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  1. hey Bob. That is actually what prompted my post - the Black Friday sales. I was considering getting Kontakt 6 - but I don't need it. All I wanted was a way to take my drum hits and make a drum machine out of them. I own East west Play and have the Composer's Series - the bought version. And yes, I have various NI instruments, Scarbee's Rhodes/Wurlitzer/NI Organ - which are the individual instruments. Am going to go with Session Drummer and Sitala.
  2. amazing scook. Just tried. Thank you.
  3. thank you Freyja!! That is so simple and awesome. Hope it works inside Cakewalk/Sonar Platinum.
  4. As a disclaimer, we all know a lot of different things about DAW and music production. Since selling my Ensoniq and Emax samplers years ago I have not felt the need to use a sampler - until now. Is there a cheap way around this without buying the complete NI or Halion, etc? I have made many hardware upgrades this year and way over budget. (Leslie, New Piano Controller, Dynaudio speakers and more). What I would like to do basically is be able to take samples of my kicks, hats, snares I have recorded over the years (and other libraries) and have triggers for them so I can make loops. Would be great if I can tweak the tuning, etc. Is there a simple cheap way to do this? Your feedback is much appreciated
  5. thank you. Not that I wanted to hear this. The person who is buying it uses Cubase but he already had a problem with it. Sad huh.
  6. Hi PROMIDI. Before I go digging into things I would just like to know if there are success stories with this particular controller as the web has sited problems. And no to the questions above. Are you possibly suggesting that plugging straight into the computer isn’t enough and he should use a powered hub? No right?
  7. So yes, sold (trying to) my keyboard to a friend and it is randomly shutting itself down. (I saw online this is a possibility as it has happened to others.) Is yours working? Has it always worked? Are you using USB 2? (he only has 3). Did you ever upgrade your firmware? Much appreciated.
  8. so, updating the drivers didn't work - but this works. Set your display settings so that it only one monitor. Stretch it to fit horizontally and vertically. Then add (duplicate) your second display. Seems that you can't do this with both displays active
  9. I was able to fix this before but everything I have found on the internet doesn't work. I have a NVIDIA card and duel monitors (same image). I go into the place you are supposed to be able to adjust but its greyed out. (adjust desktop size and position). Maybe last time I disabled the second monitor, got this one working, and then extended again.
  10. you know guys, I know the basics. That’s why this sound was driving me crazy. I do have the power always on. Dell told one guy when I was looking for answers when my mobo blew that maybe he burned it out by leaving it always on. What do you think of that? I would leave my laptop on just like I did my desktop and perhaps he’s right. Its a big engine in a tight container and maybe it didn’t like it. Anyway, I’m all up to date with even the 1909 update but have yet to put it through the paces. As mentioned before this isn’t my DAW. Its running great and has been for years. Its for using Omnisphere, NI, Ravenscroft live. So I’ll get around to it tomorrow and let you know how it rolls. Thanks everyone.
  11. oops - almost a double post - was on 3 different devices typing at different times and desktop didn't show my latest post. So gents, I did lots of upgrades. The lastest version (1909) I think it is, is sitting at 20% for some reason but the chipset/usb/graphics, thundrbolt, etc. all installed as far as I can see. Will give it a test run Friday with the wi fi off and use a usb mouse instead of bluetooth and see how she rolls. I very much appreciate all your time in getting this set up, especially since my time zone is a bit wacky (Tokyo). Best to you all. Michael
  12. So, updated many things -chipset/bios/usb controllers/intel display driver/ethernet. Trying to download and install 1909 but its not happening. Seemed to download but nothing happening. We'll see. I'm at 1809 installed in May.
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