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  1. Still a bit creepy though LOL
  2. Already been there .. another enjoyable piece ... and I'm honored thanks David 😊 ALB Steve
  3. Love this classic chord/guitar rift .. please put some words with this to bring on the tears. It's a flower in the rain growing on stone with out a place to call a home .. there you are ..a start LOL Love your guitar playing ... so much feeling SupaReels
  4. As usual I'm taken by the maths in this piece. I look forward to a longer set with a title like The Tortoise & the Hare, I believe your music could paint a fantasia kind of feel .. Just an idea .. ish. I continue to love your work because I wouldn't know where to start so I find it engaging and different ... in a good way. Thanks for the post David Stay safe Steve
  5. Thankyou for the comment Paul .. it isn't my thang either so I'm knocked out with the feedback .. must'a caught you fellas on a good day 😉 ATB Steve
  6. Thankyou Makke for your comment, I have a long way to go with this kind of stuff but it's encouraging with this kind of feedback. Steve
  7. SupaReels

    Guitar instrumental

    Note perfect ..and I have to say the guys here are spot on in that this could be the great Hank Marvin ! Thanks for the post, really enjoyed it 🎻😎 How about 'Apache' for your next rendition .. it was my first 45 record when I was a kid LOL Steve
  8. Thanks for the excellent feedback and your observation regarding the 'airy sub-rumble' is spot on! It is embedded in the BBC sample and difficult to hide, even with a HPF ... but I'm trying EQ'ing now and if that doesn't work I'll just use another sample. Thankyou again for the feedback Tom. ATB Steve
  9. Thanks mate, it's not something I would think would appeal to you, so your comment is well taken. Haven't been here a lot just lately and not seen stuff like 'black dog' from you, wondered if all is well in your camp ... hope so .. take care Lynn and stay well Steve
  10. Might be free stuff but the talent isn't .. love to do this piece live on the street .. 🎻 ATB Steve
  11. Thankyou so much mate, as said it's not my normal stuff but maybe I could get into it .. we'll see 🙂 All the best Steve
  12. Thankyou for the comments, all of which I will address on a revisit . As said, when it comes to this stuff I am a newbie so I'm knocked out with your post 😊 ATB Steve
  13. SupaReels


    Hi Bjorn, I think overall this piece is mesmerizing but I do feel it's unfinished. I think using the same drum pattern all the way through is a great idea but it should change, just a little to keep the listener engaged with the vox, the flute is also used a little too much and I feel it could be made more interesting if you altered the melody a tad. I have most of NIs samples and there is a way of putting more 'feel' into the overall sample ( not sure if your keyboard has after touch as this could assist in this respect) As you are aware I listen to your work, and have done with pleasure over the years and along with others on this site I always enjoy your tandem videos. I really liked this bit of work and as you know I'm no expert advising on instrumentals so if you don't wanna revisit this you won't break my heart 💔 Stay well my friend Steve
  14. Thankyou for the feedback John, I am glad you liked it. Steve
  15. Thanks mate ..for the record it's all BBC samples other than the NI NOIRE piano sample. I think the mixing is off a bit but I'll play with it some more .... maybe🎻 Stay well Steve
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