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  1. latest - I did these tweaks and played last night for quite a long time and no glitches. One interesting thing though is that now the backlit keyboard doesn't work (it used to shut off and on). Now I need to see which of the two tweaks caused it.
  2. chiming in that there is no problem here. Sorry I can't be more help.
  3. just now did. As well as the other suggestions. Again, hoping, Matthew and Chris that you are wrong. But you seem to be well versed.
  4. thank you Matthew Carr and LarsF. Seems my Sony and Toshiba's never had this problem, or even an older Dell. Such a shame. Such a lovely computer. I also had to put in a new MOBO about a week after it was out of warranty. I'll try to sell maybe and get something else. As much as I appreciate your comment, I do hope somebody has an answer. I can't really fork out another $2000 for a computer I rarely use.
  5. I used laptops for live for years and never had this problem. It even does it when playing back music through media player. This is supposedly one of the best laptops on the market. I got it specifically for a backup to my desktop DAW and for playing VST live. I have tried it with numerous interfaces (RME Babyface, Studio 192, MOTU AVB series) Yamaha MOTIF and all of a sudden in the middle of nowhere right when you think your latest tweak has finally fixed it -bam -like a record skipping. I have turned off the internet, firewall, defender, onboard Realtek card, and done all the tweaks from various websites for Windows 10. It's really a shame. It's such a nice light powerful laptop.
  6. Dappa 1 try this. Open your Komplete Kontrol instrument. (double click). In the instrument view, up above the instrument (whatever you loaded) there will be a little pull down menu that says VST. Click the arrow Disable "enable midi output." See if that fixes it. Only NI instruments, or third party instruments associated with NI has that on by default. Used to cause me great pain. Everytime you open a new instance of KK, you have to disable that. Thank God Cakewalk remembers that you did it if you save.
  7. set to fixed velocity 64. Should be a setting on your controller.
  8. For years I have been using F9 as edit/select/ from now and F10 as edit/select thru. F6 as velocity. I saved all the shortcuts and imported them from my desktop to my laptop but alas. Still works fine on my desktop but on my laptop (resetting up) even though I went and set the shortcut in Cakewalk it bring up a window screen for my apps or something. How do I unbind that in windows. Cakewalk is not overwriting it. Actually, hardly any of them are working. It is using the default transport of the laptop (XPS9350) so when I hit F5 it plays my sequence instead of what I have it set for in Cakewalk. Never been an issue on my desktop. Why didn't anyone tell me that?
  9. never got an answer to this. I have recomputed the .wav but they are still grey. In SoundForge they are fine. Only on my laptop. My desktop has never had this issue. Seems I re-installed last year and it worked. Here I am a year later using the laptop for the first time this year (COVID has eaten up all my live) and the same problem. SO weird.
  10. Hasn't always been like this. I switched sometime back from my MOTU (AVB type) to a Babyface as the latency though very good on the MOTU was only surpassed by the RME. I barely feel it at 2.9 and can even go to 2.2 when tracking basic music tracks (with VST ). I seem to have intermittent times where I just can't get the volume up high enough, and have even considered running my BM6a (with sub) and JBL's at (can't find the plus sign - I live in Japan.)+4 instead of - 10. I also seem to get more hiss. My unit is very old. Has it gone bad? The outputs on Sonar are peaking but the speakers and Big Knob and mixer are up very loud. If I play my mixes back through Sound Forge they are much more powerful. I realize there are two trains of though here, so if you could answer either program or point me to a link I would greatly appreciate it. On a side note, my pup has flown away, and I have my first live gig in Tokyo since March (Covid). edit : I still have both interfaces, but doesn't seem to be the interfaces fault. She sings when streaming media, but for some reason I am having a problem in Cakewalk. Omnisphere is going over the top VU wise but not rocking me. Tell me the magic button. (no puns please - this isn't the Coffee House.)
  11. I remember your name from about 20 years ago - before Sonar and Gibson and Roland and now Cakelab. I have never been part of the coffee house. Thought I would take a look, and bam -saw this. I am so sorry for your loss,. It is now 2 weeks to the hour my big guy Sonny flew away. I say that as they are like angels. What peace he brought me. I sometimes still look for it. I sincerely pray for your heart. You did the right thing - you loved him until the end - and more. Celebrating instead of mourning is of course the key - I do pretty good much of the time. A lifelong friend from Tennessee where I grew up lost his dog a few weeks before mine. There are no words, but thank you for yours. I didn't want to get started on this, but you touched my heart. If you are interested in my and Sonny's story someday, hit me up. Not to wax heavy here, but this was the quote of the day (I have a few of those) the morning after. The writer had lost someone dear. “There are moments, most unexpectedly, when something inside me tries to assure me that I don't really mind so much, not so very much, after all. Love is not the whole of a man's life. I was happy before I ever met D... I've plenty of what are called 'resources'. People get over these things. Come, I shan't do so badly. One is ashamed to listen to this voice, but it seems for a little to be making out a good case. Then comes a sudden jab of red-hot memory and all this 'commonsense' vanishes like an ant in the furnace.” ____from A Grief Observed C.S. Lewis Love you man
  12. I have been using Sound Forge since the mid 90's (94?). I can't imagine my professional life without it. I use it to acidize wavs, used to use it for tuning before Melodyne, pitch shifting, time shifting, checking stats, master check and so many other things. Used Scooks tool years ago to get it inside the Utility folder of Cakewalk.
  13. yes, it was fine for me for about a week, then randomly couldn't find. I must have done something.
  14. So, that's it. I have only recently started using this as most of my productions are acoustic drums. So nice. Took the samples from one of my drum sessions and navigated the kit to my samples. Worked fine for over a week, then, when I wanted to tweak something NG. Now every time I load the song (working on many at once and this one is tough) I have to find and reload the samples. It finds the kit (for example this kit is called "Never Ending Love") but not the individual samples. So when the song is opening it says "can't find sample". If this were EastWest Play, it would let you navigate to where it is upon opening the project, but this prompt doesn't give that option. It does give you the name which is helpful. Besides whatver else it may be, do you think I should store my samples all in the same folder (my user preset) and copy it to the same location as the Cakewalk samples. (trying that now.)
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