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  1. A too long but nice playing ... Wot no Hammond ! LOL
  2. SupaReels


    How did you feel about this when you finished it David ? There's a lot of unseen work in this and I think you did a good job .. but I have to say I prefer Émilie Fend acoustic version( Augustin Barrios Mangoré 'Vals op 8 No 4 with a Götz Bürki guitar ) however overall this is a great bit of instrumental playing and I love it ... and your interpretation .. well done 👍 ATB Steve
  3. Really nice song and I love the vocal harmonies which seem to me organic and not a voice harmonizer ... unmistakable you. Very much enjoyed it 👍 Steve
  4. Smashing song and the vid works well ... I could get lost in this stuff ... great work mate ATB Steve
  5. Really loved this bit'o'work. It reminded me of a song I heard some years ago, but I'm not sure what it was ... I felt it was Floyd'ish in a way and I really enjoyed it so thanks for the posting ... BTW you need dry spells to find out what it was you started all this stuff for ... 😉 ATB Steve
  6. SupaReels


    Thanks guys ...Still doing my kitchen so no new stuff, but the boss gave me a day and I thought I would try the Bandlab mixing app on this old song. Found it to be very good, how do they do this stuff for nicks ? Thanks Bandlab👍 This was recorded using my old but still working Tascam 688 ( now mixed down ) so whilst I agree with Tom here I can't loose the 16th H/H ...shame but I might have a go at doing it again, it's just at 70 the old voice ain't got the horses it did have 😞. just for the record I used my DX7 for the organ ... still a great bit'o'kit. Stay well Steve
  7. SupaReels


    Thanks mate I wrote this years ago when I had a voice .. LOL.
  8. SupaReels


    https://www.bandlab.com/papergate/oh-lord-remix-733af961 Tried Band lab's mixing app ... loved it on this really old song so I thought I'd post.
  9. Have to say Bjorn this is far to close to my heart. You have captured so much in your film ( The really cool car against a tent where people live homeless .. and no chance of the dream offered by b/s advertising, as one example ) This film/vid brought a tear ... hopeless and unachievable goals ... some deserve it others who work hard and fall without help don't ... you got it all. I have listened to your stuff through many years and you have always shown an eye for the love of this world and also it's failings .. well done old mate you got me and that's not easy, believe me 👌 Stay safe Steve
  10. SupaReels


    Sorry to be bitchin' but I come back to see if you've taken on the advice ... just as my ears were a little better .. and ... nuffing ..still bloody loud ! and there was so much good advice to help ... Ah well ........
  11. SupaReels


    Sweet bad sad .... oh and well played your getting better and better my friend ATB Steve
  12. SupaReels


    All of the above is good advise from seasoned songwriters. My thinking is to watch as much YouTube vids on mixing and mastering. It really is hard to get it somewhere near right and you'll sometimes end up doing the whole song again ... not a good experience but it makes for good knowledge which will allow you to get a sweet mix more times than not. Try taking out all processing and focus on each track making sure your master is also dry. The trick is not to rush it, take time to hear the difference and slowly tweak each track. Lastly it just sounds like your master bus was set too high for limiting giving you the result you got ... but I like the song so I feel it's worth the work 😉 Stay safe Steve
  13. SupaReels


    I'm sure my old ear drums will mend .. far too hot mate, I'm getting distortion ... sorry Steve
  14. SupaReels


    Great stuff, tight and interesting grove ...loved it! 10/10 Steve
  15. As usual a great mix and provocative scenes ... well ... thought provoking. As a words guy I'd love to read these with the song unfolding but hey ho! Most probably chimkin2 has the right handle on it ... but still I'm glad you posted as I enjoyed it 🙂 ALB Steve
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