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  1. Make your action scenes more thrilling and dramatic with these new, FREE, heavily-processed sound effects. The PROCESSED IMPACTS pack is ideal for use in scenarios involving destruction, fighting, and explosions. Create even more nuance and notion by using these acoustic bedrocks as a solid foundation for your layering skills. Free Sounds – Processed Impacts 348 ROYALTY-FREE SOUNDS 58 WAV files • 96kHz/24bit • 0.5GB https://www.boomlibrary.com/sound-effects/free-sounds-processed-impacts/
  2. Keep using stars on your favs. Agree with augustenz, no need to lose any information. Do not eliminate good or very good libraries: Just choose tiny fonts for those. As a suggestion, I would like to find month and year information in the next entries.
  3. +1 I've just sent a message Melda's support. I had purchased from both UnitedPlugins and Melda webstores. Will edit whenever they answer
  4. https://www.waves.com/account/free-metafilter-producergrind Free Waves MetaFilter for followers of ProducerGrind! For a limited time only, Waves is pleased to offer you MetaFilter for free. Claim your free plugin now!
  5. And the Lo-Fi House Chords (£10.00) is added 100% off!
  6. Expiring today , 'TACO10' gets you 10% off, to offset the $5 APD never sent you
  7. Are $50/$75 off generic vouchers ? If so, anyone mind to share ? TIA
  8. When purchasing V Collection 9+MiniFreak V (Free): Does anyone happen to know it gets you two separete licenses (one, for V Collection 9, one for MiniFreak V) Is this free MiniFreak V a NFR license or somehow tied to V Collection?
  9. From Conor Dalton's twitter: https://t.co/gYS3TecHpD
  10. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products.html?man=brainworx&sort=manufacturerAZ Stack the $25 voucher for your complete entertainment We will pause all other voucher codes (incl. the monthly loyalty codes) during this sale! This voucher cannot be combined with any other voucher.
  11. It upgrades with both coupons for a total $56.43. Won't pull the the trigger, tho.
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