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  1. treesha

    Time to Wake

    Well done. Interesting voice. The snare does overpower your vocals at times, maybe just lower the snare when that happens?
  2. treesha

    A WORD

    Sounds great. Your vocals are wonderful and the music really compliments the mood of the lyrics and the emotion in your voice. Nicely mixed too.
  3. treesha


    Sounds good over here. I like the panning/movement of the guitar at the end. I like the dramatic parts, they are rich. If it was my song I would take some of the parts that are “arpy” for lack of a better word, and put some occasional variety in the note patterns in melodyne or piano roll. Good journey
  4. I like it the way it is. It makes me want to listen further. Curious where you will go next...
  5. Plug in manager utility lists what chosen as included or excluded by you so all plugins should be in one or the other category in there
  6. treesha

    Fractured Slumber

    Thanks David! It is my first attempt to use my newly purchased ample guitar strat instrument. I played first on my guitar then melodyned to midi then fixed the midi then into the ample and Th3. No lyrics came to mind and it was pretty full already. Working on one now with lyrics lets see if i am brave enough to post one with me singing ha.
  7. treesha

    Fractured Slumber

    Ha thanks John B. Interesting assessment !
  8. treesha

    Fractured Slumber

    Thanks for the feedback. I am not a proficient guitar player and wouldn’t have considered how a good guitar player would have more variations in the phrases and range. I played bass way longer and think i play guitar like bass in a way. The ample strat is new to me and i am far from knowing how to use the articulations etc. I will pay more attention to the things you point out so thanks for commenting. Always more to learn!
  9. treesha

    Fractured Slumber

    Thanks for listening and I’m glad you appreciated it! I have been making mostly instrumentals since getting komplete kontrol and a few synths before that. Just started on a not synth instrumental and i am enjoying the drums bass guitar vocals organ thing after so much synths!
  10. treesha

    Fractured Slumber

    I laughed when i read your comments so they translated fine and my quick ha was my laughing translating back. Thanks for the thumbs too up i did notice 🙂 and appreciate it lots but my first response was giggling about your humorous comments. Thanks for humoring up my day always a good thing
  11. treesha

    Fractured Slumber

    Thanks for the comments! Jack c yes. I used a slightly distorted preset in ample sc instrument with a reduced amount of delay and reverb in that preset then put it through a th3 preset i liked with it. I dont know john foxx music but will check it out. Nigel the pot is actually a stainless steel water distiller i use to purify my well water. When its done the inside of the pot has some mineral residues that make interesting patterns. Being into abstract photography i took advantage of the moment. Glad you guys think the guitar sounds ok. I have lots to learn about how to use it! Electric guitar is my favorite instrument. Thanks again
  12. Very nice piece, I like the guitar playing a lot. The song is very relaxing, meditative and rich with feeling. What culture is this from if it is a traditional canoe song? And how would it have been played in the traditional way, what instruments? It sounds a little western at times, but then not. thanks, treesha
  13. Very Steely Dan-ish , and the lyrics are very meaningful. Sounds very balanced and well arranged over here. Yes, those muses !
  14. treesha

    Fractured Slumber

    Just finished this months in the works song, between home repairs and kept too busy getting new free and cheap stuff thanks to the deals forum, and on top of those bought Ampleguitar Stratocaster. This is my first attempt to use it. A lot to learn and I think some parts of the “neck” sound better than others. Tried to use some tips I read on the forum about guitar vsts. Overall I think it sounds mostly better than my hagstrom that is way overdue for work ! The image is the inside of a pot colorized. I guess this is a rock song with orchestral elements? It was fun to make. I tried to make the drum parts more interesting based on previous feedback. Thanks for listening and any feedback, treesha
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