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  1. Replying to myself to retract my 01.2021 issue comment. The issue was likely caused by a plugin, the issue was created and saved in 11.2020, but I first noticed the issue when I next loaded the corrupt project which happened to be just after I installed EA 01.2021. The devil is always in the details. I'll do more research before jumping to a conclusion next time. And thank you to the developers who push Cakewalk forward.
  2. Really appreciate all your hard work. Ozone 9 Elements was included in a project. Project was saved. Reopen project, press play, hear a "thump", cursor moves, no sound, master is pinned at +6. Attempt to delete Ozone 9 and other issues crop up. I did not do much more research. If project does not include Ozone 9, I can load it and then Ozone 9 Elements and it functions. If I open project that includes Ozone 9 Elements by shift-open and skip Ozone 9 other issues crop up. For now I'm returning to 11.2020. FWIW.
  3. What is the vst you are using? Can you post a print screen of the artic editor with one of your keyswitch configs displayed?
  4. I'm looking for 1 or 2 folks to help test the artic maps I created from scratch for VSL SynchronStringsPro. If you are interested please PM me. I eventually intend to release these into the wild but they are complicated and I'd like a 2nd set of eyes to test them before I release to all. I've been taking a standard layout approach to all my VSL Synchron based libraries. My usual workflow when writing has me testing articulations in the Synchron interface and then picking the artic from the associated map. So I've laid out my artic maps in the same order as the Synchron menu. And I've used detailed menu text that matches the Synchron menus. The great thing about a Synchron Strings library is that same articulations appear in all the instruments. You need different artic maps because the keyswitches sometimes shift up or down. But after you get the first map done you can use some very careful voodoo in a text editor to speed up the creation of the other maps. Here's the artic list: I created a total of 8 maps. So PM me if you can help. Thanks
  5. SOLVED!! Willard and I did some PMing and I'm including them here as a solution. #### Willard I've attached the my version of Nico's maps and multis that I used to get started with EWPlay and articulations. It might help you to start a new Cakewalk project, insert an instance of Play, "Open ..." one of the attached multis (01-Vlns I.ewi) files by Then import the "Nico EWHS Strings Vn I, Vio,Cello,DBs.artmap" Now you can explore and play the Vln I. He has selected identical articulations for each of his instruments so you can use the Standard map for all except Vln II - it has extra artics for flautando and harmonics. A side benefit is seeing which artics Nico (an accomplished media composer) has chosen for his work. So you would end up with five simple instrument tracks, each with an instance of Play, first instance has Vln I, second has Vln II, etc. So you put midi notes and articulation maps for only Vln I on the first instance, etc. ##### I can't thank you enough. I was trying to follow your initial comments. I've gotten your VLN 1 map to work. It was adding another instanse of EW that didn't work. So, I'm thinking the scripting is still the problem. I wondered why the generate new midi events was blank. However, I followed the instructions to add a midi event. But, it appears that I should just place the info in the transform midi events. Essentially, my skeme was the same, a simple EW track for each instrument. By all means add this to the discussion! I'll be working on it over the next day or two. Thanks again. Nico EWHS Strings Vn I, Vio,Cello,DBs.artmap Nico EWHS Strings Vn II.artmap 01 - Vlns I.ewi 02 - Vlns II.ewi 03 - Vas.ewi 04 - Vcs.ewi 05 - Dbs.ewi
  6. Here's a 2 group artic map for VSL BBO Andromeda and the just released Andr Con Sordino update. BBO Andromeda Essentials & Con Sordino.artmap
  7. This may be possible and I've missed it in the docs. i'm building an ostinato. I'd like to select a note a the beginning of certain measures to have staccato artic. Then I'd like to select the note just after to receive a spiccato. So in this printscreen I want to apply a staccato artic to all the selected notes with one action. And if this isn't currently possible then I'll post in feedback as suggestion for developers.
  8. My untrustworthy memory seems to recall a thread (where?) that talked of a bug/feature between Cakewalk and Kontakt that resulted in what you are seeing. I'll try to find that thread tonight. Fwiw ...
  9. Here's how I did an articulation map for EW violins. Each artic is set to specific midi channel. And here are the artic maps for first 3 of 7 seven artics that drive the 1st Violin instance. The transform entries for CC cause the modulation and expression dynamics to affect the appropriate artic. #### I adapted my artics from this link. The video used Cubase but same general technique applies to Cakewalk. If you want to download the EW multis and Cubase expression maps you can create a harmless account on his website listed in vid comments. I did start from those, but had to add the CC transforms to mine.
  10. A year ago I was reacquainting myself with music theory as I rejoined midi as a hobbyist. I found Michael News' YouTube channel to be a valuable resource. He had been posting videos for eight years, he was a trained music educator and was covering a number of topics that were helpful for me. But he had abruptly stopped posting videos a couple of years before I found him and his disappearance was something of a mystery. His channel had run up 18 million views. His old channel was https://youtu.be/-2nwqEP2SrY And he just posted a new video explaining his absence. Now he and his brother have started a new channel called OverAnalyzers https://youtu.be/0BHxV3TscEo Their first discussions cover Obsession and Procrastination. I've found their topics to have lots of relevance to the art and task of creating music or any creative endeavor. I'm looking forward to hearing more from them.
  11. I agree with this. If low latency is a very high priority I switch to exclusive. But most of the time I can opt for the convenience of parallel on my multi-use PC.
  12. I downloaded the demos for VSL Tana thru Xenia. Quality is consistent with the rest of BBO. Probably will buy while intro prices last. I mean I've created the maps so now I need the content, right? 3 groups in this map. The consistency across BBO libraries makes map creation go pretty smoothly. I'm trying to come up with a consistent color palette. Enjoy! Big Bang Orchestra String Sections T,U,V,W,X x.artmap
  13. Lots of folks over on vi-control downloading ok.
  14. When duplicating an articulation, have the new articulation appear just below source articulation in list. Or provide scrolling up through the list if moving a duplicated articulation from the bottom of the list, now you can just move to top of list as displayed in window. And be able to select a group of articulations and then move them. As an aside I LOVE that when you doubleclick an articulation name to edit it the text size and cursor position remain the same. Unlike when in main Cakewalk and editing track name, where you have to reposition cursor because text size changes. Thanks for all the work you have put into articulation maps!!
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