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  1. I tried bandlab a month of cloudbounce and landr. I prefer ozone mastering where i can adjust many aspects of the process. I remember reading an online in depth comparison review that went into details of the differences but it was a while back and i forgot where. I am new to mastering been learning a few years now so not an experienced opinion, but i like ozone best
  2. treesha

    2020 Ballad

    sounds good, i like the art too
  3. treesha


    Playing around, trying to learn kontakt stuff, and this turned up. I think it is an ode to 2020, part side show, part gloom dancing together under the arp. Wearing blue gloves. Hope 2021 makes more sense. Thanks for listening, treesha
  4. Yes tracks can be hidden. Look in track manager it lists all the tracks and their status. If there are hidden tracks the track numbers stay the same like if track 1 is hidden the first track you see in track view will be track 2.
  5. Do the tracks go to any buses? If prefader i think mute wont mute
  6. treesha

    Vocal FX advice

    No ha i am always learning myself and self taught via youtube and forum reading and videos and experimenting. First start with how the raw recording sounds. Does it sound clear? What does the meter show you. If it is too hot or distorted you have to fix that first. Redo. Do you like the way the mic sounds? Is the room too reverberant? I dont know what fx you have, since i got some ozone izotope stuff i have been using those on my vocals. And scheps omni channel before that. I dont know what gsnap is. I use melodyne a lot to pitch correct and phrase adjust. But first you need a recording as good as you can to start. What example of vocals is like what you want to sound like? Maybe see how the mix or master achieved that. What style? Maybe google vocals for that type music for suggestions. Its a very broad and rich topic. If you post something you are working on in the song forum you can get suggestions and feedback on your mix. Lots if experienced ppl on this forum. Have fun
  7. treesha

    Vocal FX advice

    I don't see anything wrong with the way you have audio tracks containing vocals with fx in their fx bins. Like you say you can also make a bus or busses and route the vocals to the bus and put fx there. Either way will work, it might depend on what your goals are. If I want to align various things on different tracks, I use melodyne to do that, I have studio version 5. The subject of making vocals sound clean and professional is very broad starting with recording the vocals and then everything you do to them after that. Maybe you could explain what it is that you think is wrong with them, how are they not sounding clean and professional to you as is? Clean and professional are a little broad for commenting on how to improve so more details might help you get answers on here. I think it is common to use reverb, delay, compression, eq, chorus maybe as fx on vocals to improve how they sound to taste. It does take time to learn stuff so just keep at it.
  8. Good expressive song, I like the contrast between the density of the choruses and the less dense more spacious verses. I didn't hear other versions. If you are singing all the parts, you have a good variety of how you sing.
  9. treesha


    Good song, well balanced mix, all the elements work well together. I like the guitar lead and the backing vocals panning. Only thing I think could be a slight bit better is the lead vocals are a little off a few times, if it was me I would melodyne them but otherwise nothing I would change. They are ok as is, but would be perfect if melodyned, you have a good voice!
  10. Could be. I never had issues before either. Just glad it finally worked i found it hard to go back to platinum.. maybe corona caused it
  11. I went through many attempts to download and got that corrupted message over and over. I just kept doing the download over and over and finally got one that worked. I didn’t do anything different to get the good one.
  12. This is mentioned over in the ni forum : "while I'm here I'll just go on a small tangent and point out a UI error in Hybrid Keys 2.0, incase nobody else noticed it yet. When using the drop down menu in the FX panel, the effect below the one you click on is the one that will be applied." evil dragon replied to another issue that And will all sounds get proper NKS pages? Ha, looks like you found another issue that needs resolving. I am unsure how this happened, but I am on the case.
  13. Ok i got curious and looked up what a rack is in mulab..... “A rack is a collection of synth and effect modules that process your audio and events and route them to an output” so my guess that the guitarstrat rack is a guitar synth followed by 2 fx in your pic is true so the advice here is to do manually what is pre setup for you in the rack midi makes no sound it is information. You need a synth to make it sound and experience it as audio so in the rack you get the strat instrument/synth which when triggered by midi input will put out audio and that audio can have fx added to it So its a 3 step thing midi instrument audio with audio fx applied to the audio seems you are trying to skip the instrument and do 2 steps midi audio fx. But midi is not sound the rack is one item but it contains instrument and fx bundled together so to your understanding the instrument is behind the scenes and you thought you had 2 steps midi audiofx but really had 3. You were not going from midi to audio fx there is an instrument between midi and audio fx or there could not be audio. You need an instrument for the midi to play to get audio so in cakewalk you have to manually go midi instrument then you have audio to put your fx on the replies above have details and in tutorials in this forum are good info for a kiddie as you say ha its a rich program but also can be used quite simply too after you get the several steps to achieve what you are trying to do
  14. Yeah and it seems to work as expected in the other 2. Im very new to ni so not that familiar with it yet.
  15. I posted there too just now. Clicking the waveform doesn’t help.
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