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  1. That’s probably for the Spectrum Sound Pack
  2. Are they both rent to own?
  3. You're right. It's just the download expiration. As for other companies that have expiration on downloads, I can't think of any as well. However, there are small companies that limit downloads.
  4. Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely do that if I buy this. It boggles my mind why IK would have "download limits" and an "expiration timeframe" to download your software. You're right. That's definitely a "screw the customer" policy. IK is a big name in the music software biz. They shouldn't have to resort to such tactics. Other software I use from companies like Arturia and Native Instruments do not have download limits or an expiration date. Also, I notice some companies are smarter these days... they upload their sounds/VIs to cloud services like DropBox where customers can download/re-download without being charged a fee. Maybe IK could do something like that? IK, you need to starting putting the customer first.
  5. I really want this software. The only thing holding me back is the download limit. Not my favorite feature of IK software =/
  6. Thanks for the tips! The GAS is real! 🤣
  7. Yeah, he was just ignoring you. Guess he was just hoping for some of that affiliate kickback, hah 🤑
  8. Wow! Looks and sounds great! Love UJAM's VIs and effects. Hoping they have a big BF sale!
  9. There’s a post about this product already
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