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  1. Hi - Yes: you con revert using the link in the main page of this update, under "Should you need to revert to the 2021.01 release, you can download the Cakewalk 2021.01 Rollback installer" - https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/29141-cakewalk-202104-update-1-release-candidate-updated-to-build-170/
  2. Yes, you are right - it's not suggesting to use 4.59 instead of 5.0 - my mistake. Anyway, I did a few tests, and here are the results: Driver 5.0 working just fine. I did uninstall completely both drivers: 4.59 driver and ASIO4ALL - Restart PC - Install 5.0 driver - Restart PC So far, everything is working just fine.
  3. Sure: it's in the ReadMe file when you download the 5.0 driver. Enclosed a copy if it helps. UMC-Series_DriverV5-ReadMe_2021-02-25.pdf
  4. And make sure you install the right one for your system. I have the UMC 404HD model and works perfectly well with the 4.59 version. The 5.0 version didn't work at all, and the manufacturer recommends installing this one only if the other doesn't work. See screenshot.
  5. Yes, sometimes it happens to me too, but not all the times. There is a workaround: open Task Manager - find the cakewalk icon - select it - select End Task . It should release the driver, so you don´t need to restart your PC.
  6. Hi, I'm having this odd behavior since upgrading to 2021.04 : When opening a Project File, Cakewalk ask me to create a Bundle File, and then try to find the missing audio. Since this is a .cwp file, this is strange. See the images.
  7. Hi Noel. I switched to Guitar Rig 6 instead of Amplitube, as the later was compromised on the crashes I'm getting. Unfortunately, got a crash again: this time, after disengaging the solo option within the plugin (Guitar Rig). Enclosed the minump and the crash window. Thanks! test guit rig 6_04252021_174950.zip
  8. New crash... I reverted to 2021.01 Enclosed the crash window and the minidump. I wonder why I'm getting so many crashes... TyC 0206 Dragonzorro Ok6 b test new drums_04212021_170536.zip
  9. Thanks Noel - Honestly, I'm not sure that the problem is fully related to this EA version... Since I upgraded to the EA, I've had like 3 crashes when the audio transforms into noise, like a audio loop at a very very high speed. Usually it happens when editing audio clips in a take lane (selecting clips, editing lenghts and that sort of things) So, I'll keep working and see if a pattern emerges and will share the corresponding file. In the meanwhile, I did revert to the latest official release, because I'm in the middle of a project.
  10. I'm getting instability on the audio performance too, apparently when envelopes are involved.
  11. I've got another crash. I'm already working on the 2021.04 Early Access version. The crash occurred inside takes lanes, when selecting clips while the audio was running. Enclosed the minidump. TyC 0206 Dragonzorro Remoto 3_04202021_085100.dmp
  12. Thanks! Yes, I already have assigned the screensets that way: the trouble is that sometimes pressing the numbers invokes the screenset, sometimes it does nothing.
  13. mmmm, neveer used it before. Just checked and apparently the enhance keyboard editing is not active, because it's not associated to a shortcut. See image.
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