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  1. OK .... that's a hard one to quantify, in that, we all hear and mix to our own idea of what the overall work should sound / convey like when mixing, we sometimes (well I do ) get too engrossed with the song and forget the nuances that inevitably will make our work stand out .. That's why the pro's use high end engineers ! But that said, Bandlab gives you a pretty good set of tools to do a pro job .. indeed there are still great engineers that use Sonar Platinum (Now owned by Bandlab .. thankfully ) due to the fact it's a fantastically great way to make your own music.... the future is yours mate and I wish you good luck, from here I hear a very polished songwriter! But for my bit, I would look into the 'Stereo Imager st-2s' (NOMAD) for the main mix on a separate BUS (No vox on this) Then backing vox on another Bus (slightly higher in the mix ) and you vocal on another bus with a tad of 2s to make it 'settle in to the overall sound. At 1.21 to 1.40 the bass drum ,echo? not sure ... but that's where I think the timing went adrift or sounds like it has / at 1.44 I feel the snare could be reduced a tad. Well that's my neck right out there for the butcher .. guys on this site don't take prisoners and I'm sure they'll blow this comment apart .. but that's just the vertical curve ..ain't it ! Great song and I've listened to it quite a few times now .. BTW always poke the quote if you wanna flag a question as I only see your comment by accident! Keep writing and stay well Steve
  2. SupaReels

    A WORD

    Thanks Wooks ... Hope the paws are in good order πŸ˜‰ Steve
  3. SupaReels

    Tone Poem

    My word David, where do you start with something as complicated as this !? I also had to look Tone Poem up ...on the 2nd listen I got the story .. at least I think I did! Some bits making me sad or jump or laugh ... a journey indeed ! One of your real high end bits of work .. thankyou for the post and effort, Steve
  4. I'm liking the feel of this, the guitar work is very much Pink Floyd'ish in places ... but it's got a kind of Santana 'feel .as well. Yep liking it a lot .. good jam😎 Steve
  5. SupaReels

    Foolish Days

    Great story, Had to listen twice cause there's a lot going on ... left a comment on YT Steve
  6. Great song, great vocal work and your skill with the instruments is of a high standard .. But the mix is off and as you said the timing in parts needs to be really tightened up (play with the transients not sure if that's gonna help in this example) ... Thing is I really like this song and I think Nigel has a point regarding the vocal .. Overall for a first attempt, and bearing in mind the difficulties of this DAW I would say, for my pennyworth it's an excellent attempt, great songwriting ! Steve
  7. Such a clean mix, unmistakably your stamp , lyrics fit perfectly but most all love the guitar break .. really great song, really fits my life ..... LOL Stay safe Steve
  8. SupaReels

    A WORD

    Just a quickie .seems that YT have cottoned on , tried loads of uploading formats however it just would play ball 😟 ...but thanks anyway I'll keep trying (or another site ?!) Al the best Tom
  9. Well I think you just raised the bar ... out a sight ! Excellent work Lynn πŸ––πŸ˜‰ Stay well Steve
  10. Really enjoyed this . you got talent mate and what a great voice to record ! As a comment I would have cut the bass quite a bit but that would have been a BIG mistake, having listened to this. I love the ambience of this mix and stereo separation. Kudos for the vocal work, you did a dam good job because that's a powerful voice and getting rid of the 'plosive' content would ruin the whole thing .. (did I just go out for the evening ? 'cause it feels like it ).LOL Wouldn't expect anything else from you .. great job ...getting gushy again tush πŸ™„ Stay well my friend Steve
  11. All good here ...like the song loads ... I have no intention of hijacking this post BUT did our Mr Lynn Wilson give the FOO FIGHTERS A hand with the vocal work on Dave's 'waiting on war' Cause it sounds just like him ..... LOL
  12. SupaReels

    A WORD

    Like paintings ..you got to know your limitations and when to stop ... then except the warts an all ... Thankyou Paul for the comment, much appreciated Regards Steve
  13. SupaReels

    A WORD

    Thanks mate Steve
  14. Relaxing ... more please mate .. Video was all consuming, watched it twice .. so far Steve
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