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  1. Sounds good, nice mix over here, enjoyed the sunflower playing guitar ha and looney tunes ending ha. I agree with dubdisciple that the song would be more dancey with more thump in the bass and drums, especially during the parts where the instrumentation gets reduced. At times the vocals are slightly too low. Good name for the song, it has a traveling feel to it.
  2. I like this song, I like your voice and the mix sounds good over here. The only feedback I would have is the tone of the lamenting moans is a little muddy and a little dark. Comparing to the tone of the ooohs which I think feels better. Just taste. Hope you get a chance to do more project$.
  3. Hey David, very majestic piece! Rich and interesting, a variety of sounds and movements, enjoyed it !
  4. Thanks for listening and letting me know you enjoyed it. Im encouraged. I am messing around with lengthening the ending although the interesting notes mark skinner suggested don’t fit the key or whatever there. Tried transposing sounds real bad ha.
  5. After all the storms passed I started it up again and now I have the box/logo thing in the instrument area and it works fine. I had opened and closed st4 a few times before my posts, no idea why its ok now, maybe big storms voodoo?
  6. Thanks for the video i think thats the one i watched. I had it appear with the lock after it was already manually authorized then i authorized it again and no more art deco pic/box in the left column but in the instruments column of piano choices in st4. My power is off now due to bad thunder storm! I think i will try the restore my products when i have power back on
  7. I find it confusing too. Am I supposed to have a separate logo/box that says Art Deco Piano in the left library column on sample tank 4 for this instrument? O dont have that like I saw in a video, mine is available i think after I open sample tank 4 and search in categories for piano sounds and Art Deco appears the the name of 10 presets over in the instruments column on the right. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the detailed reply Mark thats very helpful! I play guitar but not a fluent lead player so maybe some phrases i play aren’t what a good player would play ha. Sometimes i use guitar loops i have, midi them and work with that in ample. Yeah i will redo the ending making it longer and fade better and will check out the note you like. Thanks again
  9. Thanks Timbo, appreciate the feedback. I agree it should fade longer. I was getting fatigued of working on the song and will revisit with a fresh outlook soon ha. Tetrality was demanding of me. I really expected criticism of the simple boomy drums ha. Thanks for listening, the space was the most fun
  10. Thanks for listening and the feedback Mark glad you enjoyed it. I agree the ending is not ideal, maybe i will revisit that. Glad the reverbs sound right! I expected some neg feedback on the drums ha. Interesting the strat is vastly improved no idea why. I will have to listen to the 3 strat tracks i posted. If you feel like commenting what is better that would help. I don’t find it easy to use but love the sounds. I used the same preset in the first 2 songs but a more spacey preset in this one. Thanks again
  11. Thanks Lynn, I am encouraged and it was fun! Tetrality can be complicated! It generates so much stuff ! This is the original version, I put with reverb in the title because I had quite a few comments on previous posted songs to add some or more reverb, and that hopefully this song has enough and I have learned to use it better ! If not you guys will let me know... again😁
  12. Thanks for listening and letting me know you liked it
  13. I got Tetrality which totally took over my interest, so I haven't reverbed my last post being too distracted with this. I was just messing around with it trying to learn to use it and how I would want to use it and wound up with this piece. I took advice from Starship Krupa's last post reply and got Orilriver reverb and bought something at PIB so got the free PhoenixVerb and used the small neutral hall the way he recommended, sparingly and low. And advice from others who recommended reverb in my last 2 song posts. Think I am getting it. I used some of the generated phrases as they were, but most I altered by rendering them midi and messing around with them. The guitar is from that process, then played through Ample Strat which I really enjoy. Most of the sounds already had reverb. I like Tetrality, but it can get really busy, I did a lot of subtracting, and adjusting, and felt the need for another type of instrument so I added the guitar. So thanks for the previous feedback and thanks for listening, Treesha
  14. treesha

    Sonible Smart EQ3+

    I had just gotten 2 then upgraded to 3 and so haven’t used either enough to compare them, but i find vst 2 works better. I was getting blank gui with vst3. Im on cake 2021.04 and can use the mix groups fine offline. It does show up in my recently used fx.
  15. Thanks Makke for listening and your comment, I am encouraged ! Glad you enjoyed it, Treesha
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