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  1. Thanks—I figgered it couldn’t be THAT easy!
  2. Did a $100 voucher go to all customers, Larry?
  3. Even down to the verdict!!!!! I'm gonna try that in my next annual review.
  4. Marc Cormier

    PA Daily Sales

    I know it was posted earlier but for those of us that missed out on V1 and don’t know any better, this is a GREAT deal. It’s both rhythmic and musical, especially on guitars and keys.
  5. Marc Cormier


    You are a brave man!!!
  6. The mind is willing but the wallet is weak.
  7. It was just on sale for 39.99. I should have jumped on it but EZD3 was looming large at the same time.
  8. You can find it for a tenner on KVR. I love it. It’s like Tantra…but different.
  9. I tried doing that but the images would not go away!
  10. Yeah, I pasted the original screen capture vs. the edited one. Sooper Stoopid of me. BTW, all is fine here - the content downloads showed up a little late.
  11. Hi guys - yes, that 's SD2. I just filed a ticket so please resume the banter about how great it is while I wait patiently for support. Thanks for your eyes on this, though.
  12. I must be missing something because I don't have an EZX section in PM. Everything shows installed.
  13. Just installed but it loads EZ2 kits by default and when I try to change to EZD3 kits it tells me to use the Product Manager to load EZD3 libraries. Anyone know where the library download is located in the PM? I only see the 749Mb software installer.
  14. Toneboosters plugins are insanely good and light on CPU. Just the best value out there IMHO. Now if only they had a delay...
  15. I specifically made sure to avoid this very question!
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