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  1. assuming you checked under the VST properties that it is not sending enable midi out. Also, did you try what I mentioned above. The place where there are double notes, try deleting the data and see if there were indeed two performances - this worked for me every time. How it got the two performances I don't know. Linking the tracks when copying wouldn't do that would it? After trying dedup, I looked up if there wer issues and it seems it doesn't work for most people.
  2. in my case, I have double notes on the same track. Tried undup cal - doesn't work. So the reason this happens is that I had local control on by accident (cakewalk automatically shuts it off but I may have turned it on to practice on the controller)? How do you get rid of them outside of re-recording? In my case (edit) I opened the track lane and there was only one track so I thought it was ok. But I deleted it as a test and one remained. So I possibly copied over somehow? Interesting it doesn't go to another lane but doubles the lane that is there. One would never know. Anyway, I am good here but would love to avoid it happening in the future.
  3. hello again. Could you expound on that a little or put a url? Very interested.
  4. Yes, I have digital out of DP88 into digital in of interface and vice versa. I have the DP88 as the master as it seems that is suggested with these interfaces (RME Babyface/MOTU Ultralite MK4) as they have no clock? I tried with the interface as the master and no and exactly the same results. On the Motu I have complete silence with intermittent spikes (fills the .wav) and with the Babyface a constance light crackle. Anything else I can try? The DP88 has lovely pre-amps and wanting to recording organ with Leslie.
  5. Hey there. That is a real harp played in real time with no adjustments. She will be flattered you said less quantized. Guess her timing is pretty good.
  6. Jim, I'm back. Trying to use my DP88 with my MOTU Ultralite Mk4 and setting it up like you, but getting pops. Upon further research, it seems the AVB MOTU units don't have word clock. Does that mean if I want to use it (or with my Babyface (not pro - the old one) I would have to set the DP88 to internal and the Interface (MOTU or Babyface) to sync? PS -tried it and it works. No pops. Amazing. PSS -tried it again and the pops are back. Hmm. PSSS - I need to be using two digital cables right? One for the MOTU out to the DP88 in and one from the DP88 out to the MOTU in? PSSSS -am going to try the Babyface now. Have found no solutions sfor the MOTU. PSSSST-the Babyface works. No outstanding Pops -spikes. But noisy floor.
  7. disable all other audio devices and speakers in your system - be it NVIDIA Graphic Audio, Computer audio (Realtek) in Control Panel and do as John Vere above said. By computer speakers do you mean the ones inside your laptop, or desktop the one in your computer monitor? Or stand alone speakers? I know with my laptop I use my Babyface and if I take it downstairs to use for some reason I have to enable, disable. But its the way to go.
  8. hi there. Yes, I said that. Sorry we are in different time zones (I live in Tokyo) so I couldn’t answer sooner. Good to hear you found the results you wanted. I suggest you send me the following: 1. A SMF (standard midi file) or .bun file of your project. As I am not offering to mix this, best is an .mp3 of the track rendered from 0 timeline, and a separate track of the vocal rendered from 0 timeline. The vocal should have no fx. (compression, eq., etc.) 2. A mix of the final song with the voice in it. That way I can see what we are aiming to improve. You have a demo of Studio? Interesting. I think Assistant is the sweet spot for pricing unless you are planning on tuning separate strings on a guitar or piano then you need to go up.
  9. Hi. I really don't think anything compares with Melodyne and my vocals are the same. I can hear the sharpness and flatness and it ain't pretty. What I normally do is make a backup copy of the entire vocal track. Archive it. This is to have something to go back to and compare with if needed. Choose the suspicious phrase, I think Control R will open it in Melodyne. I can't remember is that is the default or I did it, but I think the default. Tune to your desire. You can render it, or as some of my clients are really worthy to be pitched and thankful for it I have many edits, so I just hit B which bounces it to track. I think you might lose a little bit of gain, but no sonic difference in quality. I got the Essentials one for free with Cakewalk (or maybe it was Sonar) but as it does not allow you to tweak the vibrato which makes a huge difference, I purchased the next up- Assistant? If you want a second opinion or to find out how good you (it) can sound, render me a stereo mix of the music and your voice separate and I will take a look at it. I am very careful what I spend these days, but I need Melodyne in my work flow.
  10. been hearing a lot about these cans recently. Scared to look at the price. I have multiple sets of monitors but only one medium quality set of AKG cans. I’ll check them out.
  11. yes, thank you John. But no need. Appreciate the effort.
  12. Specifically the tones. Is the bass too warm? Should I cut more lows? Etc. Or is it ok. Specific frequencies and db appreciated. Since only 3 instruments I left it warm but too much? https://drive.google.com/file/d/12cEVCk_8hVXRPezwOkVqja8KFrWWV3wi/view?usp=sharing
  13. am just now understanding all this. Am I to run the fix that Noel sent to the other chaps and that will fix things (haven't checked an old project to see if its broken. Could we get a bottom line statement or a new thread telling us what we should do? Will check now if problems. That would be hell. I do save all of my Omnisphere projects and title them by the song so that I can use in other songs but.... CLARIFICATION - just noticed this thread is a few weeks old. Assuming if I am running the latest Cakewalk update I am safe.
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