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  1. Thanks Gary ... I think? LOL 😊
  2. Thanks guys .. this is a bit of a bubble gum type song with the usual key suspects but I was trying out my expertise on playing drums to a track in real time .. I guess I miss the ball there Bjorn LOL .. Still I recovered my pride and have provided a serious remix ..no drums ... and a l o n g ending no snips 😎 ...Plus wishing EVERYONE on this site, some of which feel like real family. all the best for your coming year ... stay well XX
  3. Great mix and no crits! BTW the studio's looking cool 😎 HNY mate Steve
  4. SECOND VERSION Thanks for the input Lynn & Bjorn 1 ST VERSION TO LIVE OUR LIVES AGAIN I can't remember everything that went before I can't recall every word that we said But when I think of you every now and then Oh if only we /I could live our / my life ( lives) again The day we met we were only kids back then I remember people said it wouldn't last But something in your eyes, so trusting and so blue Was all it took to spend my life with you Let us go down to riverside,where the oak trees used to grow Holding hands just like we used to do And watch butterflies dance on the rivers flow M8 Let us go down to riverside,where the oak trees used to grow Holding hands just like we used to do And watch butterflies dance on the rivers flow
  5. Hi Kevin, I take the fact the bass line is a little low in the mix as it could be a tad higher. The double tracking could maybe do with the harmony's taken up a bit too esp the chorus and the Ahoo's and my last crit is that the ending has been cut too short. Overall and as a fan of your stuff, I love to listen to a good song and follow the wording, so if you could post them up .. ? Great song, you have such a wistful tone to your vocal it's almost haunting. ATB Steve
  6. Wow .. that's it nothing more to say .. maybe just , it felt like I'd just been to a concert and heard a play ..loved it .. Oh and I use Power Director 365 Happy days Steve
  7. Definitely your unique style .. very profound message Bjorn ... your guitar work is great and you must have stayed at it to produce this work ! Love your words mate Steve
  8. Hi Lynn, As you know I've been checking out your work, to get a feel of your vibe .. this new mix. to my ears anyway, works well given how you write, it still has a lot going on but gets through with your great lyrics .. Yes/sir ..ee ! still a fan .. might write a song with that line ' STILL A FAN' ( WOTCH-THIS-SPACE 👀 ) ATB Steve
  9. You just keep getting better, your understanding of phrasing the textures of this very underrated synth makes for a great piece to listen to .. one nig, the ending sounds like it was cut short, but still a 10/10 from me 👍 Stay well Steve
  10. Hi mate, You know from old I'm a words guy and these lyrics fit your voice like a warm glove and a cold hand ! Great stuff ! love the concept and passion .. I really do. however for me, the mix seems to get a little too fussy and in places doesn't seem to work with all that's going on .. BUT that said I'm on a third listen so I guess, for me I'm a fan ! Stay well Lynn and all the best to the Wilson tribe over Xmas Steve
  11. SupaReels


    Hi Kenny, Thanks so much for the blindingly great compliments ... sometimes it means everything to reach one person the way this work seems to have caught you. We are all writing and performing stuff here and look to our peers for a tick or cross on our work LOL. As said to David it's an empathic bit of songwriting because I have been married to my best friend for 40 years! ( No one else would put up with the cost of this bloody songwriting gig !) That's not to say I have forgotten the pain of growing up and feeling that bitter taste when it all goes wrong ... like you knowingly write ' The song itself was a good telling of a universal story that happens to most of us ' . Thanks again Kenny, you made my day 😉👍 ATB Steve
  12. SupaReels

    2020: In Four Words

    This should be on national TV ! There's a lot of hard work in this vid, not wasted on me, so well done ... Steve
  13. Thanks Garry for a great rendish ...loved it ! (even with the few timing/tune errors) ATB Steve
  14. SupaReels


    Many thanks for listening and commenting ..( just wondered how it sounds at 53 mph LOL 😉) Best regards Steve
  15. SupaReels


    VERY much appreciated Barry, thankyou for listening and your comments. Steve
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