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  1. Hi, Azslow, he left the HDD idea and he's going to buy 2 SSDs (m2). Thanks for all the information!
  2. Umu2002, I think you didn't read it correctly. I'm not spending my friends money! He chose the pieces, I'm just helping him. You don't know what are his future plans for his studio so, it'd be better be more polite with your comments. Thanks anyway.
  3. Thanks, BRock, this is going to be a very good competitor for the Asus Rog.
  4. Thanks, Mettelus. I think it will be his choice, good to know that you aprove this board.
  5. Hi, guys, I'm helping a friend to build a computer to his first homestudio. He wants a Intel I9, motherboard with chipset Z390, 64GB RAM, 1SSD and 1HD, to start. We found the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO (WI-FI) has all he needs but the fact that it's focused to gamers, make us wonder if there's a similar more focused for audio... Can you give some advices? Thanks and happy new year!
  6. My condolences for you and your family.
  7. I'm the only user. But, oddly, without doing anything, I've just opened CbB and it's ok!! Thanks, anyway.
  8. Last week, I installed CbB on my notebook without issues, now, trying to install it on my PC is being a PITA... After several attempts to download and install, and the Assistant stucking in the install process, I decided to run the exe directly from the installation folder. The process seemed to be fine but I end up in Demo Mode. The message error asks for activation via BandLab Assistant but this option doesn't exist. Checking for updates is not a solution because I'm already updated. Is there anyone that can help me? Thanks!
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