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  1. Great work. all the elements are well done and the mix is great too. The song has a mood and vibe consistent throughout, between beauty and sadness, very nice.
  2. https://youtu.be/XRNfGS8HnKo Hope all is well, maybe we should get Joe from impractical jokers on the case
  3. What version? I havent seen this using studio 5 but not on most recent cakewalk update, still on previous one.
  4. treesha

    Winter Moon

    Thanks! I do think of music as my playtime (usually ha) and it was fun to do.
  5. treesha

    Winter Moon

    Hi Rob, thanks for listening and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think the drums are ok too, but I know I don't spend much time with drums and don't get creative with them, and in other styles that I write better drums would be a good move. Working on an instrumental piece now and learning komplete 12 and messing around with those drums so maybe that will be inspirational. I'm just not naturally drum inclined. I have sat at drum sets before and wondered how do drummers do what they do? thanks again
  6. Tascam 2x2 meets my needs and i havent had any issues using it with cakewalk
  7. Sounds great. I like your choice of sounds and their effects. Nice movements thru levels of tension and repetition of themes. Good Luck !
  8. Try c:\programfiles\commonfiled\nativeinstruments Thats where mine were installed
  9. Great song ! and you might be leadfoot but the fingers are flying ! I was distracted by what I think is rhythm guitar which sounds to me a bit too prominent and a little noisy, and has a way of interfering with your voice in the early sections, at the end sections it seems more balanced to me and I think sounds better then. Yes on louder vocals and yes on louder drums. Impressive work all around.
  10. treesha

    Winter Moon

    Thanks tom and Andy, I feel welcome ! Maybe you missed it tom because of the eclipse? As we all know is was "a little" work on the drums ha so I can try to be more creative and actually do some bigger work on them. I just got and am working to understand Kontakt 12, drum stuff in there that might help, no idea cause this program is so big and already needed support 2x ! so spending time on this at the moment. ugh. Thanks for the listens and comments !
  11. Great first project ! Can we get to the end of the pandemic please ? In the deals section there is a post for ozone elements free. If you don't have it check it out. It has some tools you might like.
  12. treesha

    Forever Ago

    Very cool. I especially liked what you brought in just before 2 min and after. I like the bass part and would like to hear that better, not sure if its my listening environment or if the bass sound is dispersive and low in the mix. Just the thing for a Tuesday escape.
  13. Great vibe, really easy to listen to and well done. If I was going to make any tiny adjustments, I would add a tiny bit more highs throughout, and I would turn down the guitar playing lead just a little bit and add more highs to that too so it is prominent via frequency vs loudness at times. Turn up the background vocals a little more cause they are nice. Enjoyed it as is a few times !
  14. It made me happy. Great job. So many unexpected changes and complexities ! Fun song
  15. treesha

    Winter Moon

    Thanks Tom and Douglas ! good to be here. Tom, I literally laughed when I read your comment about something urgent going on vs the relaxing tones. Again I learned something new about my process. ha. And I completely agree that the drums in this piece are not very creative. I know, good point. I tend to lose patience when creating drum parts and really have no drumming ability or complex understanding of how they do what they do. I will keep this in mind for the future, and try to make drum parts more creative. Usually its like, that's good enough, move on to the fun stuff. Douglas, I agree it has a soundtrack vibe. I never know what to call instrumental pieces. Rob called his posted piece Bjarn Sails A Darkling Sea - a "hybrid-orchestral" scoring. So maybe that's a good descriptive. Thanks for the listens and the comments, very helpful and interesting experience for me
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