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  1. Yup. And EOS, and ProR, and Arturia. Arturia Intensity is my go-to, but if I had this when it came out—at a price I could afford— I might have picked up A LOT fewer reverbs over time. OK, that’s patently false, but at $16, this is a stupidly good verb at a stupidly good price.
  2. SO. WORTH. IT. Love this verb.
  3. I think that's for samples only, unless I'm mistaken. If I am mistaken, I regret selling it!!!
  4. I do it all the time - sorry, I was really referring to having a browseable folder that I could integrated into SD3. The Beats feature in AD2 is the second most user-friendly implementation of MIDI browsing I've seen after SD3 but it would be great to have all of these files searchable/browseable/auditionable in one place.
  5. I had the most difficulty making the kick drums work but actually like the cymbals! I bought into the AD2 whilst using SPlat years ago and found the MIDI to be EXCELLENT. I just wish it could be pulled out of the proprietary XLN format and used elsewhere.
  6. Totally underrated for the tenner I spent on this at KVR.
  7. The quality of the amp sims and effects are high, and they just added an IR loader, which was one of my bigger pet peeves. Next to NDSP, it’s what I reach for the most…but it can be a resource hog.
  8. This should be free with every Soundpaint purchase.
  9. I’m a big fan of channel strips like this, AMEK 9099, and Waves Omnichannel. If there are enough presets, it will give you a variety of starting points to achieve a particular sound or treatment of an instrument or bus. There aren’t as many presets in the SSL as there are for Omnichannel, and Omnichannel’s span most instruments, busses, and overhead mic configurations which is why I tend to start with it (and usually end with it.). Same could be said for the AMEK, which having just bought it, is starting to find its way into more mixes. The thing I like most about Drumstrip, though, is it is easy on the eyes and simple to use. If they all went on sale today for $29 (or less) I’d go with the AMEK for sheer versatility’s sake but those are really the only three channel strips have experience with. I do want to try Analog Obsession’s CHANEV which looks really interesting. Maybe that’s a good (free) option to start with? Neutron Elements could also give you a more “modern” channel strip experience compared to the skeuomorphic experience of the ones I’ve already mentioned.
  10. Anyone tried Clone before? I was thinking about picking up Audifed Mixchecker but might try Clone first. I have no experience with these type of products plug-ins but I’m wearing a path in my wood floors from checking my mixes on other devices.
  11. Well, you did give Bapu enough time to beat you to it. Something tells me it was installed on his system before I was born.
  12. I bought Tonex SE but this whole time didn't realize I only had CS authorized. I'm well impressed. Not sure if its worth it to upgrade given some of the higher quality captures I've been able to download but as with most things plugin, GAS will seep in.
  13. Yeah, that sale was stupid. I got most of the H9 plugins for the cost of a decent meal.
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