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  1. Thanks for the response! Those are the same instructions I used from the Focusrite site. So what happens when I select the drum kit and it appears I click on the first drum and it shows it striking the drum. On the right side where it says "volume" which is set at 70% if I click the mouse key I can see the volume indicators go up and down but no sound. If it makes a difference I have, on the computer, a NVIDIA GeForce GT 630, Realtek High Definition Audio and a Saffire 6 USB. The cord from the "Aux" settings on the Pioneer receiver to the green plugin on the computer. Maybe do I need to disable the NVIDIA and Realtek devices?
  2. Is there a place I can go to to find out how to set up my computer sound choices to work with CakeWalk? In my "Device Manager" in "Sound, video, and game controllers" I have "High Definition Audio Device". Three choices that say "NVIDIA High Definition Audio". Then "Realtek High Definition Audio". And "Saffire 6 USB". All say they are working properly. There is a grey, black, orange, red, green, and blue plugs from the amp set to "Aux". Or is there a setting in the cakewalk program I need to select. I have "Saffire " selected for input and output drivers.
  3. So in Midi with "drum kit" selected if I press the mouse key I should here a sound. On the "drum kit" where it shows "volume" it is set to 70. When I press the mouse key I see the green lights go up, indicating to me, that a signal or something is being sent. Do I not have some setting not right? Do I have the right equipment? I can play a Music C D.
  4. Thank you! I did not know they were folders. So I have a Korg Wavestation EX attached to a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB Which is attached to the computer and a Pioneer receiver plugged into the green plug on the computer. I noticed when I go to "preferences-Midi-playback and record" it says "MME" not "ASIO". In audio it does say "ASIO". Is that a problem?
  5. My apologies if I appear sophisticated. I am certainly not that, just confused. So I went through the tutorial again writing down every step. When I got to the "preferences" in the "VST" settings I get these two files in the "VST scan path". "C:\program files\cakewalk\VST plugins" and "C:\program files\common files\VST3. I don't get "C:\program files\steinberg\VST plugins" or C:\program files\VST plugins". I did a search and it said neither file was found. With the two files present I did a "scan in sandbox" and it said "scan complete 27 plugins found (0 new 0 found 0 errors). So then I went to open empty project-midi-+sign-instruments-select drums-drum kits-create. This time, yippie, the drum kit showed up! So I will continue with the tutorial and see what is next. By the way, when I did open the BandLab box to select the add ons all four were light green and nothing happened when I clicked install.
  6. Scook, I am not finding "Install Add Ons". Do I have to delete or reinstall "Bandlab" to get that screen?
  7. When I open Cakewalk I get a blue box lower right hand corner that says "VST Scan. Scan complete, 27 plugins found." If I click on the tab that says "Synth Rack" nothing happens.
  8. Thanks for the reply! I am greatful. I went to your nice post and to the page and clicked "open" then "Install Add Ons". After they all downloaded it said "Up To Date". So I wen to "Start An Empty Project" then clicked the "+" sign. Then "Instruments" and I still get "Default TTS-1" and no instruments. I also tried to run it as an Administrator.
  9. New person here. After installing Cakewalk I watched a video for beginners called Cakewalk Tutorial-How to Use Cakewalk by Bandlab for beginners in 2020 by Simple Green Tech. All seamed to go fine until I was told to click on "Instruments" and select "Drums". No instruments were displayed but it said "Default TTS-1". Any idea what I did or didn't do correct? I tried "search" but didn't get anywhere. Am I in the wrong forum? Thanks
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