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  1. Hi, Noel. I’ve got some new information: The crash occurs only when deleting an instance of the Vienna Synchron Player Plugin AND USING IN ANY WAY IN COMBINATION WITH TRACK TEMPLATES (Save track template / load track template), as long as there are TWO instances of the plugin loaded using track template commands, and deleting the second of any of the instances - WEIRD! When inserting the plugin from the Insert/Soft Synth menu, it works fine, no matter how many instances are loaded in the project, as long as Track Templates are not involved. BdLb crashes in the same way when Saving Track Templates, as I reported in another post. To reproduce the crash: 1. Insert Synchron Player 2. Create (save) a track template Close BdLab, Re Open 3. Insert Synchron Player track template Instance #1 4. Insert Synchron Player track template Instance #2 5. Delete one Instance of Synchron Player 6. (sometimes Bdlb crashes here) 7. Delete second instance of Synchron Player 8. (More Often BdLab crashes here) Enclosed a new mini dump file. Untitled_09122020_145435.dmp
  2. Hi Noel, thanks for your answer. Good to know that there is an explanation! The crash happens every time I delete a Synchron Player instance, no matter if it's a new project or not. It happens every time, so it's very easy to reproduce. In the meanwhile, I'll try the VST2 plugin instead of the VST3, as suggested by other user.
  3. I have 32 Gb RAM. Some plugins, like Omnisphere, use a LOT of RAM. Others, not so much, so it depends on your particular setup. If your setup is full of VST's, the extra RAM is a blessing. Anyway, when I upgraded to 32 Gb, I really experience a big leap in terms of speed and reliability. Now I can load a LOT of VST's without struggle.
  4. This a professional grade DAW. Yes, it takes time to learn it. If you do so, you probably will find it extremely easy to use.
  5. Yes, same here with the arranger hanging. Haven´t tried with the latest update. It's supposed to be fixed.
  6. Sure! ... sorry, how do I send a PM? didn't find the link - Untitled_09102020_191231.dmp
  7. Hi! Despite the last update, Bdlb still crashes when deleting an instance of Vienna Synchron Player. Only happens to me with this particular plugin. Enclosed the minidump file. Thanks!
  8. I got it: the PNG is created when pressing (with or without intention) the [Impr] computer keyboard key that saves an image screen, AND afterwards saving the cwp file. It creates a PNG file with same name as the cwp file, in the same directory, and yes, Bandlab uses the PNG for preview purposes on the start screen.
  9. ... first time I see it. And now it´s gone.... it´s not been saved along the file now. Weird-
  10. Hi, Lately, every time I save my project, I find a PNG file of the track view saved along the cwp file. Anyone having the same bug? Thanks -
  11. Hi, thanks for your answer. I narrowed down the problem to Vienna Instruments Synchron Player plug-in. I contacted them, and say that it is a problem with cakewalk code... mmmm ... --- Cakewalk Bandlab 2020.08 (built 100) Vienna Instruments - Synchron Player Win 10 Home Edition 32 Gb RAM Processor AMD RYZEN 5 2400G
  12. Hi, Recently, every time I try to save a track template, BandLab crashes. The track template is created and saved, but the program crashes and closes. Anyone experiencing this behavior? Thanks!
  13. Create Sections; Select Section on the left pane; Rename Section. I did this in a blank project and didn't fail... I'll check next time it happens the configuration the plugins loaded. Thanks!
  14. Hi: I'm experiencing troubles when renaming a section: Blb hangs for ever.
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