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  1. I have been using Sound Forge since the mid 90's (94?). I can't imagine my professional life without it. I use it to acidize wavs, used to use it for tuning before Melodyne, pitch shifting, time shifting, checking stats, master check and so many other things. Used Scooks tool years ago to get it inside the Utility folder of Cakewalk.
  2. yes, it was fine for me for about a week, then randomly couldn't find. I must have done something.
  3. So, that's it. I have only recently started using this as most of my productions are acoustic drums. So nice. Took the samples from one of my drum sessions and navigated the kit to my samples. Worked fine for over a week, then, when I wanted to tweak something NG. Now every time I load the song (working on many at once and this one is tough) I have to find and reload the samples. It finds the kit (for example this kit is called "Never Ending Love") but not the individual samples. So when the song is opening it says "can't find sample". If this were EastWest Play, it would let you navigate to where it is upon opening the project, but this prompt doesn't give that option. It does give you the name which is helpful. Besides whatver else it may be, do you think I should store my samples all in the same folder (my user preset) and copy it to the same location as the Cakewalk samples. (trying that now.)
  4. Yes, so. I could be wrong. Definitely not new for me. In Omnisphere and other programs I get the meaning of latch. But what I want in Cakewalk is for the program to search back and find my last trigger of the note and play it. I'll try to be clear. Let's say I am doing ambient music and one note of a pad or effect lasts for 40 measures. I don't want to re-trigger the synth every few measures (it's not a drum loop) because in some cases it doesn't bring the best result to hit the note again. So, I am at measure 30 working on a mix, stop to tweak something, and then various pads disappear and I have to go back to where they were first triggered to hear the song in its entirety. I thought it was called latch back or something. I haven't needed to use it in ages and don't even remember what to look for or what to call it. (duh). It still exists?
  5. well, I run Cakewalk on an i5/16gb RAM with a Babyface interface at 64. I also have one of the latest MOTU interfaces that works almost as well. I have multiple songs of various genre I am working on now with 50 tracks. Omnisphere fully loaded, East West Play full loaded, Izotopes and Waves plug-ins on many busses and sidechains, Komplete kontrol wurlitzer, rhodes, Ivory, and Ravenscroft on the same song. CPU intensive plug-ins. I have to move that up to 128 when mixing with all this going on. Very stable. I don't think Reaper is superior. Computer system problems are hell. I don't think Cakewalk is the problem.
  6. Does this work for people? I was hoping to get email notifications so I can know when my posts have been responded to but receive nothing. Or is this feature no longer available? I have to frequent the site to and look under notifications to find out?
  7. says it all. I want to shift the entire song 20 measures forward to add an instrumental intro but scads of tempo changes later on in the song.
  8. thanks to both of you. I read it in the manual and tried it but it didn't work. I read your post, tried it, and it did. Hmm. I'm a little slow sometimes.
  9. I can't figure out how to do this. I had it set up like his before but switched to an SSD drive sometime back and lost the hotkey somehow. I want to be able to hit a hot key and switch from the volume envelope back to clips. I must do this hundreds of times when mixing but to choose it by mouse and its a pain. I have looked all over the manual but can't seem to find how to bind it. Toggle -automation volume -toggle -back to clips. Thank you
  10. beautiful guitar tone. Easy to listen to.
  11. I particularly like the group Haevn - their symphonic versions. The warmth, contemporary sound, and slow moving. I am making many instrumental/themes and would like to work with an orchestrator. Some finances involved. Just basically want to get the ball rolling.
  12. yes, I’m surprised its never mentioned. Its such a great program.
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