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  1. actually, maybe you noticed, but its different angles of the same trees, different seasons. Thanks for the listen.
  2. hello Wookiee. Bass hang/bloom. I need an explanation for that if you don’t mind. I do mix with multiple sets of speakers and a sub. Is it possible the “hang/bloom” is intentional or is it annoying? Is it an occasional hit, or an overall feeling of too many bass frequencies? I have definitely been guilty of that. There are different layers of booms and basses, (some arpeggiated, some subsonic) aimed at people with big systems. But I miss things. The kick is from an MODX7 (chill kit). It is actually a preset loop.
  3. a walk in the snow nearby my house.
  4. yes, it does sound like Elvis. Al has that smooth rich, almost lazy sounding tone, and the song at first was so melancholy I wasn't sure I would want to get involved. As for the rhythm, we are all country boys.
  5. hey Jack. The scratches are samples that I synced with the turntable video. The harmonica of course is real, not a VST.
  6. a song written by my friend Al Pratt. He sent me a guitar/vocal and asked my help with the arrangement/production/chords. Threw some pictures together to accompany the music.
  7. that was really good. Very warm audio wise -voice, instrumentation. Best of luck.
  8. second song I have heard from you. Like them both, but this is more my bag, not that that matters. What matters is this is nice. Especially like the piano.
  9. friendly song, upbeat, wholesome, and fun. Great arrangement.
  10. great graphics and the way you put things together. The sounds don't sound like Omnisphere. What are you using?
  11. the person you wrote this for must be happy.
  12. hey, look at all these famous chaps. Thanks for including the credits and Cakewalk names. Nice to know who played what. Is this an online collab? Who pieced it together and mixed?
  13. very nice you can say, "like father like son." He has a nice voice and feel. Mixing is good as well. Did you do the video a well?
  14. you have a great voice my friend. Nice composition as well. Looking forward to hearing more. Would love to hear it with acoustic drums and keyboards instead of a string pad. And bass eq'ed a bit. But---nice. Soothing voice but cuts through the music. which mountains (unless private.) I'm from the Smoky's.
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