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  1. i'll preface by saying I've been away from Cakewalk and midi since the beginning of the year. I'm back and one of my first large tasks was to migrate VSL Synchron libraries to Ilok. I have downloaded all of my previously owned VST libraries and can use Synchron vst3 in new Cakewalk projects, save and load projects with Synchron Ilok libraries, etc. However when I attempt to open an existing project that contains Synchron vst3 (non-Ilok 8 months ago) as an instrument the loading proceeds to "loading synth data Synchron player" and Cakewalk closes and exits, and creates a minidump file in the minidump directory (not the plugins minidump directory). I downloaded the minidump viewer but I'm not experienced at threading my way thru a dump. I'm trying to do my due diligence on this, I've searched here and on vsl forum, I haven't found any postings that seem related. I will eventually submit a issue request on this but didn't want to waste tech support time if the issue had been discussed and solved previously. Thanks for any comments.
  2. VSL BigBangOrch zip now contains Altair. VSL BigBangOrch by Harder.zip VSL Synchron Woodwinds.zip
  3. Paying 50% of 60% is paying 30% of full price. Pretty good deal.
  4. A search didn't find a mention of these midi loop packs here so: https://www.mediamusicmastery.com/ Scroll down for some effective and concise loops that can help you get thru a creative blackout. Fwiw
  5. I'm a hobbyist with no formal music education. I stumbled into midi 4 years ago. I discovered Cakewalk, I collected free libraries, I moved on to paid libraries, I stopped spending on the next great library. I realized that the true fun has to come from inside me and Scaler is now a tremendous resource in helping the creativity within me make use of those many libraries on my ssd. Scaler is fun!
  6. Seriously mate? This is a $50 program that is developed by a small team who use it themselves every day and which is worth every dime. This isn't a $500 program marketed by a conglomerate that has questionable usability.
  7. And this vid is definitely worth watching. Lots of info on creative team and their plans.
  8. My local library offers 2300 magazines (CM included) thru Libby, also over 20k magazines if I turn off the 'english only" filter. Quite the deal.
  9. As I have time over next days I'll attempt to create a tutorial for diy artic maps with lots of printscreens. Reply and tell me what sample library you want to start with and I'll try to use it as a starting point. Because Cubase users have had expression maps for a while a great jumping in point is to find a downloadable Cubase expression map and have Cakewalk import it. In the meantime a couple of my previous threads give you a look at my early attempts, with troubleshooting comments. Artic maps do have a learning curve but once you integrate them you can have a creative workflow with fewer distractions while you make use of the full capabilities of your libraries. And the official reference guide has lots of details on the Articulation Map editor. Page 855 in latest download. https://bandlab.github.io/cakewalk/docs/Cakewalk Reference Guide.pdf
  10. I encourage you to hands-on create an articulation map for a favorite vst instrument you own. I should have mentioned in my previous post, even though I've diyed some maps, I do own ArtConductor and think it's a good use of money. Doing some diy gives you an appreciation for all the work involved. For instance their implementation for EW Opus HO include new instrument definitions that take you lots of time to create. Fwiw.
  11. I encourage you to hands-on create an articulation map for a favorite vst instrument you own. Each library has subtle differences in how artic maps control it. Doing a couple of diy maps will help you understand issues that may drop up.
  12. Export to midi works! 11 instruments in this preset.
  13. Fwiw https://vi-control.net/community/threads/free-drumkits-of-famous-producers-artists.114750/ https://www.reddit.com/search/?q=author%3Alunch77 AND title%3Adrumkit
  14. The RapidComposer 30 day demo is basically unlimited, all features are there to be explored. The RapidComposer developer is very supportive of new users and quickly answers newbie questions. These vids explore the width and depth of RapidComposer while they focus on a specific composition goal. And this forum is part of the RC community. https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=168
  15. Just a few days left on the sale, so I'm bumping the thread.
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