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  1. Marc Cormier

    WD 1 TB SSD

    Must be $29 and work with Kontakt Player.
  2. I'm familiar with Howard Benson, Zo - I sold it to you! I thought the CPU usage was high for that plugin but its nothing compared to Amphub. Good think Howard Benson is on sale - I'll pick it back up again.
  3. Hey, Zo. Just opened a new project with only Amphub inserted. The CPU hit I'm reading is from the Studio One performance monitor. Hi gain amps or lead channels have a bigger impact on resources but the minimum CPU hit (Fender Bassman) is 9. Maximum is the Soldano at 12, but all of the high gain options are more resource-heavy. Problem is, if you throw the tube screamer in front of any of them, the CPU hit goes to 19-20!! The Fortin pedal adds less overhead but still...
  4. I totally dig the UI and like the responsiveness of the amps, but the deciding factor to NOT bother with this was the 12-15% hit on CPU.
  5. No upgrade to 5 path any more. I missed the $49 offer by hours back in July and they wouldn’t give it to me but said there would be sales later in the year. That’s true: there are lots of (higher priority) sales later this year!
  6. Ah. Sorry, yes I was logged in. But I don't own anything from them.
  7. No credit card needed, Fitzroy - it's just iLok activated, which is a pain but no credit card info given!
  8. REALLY interested to hear what folks think of this. I played around with the demo this morning. Its clear they've picked up the design sensibilities of Neural DSP. The amps are responsive, effects pretty good (nice Fortin pedal in there) and STL have been excellent on the new product release side of things. It will be interesting to see just how much development they put into the "ongoing updates" banter. On the other hand, I don't like the subscription hook and the "buy it now" price is stupid. As much as I love THU for the minuscule CPU impact, the responsiveness is lacking and it seems their biz model is focused on the Rig Model feature which I don't find useful. Looking to replace it.
  9. I just went to KVR and spent my way out of having to wait for Bueller to answer that question. I am weak. And I need another hard drive.
  10. How does that work? Do you just get the updated product versions (Kontakt, Reaktor) or anything not in your version of KU that would otherwise be in the regular Komplete? You don't lose anything but gain updates or things that are new to regular Komplete?
  11. Additional strings in CE but not in Ultimate: AMATI VIOLIN GUARNERI VIOLIN STRADIVARI CELLO Uhhh...I think that's the Quartet that was referred to earlier. I don't math much.
  12. Didn't work in Firefox but switched to Chrome and it worked. Sounds fickle.
  13. I'd vote for a $2.96 update from 2.7.
  14. Stop it, Zo!!! I'm trying to save my penny rolls for Studio One 5!!!!
  15. No way I'm looking for Larry...I might leave him with more discount codes than I can afford.
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