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  1. John, are you referring to Radim Kolář to start his own topic or me.
  2. Thank you! I will do that.
  3. The next day I could not duplicate what I had done to get the virtual instrument to work. The sound meters would go up and down but no sound. Last night I had my wife come down to make sure I was going through the tutorial properly. As usual the sound meters went up and down but no sound. I went to the left side of the screen with the two vertical slides, I don't know what those are called, On the left one I selected left focus USB ASIO input 3 and Master. On the right one I selected Focus USB Audio output 3 and to my surprise and delight it played a sound from the Korg! After 6 or 7 months what a wonderful discovery! I am probably not doing all things properly. But I saved the file so I can at least go back to it. Thank you for all of your help and I will continue to study the tutorials.
  4. Thank you very much for the tutorial! After carefully writing down each step I was able to play through the Korg virtual instruments. I didn't realize your signature videos contained tutorials also. I wasted my time watching other tutorials off and on for the past three weeks. My apologies for not finding them.
  5. When following your steps and I get to insert a soft synth I can get say the drums sounds on my computer keyboard and my Korg which by the way has DIN and quarter inch connections. I am assuming the third screen shot is the master and master buss. The next step that says set the output to the VST instrument I haven't found any info on how to do that. I am not getting the sounds of the Korg. Just one sound no matter what I select on the Korg. I don't know if the screen shots will help or not. I can do audio.
  6. When trying to record MIDI tutorials say in preferences-MIDI-Instruments- select your instrument. I have a Korg Wavestation EX. Should that be listed as a Korg in instruments?
  7. I'm trying with the tutorials believe me. But I will not give up! Either I missed it or didn't find to have the Input Echo set on in the MIDI track. Thanks for that bit of information. I was getting sounds but not the correct sound from the Korg
  8. Thanks for the reply! I'm new at this. Is my Focusrite 4i4 or my Korg a sound module? At track 2 at 1 Fcsrt USB I have showing none, all inputs, focusrite USB MIDI, preset (greyed out) and manage preset. At 0 2fcsrt USB, 1-microsoft GS wavable synth, 2-focusrite USB MIDI, New drum map, Drum map manager. Right now in 1 focusrite USB MIDI is checked and in 0 2 fcsrt 2-focusrite USB MIDI is checked.
  9. When I try to record a MIDI track using my Korg keyboard with Focusrite 4i4 I get the sound meters to go up and down when pressing a key but no sound. I'm thinking it's a setting but what? I don't know how to delete the second screen shot.
  10. When I try to record MIDI from my Korg EX I see the sound meters go up and down when pressing a key but no sound. It used to make a sound. So what I do is start cakewalk. Select a new basic file. Click on insert and chose a MIDI track. I select all and pull down the bottom line on the MIDI track to show the six lines of options on the track. I turn the record button on. I make sure the tape monitor switch is on. Then I click on the record button and record something. The screen is set to console at the bottom. And in the track are the notes or bars that are recorded but no sound. Input is set to 3-Focusrite-USB-MIDI and the output is set to 1-3 Focusrite USB MIDI. I have checked all my cables to make sure they are plugged in. I have my stereo set to aux and speakers to A. I can play a file in Cakewalk. I can record and play with a microphone. I can play a CD if I turn the tape monitor switch off. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the replies! I did log into the Focusrite account page I did open up the other two links and have some learning to do thank you. I am able to hear the correct sounds on the Korg keyboard using an audio track. I am going to try using a mic to see how that goes. So after a month or so I decided to try again. Progress!
  12. Really dumb question. Is the manual under "help" in "Cakewalk"?
  13. I haven't been able to find the manual. When I get to the "Get started" videos and I click on it, go to step one and select "Scarlett third generation" nothing happens. I did sign in.
  14. Is this the "control software"?
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