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  1. Is this normal? I tried typing it in & CW crashes. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for yr responses. I'm doing something wrong - I'm getting the drums along with a pad I'm bouncing. I deleted the drum track as a test, bounced again & the same result. Any ideas?
  3. Hi guys, sorry if this is obvious - what is the most efficient way to bounce all midi tracks at once to audio? Thanks!!
  4. I dnloaded the latest update, no problems. It says i can dnload studio instruments. Before i do, are they any better sound quality or other advantage compared to the GM TTS1? Thanks.
  5. I'm trying to open an old project from sonar producer and it can't find the files, see attachment. It may have been my error if I moved the project to a different folder, or if I imported these files without making copies. However the waveforms still show up in the track view, not sure why. I think the audio folder system has changed now since sonar, is there a link that I can study to understand the new system? And is there a way to find these files? Thank you!!
  6. I'm a slow learner . I've got it now...midi is just intimidating to me.
  7. Thanks, they're on my list to watch John!
  8. Thanks for the responses. There was no option when I right click the strip to replace for this track only (see attachment). I tried changing the output of the track to the synth I want & it worked but now the other tracks don't sound, even though they are still assigned to the original GM synth. other options to add a synth add it to a new track, not the one I want. I think I am close but still haven't quite got it. i'll admit i know very little about midi, I'm mostly audio. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks, away from my computer now but I will try it when I return.
  10. Hi - When I replace the synth for 1 track, it shows up in all tracks. How do i replace just 1 or 2 synths & have the rest stay the same with the default GM player? Thanks.
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