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  1. Just curious, where was this poll taken? They should do another poll: “Which companies update their software drivers the best?” Pretty sure Avid would be somewhere there at the bottom and RME somewhere at the top. It’s amazing how some HW have such short lifespans because of the lack of updated software drivers. For someone investing in their gear for the long-term, rock-solid and updated software drivers are what’s most important when I’m purchasing an audio interface(or any other HW device that requires SW, for that matter). I’ve had multiple Avid/Digidesign MBOX units, multiple M-Audio units including the ProjectMix I/O and NI Kore which all are essentially doorstoppers now(unless I use an old OS). I get it… it’s a business. But I still would like to use my gear. I appreciate and gravitate to those companies that have maintained their drivers throughout the years.
  2. So tired of Adobe’s bs. I currently pay to use their software. I’m all for Adobe alternatives. Definitely getting this deal
  3. Marvel + X-Com game style = Awesome freebie!
  4. I haven’t purchased from PA in a while. Any codes that might happen to work with this?
  5. If it’s anything like X-com, I’m def getting this. X-com was one of my fave games when it came out. Thanks for the rec!
  6. You have to sign up to download. Plus, you need to give them your serial # to prove ownership.
  7. A few retailers price match products with other stores. Some have free shipping. However, not sure about the international aspect. It might be worth inquiring, though. Zzounds and GC/MF might be good places to start.
  8. Nice sounding. Very useable. Would definitely pay to upgrade to PRO if there's a path to that. Anyone know if there's a discounted upgrade path from Lite to Pro?
  9. I don't really keep up with this company's sales. Is this one of their better deals?
  10. I purchased the Baby Bottle years ago for much more… great all-around condenser mic.
  11. Checked out some of the projects. With some of them, you need to know how to compile the source code/libraries. It’s been years since I dabbled in that stuff… so, that’s a no-go for me. But that stuff is a great resource for anyone wanting to create their own audio plugins. For me, the ones that immediately stand out(from my own use and from other’s recommendations) are: Vital + Helm by Matt Tytel and Surge XT by Claes Johanson(co-founder of Bitwig and Vember Audio). No source code compiling needed. You can download/install your desired plugin format.
  12. Quite a list. Any notable good plugins?
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