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  1. Dean

    Stay (In Love)

    While perusing through the "Songs" I ran across this one. Wonderful!!
  2. Thank you thank you. It helps to read the whole answer and follow instructions.
  3. I imported this song and when I play it the sound meters go up and down but no sound. I have tried the different settings combinations. 4-Focusrite USB MIDI, All Inputs, UM-ONE, 1-4 Focusrite USB MIDI. Any advice please.
  4. Thank you! I learned some more today. A long way to go.
  5. Thank you stepd. I learned something new. Whew!!
  6. I recorded this song and have been playing it many times. Now when I open it up and hit play I get this message. "Unable to create new audio file for recording". Did I click on something I wasn't suppose to? Thanks
  7. Do I need to mark this resolved? If so how do I do that.
  8. Thanks for the reply! I think I might keep them separate for reasons you suggested. Maybe make copies and deal with them so I don't totally mess things up.
  9. So I was able to find the slide out thank you. I was able to get both tracks one orange and one green from the white notes. So is there a way to combine the two tracks into one or do I not want to do that. Both play at the same time so that is okay?
  10. Simple as that. Thanks!
  11. The electricity got turned off for a minute. When I turned the computer back on to Cakewalk and selected a song I got this message. What do I do now? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the replies! I will work on that.
  13. I recorded one track and then I recorded another track while listening to the first track. When I try to view the tracks with piano roll I get this. Hopefully a screen shot. And it doesn't select all the sounds. Just apparently one track. I'm not even sure how to ask this. The screen shot on the right is how I recorded the tracks and the one on the left is what I get with piano roll. But it doesn't change all the sounds to orange.
  14. Dean

    Rain - video

    Enjoyed the song very much! Being new to this Cakewalk thing I am amazed when someone does a song well coordinated or put together I guess I am trying to say. A fellow Portlander. Where is that rain?
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