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  1. beautiful guitar tone. Easy to listen to.
  2. I particularly like the group Haevn - their symphonic versions. The warmth, contemporary sound, and slow moving. I am making many instrumental/themes and would like to work with an orchestrator. Some finances involved. Just basically want to get the ball rolling.
  3. yes, I’m surprised its never mentioned. Its such a great program.
  4. gosh, I really don't think this is a Cakewalk issue. I have never had this problem or any of my colleagues. Most likely wifi/graphics/tweaking of your system. You have set to the default configurations and done all the audio tweaks that are suggested?
  5. Hi. Thank you. Yes, I just want to be able to get direct sound from computer, preferably through cakewalk into OBS instead of using my phone sound audio. I am using my phone camera into my computer with a program called IV Cam, but want the sound to come from my DAW. I have tried so many things and it is all so complicated -or flakey. I have tried Voxengo, Voice Tweet Banana, Asio Pro something or other and am back to square one.
  6. I am trying to use OBS with my MOTU Ultralite MK 4 or RME Baby face or... Is somebody successfully doing this? I want to broadcast through Cakewalk onto Facebook Live. I have downloaded and installed ASIOLink Pro but don't see it showing up anywhere in my Cakewalk preference settings. I see ASIO, the name of my interface, and the ASIO panel to change the latency. What am I missing and is someone successfully streaming their DAW with OBS and Facebook, Youtube?
  7. Trying so many things, reading so many tutorials but haven't gotten the hang of it. Trying ASIO link Pro but doesn't seem to show up in Cakewalk.
  8. Hi everyone. My head is spinning with tutorials. I am trying to get the best solution for live streaming using my Babyface or MOTU Ultralite MK4 as the audio source and an iPad Pro or iPhone 7plus as the video camera with my PC. Seems many people are using OBS on the PC and download NDS app for the IOS device. Apple make an app as well for $20. But then after watching the whole thing I (and others) notice an audio lag (latency) on the tutorial that is being made. Bam! No go! Does anyone know the very best way to do this using your studio quality gear and your IOS camera at 4k for live streaming? I know you wouldn't be able to take the time to write all the steps out here,. A tutorial is fine. I just don't want to spend money doing this and end up with lag. Does it work to use your IOS camera in tandem with your PC? Would I be better off using the apple camera kit with a powered adapter and stream it from the iPad Pro? I really need to do this soon. Much appreciated. PS. If anyone knows why I am not getting notifications from this forum that would be a boost as well. I have notify me of replies clicked below but nothing comes to my email. I have to keep checking back. I just found this tutorial. Maybe this will work. I will try. At least its only a few minutes long and he doesn't have a 15 minute intro talking about himself, etc.
  9. Max -will check out your songs tomorrow. Have a nice day (12:47 am Sunday here). Event in the am -"who is that masked man."
  10. Michael Fogarty

    eye contact

    very well done. You seem to understand very well what the various instruments would play if all real instruments. Performances very good all around. Maybe a little more attention to the shaping of the sounds to make them a little warmer could be nice, but was impressed. I couldn't do that.
  11. I very much like the smoothness of the track. I like it when things don't jump out too much. Very well done. Some other instruments introduced here and there could be a plus, but what is there is well mixed. I didn't watch the whole video because I was scrolling down to read the various comments.
  12. Hey David. Yes, I like the way you put that. Thanks.
  13. I care what you think. Yes, it was an AKG tube mic. The power with which one has to play to create that much excitement can tend to cause it to be a bit raw sounding maybe? As for dry, yes, that would be a preference. The song is called Road to Ruin so didn't want anything to sound too posh#plush#. Another thing could also be, the CD release was moved a week closer suddenly and I had one day to mix 10 songs. The mastering was also rushed, and yes, I didn't care for the mastering job. A friend of the artists (and mine) did it quickly. Too bright, brittle. I was actually quite upset to have done all this work and have him over treble-ize (word) it. The acoustic guitars (and of course violin, lead vocal) kind of took a beating, and my keyboard parts kind of fell into the background, Glad you liked the rest. I can send it to you to remix if you would fancy it. Want to give it a go? I know my forte is tracking, composition, keys, backups, arranging.
  14. Andy, I totally agree with you. In this particular production however the violinist is the one with the chops.
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