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  1. That is very cool Larry! So much going on, lot's of details and an arrangement that keeps you listening. Great stuff.
  2. KSband

    Don't Say That

    Thanks for the listen and comments @Wookiee and @Herky Acuff very kind!
  3. KSband

    Don't Say That

    Thanks so much @Terry Carroll, @steve@baselines.com, @Ross Smithe and @DeeringAmps!
  4. Nicely done pop groove!
  5. KSband

    The Love

    Good groove going on this one, and some nice changes.
  6. KSband

    Don't Say That

    Thanks for the listen and comments @jack c. and @Rikfr!
  7. KSband

    Don't Say That

    New original with sax, guitar and fretless jazz bass.
  8. Seems like he's saying Cakewalk will not end, does he know something we don't?
  9. When I was a teen I listened to a lot of jazz and prog rock with 10 or 15 min songs, or "Thick as a Brick" on the whole side of the record. Now I seem to have a short attention span, anything over 4 min and I'm spent.
  10. You do very good pop songs. I'm wondering if I hear some overall distortion on this, are the levels too high or am I?
  11. Sounds pretty good, it's a good song. I would trim the length some.
  12. Nice, I could never write that many lyrics.
  13. Appreciate it @Wookiee, @Old Joad and @Rikfr!
  14. I can't say it all sounds like a real guitar but it sounds pretty good.
  15. Thanks @steve@baselines.com! Did a remix of the bass and some other minor things. And corrected my bad spelling.
  16. I didn't want to say it but the non master. Like I said not a lot of difference but I'm not listening on my best headphones today so could be way off.
  17. Listening to both it's pretty subtle difference.
  18. Thanks a lot @DeeringAmpsand @Martin Bannet! Bass is pretty simple chain. I used a cheap Glarry jazz bass that I pulled the frets to make fretless, into Focusrite 2i2, free Amplitube4 SVX pro plugin the "comp SVT4 pro 1" setting. So far the Amplitube4 bass plugins have been the best I've tried for bass (not a favorite for guitar though). I actually feel like the bass on this one is a little woofy, I'm going to mess with the amp settings to see if I can make it better.
  19. KSband

    Bad Dog

    Appreciate it @Martin Bannet!
  20. I'd have to hear the before and after mastering to tell but it sounds pretty good on my old Sony headphones.
  21. Appreciate it @Bajan Blue , @daryl1968 and @jack c.!
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