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  1. Lemar Sain

    Aquiver $4.95

    I've picked up several of their products. Very nice ambient sounds and textures. Also some nice bread and butter sounds too. Very cinematic sound over all. If you can catch them, the sales prices (like this one) are ridiculous!...but VERY worth it.
  2. Lemar Sain

    NI Restructure

    I got that as well. I also predicted Loopclouds move to subscription last month or so...Now this?🤔
  3. Get FORTE 10 Basic for FREE. Only until Sept. 8th. Usually it is $24. Get the full version of FORTE 10 Basic music notation software! No strings attached whatsoever. https://www.fortenotation.com/en/giveaway/?fbclid=IwAR0TouKUaUiZDbrm8uXlLqmYnCTYpzXGshQoElXBasOf4OWxwWQoOr_a-bE
  4. PS. Most importantly ....avoid any post by CCLARRY in a deals section of a forum!!! LOL! 😁
  5. Small indie developer with some pretty good plugs. Seems like a really cool guy too. I've been grabbing a plug or 2 here and there when they go on sale. If just to support his efforts.
  6. Eeeeeeeverybody is going subscription nowadays. Loopcloud just went sub based Monday. Even companies with limited content are trying to jump on the bandwagon. Not a fan.
  7. These one year upgrade cycles are almost as bad as subscriptions.
  8. Thanks. Thought was going crazy there for a sec ...lol!
  9. Didn't the quantize resolution use to go to 64 triplet? I hope I'm not imagining this.
  10. Sale ending after this weekend. New users use code above for and EXTRA 20% off
  11. I did a ram diagnostic with no errors found. Though I can't reproduce it on the fly it does seem to happen after editing clips. Paste, move, slip edits etc. Press play and freeze.
  12. Turns out my crashes (app freezes) were random. Though less frequent, they still persist in the hotfix. I did manage to get a dump file this time through the task manager. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ga_G0rNJhXlXYRdXCIC90JHIXVdLKT3P
  13. Yes, a lot of us can say this about many plugs now....and you're partially too blame. Thanks CCLarry. lol! 😉 Transfuser is pretty cool though. Fun fact, it can be used as an FX plugin as well as an insrtrument.
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