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  1. Hey there. That’s an old photo. The Harman sub and 4410 JBL’s are now in the closet.
  2. Hi. This has been a question for a long time Using a Thinkpad with a Yamaha keyboard and running VST's live. It doesn't seem to be a problem to run 4 instances of Komplete Kontrol (Scarbee Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Vintage organ (B4), Gentleman Piano or UVI Ravenscroft. It seems to work fine, but is it safer, better that I take my Babyface? Traveling to Tokyo by train (55k) and want to be light. Worth it isn't it? How good are these Yamaha Interfaces for conversion, latency? Latency is oxygen at these live gigs. I am running at 128 with the built in interface but maybe all the way better to take the Babyface. MX61. The other keys are provided by the hall. (long live these kind of gigs. They be very far and very few.) I would love to see tips how to do this live the best way in Cakewalk if someone could refer me to a thread. I do it all in Cakewalk. I trigger the organ with the 61 note organ touch keyboard and use it only for that with Input echo on - latency is happy. Play left hand on a Clavinova and it is only routed to the Rhodes, Piano, Wurlitzer. I select back and forth - use mouse and thinking to use it in tablet mode - Yoga -on the grand music rest. Get the picture. Is it going to be happy in tablet mode? It won't get hot will it? If you make it this far, thank you. I appreciate your device (advice). . Long live the kind members of this forum. Edit - big problem. If I am active on left hand keys and right hand organ playing full chords and melody, am I using to many notes or something? -it has hung 3 times- not the program, but the organ only. A cluster of many 2 or notes hang after I stop sometimes. Since it is the controllers interface, you think it would lighten the load if use the Babyface for one midi input, and the other be the keys usb midi only (no audio) to the DAW.
  3. just checking, but I have had issues before. What seems to help, and it is suggested, is to actually split the part that you want to do the region FX on (and do Melodyne only on that), and to raise your buffer while editing.
  4. as I mentioned I'm not much help. I never used it for that. I suggest you get a dedicated digital interface.
  5. Not much help here. I have the Zed 10FX -for 9 years. But only use it for playback. I do know the routing is a bit to get around if you use it for playback and tracking. And yes, only a stereo out.
  6. manual and two tutorials and got it.43 tracks in sync and sounds great- but time signatures a bit out of whack. Must have missed a small detail. Finished main tracking so no worries. Possibly what I might have done is after making the major ripple, I made one edit without turning off the ripple edit toggle. But I'll never know. Still wished there was a slide special.
  7. Hour long piece in 6, 9, 5, 4.. Was considering using the arranger but I have literally scores of markers as to save my eyes I often write my chord changes as markers. I want to move the last section I did further back into the song. I tried sliding to make space for it, but my time signatures went out of whack. You can copy/paste special and it includes all that but I don't see a Slide Special. But I don't see lots of things.
  8. Hi. Just doing tests to see whether the RME or MOTU Mk4 has better latency. Cakewalk reads them both, but the RTL utility won't give me a reading on the Babyface. Says it might be up to 50% off, do it again, and then a different prompt shows up. I am testing at 96buffer. Both will record down at the low levels but it seems the Babyface likes it better. I usually record at 128 once things are up and running and tracks are filling up and only need these low latencies (96 or 64) when I am comping digital pianos. Not worrying about the RTL utility here, can I pretty much bet that the onboard Cakewalk utility is accurate? Why is it when something is stand alone or only does one thing we give it more credence?
  9. Update of my post above where it says everything is purring like a kitten. I have intermittent skips. I don't want to steal the thread, but I was so happy with my portable set-up (Thinkpad XI) and Yamaha keyboard or Babyface interfaces. Did all of Pete's tweaks that I could understand and it seemed to run well. Is there a button list somewhere of all the exact tweaks that the kind gentleman took the time to make for us? I want to make sure I didn't miss something because my classy computer is unusable in a professional surrounding right now and that's things that make you wanna go..... What happened is I was listening a to a one hour piece in Sound Forge and about, gosh, 12 minutes in the sound completely took a dive like the tape snapped, but back on again in time. It happened to me live with my XPS 9350 that I was using for VST's or some songs just a stereo loop - and it would skip. Random. Intermittent. Once in a song. Some kind of interference. On the live gig I wasn't online so it wasn't that. Is anybody successfully using a Thinkpad for recording. . Tonight -update, edit, it did it watching YouTube. I will try stuff and get back.Maybe I should try offline as it is wi-fi. (or get a LAN adapter for the Yoga. Thanks.
  10. Yes, hi. I would like to try hooking up my DP88 (a gift). Beautiful hardware. I had the original Digimax and then the one they came out with after that after that about 15 years back. Heavy hardware, very clean pre-amps, but as changes come, we parted ways. I always liked their pre-amps and it is what came my way so kept smiling and making music. I used to hook up them up through their analog ins and outs into my MOTU analog ins - no pipes this time Danny Boy. Just felt good and I hate crackles and latency issues. But alas, the DP88 doesn't have analog outs. So, I am destined to try to get it to be happy with a blue light. I have either an RME Babyface or a MOTU Ultralite MKIV to plug it into. They both are supposed to happy with these blue lights. I have the light cables. I don't really understand word clock or if its needed. I am a player first, and dabble in computers and electronics. Emphasis on dabble. I am happy to grasp what I can. Has anyone tried it or own one, or knows someone that owns one? Are there going to be latency issues or rice crispies? I saw a tutorial on YouTube how to do it, but it was a guy hooking up a live performance with two of them in tandem and I got lost. Basically I want to know what to look out for and the basic hook-up. It doesn't have to be a DP88. Any ADAT unit that you have had success at low latencies through Cakewalk. Do I use sympte? (that was a joke really. I know a little bit.) Also, on a side note, If anybody happens to use a Studio 192 (gifted) I would be very curious if you ever got it to work? I love the sound again, but it has proven latency issues with any DAW that isn't Studio One. I had to purchase other interfaces for that reason. I am a keyboard player and the majority of my productions, unless I am collaborating, are composed with large library VST's like Omnisphere, NI, Ravenscroft, Scarbee's. So latency is life when I am tracking. I found out through my trial and error and many other chaps and gals online that that its a hardware flaw and it can't be fixed. But does it work for you? I am forever loaning it to a kid down the street that only records acoustically so he is a happy camper. It is a pretty pricey unit and sounds great- great DSP and eq. and you don't have to be online to use like my MOTU unit (is there a way around that? Oops - another thread.) Ok, hope you have a good weekend. It's Sunday night here in Japan and I am off tomorrow. Appreciate you all. PS - I would be happy with a YouTube link -but it has to be dumbed down. Sorry.
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