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  1. Check in the track manager and see if there is an active hidden track
  2. A lot better than with the fx off ha. I don't notice any problem with the sound of the lead guitar but maybe I don't know what to listen for? I don't hear any cancellation that I can tell. I have seen cancellation between two panned similar tracks and know some moves to fix that, but this is just on one track so I am puzzled. I always check my mixes in mono and that's when I noticed what the meter was doing when playing the song in stereo. I just experimented with other presets in Ample that have loads of internal ample fx, recorded those and looked at the vectorscope and they don't go to -1 even on low notes. I believe there is an eq within Ample on the "clean" preset of the track going -1 so even when I thought I had only ample reverb engaged it might have also came with the eq on. Still checking around.
  3. I am looking at the vectorscope in Ozone and see the mix has more times than I have seen before of going to the -1 / out of phase reading. I look at some of the tracks alone and find the lead guitar track is going all the way to -1 often. I recorded track this using Ample strat guitar virtual instrument with a preset that is "clean" and within ample put some reverb on using one of their reverb presets. Then in the track and pro channel I have other things, so I turned off the pro channel and track fx bin and the guitar track is still often going down to -1 especially on the lowest notes in the lead. So this is with all fx off, just what is recorded as the output of ample. If I make the track mono in cake, it is not out of phase of course, and if I turn it to mono in Ozone it is ok too but sounds extremely flat. I haven't seen this before so am asking is this ok to leave this way? Or do I try re-recording the ample with no reverb and then add reverb to the track later or would it still be going -1 because of some reason in the left and right output from ample? When I put the track in mono, it is very flat and center, should I have the track mono and then add some fx ? When it goes all the way to -1 it is still very audible, nothing I can tell gets lost as if it is cancelling itself out. Suggestions and comments appreciated ! Thanks, treesha
  4. You can record the output on an aux track as it plays. Just change the output of the track you want to capture from master or another setting to new aux track and arm the aux track and start recording
  5. You know some people mostly females pay big money to get lips like that !
  6. Here is where it is included....”Master Rebalance is a new module to Ozone 9. Master Rebalance can be used to make changes in level to the bass, vocal, or drums of your audio file empowering you to address necessary gain changes in the mastering stage without needing direct access to the mix.” Also Music Rebalance “Also new in RX 7 is Music Rebalance, a powerful source separation tool that allows you to enhance or isolate elements of an audio track. Drums too loud? Vocals not loud enough? Are other instruments too present or is percussion not punchy enough? Easily re-animate a mix using its four sliders. You can also create instrumental versions of songs by removing the vocal elements, or isolate the vocal to prepare a remix.” From the little i have experimented with them they do some separating and i would try these on my old live band recordings if i ever got around to that ha
  7. Not at my computer but if i recall izotope has a master rebalance feature that might be helpful. I hang on to old stuff too.
  8. No answer for your issue but if you need a workaround meanwhile you could try setting the output of the vst to a new aux track, play and record on the aux track and see if your settings are applied on the aux track version and export that track. If the settings don’t go along to the aux track recording then something is wrong
  9. Ok I tried putting melodyne as a region fx on 4 separate audio clips both all in 1 track or spread out over different take lanes. I didn't edit anything, then did remove melodyne and yes I am left with one solid clip of the 4 pieces combined. So then I made a project folder to experiment on, I put a wav file from cymatics into cake project at 441 24. (First I confirmed it is 441 24 in soundforge.) In the project folder cymatics wav shows in the audio folder. Then I cut up the cymatics wav into clips and spaced them out, put melodyne on the 4 clips of the cymatics wav file and looked in the audio folder again and a new file appeared called audio (bounced, 3).wav. I put that bounced file into soundforge and it says it is 441 32 bit*. After taking off the melodyne, the bounced. 3 when put into soundforge again still says is it 441 32 bit*. I have my cake option render bit depth set to 32 bit. So then I started over in a fresh project and changed my cake render bit depth to 64 bit. Put in a different wav file, checked in sound forge to confirm it is 441 24, the cut it up and spaced clips apart, put on melodyne then took off melodyne, got the combined image in the track, checked the bounced file that is in the project folder's audio folder in sound forge and it now says this bounced file is 441 64. So changing my render bit depth changed what this bounced file is. Somebody with more knowledge than I have will have to comment, it seems like putting melodyne on and off a group of clips is using cakes render bit depth to make them into 1 big clip and replacing the original separate clips with this bounce wav ? Interesting experiment but way more than I understand what's up behind the scenes in melodyne or cake ? I haven't had the problem regularly that you describe of edits being frequently wonky, only happens for me if the edit is too far from the original, and I also never put melodyne on a bunch of clips at one time till this experiment.
  10. I have melodyne studio 5 and it has a "Leveling Macro" feature that can make loud "notes" quieter and another that can make soft "notes" louder. Its pretty simple. I have used it on vocal parts and guitar parts and I like it better than compression for some things. It also has a fade feature that can be used to drop a peak or do a fade on a "note".
  11. Very cathartic! In lancaster pa at longs park for independence day the symphony would play and cannons were shot off at the right times. I moved to az and it seems the cannon master retired in 2015. It was a blast.
  12. I had to smile about your saving projects with different names often, i do the same. I never have selected separate clips in a track to put melodyne on all at the same time so i will try it tomorrow. I either do one clip or the whole track. I have tried to use process - audio - gain on a few separate clips in the same track at one time and gotten very unexpected results so I don’t do that anymore. Thats been my only try to process separate clips weird thing.
  13. Just a quick reply when i have melodyne on a clip i do not want to edit but want to use for reference for another track in melodyne that i do want to edit, when i remove the melodyne from the reference track that i did nothing to in melodyne, it is restored to its original state just fine, which if I understand your situation is not the case for you?
  14. Have you tried comparing the different algorithms in melodyne to see if another algorithm would handle the material better? I have found one gives better results than another at times, but sometimes the edit is just not going to sound ok.
  15. treesha


    Hey Mark, the new mix sounds great ! I can really hear what the bass is doing now which is pretty cool and I couldn't hear it clearly before and the kick is nice too. Good job with the remix, the song is great.
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