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  1. Just bumping this discussion. I'm seeking an "expression map" workflow for managing EastWest articulations. These articulations are not keyswitched.
  2. And looks like you are on the early access 2020.04 So I think I answered my previous question. Thanks for taking the time to put together the gif.
  3. Which version of Cakewalk are you using? When I attempt to duplicate your gif actions, When first adding Kontakt as an instrument, on the left hand side I am offered Instrument Track per Output with Stereo Audio Outputs but on right hand side of same window I am not offered Number of Tracks to Create, and Limit Tracks to And I am not offered APPEND instrument track in Cakewalk dropdown after adding instrument in Kontakt.
  4. I don't have a frame of reference re other Daws. Been using Cakewalk for 20 yrs. Haven't had the need to put big money into others. I'm a hobbyist not making income from music.
  5. Your mileage may vary and I know this is old news to many here. this a link to a primarily Cakewalk targeted site, but this info applies to any audio work. I used most of his tweaks and saw some improvement. But my BEST TWEAK is disabling my hardwire network adapter card while I'm doing heavy Cakewalk work. I went from some occasional dropouts and hangs to NONE. Three weeks and none, nada, zilch, solid as a rock. Templates using Kontakt, Play, Sine, VSL all behaving. When monitoring system usage I would see a big cpu spike that caused Cakewalk audio engine dropouts. Couldn't pin down the culprit. Low and behold my usually trustworthy and loyal network adapter card has evil lurking within. Your PC may also have a wifi adapter in it and I keep that disabled at all times as I have a hardwire cat5. Slight inconvenience but no more dropouts or hangs.
  6. Background: I'm practicing at playing in a string instrument. My keyboard skills are basic. I would like to edit piano roll to correct timing and duration issues. My humanization needs some taming. I would like to lengthen or shorten a note and have the rest of the midi sequence slide over to maintain the rest of the sequence. I've seen ripple applied to audio and video. I've googled every term I can think of ... Thanks for any help.
  7. Thanks for the replies. The Cinesamples toolset price is really hard to pass up, so the thumbs up here are helpful. Devil is always in the details and I wanted to do due diligence. And full Kontakt can be on my watch for it list.
  8. I'm thinking of jumping into the NativeInstrument pool by purchasing Cinesamples bundle 75% sale. I've downloaded free player and it seems to behave well with Play, Sine and Synchron; including freeze synth. But would like comments from others re Kontakt and Cakewalk behavior before committing my bucks.
  9. My system, i5 9600 6core, 24g ram, 2 Evo 860 ssd. Realtek onboard audio. Running Wasapi shared or exclusive, up to date Cakewalk. I've been very happy with Vsl Synchron, Orchtools Sine, Spitfire Labs players. So I tried the $29 a month EastWest package, no long term commitments. I knew Play was very resource hungry. And, for the first time, I'm hearing pops and clicks, and noticeable latency from midi controller. I have not tweaked much, will google and fiddle. I would like opinions if I should jump to dedicated audio, either soundcard or usb external. And suggestions on brands ...
  10. Thanks for that info. I just spent a long afternoon working with a lot of vsts, and not one dropout, so it is pretty random. So I guess no big deal.
  11. I'm running Win10 on i7 and ssd. And I'm running Realtek HD internal card. (This is a hobby, not a career, so I'm keeping it simple.) From what I've read Wasapi Shared is pretty solid these days. And 10 years ago, last time I was in midi, ASIO caused me some headaches. The dropouts don't happen during play or record, so no big hassle. Just thought I'd try to tweak them away ...
  12. I get an occasional engine dropout, usually when I'm fiddling with instrument vsts. Code (1) Audio processing took longer than the buffers allotted time slice. Increase the Buffer Size value in Edit > Preferences > Audio - Driver Settings. Probably because I'm running Wasapi Shared the area within Audio Driver Settings Buffer Size is greyed out. Can I increase the buffer size somewhere within the config file? And if so, what would I tweak. Thanks
  13. Downloaded Orchestral Tools Sineplayer Layers package. Quality sounds, some bugs in player but first update due soon. I'm investigating articulation control using CC#. Can anyone shed some light on using cc32, I think it has been used in controlling Kontakt articulations. Sineplayer assigned values of 0, 15,30,45, ... to the various articulations. Thanks for any help.
  14. Orchestral Tools just dropped a walkthru for Layers. If you are curious it is worth your time..
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