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  1. Here is a list free Kontakt player instruments. Registering the 3rd party ones will qualify you for upgrade pricing for Kontakt or Komplete. If you wait for Black Friday or the NI 50% off deal that happens once or twice a year, you can get in pretty cheap. The 30~40 gig library and the ridiculous amount of free stuff available for Kontakt makes it well worth it. https://bedroomproducersblog.com/2020/04/27/free-kontakt-libraries/
  2. TERRY & BELLS : FREE KONTAKT LIBRARY Crypto Cipher is proud to announce free Kontakt library which includes 10 Elephant Bells patches, 5 guitar patches & 30 sound design patches. “Terry & Bells” Library also includes a cubase project file created by Alessandro Ponti from Italy. Solo Patches Details Elephant Bells Instruments : Master Patch, Mallets Patches, Rolls, Bows, Clusters & Noise patches. Guitar Patches : Master Patch, Pluck, Tap, Percussion & FX patches. 30 Sound Design Patches ArpSticks.nki, Bell Rain.nki, BellMond.nki, Bells of Lal.nki, Christmas Bells.nki, Crazy Arps.nki, Emotional Releases.nkm, Gamelanesq.nkm, Glass Pluck.nki, HarpsiPluck.nki, In Your Face Pluck.nki, In Your Face Tap.nki, Legato Colors_ModWheel.nkm, Lush Ambient Pads.nki, NarniaBells.nkm, One Pluck.nki, Pitch Distortion.nki, Pitched Rhythmic Bell Movement.nki, Rain Pad.nki, Random Reverse Pluck.nki, Retro Grunge.nki, Reverse Bells.nki, Rhythmic Pad.nki, Rhythmic Pads Variation.nki, Rhythmic Pads.nki, Sample & Hold Pluck.nki, Shiny Bells.nkm, SoloLegato.nki, Sprinkle Bell.nkm, Wobble Synth.nki Best Wishes and Love Crypto Cipher https://www.cryptocipher.in/product/terry-bells-free-kontakt-library/?fbclid=IwAR0yNybfn2BCPe89OYyceafbaNWT98oyN73ecn9NfNrIkKW_dXChWwKpGdU Please Note : TERRY & BELLS works with latest Kontakt 5.8.1 version ( full licence ). Free Kontakt player will only work for 30 minutes. The “Add Library” import process do not support this standard format Kontakt library but you can use Kontakt file browser to load .nki Instruments.
  3. I have to agree here. Very nice presets on this thing.
  4. This thing is slowly evolving into something really nice.
  5. Do a review of whatever product you bought to go with it and get a few pennies back.
  6. It's basically an updated version of an app called Auto Theory re-branded. They added some new features and made it a plugin instead of a separate app like before. It's similar to stuff Insta Chord and Scaler (Scaler is a bit more advanced) Edit: ZincT beat me to it.
  7. Free Orange Tiny Terror Amp to IK newsletter subscribers All new and existing IK newsletter subscribers are eligible from April 29th to May 6th. To receive your free amp, join the IK newsletter and confirm your subscription between April 29th and May 6th. Next, open the Custom Shop app and you will receive a notification that the gear has been added to your account. The Tiny Terror Amp will be found in your list of owned gear and ready to play!
  8. Use code : 9ntx9xjc at pluginboutique.com for added discount. down to £28.37 ($35.00)
  9. Try a different browser. I got it work that way.
  10. 927 shares so far. Let's push it over the top guys.
  11. I started my pc music journey from hardware with soundfonts. Cakewalk Express and a SBLive card. Still use Soundfonts to this day. Here is a free SF2 editor https://www.polyphone-soundfonts.com/ Viena is another free editor. http://www.synthfont.com/index.html Here is one of the few 64bit SF2 player vst's. https://blog.rosseaux.net/page/e5ca75d98990e33b31dadc78a8df1333/Sobanth SFZ+ is great and still works (if you can find a copy) I recently found out that NI Battery can load SF2 files (does a good job too) Many Wusik synths and samplers also support SF2 (currently 80% off)
  12. Then you either love or hate Larry. LOL
  13. Try changing this setting in preferences. (see pic attached)
  14. This is the biggest turn off for me. All of their stuff is ridiculously large. Even their FX VST demo is like 5 gigs. Really?... for FX?!? . Especially when you consider the entire Triton Workstation VST (with all expansions) Is less than 300 MB. vs a 6 gig bass DEMO!!!! smh
  15. ProjectSAM's The Free Orchestra is pretty nice too. These 3 are gift's that keep on giving.
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