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  1. Fwiw https://vi-control.net/community/threads/free-drumkits-of-famous-producers-artists.114750/ https://www.reddit.com/search/?q=author%3Alunch77 AND title%3Adrumkit
  2. The RapidComposer 30 day demo is basically unlimited, all features are there to be explored. The RapidComposer developer is very supportive of new users and quickly answers newbie questions. These vids explore the width and depth of RapidComposer while they focus on a specific composition goal. And this forum is part of the RC community. https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=168
  3. Just a few days left on the sale, so I'm bumping the thread.
  4. PluginBoutique has a video Scaler Modulation Masterclass on sale for $5. I'm going to try it at that price. There is a sample video. https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/7999
  5. Scaler gave me the courage to explore Rapid Composer. Demo got me hooked so I grabbed the RC Sept sale.
  6. Yeah, it's kind of like Cakewalk in that sense.
  7. New vid 2.4.1 (available 8th September 2021) Content & Playback New Common Phrases (Chordal & Progression) New Basic Performances Improve timing precision - Fix timing offset in recorded performance, prevent short notes from being added to recorded MIDI at looping points and prevent hung notes. Add the ability to Quantise and Latch chords with Perform mode OFF Fix “Chord+Melody” playback to avoid creating overlapping MIDI notes. MIDI Mapping Add the ability to manually select the MIDI CC to map from a dropdown when creating an action. Add the ability to map “MIDI Panic” to a command binding Add the ability to bind dropdown menus’ “Previous” / “Next” command to a MIDI CC Add new assignable commands for keyswitch actions (toggle chord/scale mode, toggle chord mute, switch melody patterns) Add the ability to disable keyswitch (green keys) from the side menu. Add the ability to override an existing command mapping. Other Improvements Fix - Extracted Voicing - Avoid creating an extra gap in octave when re-voicing extended chords Include inversions when exporting MIDI markers (slash chords) Fix multi-selection not applying changes when modifying multiple chords in EDIT matrix Keys-Lock - “Scale Notes Mapped” profile now prioritise the natural position of each mapped note correctly. Forcing a chord set into a scale now refreshes the chord colours and Section B properly. Multi-selection of chords are now moved properly when dragged from a Section C pattern into an empty pattern. Fix an issue causing the Keys-Lock settings to be lost when entering/exiting the Chord-Edit view. Dragging a single chord with an expression ON now exports the duration of a single chord instead of the duration of the whole pattern. Fix a bug in the generation of modulation pathways creating duplicate suggestions in Modulation Popup. Fix an issue preventing the transposition of “Community” chord sets. Fix an issue causing the “…” button to appear in the wrong location. The “MOD” button in the Quick-Navigation menu is now disabled when using an unsupported scale.
  8. Try saving the updated template file in a temp location, then use file explorer to copy into actual template folder, overwriting old file. Seems that Cakewalk would not overwrite an existing template file even though I gave it permission when it asked. My workflow would have been open template, make changes, don't do a save as a project file, just change offered file type from project to template, save, say ok to "overwrite existing". But datetime stamp of target file in template folder would not change so no overwrite occurred. I do this so seldom I don't think I reported it as a bug with documentation. @scook ?
  9. I have a vst that I can consistently cause to crash Cakewalk by replicating keystrokes and clicks. Cakewalk crashes, it disappears from Task Manager processes list. I can then restart Cakewalk and it performs normally. So this is a crash, not a hang. Cakewalk does not create a minidump in either %AppData%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\Minidumps or %AppData%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\Minidumps\Plugins. I'm communicating with vst developer. But I'd like to provide him with as much info as I can. Is there a Cakewalk config that will increase the possibility of a minidump being created?
  10. September 6, 2021: Autumn Sale! 33% discount for all our software! Autumn sale between September 6 and September 20 with 33% discount for all of our software! Get RapidComposer now for only $133 , Melodya for $33, Syne for $59! RapidComposer full edition orders receive a free Melodya license (please contact us). https://www.musicdevelopments.com/news.html Put product in shopping cart to see sale price.
  11. Here's a quote from Freespace2 over on vi-control. "I have been using Cakewalk for a long time and never stopped using it due to lack of functionality. It is true that some features of other DAWs do not exist, but on the contrary, some features provided only by Cakewalk made me give up switching to other DAWs. For example, as an orchestrator, the following features are most important to me: It always shows dozens of different instrumental MIDI tracks at once on the right side of the Piano Roll, allowing you to switch tracks with one click, reverse the selected and non-selected tracks, and only select specific instrument parts. The ability to highlight, and if necessary, immediately call up the virtual instrument setup window associated with the desired MIDI track. All of this can be done right from the inside of Piano Roll window without going back to Track View or resizing the Piano Roll window. Any other DAW doesn't offer this features and requires a lot more mouse clicks and time to work similarly. The only digital performer was able to manage and display a list of active MIDI tracks on the right side of the piano roll, similar to Cakewalk. If you are an orchestrator and need to implement an orchestra through MIDI and virtual instruments, I can confidently say that Cakewalk is the best choice. After Gibson abandoned Sonar, I tried to switch to other DAWs such as Cubase, Logic, Flutiloops, and Studio One, but I ended up returning to Sonar because other DAWs' MIDI programming work was too inefficient. So, I have no choice but to express my infinite gratitude to BandLab for continuing to update Cakewalk for free. And I deeply agree with the opinion that Cakewalk is underrated. If you are curious about the music that can be made with Cakewalk and East West Hollywood Orchestra, install the recently released 'Marvel Future Revolution' game and listen to the themes of Captain America, Iron Man, and Storm, or listen the OSTs of these characters to the official YouTube channel. these are the songs I made with it."
  12. Link to a huge fake book, chord progressions by the ton. Dan’s Big Awesome Acoustic Songbook http://awesomesongbook.com/ Once you get to a song page the up/down arrows at top right will transpose the song.
  13. I want to brag to a friend. How does new Cakewalk exporting compare to Cubase or other $$s daws? (I don't own any of the $$s daws, so no personal experience.)
  14. September 6, 2021: Autumn Sale! 33% discount for all our software! Autumn sale between September 6 and September 20 with 33% discount for all of our software! Get RapidComposer now for only $133 , Melodya for $33, Syne for $59! RapidComposer full edition orders receive a free Melodya license (please contact us). https://www.musicdevelopments.com/news.html Put product in shopping cart to see sale price. ### Quote from the Andrulian review of RapidComposer - this reviewed V3 in 2018, V4 is now current release. The entire review is worth a read, reviewer is a much better wordsmith than I am. "RapidComposer is a very impressive and inspirational tool. If you’ve ever struggled producing melodies or harmonized parts for chords then this can really help your creativity – in minutes. From scoping out whole songs to providing melodies or piano lines, it’s an amazing powerful and flexible composition tool. The structure is flexible enough to allow you to create a composition for any style, and any length. There are a huge number of chords and scales and although there are a large number of phrases, I like how you are not limited by these with the phrase generators and the random nature of these generators is a great way to see what happens. Understanding the basics of music theory does help to get more out of it." https://www.andrulian.com/review-of-rapidcomposer-music-prototyping-software-by-musicdevelopments/#:~:text=RapidComposer is a very impressive,powerful and flexible composition tool. ### Developer site: https://www.musicdevelopments.com/ KVR forum - very active with enthusiastic users and direct access to developer https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=168 Links to several vids. They detail a few different workflows that can be used in RapidComposer. Lots of other vids on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExR4DtEcGu0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gA6r-a7VtOE&t=284s
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