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  1. I loved it the first time and as the Wooks said sometime you have to move past the tech and just enjoy the work ... great vocal and keys. Great re-post thanks M8. Stay well Steve
  2. SupaReels

    Gliding Over All

    Very nice, soft and from the heart .. thanks Bjorn for the post and sharing .. ATB and stay well Steve
  3. SupaReels


    Beautiful ... just beautiful ... any chance of acoustic guitar or harp to enhance the vibe .. (I'm listening to it again now as I write .. getting sleepy .. sleepy . .. .... .) Steve
  4. Thanks Lynn and I always appreciate your input and time .. My thinking is to ditch this and start over .. truth is all these comments are, in fact, what I would have observed had it been someone else's work and as said it was a new way of recording with some new stuff ... we'll see 😏 Stay well mate (and I loved the collab you did Freddie) ALB Steve
  5. As usual Tom you have picked out the hardest things to change LOL. As said I will re-work the song with you observations very much at the forefront. I tried a different method in the recording and mix, in that the main song was recorded and mixed separately from the vox ( recorded in a different session). It seemed to give a lot more CPU space when recording the vocal bits with FX, and that bit worked but I think I got a bit cocky and in the first take and used 'air' far too much! This 2nd attempt seemed better but I needed a little help with the song in general ...and now with your comprehensive comments I have it. I always enjoy your input here on this site and I thank you for taking so much time with this work 😉 Stay well Steve
  6. Thanks for listening and I think it's back to the old drawing board, you comment is much appreciated and I will work on it!
  7. Sounds good but not great ... then again on the 2nd listen I felt something's missing to bring it through . not sure if Bapu has a point but give a different drum score to it and see if it changes the vibe .. perhaps move on with the tune ... Bit more salt and pepper maybe ... I did like it though 😊 SupaReels
  8. Thankyou for the comment and time ATB Steve
  9. Thankyou for your comments, all of which, I feel, has improved my song ... it's here if you wanna see if it's any better. I have left the original track for the time being. https://soundcloud.com/user-936763372-896820317/liasons-in-the-dark-pt1-remix
  10. Yep your right ... it's the new sound module I'm getting to grips with. Many thanks for listening 👍 Steve
  11. GOT IT! LOVE IT ... 😎👌 BUT REMIX ... NOW 😵
  12. Love the song writing and indeed the mix .. in that if I heard it on the radio I wouldn't think twice about the song ??at all ! SupaReels
  13. Mixed feeling about the lyrics now I'm 70 ! ... I remember listening to the VU in a flat in Kennington S. London along with King Crimson and the Stones in the day .. brought it all back ..Never slept for days .... good work guys ! Dare I say, you did it proud !!😎 ......God they were good times ATB SupaReels
  14. SupaReels

    Dark eyes

    Cor blimey .. It's the Shadows ... it is! ...... great stuff! note perfect ... love the chord progression .. it is sixties !! ALB SupaReels
  15. I think I'd like to see the words so I could follow it .. but interesting vibe ...good work Steve
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