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  1. Thanks for the info, I didn't know about these expansion packs, some interesting stuff in them.
  2. I think melodyne will work very well on flute material, have fun!
  3. I use melodyne studio all the time on instrument tracks as well as vocals. It’s been interesting because I would’ve assumed synths are on pitch, sometimes I find they are better after I fix them in melodyne. I have fixed bass and guitar notes too, made up new bass and guitar phrases, stretched notes on like an ending note of a song. I have fixed drum track timing that needed it. I use the make notes louder or quieter quite a bit to level vs compression. It’s great to experiment and try new things like looking for harmonies. Using the formant tool can change a sound quite a bit. You can deess of course, but can also fade the beginning or end of a note. It’s great for fixing things but also a creative tool.
  4. I was trying to make it happen today, but it’s working properly. The dialog would start looking on c drive, but the project was external, and eventually get to the external drive then look in the project folder in its audio folder, so in the right place. This is a save as with an added date in the project name on an external drive. Once I let it search for the file and when it was found, then the project opened ok. Another time it asked if I wanted this file even though it had a different name (which looked the same to me), I said yes and it opened ok. I will experiment and see what I notice. I believe this also occurred if I copy a project folder including audio to an external drive.
  5. Hi John, yes the box is checked. I have been saving as for many many years this way with no issues. This issue is pretty recent or that I only recently discovered it when opening a save as version I saved on an external drive. I am on latest Cbb not sonar.
  6. I’ve been having the same problem
  7. It depends. I do like using expose as a first look at something because it gives a quick read on things on my desktop and I use ozone for more complex info within cakewalk. Yeah the proprietary installers are unwelcome.
  8. I went to see The Specials and Police and GoGos about 1981 in Phillie (mainly for The Specials) and never heard of Oingo Boingo who were also playing but wow was I blown away by them!
  9. When you use melodyne free standing and you get the bass as all A notes, have you tried choosing or rechoosing the algorithm from the drop-down menu at the top of the gui? If you aren’t aware, besides the box asking what algorithm you want, the algorithm can be changed in that drop-down list. Like if I got a bass part showing all A after rendering, I go to the drop-down and change it to melodic or whatever and the processing occurs again hopefully with correct notes. Sounds like it does create blobs outside Cbb, it should be working in Cbb and you have been working at it, so maybe celemony can help.
  10. I’m using melodyne very very much right now aligning several tracks of backing vocals in small clips so many many times I am applying the region fx. Not once have blobs appeared in the melodyne window. As I said in my earlier post, I have to close melodyne window and go to the clip it is on, and double click that clip. Then melodyne opens a second time with the blobs showing. This has been posted on the forum before, so it’s not just me. Recent post on this picture added. Anyways if you haven’t tried this yet, just a reminder to try this. Also, I have developed the habit of making a loop in the cakewalk timeline so that when melodyne opens, its focus is where I want to work vs scrolling around to find a few blobs. Also, google search for free programs like melodyne and there are some. I downloaded but haven’t tried one neural something or other. Hoping your persistence pays off !
  11. I'm not a wine drinker so I can't say. Never found wine appealing. He is mentioned in local news now and then for his business ventures or the occasional show. I havent listened to much of his music but I imagine he has a unique sense of humor.
  12. this was just in an AZ newspaper, I live not far from Jerome and Cottonwood where the winery, shop, restaurant and apparently gym etc are. They all look well!
  13. From what John (who knows his stuff) says melodyne is only included for a month. It is an amazing program worth having ! Re. replacing drum sounds...Looking at your drum track in the image, it looks pretty simple, maybe mostly kick and snare? If you dont like the drum replacer sounds, you could find a kick or snare sample you like to use and cut and paste a match on a new track to match your drum phrase if its very basic, matching the notes positions, then groove loop or paste the measure or measures thru the entire new track. I have done this before, its not too bad if simple and the drum notes are on beats.
  14. Sometimes when using melodyne as a region fx, it will process the audio but nothing will show up in it. When that happens, i close the melodyne window and click on the clip and melodyne will open again with the blobs showing, hopefully. Maybe dragging to a midi track might similarly result in an empty melodyne? I've also had to use different algorithms to get a result like melodic vs percussive on occasion.
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