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  1. It upgrades with both coupons for a total $56.43. Won't pull the the trigger, tho.
  2. BabyAud.io site has two presets (snare,hihat) for Parallel Aggressor found in Freebie tab: https://babyaudiosoftware.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/Preston+Reid+BABY+Audio+Presets.zip
  3. Somehow, I missed Brass back then and now...
  4. I also got the everything bundle in 2019, and I'm pleased to learn that the APGMARS code also works in the Everything we Sampled 20xx "updates" (2021 FROM MARS, et al)
  5. https://riemannkollektion.com/collections/dark-techno-sample-packs/products/riemann-hard-techno-1-24bit-wav-loops-oneshots (reg. €29.95). No code required. 48h end date!
  6. Thanks for such useful protip @Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann! Now if only books could be also downloaded!
  7. Cheapo crap in $3.60 tag (https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/presets/blvckout-karma-trap-samples/) for the MAutofreeformAnalogEQ freebie
  8. I'm in too ; went for low-ish tier ($/€ 79.99) this time
  9. Get $10.00 off with END_JUNE code
  10. 6 days left. Get 10% off with BOOSTEROIDSUMMER code
  11. Could you mates please enlighten me? Presonus states "Compatible with Studio One 4.6 and higher. Prime only (included in Artist and Professional)" https://shop.presonus.com/Fat-Channel-XT Does this mean the PB June freebie will become redudant whenever I get a SO Pro license?
  12. Or.... "What is the programmer's first name on p8?"🧐
  13. Too good :) Deal is for a 1-year subscription
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