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  1. Good pick. I plan on updating Komplete when the 50% off sale hits. This one and a few other aren't covered in that update.
  2. I have. Fun little voice inst.
  3. WARNING!...Not sure if this has been posted yet but be careful testing out the sub or trial. Sub licenses will REPLACE your perpetual licenses .
  4. Green Oak Software makers of the popular classic synth Crystal has released Tungsten Texture Delay Effect Delay effect with a twist. Tungsten is a sound design tool to add ambience with texture and color. Cesium Lush Chorus Effect Cesium brings distinctive character to a chorus effect. Use it to add motion and depth to your sound. https://greenoak.com/effects/
  5. Independence free (was Yellowtools now Magix) has a really good tambourine library. with triggerable loops and playable sounds. https://www.magix.com/ca/music-editing/free-download/independence-free-sampler-software/
  6. I'm willing to bet that Animate 2 is right around the corner.
  7. MXTune Is A FREE Pitch Correction Plugin By Liualin-MX By William Frady // Updated on February 6, 2023 News Liualin-MX releases MXTune, a freeware pitch correction and dynamic range compression VST plugin for digital audio workstations on Windows and Linux. It’s always an exciting day to see new developers joining the pantheon of freeware developers. Liualin-MX is a relatively new developer, but his first plugin is worth the attention. https://liuanlin-mx.github.io/
  8. Direct Approach are now providing their plugins as FREE downloads. and more..... https://www.directap.com/ All Plugins are now free. Plugin registration is no longer required. Please donate if you can to help support this site!
  9. I'm thankful it's still being developed...but...still no undo button...Just saying.πŸ˜‘
  10. Great vid Xel Ohh. Most of your cons though have very simple work arounds so they're really not deal breakers for me. 1. Free and cheap samplers are everywhere. I have at least a dozen installed. Waves introduced one just last year. I got it for like $9 2.Track folder with multi-inst and assigned midi or drum maps. Save as template and you only have to do that once. Boom multi outs. 3. As far as the FX... listeners can't hear your GUI. Back in the day your whole DAW would look like that. In fact your whole operating system would, but platinum hits were still being made on them. Function over form. 4. Bonus: Many don't know this but SI Instruments have several built in presets. Click where it says Default Prog and a browser menu will pop up with many instrument presets.
  11. rollout started... Support for VST3 Standard ! (A1TriggerGate & A1StereoControl) Please note the following infos: dedicated VST3 installers (MAC+Win) are available now ! additional installers for all other supported formats (VST2, AU, AAX) highly 64bit-optimized code (dropped 32bit support in 2021) https://a1audio.alexhilton.net/?fbclid=IwAR2jT1evTi08DnKopZPr1xCnUNSB7YhSKQp4UAA3ABpDsH0TF_guJqyyUxs
  12. This is good news. FM8 (if I'm remembering correctly,) was one of those Instruments in the list to be discontinued a couple years back before users rebelled in mass. Good thing to see they're still developing it somewhat. Absynth wasn't so lucky.
  13. Pigment's version evolutions have been ridiculously fast. 😲
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