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  1. New gear in action. Sounds promising!!!!!
  2. Thanks, Bill! That's exactly what I was hoping to find; thought that forum was specific to Cake.
  3. Hi, all. Never posted beyond the Deals section so apologies if I'm off base. Picked up one of those PNY 500Gb drives Larry posted about and now I want to replace my current (120 Gb!) system drive with the new one. Is there a thread in Cakewalk world that you could point me to for some guidance and discussion?
  4. I can't find any info on either in terms of how many scales they support. Any insight here, Zinc?
  5. He clearly leans to Orb in this video and admits to not covering some key Captain functions. Honestly, this has been the toughest decision this BF. They're both good for what they do. I've demoed both and am leaning toward Orb but it doesn't include a beat function. Given how much development has happened in just this year, though, I'm pretty sure they see this as a competitive disadvantage and hopefully develop the capability in future updates. There's a more recent video by this guy that is helping me get closer to the Orb side of the fence.
  6. Aaaand just like that, the next post is the Captain Plugins sale. So much for my resolve.
  7. Got the Samsung QVO 860 SSD for $100 and that other 500Mb SSD that was discussed as a system drive for $50. Now I can focus on not buying software. Yeah, right.
  8. Mostly stock, Zo, but it depends. I got burned with one of the Rig packages and stopped buying them. I have about 8, I think, but go back to American Classics, Fortin, and the Petrucci pack; mostly patches with no pedals and replacing their cab with an IR. If I'm looking for light touches/clean tones, I find the dynamics a bit closer to physical amps but it's negligible in the mix.
  9. THU will never leave my projects mainly because it sounds great and the CPU hit is lower - by a huge margin - than anything other decent amp sim out there. It really is a great plugin. Having said that, Plini, STL have found a home with me but THU remains my main workhorse. Neural plugins sound amazing but the CPU hit is MUCH higher than THU.
  10. Rig libraries are a slippery slope. Depends on who captured the rigs, whether they include cabs in the chain, etc. I like the dynamics of some of the rigs better than the stock sounds, but find myself reverting back to the stock sounds more often than not. Rigs I do like: Fortin, Petrucci. The BE100 isn't bad either, but I'd rather see all of these added as stock amps in THU itself - even as an upgrade path. Just no more rigs. Can't trial them, quality is hit or miss, etc. I agree, Piotr, that its not customer friendly AT ALL. I hope AT5 upgrade makes them rethink their strategy and to work in updates to main THU.
  11. I don't see where gear credits can be used. I haven't bought any but I have a gift card I'd like to use. If I buy Gear Credits with it, will the option to apply them to AT5 show up when I check out? If so, can I also use Jam Points on the balance?
  12. Uhhh...yes, please. I would like to NOT buy what I'm about to buy if the AT5 upgrade is significant enough.
  13. Plini is sublime for most applications. I get the most beautiful clean tone of any amp sim I own from that package and the lead/ crunch amps are equally good. Just a great all-arounder. Going to pick up Nolly for more of the high gain stuff.
  14. Not sure if there will be one with the discounts already at 50%. Zo, what was our best discount last year?
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