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  1. CTRL+ALT+F : zooms In the whole project horizontaly -
  2. Thanks. Yes, for moving around music is logical to select all events in the section, but for creating a layout of a song that is not yet composed is counterintuitive, depending on your workflow, I think. The whole purpose of the select button, option to select with or without the music, is that.
  3. The Arranger Section is not working for Control+Drag sections if "Select Events with Sections" is off. If it´s ON then it works properly. Sometimes the copy+paste keyboard shortcuts works, other times it doesn't. I´m using the latest hotfix (Build 91)
  4. Articulation Pane working again - Thanks a lot. You are the best.
  5. Same Here, exactly as you describe - The only way to display the Articulation Pane is by manually dragging the outline of the PRV.
  6. Got it: at first I just copy-paste the 4 new modules, and of course it didn´t work, so I did copy-paste all the modules of the Select Tool Tungsten Theme into my edited theme and voilá. Got it - Thanks a lot.
  7. Hi! Haven´t find the way to change the width of the Select module... I go as far as to find the Control Bar /Modules / Select / Background (large) within the Theme Editor, and get stuck. Should I edit it in Photoshop? - thanks!
  8. Hi, I wonder... how do I update a user theme? - I know how to change to another theme, but not how to update. Thanks!
  9. Yes, Noel. The crash occurs after the save, and surprisingly, the track template IS saved, but Bdlb closes, without the option to recover the project. I did try with the version and there is no improvement. I will forward this to Vienna. Thanks a lot!
  10. mmm - not sure how to revert to prior update (2020.11) ...
  11. Noel, I´m getting crashes again when trying to save track templates containing Vienna Synchron Player. To reproduce: Insert Vienna Synchron Player Select Audio+Midi tracks to create a full template Select save as track template After a few seconds, Bdlb seems to get stuck - Crash: Bdlb closes without any warning --- I'll revert to last update and try again. Enclosed 3 minidumps. Minidumps.zip
  12. ... and a snapshot of the export video configurations that always works for me. H.264 codec is the best I came across. Using this configurations I manage to work really smoothly with video inside Blb.
  13. ... All the video related tasks described above refers to using a video editor to prepare your personal copy before importing into Cakewalk.
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