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  1. Hey, Zo. So I can drag MIDI from a windows explorer window into the bottom of the Song Track timeline in EZB. Midi imported via the Open File option in EZ Bass doesn't work in 1.3 but it did in 1.0. I'm in Studio One 4.6, Windows 10. No drag and drop working from within EZB.
  2. Yes! That's the frustrating part, Zo. They fixed one bug and introduced another.
  3. Sorry, misspoke: this morning I could import both MIDI and audio but the audio only worked if I select the file through the "Select Audio" drop-down. Just updated to the most recent version and still no drag-and-drop AND I can't even select a MIDI file from a project to import into EZBass let along drag it into the UI.
  4. I got a crash in one Studio One project whereI was trying to edit MIDI and it killed the session. Notified Support. I haven't been able to repeat it in other projects.
  5. Yup. I've done both in Studio One 4.6 with really good results. MIDI editing is a royal P-I-T-A until they fix the sensitivity of the notes. Nearly impossible to lengthen or shorten individual notes without a ton of trial and error. How does something like that slip through QA??? Zo, I'm getting a pretty nice tone just using Ignite Amps SHB-1 with the EZBass picked DI patch. Even better with other sims.
  6. I've been putting phantom "meetings" in my calendar all day so I can poke around in the UI and the presets. I agree that MODO beats it on sound but if you take the DI preset and feed it through a decent sim, it definitely breathes life into the sound. To my ears, the biggest advantage MODO has is it's use of synthesis to create a ton of variation of transients and pick attack. I like to track with a live bass but for sketching, this is a GREAT tool. Just having editable MIDI of your own bass track for an entire song that you can then create sectioned MIDI clips for is super cool. I've already created a ton of MIDI files. I also like having a starting point for a bass line either using their stock MIDI files or through importing guitar DIs to at least get chordal changes represented in MIDI. Nailing your bass track before importing it definitely helps cut down on editing once its rendered on the MIDI grid editor. So much more to explore but definitely one of the better purchases this year. Well worth the money, especially if you can get it for $135 at Best Service.
  7. I'm just suffering from Rig burnout. I haven't bought any more since the first time they release 4 over the course of a couple of weeks. It's probably how I was able to buy EZBass at 4:00 AM this morning.
  8. The discount code works on the Producer Pack which is marked down from $149.95 to $99.95. Using the code at checkout, it reduces it further to $60.00.
  9. That's the only bummer about not going direct. I'm going back to bed.
  10. $135.63 at Best Service...waiting for the download links...
  11. Holy crap this thing is deep. CET officially stands for Cash Escaping Today. Bapu...it's an Alembic!!!
  12. Kiss dem simoleons buh-bye.
  13. From what I understand, the cymbals are not modeled - they're still sample-based, and so they're still a sizeable footprint.
  14. What LAGinz said.
  15. Their logo/homepage reminds me of a foggy graveyard. Oh, the irony.
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