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  1. Sounds interesting but this is a VERY mobile unfriendly experience. I’ll check it out at home later.🤨
  2. https://www.xlnaudio.com/products/xo
  3. Yeah, sorry—someone asked if there was feedback for it and I clearly posted a response in the wrong thread. I really should just carry on working. Thank you.
  4. I've used it for a couple of hours and it's interesting as an option. I have a load of DynIRs that I used with WoS a few years ago so having those options makes all the difference; the stock cab options are limited. The modeling is OK - nothing that would replace my NDSP or Mercuriall plugins but I haven't tested all the amp heads. I like the workflow - a lot - and the assortment of plugins do the job. I complain about Amproom CPU on a daily basis, but this one takes the cake. If I were to use it in a session, I'd be constantly printing audio so I could disable the plugin and free up CPU. Apparently, they're working on resolving that. All in all, it's not going to replace my daily plugins but it's the first time I've messed with NAM profiles which you can load directly in the plugin. Haven't spent a ton of time with that part of the rig but if they sounded anywhere near TONEX models, I'd use Genome in a heartbeat. TONEX is just too much of a rabbit hole for me, and the UX isn't my cuppa.
  5. Hello Tonocracy friends, Exciting news! Atomic is unlocking the Full Version of Tonocracy for ALL users! This includes ALL of our SchemAcccurate amp models including these new additions: EVan53 Red based on the EVH 5150III Red Channel EVan53 Blue based on the EVH 5150III Blue Channel This is effective immediately and is part of the latest release of Tonocracy (v2.0.0). https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0016Q4Huqhu3o-SyRy6wPxdY6V8uWavEGDPIU4EI-L8lQOVC68gZmN2vDcPWBSZ2aavtHuAY3QbhW5RthbgjeFJgPLm1B64ZK-pWQxpGUy3apRnRNh-AdYH6vc3iyvzK0QNPlCgySdNxqz1A3Mkpt3px3Q9pr6ErhggMSOpgWZIbk9CMGuOSQQiWiGIYtVrwmobZ5Y3h6_aiMn9_d-6Vp30BA==&c=emetWswesdoEITIualG-6tcTAIqVBCqFoVwb3pKBLuUVEZ3ejaN_8A==&ch=LjyteOkMcybSRDHCq81NoT6D_pO5-D2W_lRupWH6PILCaUc9fPXMqQ==
  6. Love this verb. Great deal. OK, I love all reverb.
  7. https://kazrog-knowledge-base.groovehq.com/help/version-history
  8. Holy cows - you were on THAT ship!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was a myth. Turns out, it's a city.
  9. Correct - just did this 2 days ago. The code ANALOG was pre-populated in the code field on JRR.
  10. I ignored this thread because I wasn't in the market for a product like VSX (or so I thought), so I didn't read all the posts until last night. Can't get over the nearly unanimous feedback. Just bought on JRR for $266 using code "ANALOG" with the added bonus of free shipping and no tax. Plus, the upgrade to Platinum is half off right now on the Steven Slate site. Thanks @jngnz for the excellent write up and for passing along your thoughts. That put me over the fence almost immediately. Really looking forward to seeing what these cans can do.
  11. It also registered as generic in the TT Product Manager. Of course, you could buy it and hold on to register it later, too.
  12. Got a generic code, too. Going in for seconds.
  13. What? The forecast in The D calls for a high of 7 and you decide to leave??? Hell yeah, you leave! Wish we we going, too! Enjoy the Sun and sea, Larry.
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