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  1. Any suggestions for one under $50? I'm not going into recording professionally atm, if I do, I'll invest in a high end one.
  2. Thanks for your reply. WASAPI Shared is the only one that give me no trouble. It slightly improved but its still there. The delay is constant however. So if I can tell exactly how much it's off by, I can use that number to precisely trim each track I didn't know about nudge until now. That's neat! Now I gotta set it up.
  3. I'm new to DAW so I don't have an audio interface atm. I went from WASAPI to MME 32-bit bc my headphones weren't working, the lag is the same though.
  4. The best way I can word this is it seems the program is recording a split second behind me. Here's what I mean. I record the first track and then the second. When I listen to the full thing, the second track seems to play a split second behind the first track and I have to ripple edit a small piece out to line both up in sync. It's corrected afterwards, but I have to do this every single time I add more tracks.
  5. I'm using my laptop's built in speakers. Btw, I actually changed the driver mode to MME 32-bit and that seems to fix the problem.
  6. I don't have an interface or anything, but all I need if for the audio to play through the headphones. I tried going to preferences and changing it on the track itself, but I can't see anything. Even if I plug it in, it still plays through the speakers.
  7. It worked! Much appreciated! Just got this software a few days ago and it's my first DAW so I have to learn the features and stuff.
  8. Krishna Ramsundar

    How to cut and

    How do I cut a piece of track out w/o leaving a gap? I want to cut a piece out and have the track shorten so I can align it properly. Here's what I mean: In audacity, I highlight just enough of the un-synced track to line it up with the others. Then I delete the highlighted portion and it shifts back however much I deleted it and boom, it's synced. In cake walk, it just deletes whatever I highlighted and it leaves a gap there. Thanks
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