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  1. Go Cakewalk. Can't miss. BUT you really need to put an effort to know the program, as much as we as musicians need to put an effort to learn to sing or play guitar. A lot of the complains about software is just lack of training and knowledge!
  2. Wow, never thought about this workaround. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing -
  3. Me too: H264 codec. Works very good, no issues at all. I ask the video guy to export in this format, so I just import it as it comes. In a few instances - i.e., when I need a pre-roll time in the video, when the music starts at 1st frame, I edit the video in a separate video editor, inserting a blank of 2 sec at the beginning.
  4. I often find this noise when using a delay anywhere in the signal path of an instrument, but only if I make tempo changes. Makes sense that in a continuous tempo change the delay loses the reference point of how to behave. One solution I found is to set the delay to a fixed ratio (in ms), and not to a bpm tempo. May be you can check your delay, inside or outside your instrument?
  5. My understanding is that each folder location works depending on the tasks involved. Regarding video files, as CW does not really import them, then it makes sense that the location is just a starter, I think. Here is the link to this topic in the documentation: http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=0x201D9
  6. The Video Folder configured in Preferences is just the default folder where CW looks for a video for importing. If you placed your video in other place, of course it will not show inside this folder. Perhaps double check your video locations? Drag&Drop: yes, it works too: imports the dragged video.
  7. I use a lot the PC4k. Very configurable (attack time-release time), and can be side-chained too.
  8. As far as I know: 1. An easy way to do that is just re-import the video: it will save the link to the new source folder 2. I assume that if you did not re-saved your project (which probably will update the video reference pointing - thus erasing it), the project should reopen the video as it was originally. I work a lot with audio for video, and found out that if you don't delete the imported audio from a video source, re-linking the video takes literally no time, as it just points the video, not really import it.
  9. Thanks David. Very helpful! May be this is a bug then. I use the displayed elapsed time for checking the lengths of a project or parts of a project, so I must be careful, as the reported time is not accurate when selecting between markers, or by selecting Sections.
  10. Hi, I've noticed that the elapsed time displayed in the export module doesn't reflect the actual time of the selection, when there are tempo changes present in the project. Is it normal behavior or a bug? See pics -
  11. Hi, I've been using remote recording plugins since the pandemic (Connection Open and ListenTo) I want to give a try to Source-Connect, but some article inside their knowledge base mentions that Sonar is not (was not?) capable of recording incoming audio when using the plugin. This may be an outdated info, so I wonder if anyone has been using successfully Source Connect (with their Source-Connect link plugin) inside Cakewalk for recording remote audio? Thanks!
  12. You'll find it when using the "Save As" command, or "Save" if it's the first time you save your project
  13. Check your shortcuts (under Preferences - Key Bindings)?
  14. ...and it looks like some hardware in your setup is sending those controllers, may be unintended? - Some faulty hardware can do that.
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