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  1. I was on the road at the time so super happy to see this was recorded.
  2. This last update to MPS 4 was really more for the Groove 3 access and a yet another reverb, to boot. If those weren’t a part of it, not sure I would have bothered. Might be the last time I upgrade, at least for a long time.
  3. Iron Maiden's gone ambient. Must be the end times.
  4. Just got in under the wire: SSL 4000G and Fuchs Overdrive Supreme. $24.99 w/voucher.
  5. If I can't use it in my DAW, I can't use it at all. Gonna check out Element, which has been sitting on my desktop for months....
  6. Marc Cormier

    Melda 15

    Anyone using MCabinet MB? I haven't A/B'ed any IR loaers but it seems to do things others don't. I love tilt EQs, too, and they have one integrated in the plugin. So far I've used NadIR, Audio Assault's loader, and Pulse but not sure the additional tools/features make a significant difference workflow-wise or sonically.
  7. Thanks for pulling this together Larry, and for your communication, Fpoir. Really happy his family was found and that we can help them directly. So sad to hear the news but it wasn't unexpected given the rough shape Terry was in from the beginning. He didn't pass on his own which especially comforting given the pandemic situation. Raising a glass to Terry as I type.
  8. Damn. Neural got my money yesterday and NOW the deals start. 😬 So good to have you back, Larry. Bapu was telling bad bass jokes the whole time to keep our minds busy.
  9. Me too, Grem. Me too. First one to get it wins, well, a few more minutes of use.
  10. Clearly, the OP (me) doesn't post too much. Thank you.
  11. I’m really surprised it was included. Seems still in the “new-ish” category with a big artist brand to carry. Maybe they’ll break even with this sale!
  12. I have to say... I've been chasing tones down dark alleys and nearly pulled the trigger on Helix Native this morning until I saw this. I know Neural and Helix are different beasts but it took no thought whatsoever to plonk the same amount of money down on two NDSP plugins and not look back. They are resource hogs, no question, but to me they are SHEER INSPIRATION. That alone is worth me upgrading my machine at some point to handle 7-8 instances without bouncing. The joy of instant sonic quality frees me up to actually record instead of constantly tweaking. Eliminating so much digging and experimenting to rid a sound of artifacts and buzz without killing definition and "feel" is priceless. Sorry to gush. It's Friday and my night is free and I scored Gojira and Nolly at half off and the fridge is full of drinks. Don't send any help.
  13. For the love of Pete, I Just had to post SOMETHING new. Anything. Larry???????? 87% off “Cinematic Traxx Bundle” by Sampletraxx (Kontakt/WAV) “Cinematic Traxx Bundle” by Sampletraxx (Kontakt/WAV) is an epic collection of 6 Cinematic Sound Design libraries featuring unique Tortured Strings, Benders, Hits, Subs, Low End Tones, Textures, Swells, Loops, Synth Bass, Risers, Reverse, Noise, Metronomes, Ticking, Braams, Drops, Feedback Larsen, Glitch Stutters, Whooshes, Ambient Pads and more! This massive collection is perfect for all types of Epic Trailer Music, Cinematic Underscore, Video Games, Sound Design and much more! All Titles Available Individually At 70% Off! Earn up to 82 Reward Points Points. Instant Download € 49 Real value: €384 You save: €335 (87%) Remind me 48 hrs before this deal expires
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