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  1. Introducing Roads - free electric pianos. Our new SINEfactory library features two of the most iconic electronic pianos, The 73-key Rhodes MK1 and the Wurlitzer 200A – fully playable and totally free. These two pianos have featured in classics spanning the spectrum of musical genre since their invention in the 20th century. With this SINEfactory release, we’re offering them both to you free of charge. From loose jazzy solos to moody atmospherics, deep overtones, and gentle emotional cues—there’s something special about these keyboards that just begs to be played. https://www.orchestraltools.com/sinefactory
  2. At Loot Audio by Atom Hub (Full version of Kontakt required) sign up for free account to claim these freebies Mr Pot | Gnat Shepherd | Cuckoo Clay Bird | Candlestick | Barking Buddy | Empty Playground | Cryptar
  3. They are pretty generous with their free sample packs as well.
  4. I haven't had any troubles out of them as of yet. (use a stunt email if you're still iffy) It's more of a new jack Vstbuzz or Audioplugindeals.com type wanna be, from what I can tell.
  5. https://vstalarm.com/product/quoir-mixed-vocal-choir/ Simple & Unique Vocal & Choir Sounds. The Quoir – Mixed Vocals Instrument VST will help you get the vocal & choir sounds you’re looking for! Quoir is a Sampled Vocal Instrument with added Waveform Generator. We recorded and sampled 25 different Vocalists (15 Women & 10 Men). Containing 4 total Sampler Engines, you can blend 4 different Vocals at a time. By blending these 4 Vocals together, we bring you some Unique Choir Combinations! Slap on the Waveform Generator for some added artifacts and you have some crazy choirs & textures! With Quoir’s light & easy-to-use interface, you will have no problems finding a preset or creating your own sounds altogether. With streamlining your productions in mind, we kept everything, well, simple! Minimal FX allows you to use the FX you’re already familiar with (let’s face it, we all do anyway), quickly have full control over each Flute & easily browse presets!
  6. This along with Klang and Labs were like this gift that kept on giving for Kontakt (Labs now has it's own player) When they bundled all these instruments into a single bundle, I figured the it was no longer going to keep growing... Glad to find out I was wrong! 🙂👍
  7. Best case scenario, There's a Lite version on the way. Like Home Studio was to Sonar. Worst case, they actually take away features. Which sounds crazy but I've seen this happen before. Recycle, UVI Player, recently Battery and Kontakt to a lesser degree. I hate when companies take away feature and call it an update. They actually put a couple back in Kontakt because users complained so loudly.
  8. Similar situation with Electric and Air Velvet. There may be an argument that some may want the newer plugins for the more modern interfaces and presets..
  9. TubeSynth is a bit of a retread of Air Vacuum Pro but made for the Akai MPC hardware. It's now in VST. (so if you have Vacuum already you're good) or you can get Vacuum much cheaper if you look around. Hype Synth on the other hand is brand new (also made for MPC hardware initially) That being said it's pretty good. Modern sounding and very versatile.
  10. I grabbed a few. Seem to be working here.
  11. I saw these in the Roland App unlocked. Wasn't sure is they were still functional as they also said discontinued. Early on when Roland 1st started using the app. Random stuff would suddenly become unlocked but would turn out to be just demos, which added to my confusion. Thanks for the info.
  12. Me too. Thought I'd share it for anybody who missed it or the 24hr Zampler freebie a little while back.
  13. Tape saturation & BBD delay - free for all Plugins-Samples members! Analog Delay is available for free from now until June 30, 2022 in VST, AAX, and AU formats. Register for free here at Plugins Samples and get the plugin. https://www.plugins-samples.com/my-account/ Plus as Bonus for Registering you get: Download link for our Welcome Pack including our sample workstation Zampler//RX and our sound banks Brute Factor, Mantra Pads, Prophet-12 and Toraiz AS-1 with more than 5 GB of sounds here: Zampler//RX - Welcome Pack
  14. https://www.akaipro.com/mpc-key-61
  15. FOR TODAY ONLY!! Pay What You Want For 80 Zampler& MPC Sound Banks ZamplerSounds are offering 80 Zampler /MPC soundbanks on a ‘Pay What You Want” basis. This offer is only valid on June 10th!! Browse through 80 soundbanks for Zamplers, 40 expansions for current MPC models, 11 eBooks, as well as various bundles and pick your favorites. From EDM to Techno, Trance to Drum & Bass and Ambient to House, we included everything that our studios are capable to produce. The only things we can’t do are folk and rock. But we can do Hardstyle and Trip Hop! We just have one request: to avoid server overload, only take what you really need for your tracks. For more information on the sound banks, click here: https://zamplersounds.sellfy.store/
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