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  1. treesha

    Clips Move

    Yes me too with ripple edit off
  2. Im not a frequent user of audiosnap either, if i need to adjust the timing of some phrase i use melodyne and simply adjust the blobs/ notes to the timing i want. I find this melodyne method easy so just an alternative suggestion.
  3. Just experimenting with this again since it came up. I duplicated a backing vocal track with no fx and the track meters are identical. Next I duplicated a different backing vocal track that has 1 fx (vocal finalizer) and the peaks in the meter are not identical. Like 1 says peak -11.6, the duplicate at the same time says -12.4. Another spot the original says -10.6 the duplicate says -11.2. They vary in small amounts as they play throughout. For fun I duplicated the duplicate. The original says -11.3, the first duplicate says -11.9, the duplicate of the duplicate says -10.2. To create a duplicate I right click on the track, go to duplicate track, check all the boxes under duplicate except link to original clips, ok.. I don’t touch the fx at all or anything else at all. No automation involved. With backing vocals I dont mind these very small variations just something I have noticed and was curious about. As suggested it must be a fx thing as it didn’t happen to a plain track. ps i wanted to add the fx in my example is pretty new to me, and this has happened long before I had this fx so its not just this fx that does it.
  4. No I never have figured out why those slight variations happen when duplicating a track, but since the variations are really slight I just go with it. If you get any insights I am interested in what you find out.
  5. Weird. No ideas about why this is happening but a suggestion- i would try archiving the midi track to import the audio then un-archive it and see if that preserved it.
  6. treesha


    Definitely creates a strong atmosphere of running frantically as you say, has a touch of panic mixed in, would be great in a film at just that tense scene, well done!
  7. I got vocal finalizer a while ago, I like it for other than vocals too
  8. treesha

    Walk A Mile

    Hi Eric, thank you for listening and for commenting ! I am so encouraged ! It was very powerful for me to make it, to put all that into a song to express it as best as I could. Now I am working on a kinda bouncy one because Walk A Mile was so intense for me. I'm glad to know that it was received conveying what I attempted to convey, so thank you very much for letting me know.
  9. treesha

    Walk A Mile

    Hi Paul Bush, Thanks for listening and your feedback. I really appreciate it, !! and cheers back at ya.
  10. treesha

    Walk A Mile

    Hi Barry, thank you for listening and commenting ! I appreciate you telling me the bocals are stellar ha, hope the singing was ok too 😉 and haunting, even closer to haloween...and appreciate that you commented the production was good, I spent a lot of time on it ! I am very encouraged !
  11. I posted my experiences to say that if someone works in 64 bit and unknowingly or accidentally ( as happened to me somehow ?) exports a file at 64 bit it may not be acceptable to another program as happened to me.
  12. I work in cakewalk at 64 bit but in the export box there is an option to export at 64 bit. I noticed a few times when the export box had 64 bit for some reason(?) (i normally choose 24) that when i tried to use another program on the exported file that it was not acceptable to the next program. Cant recall which program didn’t like it. Just an aside to the subject.
  13. I use melodyne studio to extend notes but they don’t always retain the sound well if it is a too long stretch
  14. IIRC I have had it happen a few times that on export I didn’t notice the 64 was being used and when I went to import that exported file into something else I use (don’t recall which program) I got a message basically the other program couldn’t import it. So I went back to the cakewalk export box and changed from 64 to 32 or 24 (?) and it worked fine in the next program.
  15. thanks for the link, i dont think the id i got was for a bass guitar there. I think once long ago I found info about it, not sure where that might be anymore
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