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  1. Lionel

    NI Summer of Sound

    Okay, thanks. Still on the fence on whether to update to this version or wait for the next summer's sale.
  2. Lionel

    NI Summer of Sound

    Does anyone know if they have these Komplete upgrade discounts during Black Friday or Cyber Monday?
  3. Don’t really need this, but I’ve seen the awesome things you can do with Ableton and Lightroom. At this price, it’s too good to pass. So I bought it.
  4. Beta not available in my region 😞
  5. Gladly. And hopefully Peter can chime in as well.
  6. Of course I could see why a smaller company would charge a re-download fee. Basically because they don't have the financial resources as a bigger company. If a company like Native Instuments(a hardware/software company similar to IK), for instance, can have unlimited downloads of their content w/o a fee, I honestly just don't see why IK can't do the same. Not to mention, it was mentioned on this Forum in a previous post, that IK could go with a number of cost-saving cloud storage alternatives. IK should really look into those. I still think IK needs to address this. I'm just not satisfied with the status quo. Guess I'm just the odd man out on this topic.
  7. Thanks for sharing that info. I can't say that I've heard of those companies. So would I presume these companies are smaller compared to IK, correct? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. Maybe you or someone else could shed some light… What companies(that specialize in large sample libraries) also charge a re-download fee for sound content? Because I’ve yet to encounter them(besides IK). And I’d be genuinely curious to know.
  9. There's more companies(some even smaller than IK) that don't charge a fee to re-download content. Maybe because I don't buy enough plugins from a wide variety of brands, but from the plugins/VIs that I do own from the likes of NI, Arturia, MOTU, AIR, AAS, D16, Melda, Plugin Boutique, etc... they don't charge a sheisty re-download fee. //Sheesh, don't be evil, IK But hey, to each your own... Have at it. How you waste money is entirely up to you ✌️
  10. Wow. Just goes to show that subscriptions definitely aren't for everybody(myself included). Try to stay away from subscriptions as much as possible. Unless it's rent-to-own, vouchers or something similar.
  11. Let’s see… this is where I’m at: - Purchased all the synths from the last GB - Still recouping from the last GB - Haven’t had the time to fully use all the synths yet… last GB still too fresh - Upgrade to ver 2 seems too confusing and very much a hassle - These synths are sample-based (I knew what I was getting myself into. It just makes you really appreciate VSTs like Arturia V Collection that don’t take up a lot of HD space) - This is a big one for me… I still despise IK’s policy on having to pay a fee to re-download content after a certain amount of time has passed. (shady, if you ask me) With that said, I’m very much sitting this one out… maybe indefinitely(we’ll see). Maybe IK should call this a “Gluttonous Buy.” All I know is I’m going to have strict diet and cut out IK. But hopefully this GB works out for you guys
  12. Who else best to buy the software versions of hardware than from the folks who actually made them, right?
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