc Cormier

    SAD NEWS!!!

    Geddy Lee has been pretty emphatic in interviews (check out the one's from last year on Youtube) that there's more music to come, but hasn't elaborated. It's so interesting to watch/read the interviews now, knowing what he and Lifeson knew about Neil's condition.
  3. Marc Cormier

    SAD NEWS!!!

    Whatever you do, don't search for "Neil Peart tribute" on EBay...they're already pushing RIP tee shirts.
  4. Marc Cormier

    SAD NEWS!!!

    The fact that he had already passed three days ago only made it worse.
  5. Marc Cormier

    SAD NEWS!!!

    Absolutely gutted.
  6. What are you using now, Larry?
  7. Happy New Year from Deeeetroit, just down the road from King Larry, where we're too busy buying plugins to shovel the snow.
  8. Yup. Scheps Omni Channel for 20 bux. That's as low as I've seen it, anyway. Thanks, Yan.
  9. Yeah, I'm going to jump on this as well - putting faith in the new ownership at this point but I've never seen it going at this price. I was tempted by PG as well but if I have to pay extra for using my own IRs when Revalver lets me use them AS WELL AS third party plugins, they'll get the nod.
  10. Anyone have this? Wonder how it compares to Amadeus which is also on sale right now. This is over half off at $67.45 in the cart. Expansion for VSL's Big Bang Orchestra The Big Bang Orchestra (BBO) from VSL is a library consisting of an orchestra playing all together, aka "Tutti". The first tier of VSL's Big Bang Orchestra is completely free (and remains so) and contains very basic articulations with limited tonal flexibility. BBO: Andromeda gives you all the articulations of the free Big Bang Orchestra, newly and uniquely recorded with more sonic and expressive flexibility, along with many more articulations that were not included in the free version. Please note: You do not need to have the free Big Bang Orchestra previously installed to use BBO: Andromeda. Massive “tutti” orchestra for super-quick large orchestrations More than 7 times bigger (11 GB) than the free Big Bang Orchestra Multiple microphone positions, additional close mic positions Shorter notes with precise attacks, optimized repetition notes Wide variety of long notes, more dynamic articulations Removable piccolo https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/studio-tools/vienna-big-bang-orchestra-andromeda
  11. Loyalty Rewards🏆: Existing customers get 20% off new orders. New customers get 20% off orders of 2 or more products. FYI: guys at Neural say this is in place until further notice. https://neuraldsp.com/ Pick up the Nameless suite this time or finally bite the bullet and see if they've fixed all of the broken stuff from Bias FX 1 in the new version (FX2)? Anyone able to compare the high gain sounds in both? No trials for Bias FX2 so not sure...
  12. I think a lot of us jumped at this deal earlier in the autumn. Even though it had "expired," if you put it in the cart the sale price still showed up. I got it for the Groove 3 annual pass.
  13. I don't remember seeing Insolidus at $98 but I did pick it up earlier this year during a flash sale for $128. I wish I knew how to use it more fully so I could give an opinion, but I can't.
  14. Thanks for letting us know, Zo. I tried getting them on chat but they're closed. I'll see if I can get lucky on Monday.
  15. I use this on every channel. Like Piotr said, it gives me a frame of reference across the project that is consistent...but perhaps consistently inaccurate! There's a video I followed to calibrate the initial channel for gain staging and ensuring there is headroom left for each channel. I think it was in Groove3. From there, I just drag that little thing over to each channel and, voila!, done. Man, I hope I used that voila! correctly, Zo. I'll keep using it for directional purposes, but to your point, Zo, it would be great if they could look at this.
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