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  1. This option is unchecked. Still takes a long time to intiate. Don't know what's wrong with it. I miss SONAR...
  2. Thanks! How do I Check that Cakewalk Analytics is disabled?
  3. Opening the program itself. I disabled the scan of vst plugins, but that doesn't seem to change much
  4. I'm having the same problem with cakewalk. Until recentely I used Sonar, but then switched to CbB. Sonar wasn't particularly fast at start up but it wasn't nearly as slow as CbB is. I'm running it on a 500 gb SSD drive, Windows 10, i7 processor (bought in 2014, but still a pretty fast, as I can open all other programs super fast. I had the same amount of plug ins I had with my prior configuration with Sonar, or less. I really don't know what to do...
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