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  1. well, maybe wise. I am not doing this a lot. And I can get the latency down to 2.2ms which is pretty great. Just liked the idea of having something tiny.
  2. Sorry, I have been trying to find this info but wondering if anyone has this unit. I am only interested in it to use VST's on the road and small gigs with my Yoga. My MODX7's interface seems to be intermittent in its love for me and goes into distortion crackle mode. My other Yamaha keyboards didn't do that. My question is simply -will this work just to play VST's live? I saw in one post that it is ASIO4ALL not ASIO. Anybody know? I found a very cheap used one here. I have a Babyface but its the old one and with the breakout its a bit of work. I would like to be truly portable. PS Edit. Just read somewhere else comes with ASIO4all drivers. Scary. Need to find the next smallest possibly. I heard Audient latency isn't the best.
  3. I used an MOX8 and an MX61 with a laptop running VST's for years with no problems, and I am having the same problem as you with my MODX. Works great, leave it for a few minutes, and play again and the sound is horribly distorted. Amazing such an expensive keyboard compared to the MX61 but the interface seems useless. That is one of the main reasons I got it. Very discouraging. I don't need an "all around interface." I just wanted to use it for live or as a portable set-up but it fails. Did you ever get it working?
  4. I got the MODX some time back as a live keyboard as I very much like the piano and rhodes sounds and its light (MODX7) and I can travel to gigs by train. I live outside Tokyo. It works fine live, but also use it as a third controller in my studio. Works fine as a controller too. Where it doesn't work correctly is a note sticks when I use it with Cakewalk, even when triggering from another controller. Any help with this? Never had this problem with my MOTIF's, KARMA, etc. I don't use it much, but when in a hurry a rompler is nice.
  5. Hi. Opened up a song and saw the common prompt that my theme may not be compatible and sent me to the theme place. From what I can see it was last updated quite some time ago. How do I find the latest, and if the latest isn't late enough what to do? Just live with the prompt and use it anyway? Thank you.
  6. It used to work during mixdown if I wanted to cancel I could hit escape and CW would ask if I want to keep the partially rendered mix yes or no. Now escape is doing nothing. Has this changed?
  7. I'm not sure to be honest. It was a fluke thing I guess. No problem since then.
  8. Never had this problem before, but of course never had this many export options before. Is there something I need to do to get the .wav to export with the track names? I will google this as I wait. Thank you. If I don't find an answer soon, I have to name them all as the deadline is this evening (it is evening here.) Watching this now. https://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+export+tracks+in+Cakewalk+with+track+names&rlz=1C1CHBF_enJP833JP833&oq=how+to+export+tracks+in+Cakewalk+with+track+names&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i546l2.12859j0j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#kpvalbx=_yFaPYtvREsf_wAPizb7ACQ12 One thing I noticed recently is I can't find the export as raw tracks toggle. This was originally an .smf which I imported the files into (song sent to me by a client). PS Didn't help. So strange. This time it worked but they don't have .wav extensions. I'll be back. Got it. Sorry for the trouble.
  9. actually, I do the same. Since the OP didn't seem to understand the swing level adjustment, I was trying to go a step further to show that the direction to go would be the other side of 50 and above -ending up at 64 which is indeed a triplet. So, yes, simply put, leave your swing factor at 50%, and if you want a shuffle or waltz, (When a Man Loves a woman, These Arms of Mine) then just put it on 64. Then John's instructions above about fast moving parts. If you want it to sound more human, then you can move the Strength button a few increments -less percentage points. (try 95%). It will still be quantized, but a little less than perfect. But one can easily screw it up.
  10. its not a windows 10 issue. Maybe you have to reset things. Go to edit configurations and choose default settings, make sure your onboard soundcard is shut off. (I am assuming you are using an external interface.) Maybe run the audio tweaks for pro audio as windows 10 probably resorted to defaults. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/windows-music-dev/unofficial-windows-10-audio-workstation-build-and-tweak-guide-part-1/
  11. You do record your tracks with a metronome right? That should put you in the ballpark, and then using the default settings should work fine. Swing should be 50. If you want it to be a shuffle move towards 60 - 64.
  12. I have noticed this as well, that it "often happens" at this time. But it is usually if I have a pretty CPU intensive song loaded with heavy VST activity. I did take off the "autosave" and one time when I desperately needed it, it wasn't there and I lost work. I do it by minutes, not by changes. It seems to work better I assume because less calculations. I set it for 15 minutes.
  13. hi Mark. I just checked this out. Is it a bass synth only or has the 808 drums?
  14. this works great. And has a decay, tuning, pitch function. There is a paid version but the free one works fine.
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