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  1. Version one was a little basic for my needs but this new version is a lot more feature rich. Thanks
  2. I just checked again and it seems to happen when simple instrument track option is selected in the the properties popup window.
  3. Noticed minor bug. When you right click to replace synth, choosing a synth from recent history list creates new synth and leaves the old one in place. Other replace synth methods seem to work.
  4. Yeah...We're all thinking that now...until all the new and shiny 2.0 compatible gear and plugins start showing up . Then BOOM the GAS kicks in. ...and just when you think you've got it under control, CCLarry pops out of the shadows with a ridiculous deal that you can't pass up.... There's no turning back after that. 😄
  5. I called it. The free version was just a taste to get you hooked. ..GAS dealer 101 ..LOL!
  6. I think Beatscape and DropZone had real potential. Would have been nice to see them really get fleshed out. As for Momentum there's no Rex support as of yet, No slicing by transients ( my preferred method) Gui text is very small and not resizable and a few other key features seem to be absent. This the 1st iteration so maybe things will improve in the near future.
  7. Not the most comprehensive list but it's well laid out and organized. Many staples with a few lesser known gems as well. A nice starting point for newbies or those vets looking to expand their arsenal.
  8. This might be useful Table of Contents Best Free Amp Simulator VST Best Free Autopanner VST Best Free Bass Instrument VST Best Free Bitcrusher VST Best Free VST Bundle Best Free Chorus VST And so on!.... https://www.idesignsound.com/best-free-vst/
  9. This thing is actually pretty cool. I imagine by the name a Finisher Pro or similar is coming soon.
  10. Pigments 2 ?!? ... Didn't Pigments 1 come out like....yesterday? 🤷‍♂️
  11. Get an extra 40% off all products at W.A. Production with code: WABlackXX Includes those already discounted. https://www.waproduction.com/
  12. The 50 msec buffer fixed the audio gaps. Must have gotten reset somehow. Thanks
  13. Getting a crash when opening a project with AIR Talkbox plugin. Crash message attached, dmp file here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WqKVhh4mdr5kPb8SRHQk7_x0QiT2vYEH Also getting strange gaps in audio with ASIO driver. In loop mode the gaps occur in the same spots. ASIO vs WDM examples attached. VStudio 100 audio interface used. Plus I can't seem to open plugin properties unless in Admin mode. ASIO (8).mp3 WDM (7).mp3
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