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  1. Thanks King Larry!😁
  2. Thanks Larry. I do missed last month indeed. Does it happen to work the link on "Access the Impacts sound library here" you quoted?
  3. guess solving it too soon would spoil half the fun! 🀑
  4. so did you know the 2 words ? Care to PM mates, thanks!☺️
  5. If only CR repost the first one!πŸ₯Ί
  6. having trouble downloading with Firefox 74.01 (falied twice, 3 downloads remaining). I've contacted customer support
  7. many thank mates. Little greedy,πŸ˜‹ any clue on how to figure out using those codes for Thorn Solo and Zampler Black Hole?
  8. Right now on Novation Sound Collective: Upgrades to Serato Sample for USD 55.30 (+ VAT within EU) with Coupon Code: NOVATION30
  9. Yep, I am afraid so. The have it listed @ PB but AAS shown 6 (off 7) my missing soundbanks but the new Masala 2. Maybe I didn't realize to further scroll down? πŸ˜… Won't complain, such a worthwhile freebie and Masala 2 had just been released!
  10. Masala 2 NOT for choose from the list
  11. alacantec


    Despite it doesn't worth the hassle often , this is my workarround to handle sharewareonsale fishy tricks: First, I use a dummy email account to receive the user/serial info. Then, I run their shaddy sharewareonsale download manager sandboxed, and kept the dowload installer. Last, since the installer from devoloper's website is 4.160.344 bytes, as is the shaddy installer, I've ran the lite exe from developer KC Softwares and used the user/serial sucessfully.
  12. Bass Fingers would work with a 2.1 GB standard sample Library if 15.5 GB high-definition (HD) is overkill https://www.waves.com/downloads/sample-libraries
  13. Hence the missing point with Waves, πŸ™Š asking $79 as recommended Upgrade from my registerd SSL G-Equalizer
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