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  1. If you want to delete the whole blank space for all the tracks in your project, use the Ripple Edit command (see pic, right up corner). Engage it and when you press delete, EVERYTHING in the selected area is gone. Remember to disengage it later!
  2. ...and be aware that you may also customize your modules as you want/need and save a workspace with a new name.
  3. "If so, what happens if you set the height for each track the way you want and then choose "Lock Height" for each track?" - Yes, each track is saved with the specified height. Not sure what happens if saving the workspace retains the locked heights, not tried it.
  4. There is a way, actually: right click on the selected track, and mark "Lock Height". The horizontal size is locked now. But you have to this in a track by track basis, doesn't work on multiple selction. See pic.
  5. Also, you can save the project as a regular CWP file, plus adding the check box in "Copy all audio with project". That way you don't get the warning message and can retrieve your whole project, audio included+edits.
  6. Yes! thanks. Forgot to report. When sidechaining to aux tracks and then exporting Tracks Through Mix - it's working just fine!
  7. Regarding Aux Tracks: Still have issues. I already worked out a bit along with Will, and he suggested a new routing that should work. But, still don't have the expected results. I'm trying to export audio from an aux track containing Adaptive Limiter on it. The exported audio is distorted. To reproduce: Configure an aux track Insert Adaptive Limiter, configure for max gain (-0.5 Db Ceiling), without distorting. Export Audio using Tracks Through Entire Mix category. The exported audio get distorted.
  8. Another one : When using the Task Queue function, the Export Location is not respecting the selection when it's changed to a different folder . Audio goes directly to the Export Audio default folder.
  9. Small detail: Inside the Export Audio dialog, in the Filename and Location area, it's not possible to drag-select whole words. The cursor goes letter by letter only.
  10. I understand. I don't know anything about programming/coding, so excuse my ignorance. My contributions to this thread are from the angle of the user perspective. Thanks for all the effort you guys put in this! Yes, I will use alternative ways to so the same tasks. CW is flexible enough to do things in several ways!
  11. Thanks - Using Buses as Source Category would mix the tracks feeding that bus into one single audio clip, not separate audio files for each track. May be I'm trying to do something highly unusual, or may be plain wrong! The whole purpose of this is to be able to export several tracks at once, maintaining the sound that I hear, that is routed through buses. A workaround that I found is to simply bounce first the tracks that I want to export, and from these already bounced tracks perform the "export tracks through entire mix". But it creates one additional step on the export process, and I was hoping that this new source category would reduce it. No big deal anyway...
  12. Thanks! Yes, but when exporting folders, the exported audio combines all tracks into 1 single track, similar to bouncing to one track, but in this case, to an external file. It doesn't separate the individual tracks in individual files...
  13. I haven't, because what I want is to export several individual tracks at once, and that this tracks exports as I hear them, but on individual files.
  14. I haven't, because what I want is to export several individual tracks at once, and that this tracks exports as I hear them, but on individual files.
  15. I did: it's the same. What you hear is fine, but the export process ignores the bus sidechaining.
  16. For the sake of simplicity, say I have two buses: 1. Vocals Bus (containing all vocal tracks routed to this bus) 2. Instrumental parts Bus (containing all instrument tracks routed to this bus) I have a compressor (CA 2A) in Bus 2 that is fed by a send from Bus 1. When there are no vocal parts active, Bus 2 is at full volume. When there are active vocals, the sidechain makes the compressor to kick in and lower the volume on Bus 2.
  17. Thanks! One more piece of info that just happened: When exporting several tracks that are routed to a master bus that contains a plugin (i.e the Adaptive Limiter), the resulting audio is distorted after the export process, but not when hearing the mix. Definitely something is going on in the interaction between tracks and buses in this scenario of "Tracks Through Entire Mix" source category.
  18. I am sidechaining from a bus to another bus. It's common in ducking, when you want certain buses to drive changes in others (like decreasing the volume of the slave bus when the master bus is active, using a compressor) i.e Vocals lowering the volume of instrumental parts or whole instrumental mix buses. When the routing of the sidechain is between tracks, the exported audio represents what you hear. When it is between buses, it doesn't, it is not what you hear. Apparently the sidechaining on the buses are ignored in the export process. I already PM you with the link to the test project.
  19. Regarding Tracks Through Mix + Sidechaining - I've tested this and here are the results (build 124): If the sidechaining is placed on the tracks itself, the exported audio is correct: it follows the sidechain involved. However, If the sidechaining is placed on a bus, the exported audio does not follows the sidechain, but ignores it. Not sure if this is expected or not. My understanding is that the Tracks Through Mix category should replicate what I hear, all the way through the signal path? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  20. Got it. Thanks! I'll do another test later with the new build (123). As for the 114, it's not behaving that way. The exported instrumental audio track is not being affected by the sidechained compressor.
  21. Right. Final export, not bounce to tracks. I already tried, and the exported audio is not being affected by the sidechain compressor (which is in a bus...). Not sure if I'm just misunderstanding the signal flow of this new sidechaining on exporting individual tracks through the mix. 😮
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