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  1. .. also, make sure that "Dim solo Mode" is not accidentally engaged: it makes the other tracks slightly audible too, by a configurable percentage.
  2. mmm... even in Spanish is a incomprehensible phrase.
  3. Hola. No sé si ha estudiado un poco el programa antes de usarlo. Es importante, porque no es un app simple sino un programa profesional de producción musical. La ayuda del programa es muy muy buena y tiene tutoriales para todo lo básico. El ruido que menciona puede deberse a múltiples causas. Lo principal es que revise la configuración del audio de Cakewalk, para que esté usando el driver correcto. (Preferences/Audio/Devices). Seleccione solamente el driver ASIO que instaló recientemente. Revise también la configuración del driver, en (menú en inglés:) Preferences / Driver Settings / ASIO panel - y asigne un buffer size adecuado a la velocidad de su equipo. Puede probar desde 526 hacia abajo. Mientras menor el valor, menos latencia, pero más exigente con su sistema, lo cual puede producir chasquidos. Un valor de 256 es usualmente apropiado. Ver imagen -
  4. An easy way to write the pedal line is by setting your drawing tool to "line". Just click once in the desired place. Also, remember that some piano VST's use half pedalling, so you can actually draw your pedal line at different positions, not just 0 or 127.
  5. El Driver que estás usando no es el mejor. Es genérico y de mala calidad. Instala el driver que viene con tu interface.
  6. Not 100% sure, but I think that the moment you release the mouse when drawing, you are actually writing a value - which is not zero -, and it persist in the lane. If you want cc 64 off you have to specify that value on your writing by drawing at 0. The other thing I see is that you may have engaged the Snap button - may be Snap to Measure?, and that's why when you release the mouse, tha value goes to the very end of that measure.
  7. I struggled with this too, but once I understood it and studied it a bit, I'll would not go back to the tempo view. But there is a learning curve involved.
  8. Bonus: if a combine this with the new tempo track, I can visually align arranger sections of the music to landmarks on the video by changing the tempo map...! wow. What a time saving tool! Thanks again -
  9. Whatt!? just what I was dreaming of - Thanks Scook! This is extra useful for composing music for video (now I can mark sections on one arranger track dedicated to video marking, and keep them locked regardless of the tempo changes I make on the music). And keep the arranger sections of the music unlocked in a different track. - Fantastic.
  10. Sorry! what a mess - I avoided inserting Soft Synths as Simple Instruments tracks for that reason. I like to have access for midi and audio inputs+outputs as independent tracks, so there's room for reassigning / rerouting as needed. Have you tried to inserting your VST's that way? each midi and audio tracks are independent, and easily configurable, and accesible via the console view as well. My troubles with Omnisphere assignments were solved by re-assigning the inputs of the audio tracks directly on each audio track. Midi tracks were not affected, nor audio outs. Lost half an hour but it was done! Check images attached.
  11. If you use Spectrasonics soft synths, there was a recent update on their part that messed up the audio inputs of the synth audio tracks inside Cakewalk. Check this thread: But, fortunately, It was solved recently by the Cakewalk team, in the latest update:
  12. Hi! Didn't find anything related to this: is currently any way to lock the position of an Arranger Section to a specific SMPTE position, same as you do with clips? Would be very useful in a music for video scenario.
  13. wow - and it gets even better! Thanks!
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