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  1. Reminds of those 90's Family sitcom opening theme songs. Coolness!
  2. It's like CC Larry in video form. Loved by deal seekers. Hated by wives, wallets and hard drives. LOL! 😆
  3. There was a version of this on April fools called Minimal (with an L) which was just sampled silence. LOL!
  4. This, Klang, Labs and Project Sam (now a bundle) are great free libraries that keep growing over time.
  5. Reminds me a bit of the discontinued Firebird synth they use to have.
  6. Reminder singing into a fan as a kid?...Well this is that...on steroids! 😆
  7. Video reminds me of this one. Same energy (love it)
  8. Had the same problem. Run the Authorization Manager. You may also have to re-scan library.
  9. I'm with you. It's dirt cheap so why not grab both if it's useful.
  10. Indie Voices i s free for a limited time and is similar.
  11. In other words Carbon Elektra for just $5
  12. After Vital's release and the avalanche of seasonal deals and freebies, I told myself, you have enough synths, you have too many synths, no more synths....and now this! Larry is somehow the best and the worst at the same time. 😑👍...LOL!
  13. Sounds like a procrastination thing...I'll watch it later. 😉
  14. As a sampler it got to the point that I just couldn't avoid it anymore. Gigasampler died. VSampler died. Independence is a zombie. Mach5 isn't on anyone's radar anymore. Halion isn't the contender it use to be. Ex24 and SampleOne are tied to other DAW'S. Uvi and SampleTank have great sound libraries but almost zero third party support....andso on. Kontakt is the Coca Cola of samplers with no real Pepsi option out there. Only a few RC Colas. They have a near monopoly on party support.
  15. Similar discounts can be had for Komplete also. It goes on %50 off usually in the summer. Upgrading from Kontakt gets you an even bigger discount than free player cross grade. Some sites let you use coupon codes or loyalty points for extra discounts. I wound up getting the Komplete upgrade from Kontakt for like $170. Tons of free stuff for Reaktor too.
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