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  1. That is frustrating. Over the long haul Nektar does an excellent job of integration with Daws but issues crop up. One thing to keep in mind is Lx61 uses 2 midi streams to talk with Cakewalk. One is the usual music stuff and the other is transport and mixing control. Worst case, reset Lx61 to factory preset and reinstall the Nektar Cakewalk package. Good luck.
  2. Here's a short vid demonstrating one task that chord track could help with.
  3. Please give us more info. I had read about Studioware and had decided I didn't have the tools needed to create panels.
  4. And also excellent 2nd video on editing CC data.
  5. Read up on the stretch tool. I use it when I step record ostinato as 1/4 notes and then reduce them to fit whatever slot I want.
  6. I'm going to use this posting as the most up to date source for my articulation maps. If you are creating your own maps it's worth reading some of my other threads in this content section for detailed info. My normal workflow is to use Synchron player interface to audition articulations and then assign appropriate artic from map. My strategy for artic map layout is to mimic the layout of the Synchron player menu as this makes finding correct artic easy while looking at Synchron player. All of these articulations have Chase set to FULL. This ensures that the keyswitch events are sent in correct order to the Synchron player by Cakewalk. Chase set to Note does not send keyswitch events in correct order when Cakewalk play cursor is somewhere other than 1:01. (This will likely be resolved in future Cakewalk update, but it is not an easy fix.) So here are VSL BigBangOrch zip which includes Andromeda w Cor Sordino, Black Eye w Con Sordino, Capricorn, Eridonus, Free Basics, Hercules, Jupiter, Kopernikus, Lyra, Musca, Orion, Phoenix, Solarus, Tana thru Zenia. VSL SynchronStringsPro zip which includes SSPro. VSL BigBangOrch by Harder.zip VSL Synchron Strings Pro by Harder.zip
  7. VSL Synchron player expects the multiple keyswitches it uses to arrive in a specific order. To make that happen consistently in Cakewalk artic maps for Synchron you should set Chase to FULL for all. This will get fixed in future update of Cakewalk, but the fix is complicated and I've seen no issues using FULL for now.
  8. Consider purchasing Art Conductor for Cakewalk by BabylonWaves if you don't want to create your own artic maps. https://www.babylonwaves.com/cakewalk/
  9. Quick note for new users of OneDrive, you can select multiple files by lassoing and they will be zipped for download.
  10. I've been using the free https://epiconlineorchestra.com/ since it was created last year. " a little online sample player instrument which lets you check out different chord progressions and have them played with orchestra samples - right in your web browser " I searched before posting here, no results, so thought it was worth a mention.
  11. There are some solid general use instruments and some quirky, unique, single purpose. I've liked most and found a use for some. Free, so not much risk involved.
  12. I had an instance of the recently fixed "elicenser sharing violation" pop up yesterday in a newly created project with VSL Synchron in it. No problems in older projects. I have no knowledge of the inner workings of elicenser but wondered if there was an overlap between new project being created while elicenser server is down. Probably just a coincidence, I'll just wait to see if I get any more "violations".
  13. Look for an email from Babylonwaves with your custom password. If you purchased version 6 for Cakewalk then you are eligible for this upgrade free.
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