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  1. You could output both tracks to a new aux track and then record in real time on the aux track. Not the fastest way but allows you to balance/adjust each track on the way in how you want it in the new combined track.
  2. I have cut the lead vocal to make a clip of the section or phrase that needs deesing and just deess that section or sections vs use the deeser on the whole track. For me its just certain places that need it and sometimes they need it differently so I treat them individually.
  3. I have win 10 home and read the instructions for this purchase and it says at the end all my data will be deleted, is this how it will work? I read the deals forum far too often for that! ? Thanks for any advice. Run the media creation tool Create installation media for another PC Select preferred language Select Edition: Windows 10 (it includes both, Pro and Home) Select architecture (64-bit or 32-bit) Select the media you want to create (USB flash drive or ISO file to create a DVD) Perform a clean installation Boot from the USB flash drive or the DVD Select your language, time, and keyboard preferences Enter product key Installation type: Custom: Install Windows only (advanced) Remove all partitions (this deletes all your data!) and create a new one to install Windows
  4. Sounds like you have not rendered your midi to audio. Here are the steps from the help file… Converting your soft synth tracks to audio Once your project sounds the way you want it to, it’s extremely easy to convert your soft synth MIDI tracks to either new audio tracks, or Wave, MP3, or other exported files. You can also do a temporary conversion, called freezing. See Freeze tracks and synths for more information. To convert your soft synth tracks to new audio tracks 1. Mute all tracks that you don’t want to convert. 2. Click the Track view Tracks menu and choose Bounce to Track(s). The Bounce to Track(s) dialog box appears. 3. In the Destination field, choose a new or pre-existing track to put the new audio data on. 4. If you’ve saved presets from previous bounce operations, you can choose a preset from the Preset field. 5. In the Source Category field, choose Tracks. 6. In the Channel Format field, choose mono if you want a mono track, stereo if you want a stereo track, and split mono if you want to create separate mono tracks. 7. In the Source Tracks field, choose the tracks or output bus(es) that the soft synth tracks are using (usually the main outputs). 8. In the Mix Enables field, make sure all choices are selected. 9. Click OK. SONAR creates new audio tracks from the outputs you selected. When you’re through converting, don’t forget to mute your MIDI tracks so you won’t hear them and the new audio track(s) at the same time.
  5. I do like using the quieter/louder macro. I use melodyne for instruments like bass guitar and electric guitar, piano, etc sometimes synths ( its surprising how often they are not perfectly tuned) as well as vocals. I use the macro to level out say a bass track’s consistency, I don’t think I ever used it on lead vocals, there I would work on blobs, but have macroed on backing vocals. Envelopes would be my next choice for this and compression my least used. Just try different methods and see what you like best.
  6. I just got 60 extra days, first I used the ikmultimedia30 and checked out, then signed back in and used the FOCUSRITE30 and checked out. I think its only for a few more days so just a reminder. Thanks !
  7. Happy holidays from the central mountains of Arizona where it is a balmy 62 degrees and sunny! Don’t miss what’s going on for most of the US and hope everyone is safe wherever you are!
  8. treesha

    AAS Annual Freebie

    I got Fear Within and I like it. Thanks to aas !
  9. RIP. Went to a concert in 81 in Philadelphia to see them with my fellow local ska band members, really Special! Our drummer was tossing our very “stylish” buttons onto the stage when they were on stage. Also playing were The Police and GoGos and Oingo Boingo who I had never heard of and became an instant fan. Special event for sure.
  10. Can you post one with that drop down that says custom with it changed to all ?
  11. I don’t know why record wouldn’t work, beyond my knowledge so hopefully someone will know. Since that it a different issue than not hearing playback, maybe post a new topic about not being able to record? As for the not hearing playback, if the meters are moving, the waveforms are visible, and you’ve checked around making sure nothing is muted and the sliders are up I don’t know what could be going on. Try opening in safe mode? Try turning off all the fx ? Maybe a vst is a problem? Hopefully some other replies can help
  12. Does the track meter move as its rolling? Does the master fader move ? I would try recording something new and see if that track plays ok.
  13. Do you see audio clip/ track images in the project or are there no audio wave looking images?
  14. Thanks for posting this, I always saw the project empty Melodyne folder and didnt know the edits were being saved in the docs folder, just emptied it.
  15. I’ve been on the old cakewalk forum and this one and have seen only a handful of women posting over the years. I have been treated with respect and been helped with issues over the years so for me it has been a friendly and productive and supportive forum. I have not seen other women treated poorly here either. Women in music being bullied is sad and probably very discouraging for the victim. I want to share my positive experience here so other women forum readers may feel comfortable about posting on this forum.
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